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Aloide Tenshuko

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Aloide Tenshuko

Post by Scyxion K. Charius on Tue May 26, 2009 9:35 pm

Name: Aloide Tenshuko

D.O.B: July 7

Age: 20

Blood Trait:Diamond

Faction:Shadow Knights

Rank:Advanced Fighter


City:New Moon

Alignment:True Neutral


Personality: A cocky teenage like person with a sour personality.He shows little respect for anybody but himself.He also has a large easily noticeable perverted side.

History:Aloide was abandoned as a child and was constantly picked on.He doesnt know who his parents are and had to fend for himself and steal.1 day when he was 14 he murder another boy over a piece of bread and tried fleeing the city.He was eventually caught and beaten senseless due to his young age of not going to and adult prison.He looked at all the other people with such hate in his eyes as he 1 day vowed to kill them all in a bloody rage. The towns folk laughed and continued to beat that he awakened his inner demonic powers and killed them all 1 by 1 smiling and tasting there blood. a few days after the incident,he noticed that he could tame wild snakes by talking to them.The listened to his every command flawlessly and even fought along side him.He was very pleased with his abilites and gathered up all the snakes he found and sent them to a small village and let them attack them.While he walked through the village he noticed a burnt note with his name on it and some sort of clue to his father's where abouts.He then sought out to find his father and confront for abandoning him as a young toddler.He had eventually confront his father and challenged him to a duel. He had,however lost in the art of swordplay.His father then began to explain of his true heritage of the Kouseitan'i line.His snake arts were merely just a side effect from unknown causes.

Speciality:Swordplay,Element attuned and Sacred Arts

Wind Mirrors
Pressurized mirrors around the enemy making there attack reflected and redirected into a direction chosen.

Wind Spin Cycle
Reflects close ranged physical attacks back into the opponent using additional chakra or throwing any form of chakra while doing so will cause it to grow bigger.

Winds Blade Storm
Summons clouds to make it start raining white chakra blades that can pierce rocks or armors.Can also wound the target's body parts disabling them from using a certain body part if its hit and will make the condition worse if the try to use the body part anyways if they try to attack with it.May also kill the opponent if gravely wounded

Transparent Winds
When the winds blows at a mild pace the target becomes a bit transparent and harder to spot.Will not be affected by ranged material attacks.Also used as a stealth Tactic.

Gale Storm
Description:The user creates 3 large whirlwind that can be directed with my arms as long as my hands are together.Can absorb the element of the terrain or an element thrown at me.(Gale Flood)If the tornado hits a body of water a massive whirlpool-like tornado is sent towards the opponent. When it hits the ground or opponent a large flood is sent forward that could crush or drown the opponent.(Gale Blaze)If the tornado hits a fire it would pick up the flames and still be shot forward towards the victim. The tornado would take flame qualities and a flaming spin-cycle would be created.When it hits the ground or opponent it causes the flames to be released to set the opponent or area in a deep blaze.(Gale Storm) If the tornado absorbs electricity or a cloud the tornado would turn gray with lightning flashes being seen in the tornado. It would be a thunder storm crossed with a tornado shot towards and opponent.(Gale Gaia)If the tornado hits loose rocks,boulders or trees it will cause the tornado to pick up the rocks and have earth qualities and a gaia tornado would be created.When it makes contact with the opponent or something it cant lift with cease spinning and throw the objects in its grasp all around the area. (May hit opponent,friend,yourself,Innocent bystanders or people watching the fight,dont blame me if you get hurt while watching the fight when i made this happen)

Water Manipulation
The user is capable of controlling water with a flick of his wrists to be guided and molded into any form or shape chosen with the direction or signs of the hands.

Wind Manipulation
The user is capable of controlling wind with a flick of his wrists to be guided and molded into any form or shape chosen with the direction or signs of the hands.

Misty Illusion
The user creates a foggy mist that is capable of turning 1 insane for a bit if the mist enters there body through there nose or mouth or breathes it in.If breath in the fog will do various sorts of things.

