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Dellapero Grance ( Done )

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Dellapero Grance ( Done )

Post by Dellapero Grance on Thu Mar 04, 2010 10:03 pm

Name: Human Name: Zane Hataro. Demon Name: Dellapero Grance

D.O.B: January 1st

Age: Real age: 2010 Appearance Age: 18

Blood Trait: Grance Blood-line: The Grance blood-line is a blood-trait of many of the demon population in hell during the dawn of creation. After time passed, less members of the blood-line existed until it became rare for a person to have the trait. The blood-line gives the user the capabilities

Faction None

Rank: AHighly skilled the fuck the highest rank is.


City: None specificly.

Alignment: Evil/Insane

Appearance: Human State:

Demonic State:

Personality:- Dellapero, in his true state, has a rather cold and heartless type of thought. He doesn't beleive such a thing as "friend" or "ally" exist in this world and he strives only to become more powerful In this state, he would only assist anyone aside him self if his life depended on it, or somthing was in it for him. In his human state, Dellapero adapts a slightly more, sentamental personality. He acts as if a normal being, making freinds and allys as most normal people would. He only acts this way, because the identity of the person he absorbed's personality melds with his own in this state. This also, however allows him to gain the trust of others before reverting back to his true form to slaughter them all.

History: Several thousand years ago at the dawn of creation,spawned into existence from two S-class entities that resided in the darkest,farthest,and most war torn areas of hell. After several years of survival in the burning abyss of flames,Dellapero managed to be able to maintain a state of human appearance.
With the demon blood in his veins growing more restless with each passing day, the demon's desire for power grew stronger until the day he had devoured the souls of his parents in order to achieve a much higher state of power only a few demonic entities in the area had achieved,
Over the course of his life after-ward, Dellapero focused primarily on killing and devouring the power of every demon in his region of hell, in order to further his power and soon take his place as the ultimate life-form. By the time he had reached 1300 years of age, Dellapero grew tired of devouring the souls of just demons. With his power at a stand-still Dellapero decided to start venturing into other realms to continue his quest for souls,,power, and his rightful place as the ultimate life-form in both worlds.

Speciality: Dellapero specializes in variety of close-range based offencive fighting styles involving equiptment, from basic swords, to the most advanced of weaponry. He also has a high skill in his demonic bloodline's abilities.

Lightning shot- A basic focused blast of electricity fired from the pointer finger

Nightmare Beam- A beam of black energy fired from the hand that engulfs the opponent and puts them through their worst nightmare for a certain period of time, depending on their will-power.

Electric Shockwave- A unleashing of focused electricty that charges up in the user's body and is then fired in a powefrul blast of black-electricity with high force. The skill is not ment for damaging purposes, but to blow back enemys and possibly stun one or two of their limbs.

Demon State- This form highly enchances the user's power in strength, speed and the effect of their skills. Such as Lightning shot being more damaging or Nightmare Beam having a more drastic mental effect on who it hits.

Blind spot- The user casts a black light into the air that targets the eyes and causes blindness for a short period of time.

Imitation- This allows the user to immitate the voice. appearance, and change the appearance of his own skills to look like their's, even though they still have the same effect of his own with a different look, of any person the user has devoured or managed to stay in contact with for a long period of time.

Shock torture- The user comes to close range with an opponent and cuts/ claws into their skin and shoots a set amount of electricity into the wound. The electricty then moves through the opponenty's blood-stream and slowly shocks them, starting at an un-noticable shock and getting 5x as painful each minute, eventually causing so much pain to drive the opponent insane or knock them out.

Shadow Warp- This skill allows the user to warp to another location in a close-range area. The farthest the warp can go is one mile and the longer the distance, the longer recharge is needed before warping again.

Soul absorbtion- The user strangles the opponent by the neck and choles the life out of them, then rips into their body, absorbing the life-force in their body through the user's hand/ blade. The user gains a signifigant amount of power from each devoured soul depending on who it was being killed.

Storm of 1000 sins= The user casts a blast of energy into the sky above that turns the wether into a feirce storm of black elctricty and intense winds.'

Electric convertion- The user absorbs electricity into theyr body and or sword and converts into into demonic lightning to raise the power of his own lightning-based techniques.

Replication- The user replicates a copy of them self to aid in combat. The limit to the cloning technique is based on the user's mastery of energy. Five copy max.

Immortality- The user can not die by aging and or phisicle means. The only way to kill Dellapero is to drive his own blade, which converts most living beings to his will, into his skull.

Energy Burst- The user unleashs a burst of black energy from their blade or palms.

Sin Lightning manipulation- The user can manipulate black lightning from the storm of 1000 sins at will.

Elements: Darkness, Lightning.

Weapons/items: A blade, forged from the souls and blood of the millions he has killed throughout history. The blade has a dmeonic curse that turns any non-demon being who uses it give in to evil intentions and erase all good from their mind.

Goals:To achive the status of the most powerful life-form in existence.

