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Hakim ibn Ali (Hakim Son of Ali) EMAN CHANGE ME NAME LAD

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Hakim ibn Ali (Hakim Son of Ali) EMAN CHANGE ME NAME LAD

Post by Hakim on Wed May 27, 2009 11:33 am

Name: Hakim ibn Ali (SECRET THOUGH). Hakim means Judge in Arabic xD

D.O.B: 21 November


Blood Trait: Swift Fall (by blood) - Falling from very high places doesn't hurt as much as it hurts others or doesnít hurt him at all.

Faction: Whoever pays the most || Independant || Done more missions for the resistance though

Rank: Advanced Warrior (approved by Eman.)

Classification: Semi- Pro (know me from sannin)

City: I am an Assassin I am everywhere.

Alignment: Good-hearted but has a job of an assassin

Appearance: Avatar

Personality:Very calm, doesn't trust people a lot, ambitious (not like Naruto being loud and all )

Hakimís past is partly unknown except that he became an Assassin at the age of 16 and his first mission was a total suicide though he succeseded he then became one of the best and most known assassins in the world.Hakim was his secret name,at the age of 18 he joined the assassin's creed.A creed of assassin brothers that has a wide net over the world and the members are the most powerful and unique assassins,if you want a mission done then call the creed,costs a lot but it's worth it.Hakim though was unofficially kicked out from the creed but yet known as a member of it because he failed a mission cause of he didn't plan and took quick actions which made the fail of the mission....As the world was destroyed Hakim was one of the survivers of the Creed and seeks to continue his job as an assassin with other hidden motivations ...

Speciality: Assassin (Self-Explanatory, includes epic free run, awesome weapon expertise, unique stamina, strong hand-to-hand combat and etc..


Techniques [Non-Stealth:
Stealth - Hides in the shadow and being invisible to anyone in range.Weakness : There must be a thick shadow near.
Sinister Strike - This is the most used technique by Hakim when he is fighting with his sword he grabs his sword with two hands and strikes a powerful slash at the opponent. Weakness : Some areas of body are quite undefendable. Awards 1 combo point
Blind Ė Hakim would hit hard the ground with his feet sending soil in the opponents eyes blinding them leaving them wandering, any attempt on damaging the target would activate the targetís instinct and escape the blind effect enough to block slightly the upcoming attack. Weakness: Can not be spammed. Lasts 2 TOTAL posts if there is no attempt on damage. If there is no soil on the ground Hakim would toss sand from his little poach on his jacket.

Kidney Shot : Using Hakimís unique hand-to-hand combat expertise,Hakim launches a punch or a kick at a nerve part or a muscular part of his opponent (often in the kidneys ),which stuns the enemy for a post.Weakness : Easily blocked sometimes. Awards 1 combo point

Backstab : This is a lesser ambush in a way as it must be behind the target just like Ambush but it can be used without being stealth but itís damage is much lower and getting into a position while not in stealth behind the target can be hardly achieved and that itís weakness.

Intuition : Hakim focuses and uses his intuition from now on and till the end of the battle he is much quicker,he know feels the weakness of his opponent and the opponents techniques, his body moves alone when facing danger,his other techniques grow much stronger and he can use Ambush without being in stealth. Weakness : Can not be used from the start of the battle,Ambush is not headed to neck but to another internal organ.

Stealth Techniques
Ambush : Using his hidden knife and being in stealth Hakim strikes the opponent from behind with his hidden knife right into his neck.Weakness:Must be in stealth...and mostly used only in missions. Awards 2 combo point

Cheap Shot : While in stealth Hakim will launch an incapacitating attack which would stun the enemy so Hakim can attack easily with another move mostly followed by Ambush. Weakness: Can only be used in stealth. Awards 2 combo point

Garrote : This move can only be used in stealth, Hakim would send a swift slice with his sword ripping and making a very deep slice in the enemy's back leaving them in huge pain and bleeding for huge damage for every post until 5 enemy posts are made. Awards 1 combo point

Finishers : Those are not moves that can only be used to kill somebody what I mean is they need an attack that awards a combo point.

