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Kouu's Fan Fic

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Kouu's Fan Fic

Post by .Kouu Venenum ♥ on Sat Oct 04, 2008 12:47 am

Title: (none yet)
Author: Kouu

Chapter 1

Its was second Peirod Social Studies for Tentou and her classmates. She has to write definitions for her test on monday. She layed down her head on her desk and started falling asleep. She woke up 2 minutes before the bell would ring. She had not of even copied down 1 defenition and if she didnt copy them all down she would get a 0 on her test. When she wrote down the 1st defination the bell rang. oh crap she said to herself im going to fail that test monday. She got her books and ran out the door to her next class. When she got to science
she saw her crush, Dante. She sat a table away from him. He looked at her like he liked her. Then the science teacher got up and said "Okay class, there is a Do Now on the board. I expect this to be done in 5 minutes."
Tentou didnt know one answer out of all 5. Dante got up to sharpen his pencil with his paper, already finished and gave it to her and whispered to her "You can copy my answers." Tentou was shocked, yet she copied the answers from his paper. She gave the paper back to him afterclass was over. They waled down the hall together.They went to their other classes then they head to 8th period together. "So..uh.." Tentou blushed "w-what do you have for 8th period?" Tentou said. "Ill check." Dante looked in his agenda. "I have chorus today." He said. "Oh so do I" Tentou said when they walked into the chorus room together. They took a seat next to each other. Then the chorus teacher came out from behind her desk. "Okay class, copy down the flash cards on the board then we'll do our warm ups." Tentou and Dante copied there flashcards then everyone stood up and did the chorus warm ups untill the bell rang.
Tentou and Dante went back to homeroom and packed up and got the bus and set next to each other again.
"So..Tentou.." Dante said. "Yes Dante?" Asked Tentou "The Homecomming dance is tommorow, would you like to go with me?" Dante said and hoped she would say yes. "Sure ill go Dante!" Said Tentou. But the meanest kid in school Gegi heard what Dante said to Tentou and she wanted revenge on Tentou.


.Kouu Venenum ♥

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Re: Kouu's Fan Fic

Post by .Kouu Venenum ♥ on Sat Oct 04, 2008 7:56 pm

Chapter 2

Tentou got off the bus, she was the 1st stop. Gegi tripped Tentou as she got off the bus. Tentou got a little scrape on her knee, but she was still glad to be off school Saturday and Sunday. She walked down the street and saw her friend, Tsuyoi, a junior high school student. "Hey Tsuyoi!" Yelloed Tentou. Tsuyoi ignored her and just waled in her house. Huh? Tsuyoi never ignores me..i wonder whats wrong.. She thought. Tentou ran in her house and went into her room, finished her homework, ate dinner, and selpt. Tommrow, i get to go to homecoming with Dante!! She thought to herslef. She went to bed,layed down,closed her eyes,and fell asleep. All of a sudden she woke up in school,laying on her desk, with 2 minutes untill the bell rang. What? She thought. is this..a dream? or was that a dream? Then she blinked and she was in her room. She heard a gunshots in the living room. "What?' She said. She creeped into the living room and saw her dad was still awake watching a movie. Tentou went back to bed and slept peacefully. She woke up again at 2 A.M then she finally fell alseep for the night. She woke up at 9:00 at night. She saw the time, got fressed,at dinner, and begged her dad to drive her to the school for homecoming. She arrived,homecoming was over and there was a note on the floor that read: You have missed homecoming, i had a dance with Dante and now me and him are together It was Gegi's handwrighting.

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