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Jio Freed ~ Son Of Satan

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Jio Freed ~ Son Of Satan

Post by Mikeh on Sat May 23, 2009 9:07 pm

Name: Jio Freed

D.O.B: 5/21

Age: 16

Blood Trait: Blood Of Satan - Allows Jio to unlock the Devil sealed inside of him to full potential. The downfall is that the more it comes out, the more of a chance the devil can take over.

Faction Resistance

Rank: Adv. Fighter

Classification: Semi-Pro

City: Tokyo

Alignment: Good

Appearance: Jio has half white half black hair, one black eye below the white hair side and a red eye below the black hair side. Jio also draws fang like markings on his cheeks to look like fangs because his master (A talking wolf) once told him that to get stronger he needed fangs. Jio has an extremely long scarf that is heavy so he can use it to wrap around things and his attire is mostly black and white, also uses an earring like a zipper in his left ear.
After the timeskip Jio still uses the same style of clothing whit small changes. No he doesn’t wear a jacket, instead he has two straps of cloth tied to his belt that go from his waist to his ankles, and they are one black and one white. He now carries Zero R. on his wrist because it is a simple ring when not active.

Personality: Since Jio was always alone and shunned by others when he was a young child, he doesn’t trust almost anyone and only trusts money. Jio has a somewhat obsession whit money being the only thing that he trusts, his way of thinking is “Money won’t trick and hurt you.”
Jio’s dream is World Domination so people won’t make fun of him and hurt him ever again.
After the timeskip it seems that his love for money is now a lot stronger then before. Now he cares more about others then before.

Since a very young age Jio Freed was called Cursed Boy and people in his city used to say that whoever got closed to them would be cursed has well. Jio never met his parents and lived on the streets were other kids went to tease him and beat him up. One day a boy named Jin saved him from the other kids and despite all the warnings about Jio being cursed he became friends with Jio, becoming Jio’s first friend, unfortunately on the very same day Jin’s parents were killed by the demon sealed inside Jio, 666Satan, and filled whit hate he beat Jio up, who unfortunately didn’t remember anything of when 666Satan takes over.
Jio later left the city when he heard that if you take over the world no one would look down on you.
Jio later found a talking wolf called Zero who had great powers, he reluctantly trained Jio until the day Jio became stronger then him and in order for Jio to fulfill his dream of conquering the world he chased Jio away. During the training Jio found a boomerang whit special power which he called Zero after his master.

His third friend, came in the form of Ruby Crescent, a girl in search of her father. At first, he helps her as a paid bodyguard, but leaves once she runs out of money. She ends up fighting a man claiming to be Satan, but the real Satan (sealed inside of Jio) easily beats him once Jio is knocked out. Once Jio is conscious again, he says he will follow her until she can pay him for saving her. He claims (in front of her) that he is only her bodyguard and nothing more, but Jio sees Ruby as a precious friend and even seems to have a crush on her.
After having Ruby for a friend, Jio grows out to be more trustful.
A short time after meeting Ruby, Jio met Jin who became a ninja for hire. During their fight, 666Satan awakened and told him the truth about his parents' death. When Jin realized what really happened, he forgave Jio and saved his life from a fire he started.
Jio later met Ball, a dreadlock haired boy who tends to tell everyone he was a warrior but he didn’t have any techniques. During a fight with another ninja Jio’s boomerang was split in two and he set of to find Kirin a legendary warrior, Jio and Ball were trained by Kirin while he fixed Jio’s boomerang and they found out that Ball actually could be a ninja. Kirin upgraded Zero and turned it into a boomerang and tripled its power, Shin Zero.
Jio later defeated the ninja who broke Zero and now wanders around whit Ruby and Ball, trying to take over the world.

Jio was then taked away to another realm in which he trained for about several months straight. Upon returning to his world, he found out about the recent incident(s), and that Ruby is dead and Ball is MIA. He then decided to form a Resistance and form against New Moon.

Name: Mark of the Beast
Elemental Affinity: None
Description: The Mark of the Beast is the mark on Jio’s left palm , a 666, and it was given to him by 666 Satan. It contains the power of 666 Satan of absorbing and recording energy.
When the opponent sends an attack of that contains energy, Jio can absorb the energy from the attack, record it in his left hand and send that same attack right back at the opponent.
(Ex: If the opponent shoots a Fireball at Jio, he activates his left hand effect absorbing the energy making the ball disappear and then by pushing his hand forward he can shoot his own Great Fireball identical to the opponents as it uses the opponent’s energy.)
Jio can only use it 3 or 4 times a day before the demon inside takes over.

Name: Maazu Sting
Range: 15m
Elemental Affinity: Wind
Description: Jio places his hand trough Shin Zero’s center ring and spins it around, it gains more power as it spins and creates a tornado in front of Jio that can blow the opponents away.

Name: Zero Tornado
Range: 15-20M
Elemental Affinity: Wind
Description: This jutsu can only be used twice a day since it requires Jio to dislocate his arm. Jio places Shin Zero around his wrist and spins it, Jio then dashes for some distance and dislocates his shoulder using it like a wipe adding more power to Shin Zero. While Shin Zero flies he creates a burst of wind like a tornado around it.

Name: Satan’s Punishment
Range: 5m
Elemental Affinity: None
Description: Jio hits the opponent whit Shin Zero’s blunt side sending him flying horizontally, then he dashes below the opponent and kicks him up and after that he also jumps matching the opponents speed and finally hits him whit Shin Zero’s blunt side downwards sending him crashing into the ground.

Elements: Main: Fire Sub: Sub

Weapons/items: Name: Zero R
Description: Unlike the previous version of Zero R (Shin Zero), this Zero is a wring whit no visible blades. Zero R has 3 effects apart from the one that Shin Zero had (Gaining more speed and power the more it spins):
1- Energy Seeking: Jio records the energy of 1 target and instead of coming back to him, Zero R follows the opponent until it is forced to stop or it kills him.
2- Energy Blades: This is a rather tricky effect but it’s the thing that makes Zero R so much more special then the other versions. Zero R does not have visible blades appearing as just a ring but when Jio activates this effect the people that look at Zero R will see different size of blades. Zero R reacts to the persons energy so everyone sees a different blade according to the amount of energy they posses. The blades are very real and can cut just like normal blades. Since different people have different amounts of energy the blades differ.

Story: This Boomerang was found by Jio in the stomach of a rock-snake after it spits it up (among other things) during a fight between the snake, Jio and Zero, it was later destroyed by Wise (a fighter) during a fight between him and Jio. Jio then found Kirin who not only repaired Zero but upgraded it, turning it into Shin Zero (Windmill Throwing Star /Boomerang). During the Timeskip Jio found a “Legendary Craftsman” and saved him from being killed, in return he made Shin Zero in the upgraded version which Jio calls Zero R.

-World Domination
-Destroy New Moon


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