[b]RP Sample[b]This is from a bleach site I used to play.
Zane appeared at the center of the large under-ground area with his zanpakto out and already in it's shikai state. The reiatsu around it slowly melded with the zanpakto and Zane began to speak the incantation for one of his many customized kido skills," Materialize and manifest, kengen, hyoumei." As he said this, traces of reiatsu from the surrounding area began to form together into a sphere shape in-front of him. He melded a sample of his own spiritual pressure with the gathered reiatsu to cause it to take the shape of him-self. With his zanpakto in hand, Zane would thrust it into the manifesting reiatsu where the heart would be located transfering a spirit of some type from his zanpakto to the mold of reiatsu. It began to gain color and clothing resembaling that of Zane's creating an exact replica for a few moments. In a minute, the skin and clothing of the being would begin to invert to a more demonic appearance and a second zanpakto would form out of black reiatsu in it's hand looking identical to Zane's shikai.

The demonic replica griped the hilt of the zanpakto and began to speak in a voice slightly deeper then Zane's original voice but still contained several similarties."Well well well, if it isn't that pathetic peice of trash. What the hell do you want" it asked while looking Zane in the eye with a killer intent look.

" I wanted to have a rematch and show you who the real trash is here" Zane replied. " The real trash? Your the real trash here and always will be you pathetic peice of shit and if I have to beat the hell out of you to prove it I will," The, seemingly, hollow controlled replica responded. Zane grabed the hilt of his zanpakto and crouched into a battle stance with the point of his zanpakto facing to-ward the ceiling and the reiatsu around him draining faster into the blade. His replica also did the same, only with the point of the blade pointing down at the ground and the reiatsu around it turning a visable black that resembled the demonic nature of the hollowfied replica. The two stared at each-other in the stance for what seemed hours but was really only twenty seconds, and in a flash, the two flash-steped at each-other and swung their blades in the center of the arena, cracking the ground beneath them and starting a clash that would be determined by raw strength.

" Pathetic as ever, Zane. At this rate I'll start to take over again soon and you'll be revoked of your control of my power." Spoke the replicated hollow.

" We will see." Zane responded." But, I'm not even warmed up yet." He began to charge the spiritual pressure around him into his zanpakto quicker, causing a faint wall of reiatsu to over-lap the steel of his zanpakto. As before, the hollow mimiced his movements and charged the black spiritual pressure it zanpakto had created having the same affect. " I'll end this quickly you weakling and claim control of you once again as I did before.

You were weak then and your weak now." the hollow said before unleashing a giant blast of reiatsu out of it's zanpakto that tore the ground asunder and smashed Zane back thirty feet, as well as inflicting several cuts along his right arm. Blood began to drip down his arm and land on the hilt of his zanpakto.

" Well, atleast youv gotten stronger since last time....Maybe.. It's about time I stoped holding back" Zane said with the grip on his zanpakto tightening.Zane raised his zanpakto above his head and stared directly into the eyes of his hollow and said " I will show you, what true power is,now...Raienzo, consume the world around you and explode in a burst of true power.Ezen Raienzo." His zanpakto began to devour reiatsu at a remarkably fast rate with the speed increasing every second and over-flowing power surrounding the steel of his blade. Before he could finish, however. The hollow raised it's zanpakto as well and began to do the same process only with a much more demonic shroud of spiritual pressure. "... Damn, I almost forgot you could use anything I can. No matter. I'm still gona kick your ass"

The reiatsu around them burst into an explosion of spiritual pressure and their zanpakto's melded into another state. The explosion of spiritual pressure shoke the entire arena apart and when the transformation finally reached it's peak the arena began to cave in. Wanting to end it quickly Zane charged all the reiatsu in his body and around him into his zanpakto charging up for one massiv blast to end it with, but as ussual the fucking hollow had the same damn idea. The walls of siritual pressure condensed around them causing craters to form all over the arena from their mere presence. In the final moments of the fight. Zane dashed for-ward at sound-breaking speeds at his hollow and swung his blade down at it, The hollow thrusted it's zanpakto up to block the attack and as the two blades made contact, the two walls of reiatsu joined together forming a intense feild of destructive force. " Now this ends!" They yelled in unison. Finally, the two let lose the full power of their zanpakto and a giant blast of spiritual pressure burst up, through the under-ground, and lit up the night-sky above the store-house. Smoke filled the falling under-ground and the hollow had been defeated and returned to Zane's body from it's defeat. After which. He limped back over to the exit and left the under-ground arena then watched as it crumbled and his zanpakto reverted to it's sealed-state. After a few minutes he fell unconschious at the spot from the recoil of the fight and stayed as such for several hours until he came too and slowly returned up to the store-house.

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Dellapero Grance

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Re: Dellapero Grance ( Done )

Post by Feb 30th on Fri Mar 05, 2010 10:10 pm

Okay I just have 1 or 2 problems with this, Can you please separate out your techniques so I don't have to strain to read them, and also split up your RP sample into paragraphs so its easier to read.
Feb 30th

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Re: Dellapero Grance ( Done )

Post by Feb 30th on Fri Mar 05, 2010 10:33 pm

APPROVED By ~ Emanyeru Ai Kouseitan'i
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Re: Dellapero Grance ( Done )

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