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Tenshi "Bloo" Sendo

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Tenshi "Bloo" Sendo

Post by Carol "Bloo" Magnus on Sun Mar 21, 2010 8:18 pm

Name: Tenshi “Bloo” Sendo

D.O.B: August 4th

Age: Unknown

Blood Trait:

Emanyeru Ai Kouseitan’I (husband)

Rank: Advanced Fighter


Originates: East Los Angeles Ca
Resides: Shadow Knights

Tenshi is on the side of good but she has a bit of a hidden agenda.

Avatar (picture)
Tenshi normally wears Skinny jeans, Chuck Taylor Converse the classic high top black on white shoes with a Tee shirt. She’s not very girly and so meaning she doesn’t wear a lot of make up only mascara and eye liner. She normally has her hair down and curly, on rare occasions she’ll straighten it. She has a utility belt strapped around her hips it slightly hangs on one side more, it caries her throwing knifes, ninja stars, switch blades, mini bombs, and other weapons. On her back she has a double sheath in an ‘’X’’ on strapped to her back for her 16 inch twin blades.
Personality:Tenshi is a very sweet and kind person. She’s very bright and has a smart mouth that gets her into trouble. She’s a bit goofy and fun loving she’s the kind of person to risk it all just to make a friend smile. She’s not one for violence but when she is angered she is to be feared. She can be very sadistic and evil when she wants to be. She’s very possessive and protective of that is hers.

History: will be posted later on

Speciality: Tenshi’s Specialties are Taijutsu and water style manipulation.

Techniques: will be posted later on

Elements: Water (dominant), earth(recessive)

Twin 16 inch blades
[on the utility belt]
12 throwing knifes (it’s a set)
12 ninja stars (shuriken)
15 mini bombs
30ft of trap wire
20 smoke bombs

Carol "Bloo" Magnus

Number of posts : 51
Age : 24
Location : With Thee Partner In Crime Sasu >:3
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