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Brandon's home

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Brandon's home

Post by Brandon Maboroshi on Wed Mar 24, 2010 5:40 am

A small two-story building has just been refitted and remodeled returning it to its former splendor. The roof is painted black and the walls are blood red. the garage has been turned into a forge and a workbench. Tools are scattered around the place and the blower for the furnace is moving automatically keeping it hot enough to burn the air. insie is a small asortments of furniture. The first floor holds the kitchen, a bedroom, a livingroom, and a bathroom. the livingroom has a large sofa that stretches from the front door to the entrence to the kitchen facing the stairs next to the stairs is a fishtank half the size of the couch that holds rocks and metals. The second floor has two guest rooms, a bathroom, and a door that is metal and sealed leading to an area above the kitchen.

Brandon comes home and lays down on his sofa, Whew finnaly after 4 days of gathering materials the refit is done and over with. he closes his eyes and perks his ears listening to every sound with his feet crossed at the ankle and his hands behind his head. he wears a black cloth, blacker than empty space, with white spots, that resemble stars, for his shirt and pants,
Brandon Maboroshi

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