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Scum hole [Lower City]

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Scum hole [Lower City]

Post by Leo on Sun Mar 21, 2010 3:55 am

Off-topic To help get the feeling right. Just think of a scum bag of the earth place. A street littered in blood, brothels, prostitution and sleezy men.

Also it's [Unrated]

Start of the Rp!

- Leo walked down the streets, which for many years of his youth he'd considered his home. It was a shit hole at most. Now he looked at it with hate, and abhored it. It was his only home, but it was nothing anymore; It would take him no closer to him dream of seeing Aries.

The site of papers scattered the broken road. Wore away by the past, and dainted by the present. The wooden poles on the side of the rode, covered in the same papers. All bearing the same question: "Have you seen this missing person?" And each one, a new face, and a new family with pain chasing them. Those who lived here were all touched by the favime. Kids starved, Parents didn't work. No ones payed bills or cared anymore, ever since the war which destroyed the place. In the dim light of morning, All that were out were half drunken females, one of which had peircings and tattoos all over, ripped fishnet for pantyhose, and a latex pink skirt which was pulled up less then two inches from her waist. Usually Leo would of been effected by the sight, but girls like her were of no intrest to him. The girls here were just looking for a quick dollar. Though some people may think no better of Leo then they did of the female prostitutes on the side of the street.

For now, Leo's goal, and objective was a single person. And to a great suprise, it was a male, a male who whished Leo to be his Sage-like Guide; One to help him train and become great. Thing was, what the hell was wrong with that person, who would want Leo as a trainer? Leo's greatest talents lie within his rings, and charm.

Leo: "I wonder if in training him... I'll meet any good looking girls. I haven't been on a date in ages... Since... I think... The beginning of the week. Three days without a girl... I'm loosing it! Ahaha!"

- Casually, Leo shrugged, looking over toward a group of punks listening to loud screamo. I should be over there with them. I am they're age. I hope I don't seem too mature! Girls don't like older guys! Oh wait... Do they? I hope so... If I am going to be mature a girl needs to like it, and I gotta like what she's likin'... I like it already! He thought to himself. He was standing still, a small rusty brown fish hook tinted by the axis of his foot. Leo looked at it, having no deep intrest, and deciding to not care, tossing it to the side with his foot, and into a drain on the side of the road. Beverage cans were plugged inside, so the hook was only capable of entrance due to it's small size, but in the end it made it through.

The air carried a raunchy stench of citizens who haven't bathed in decaded [not literally] and rotting food and garbage.
Hmm I told that mysterious young lad that I'd meet him on the Aussie Street, near Cornal ave. [Assue meaning, Australian] It is... Ten yards from my current position, just around the corner. It'll only take but a min-- hello good lookin'! A car had slowly been driving, in the drivers seat was a young inexpeirenced blonde female. By the way she was driving it was no doubt she just got a liscense. Leo's eyes danced upon the busty young girl. If I had a dollar for everytime I saw a girl like that, I'd have enough to buy a condom and be a happy man tonight. Leo about half tripped on his thoughts while he walked, the morning orange rays dancing upon the black tint of the car. His thoughts were away from what he should be wondering, what would a beautiful gal' like that be doing in a raunchy, unchaste shit hole like this?

Leo passed the car, the blonde, not even giving him a glance or any notification of his existence. Leo hit the corner, moving his hand to his collar and popping it up.

Leo: "I wonder how bad her vision was? Well, her dad must of been a theif, because he stole the star and sky and put it in her eyes. And may I be damned but those eyes gave my sun a reason to shine!"

- Making his way to the point, Leo had cracked off a pick up line which disapointingly, no one got to hear. Leo came to the pole, which was tore down, but it was the correct location, and all he had to wat on now, was his student, and whoever else might show up. -


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Re: Scum hole [Lower City]

Post by Lukas Magnus on Sun Mar 21, 2010 4:59 am

The air was dirty and stinked, the streets were empty, gray and sad-looking. Garbage was everywhere and it was rolled down by the wind in every corner of the city. Shadows often moved in secluded areas, some unhabbited apartament's windows kept crashing because of the current, sometimes you could hear drunk yells if you pass a bar and see drug abusers in some corners along with screwing with each other never mind their gender.
This was Hiroshima.

Soap was sent to Tokyo after the Great War had ended because Intel kept saying if another war would start the epicenter would be there but right now he was dispatched alone in Nagasaki to assassinate a few people while his squad was taking down the chaos in Tokyo after some crazy meteorite shower.
He was dropped down in the outskirts by a chopper so he won't raise attention to the terrorist organization that was partially controlling this town.

The Captain continued walking with a cigar in his mouth, his typical M4A1 Carbine in his hands while this time a sniper hanged on his right arm...that was for the assassination mission.
Soap continued walking down the empty streets,no one would dare even talking to him because the Scot would be enough careful to shoot down anyone who seemed suspicious.

Soap had also another objective except assassinating a few figures, he had to contact some guy called Loki that Intel was talking about, they said he can help in de-sieging the ministry of external affairs.
tkhht..Hawk eyes to Bravo Six do you copy...tkhht his radio-receiver on his right year transferred those words.
-This is Bravo Six, what is the matter Hawk-eyes ?- Soap said still the cigar in his mouth.
tkhht... We've got a positive ID on the field commanders of the N.S.R.J (Naciosocialist Republic of Japan) that you are going to exterminate. Down left the 3rd alley you pass you would enter a street on the otherside of the street is a casino, the figures are standing outside. Hurry up and take position.
- Copy that. Over and out. Soap said and tossed out his cigar smashing it onto the ground with his foot and began running forward.

He finally reached the street and quickly took cover in a tiny alley where some hookers were doing their job with clients ignoring the soldier. Soap kicked the door open of the five floor building and with furious sprint he reached the roof of the flat building and laid down quickly taking out his snipers. On the way up he had put a few claymores in order someone decided to trespass and find him there.
He adjusted a flag next to his M21 with silencer sniper and put his eye on the scope sight.
Targets were 3 on the same place, 3 feet spread from each other, 60 yards away from the friendly building.
Soap took a look at the flag so he could check on the wind, right now the wind was blowing calmly to the right.
The captain zoomed in to the guy on the left and adjusted his scope right on the back of his neck. He pulled the trigger and quickly turned towards the other targets. 3 rounds...3 dead people.
Before he could stand from his postion his radio-receiver crackled.
tkhhht...Hawk Eyes to Bravo Six, we've got a positive ID on a cannibal convictor in the red car on 11 o'clock from you. Take her out.
Soap adjusted his zoom and sights on the moving car and took a look at the blonder girl's head.
- No compromise, Hawk eyes.
He pulled the trigger and a bullet penetrated her head and sending her brains all out.
tkhht...Mission accomplished, Bravo Six. Proceed to second objective. He is right on the corner of the street infront of you to the left. Orange brown haired guy in a costume with glittering rigns leaning on a pole. You can't miss him. Over and out

Soap put the sniper on his back again put the flag in a pouch and took the M4A1 carabine in his hands again and shook head. He decided to remove the claymores so no one innocent gets hurt.
Soap calmly defused the claymores because if he was too fast he would've get blown to bits. The captain remembered when he had his first bomb defusing training but the memory faded away as he took the claymores and continued out of the building on the street.

The captain was walking on the main street which was named Aussie street until in his view came in another street coming from the left on the corner of that street was a pole and right under the lights of the pole stood a...kid....with an orangish brown hair and a costume along with shining rings. Soap trusted Intel that the boy shouldn't be a wackoo like all other supermen in the world.
- should be Leo or Loki the ring master...right..- Soap said in a normal tone with his scottish accent.

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