The user materializes water from the earth's sources and the wind to form up a large thin crystal ice from under the opponent cappable of freezing
from underneath him and then explodes into an icy burst of snowflakes leaving the user frozen.

Aero Cannon
Range:100-400 meters (Depending on its charge time)
The user focuses on the energy from the wind to conjure up a whiteish silverish beam to decimate an entire village and 1 half of a another and will instantly kill the opponent if they are caught in its destructive blast radius.Has a defense piercing effect add as the tip of the blast resembles a rapier.

Tsunami Strike
Utilizes the water particles from the area creates a large tsunami twister to surrond the opponent or target of my choice to crush their body and is strong enough to burrow through the ground without dispersing.

Water Restraints
This can only be used if a source of liquid is on the targets skin/clothing.The water on there body will rapidly dry into the opponents skin/equipment and will disable them from moving that particular body part at all.

Shattering Falls
The user sends a pillar of swirlling water at an opponent spinning them greatly almost tearing flesh from bone and pushes them upwards into the air and comes down with a forceful slam from above on them.

The user stamps on the floor and uses the water molecules from the earth itsself to raise water infront of the user and it instantly freezes to guard the user.

Asukain Sincusio
The user slides on the ground spinning the sword above me making it as a shield then crushes it to the floor making water wave then cuts it making 10 water raves*

Water Sphere Bomb
Compresses aura into my hand making a sphere then sends more aura flowing through it making it look a light blue then the user throws it at the opponent and the sphere would explode into sharp ice shards,Ice shuriken or Kunai*

Chakra Shield
The user charges 20% of his aura then spins blade around making and gaining more aura then keeps spinning it making an aura shield defending against projectile attacks.

Hellcry Stab
The user savagely stabs the opponent piercing its opponents defenses and ends the attack with a black heated wind in the shape of an "X" shaped shockwave.Small chance it may kill the opponent instantly on contact.

Ice Transfiguration
The user will be able to morph ice in the shape of whatever the please and it will be as strong as steel and cannot be melt by normal fire.

Ice Golem Doppleganger.
The user will conjure up Ice golems to aid the conjurer in his battle that has an immunity to heat and fire.The golems can cast any attack the user and also has an ice replica of the user's weapon.

Ichijin Shield
A strong gust of heavy windy swirls and completely guards the user from an oncoming attacking by brushing ranged attacks to the side or blowing physical attacks in the opposite direction.This shield last quite awhile (4 posts).This technique can not be used more then 2 twice in the same battle.

Barrier of the Wind King
The user compresses and gyrates the air around his blade. The circulation of wind distorts the refraction of light, inducing an illusion of his blade infront and behind him. This property makes it difficult for opponents to parry lunges and thrusts from the user, for they cannot discern the length or width of the blade by sight.Also the pressurized air can be offensively expelled once in the form of an intense gust.

Gn Jing and M Y Strike
An adorned pair of Kan-Dao Chinese falchions, each blade represents the contrasting forces of Yin Yang. Both swords may be thrown like boomerangs, homing in on an unsuspecting target; if one blade is thrown, it will return to a wielder's hand as long as its mate is oppositely held. When strengthened with reinforcement sorcery, the blades will extend nearly twice their original length and take on the appearance of tattered feathers; this form is known as Kanshō and Bakuya Overedge.[3] Additionally, each sword provides limited protection against various sorceries. The following are anti-demonic charms engraved on each blade by Aloide.

Rho Aias. (The Seven Rings that Cover the Fiery Heavens)
An extremely powerful spiritual aegis. Activation of this materializes seven consecutive prismatic flower petals, which each petal emulating the protective strength of a fortress.This ability protects himself against physical attacks and completely nullifies magical ones.

Snake Charmer
The user whistles an uncanny tune and snakes or snake like creatures would rush to the callers aid to attack or defend there master.The reinforcement call may take awhile varying on the area the user is in.Snakes may have poison in them.

Elements: Wind,Water,Ice

Weapons/items: Senoki, Kansho and Bakuya

Goals: None.

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Re: Aloide Tenshuko

Post by Mikeh on Tue May 26, 2009 9:43 pm



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