Eviscerate 1-3 Combo points, Hardly strong and deadly but very very quick the lower the combo points the quickest but the power is decreased either and so is the deadlyness.
3-5 Combo Points, Very strong and can kill an opponent very easily. At 5 combo points this move is unusually quick like a lighting and can penetrate through most of defences even if the defence was one of the elements.

color=blue]Rupture[/color] : 1-3 Combo points, Hakim launches his hidden dagger at the target surprisingly ripping through a part from the body hitting organs in itís way and granting the target a huge bleed over time damage. In 1-3 combo points the bleed damage is much lower and usually the hit wonít hit any vital organs but still bleeding is dangerous. Lasts for 7/8/9 enemy posts respectivately to 1,2,3 combo points.
3-5 Combo Points would be an uniquely surprising attack when the enemy wouldnít at all spot the hidden danger and BANG the knife would strike and slice up through the targets body ripping muscles, organs and everything in itís way delivering a huge burst damage and than bleed damage. Opponents that receive fully the attack would not survive unless a very experienced medic appears in a second. Lasts till the end of the battle(Basically even if you side step a bit to the side and the hit is still received you will receive less damage since the cut would not be THAT deep but still it would freaking hurt)

Slice and Dice :
Hakim suddenly hastens his attacks with such speed that it will be very hard to parry and dodge, the attacks are barely seen. 1-3 combo points The attacks become very swift and fast and might daze the opponent if he watches the moves because they are way too fast. Lasts 2/3/4 posts respectively to 1,2,3 combo points.
4-5 combo points the attacks become in lightning speed and are barely visible but the strength of the attack is less.


TALENTS: ONE BATTLE (1v1) = ONE TALENT POINT. HAKIM is almost experienced assassin but still has to learn even though he is admired as one of the best assassins on earth he has yet to develop his great potential

Subtetly tree build

Master of Deception 3/3 <- (points) = Reduces the chance enemies can detect in stealth and Stealth can be used in light shadows (More effective than Rank 2)

Camouflage 3/3 = Stealth no longer decreases movement speed but very quick sprints would attract attention!

Initiative 3/3 = Gives you a 100% chance to add one additional combo point when using your Ambush, Garrote, Cheap shot ability.

Heightened Senses 2/2 = Increases stealth detection and also reduces chance to be hit by melee or range attacks just like its names the senses are heightened!

Cheat Death 3/3 = An attack that would otherwise kill you would leave you in a state of trance and a very critical situation making your enemy believe that you are dead or giving you the chance to escape but you have to find quick medical attention after you have ran away or youíd get killed anyway due to loss of blood or whatever kind the attack was. CAN NOT CHEAT DEATH FROM ATTACKS LIKE NUKES or basically Big Bang Eman techniques that blow the shit out of everything. (Donít get it wrong Eman itís more of a praise and an example that huge magnitutude attacks or taking out hearts and soul can not be cheated by this effect. Thank you =D )

Elements: None yet

Weapons/items: A hidden knife in his left hand you can see it in the looks section,2 throwing knifes around his stomach you can see again in looks,one sword on his left hip, smoke bombs.

Goals: A mystery... (I am leaving it like that)

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Re: Hakim ibn Ali (Hakim Son of Ali) EMAN CHANGE ME NAME LAD

Post by Feb 30th on Thu May 28, 2009 11:04 am

Feb 30th

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Re: Hakim ibn Ali (Hakim Son of Ali) EMAN CHANGE ME NAME LAD

Post by Hakim on Tue Mar 16, 2010 1:11 pm



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Re: Hakim ibn Ali (Hakim Son of Ali) EMAN CHANGE ME NAME LAD

Post by Venus Venenum on Tue Mar 16, 2010 2:59 pm

why do i feel you stole this off of assassins creed ...your avi gives it away...anyways approved...

Venus Venenum

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Re: Hakim ibn Ali (Hakim Son of Ali) EMAN CHANGE ME NAME LAD

Post by Hakim on Tue Mar 16, 2010 3:29 pm

Only the avatar Razz


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Re: Hakim ibn Ali (Hakim Son of Ali) EMAN CHANGE ME NAME LAD

Post by Sponsored content

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