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Da Rules Fo Realz

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Da Rules Fo Realz

Post by Feb 30th on Mon Sep 15, 2008 7:03 am

First off we need to lay down the base rules.....

1. Respect everyone. This includes mods and admins respecting other people.
2. Listen to admins and mods. If they are being unreasonable, then pm Utena Tenjou. She'll handle the situation.
3. NO GODMODDING. Here's the RP rules:

DON'T godmod! Examples of godmodding would be:

1. Auto-hitting.
2. Using an attack that your RP character is clearly not capable of yet.
3. Claiming to have something (bloodline..jutsu.. etc.) that you clearly and obviously cannot have or use.
4. Ignoring another person's post/attack.
5. Use common sense. It's pretty hard for a adv. fighter to hit a highly skilled one.
6. When in character, try not to use faces like ^^ o.o xD too much.. It's ok, it just sometimes bothers some people.
7. When you are RPing and say you have to do something irl. DON'T just say it!! Use parentheses () and say OOC. OOC means Out Of Character. This is so people know you aren't in character and you're just chatting.

BE DESCRIPTIVE!!! The more descriptive your post is.. the better. Example.. we want posts like this.

Ai takes out two kunai and points them at the enemy ahead of her. "You end here." In an instant, she runs towards her enemy swinging both kunai rapidly in front of her as she prepares to take a slash at him/her.

You don't have to type like that you can use your action marks.. *~([.. w/e works. Just make sure it's descriptive and easy to understand. We don't want to see posts like this:

*runs up and slashes his head off before he can even move* HA so thats how its gonna end huh? <--- MAJOR godmodding.

With finishers you can auto-hit, but both have to agree on the outcome or it has to try and be dodged/blocked. If disagreed upon pm a mod to handle the fight outcome. They will determine who wins/loses.

When battling: You are given 2 days to reply to a battle. If not, you forfeit. This is so battles don't die and the other person is never declared winner.

Aaaand finally... don't have a senseless and pointless argument over who godmodded and who won!!! The mods/admins will decide that so just RP and have fun =]

Disrespecting someone/"burning" someone will result in:

1st offense: Warning
2nd offense: Chat kick
3rd offense: 30 minute chat ban
4th offense: Day length chat ban
5th and final offense: Total chat ban

Now, I don't care if pics are posted/urls too.. Those do not bother me. Insulting other people seriously gets under my skin. :evil: Mods and Admins, please read these updated rules and put them into effect. Users.. follow the new rules please. Like I said, I hate to be the mean bitch but I don't like seeing people hurt by someone's harsh words -.-'

Credit Goes To Jaime For The Rules
Feb 30th

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