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Lukas Magnus -Yane Magnus-

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Lukas Magnus -Yane Magnus-

Post by Lukas Magnus on Tue Mar 30, 2010 7:10 am

General Information


Name: Yane Magnus. (Yane from Yanko, Slavic name. Eman change my forum name to Lukas Magnus though).
Nickname/Title: The Silent Step, The Fast Magnus.
Age/D.O.B.: 20/21.11
Sex: Male

Body Stature

Height: 1.78m
Weight: 66kg

He has a caucausian skin tone. (aka white)
His head isn't round it is more cubish-like but of course not a cube head, he has smooth facial lines, a sharp chin, puffy cheeks that can't be noticed unless you stare at them, a sharp nose making him look like a falcon and constant changing big eyes which usually are blue but when dressed in darker colors they become greenish and if even darker almost brown, though when dressed in black he retains his blue color.
Yane's hair is a long brown hair that is usually covered by his hood

Upper Body
He has a very flexible body, his chest doesn't look muscular at all it's even slim but he is very endurable to attacks and can withstand a lot of damage. He has a scar over his chest driven horizontally from a sword

He has wide shoulders and strong hands that can grip very tight. His elbows seem to be very hard, his muscles can be seen but they aren't that big.

Lower Body
Yane has very tough hip and very strong feet. His kicks can break through doors easily and they are very flexible so he can raise them to someone's height.

Casual: He wears a light gray quadripole with some strange white curves on it, underneath it he has a white swashbuckler long sleeved blouse. He wears dark gray trousers that enter long to the knees boots


Personal Information

Personality Traits: He is calm usually and you won't be surprised if people's hearts are being ripped off next to him and he just watches without feeling anything. In the end he is a trained assassin. He has a closed and cold personality when he is not home or when he is not amongst his close friends/family. Yane also has a sharp mind and can think very fast.

Likes: Training, Being right and being undercover.
Dislikes: Impatience, Lack of hospitaly, Rudeness, Lies.
Sexual Preference: Straight
Family: Magnus I assume.

Biography of Your Character:
~Humble Begginings~
Born to unknown parents which died in the war he was adopted by some poor farmers which took good care of him, since the age of seven Yane began his hard working over the ground. He lived far from the city and any socialty so that is when he gained his trait of being calm and silent.
Until the age of ten Yane kept working over the ground and going to town to sell groceries his family cultivated, from such physical activites he became stronger and at home he practiced mathematics and logical games thus he gained a sharp mind. So when Yane turned 11 he was finally found by his uncle Benedictus XI Magnus. A man with blue blood in his veins and a personality of a typical aristocrate. It turned out to be that Benedictus had know the farmer and vice-versa and both had agreed that the boy would be taken at the age of 11 to the Magnus family.

~The Village Boy arrives in the City~
Of course Yane just couldn't get fit into being an aristocrat at first because he felt as he lacked his previous freedom and that his real family seemed colder than ice. Some aunts and cousins looked upon him as a farmer and secretly denied that he was the son of the proud Sebastian and Annegret. Especially the first day when he entered the huge doors of the enormous possibly endless mansion. He had some torn cloths, wearing sandals and his face was dirty, he was so surprising that the passing paid dropped her dishes out of fear. Yane frowned at that because he always and will be a person who supports equal rights and since the first day of his arrival there he developed hate towards the rich class.
There were lots of debates before he could be permitted to walk around the mansion, debates whether he truly was the heir of Sebastian and Annegret. Many declined that but Benedictus was very high in the Magnus hierarchy and thus Yane became of part of his true family.

~Becoming part of It~
As soon as he was allowed inside he was given a program of training. It seemed the Magnus had some sort of their own private school. On his program said 1st course and he saw there were different subjects than what he thought there would be - The Art of the Sword, Meditation, Basic Tricks, Basic Hand-to-Hand fighting, Mathematics, Language, History.
The first day of his school of course was expected to be bad and Yane expected it, he was mocked and bullied by his fellow classmates which also were some sort of his family.
The Art of the Sword was learning the ways of fencing and holding the sword after some time duels were also practiced and Yane kept losing in them because he was used to smack around stuff in his own way not some special way.
Meditation was gaining inner peace something Yane was good at.
Basic Tricks were tricks of escaping restraints and anything else that could happen in a fight along with disarming traps.
For 5 years he was being bullied and mocked even though he kept advancing in his school until he became 16.

~Sweet 16 exile~
One day Yane's patience went of at a duel after he lost he was again mocked but this time they mocked his family that adopted him, his blood boiled and his nerves basically evaporated and with such strength he smashed the sword right into his opponents helment, even though was a fencing one thus very slim it could deliver great amount of damage when used like a bat. The helm cracked and so the skull of his opponents head cracked either. The opponent had lost his memory forever and laid in bed forever. The students now feared Yane but the boy also faced consequeneces, he could've been death sentenced but thanks to his almost dying uncle Benedictus he was exiled from the family for 10 years.
Thus Yane disappeared from the Magnus mansion and decided to wander back to the southern lands.

~Joining the Creed and Ressurection.~
In his exile he became tougher and met different people each one sharing Yane something, was it a philosophy, an advice, a fighting style or anything else. That made Yane a man truly.
He kept wandering until he met an old man with a long white beard which took him to a secret enclave where he was introduced to a brotherhood of assassins. Thinking of revenge he joined and trained hard to become part of this Creed. In training he also trained his elements water and ice and became smarter and deadlier.
Living for four years and working for the Creed Yane became a totally different man, he forgot all being bullied, forgot his revenge and became a true assassin. Calm and Cold. Yane also was given a new name Lukas

~Coming back home~
Now a fully-pledged assassin, advanced in both of his elements water and ice he returns come after 4 years of exile (Not 10 years you will know why) after he learned that the Magnus had a civil war beside each other and a new ruler raised to power Ulric Magnus The First

Strengths of Character:
Fast Thinker (Mental)
Speed (Physical)

Weaknesses of Character:
Memories (Mental)
His achilles heel (Physical)



Bladed Weapons
Special Sword that can withstand elemental attacks and can penetrate through element attacks and can be used as a conductor for elemental attacks made by the user.
Hidden Dagger underneath his right sleeve. Poisoned with paralyzing poison.
Hidden Dagger underneath his left sleeve. Poisoned with a tetanus.
Thrown Daggers

Currently Equipped Weapons:

The Special Sword (SS) - It is on his left hip in a holster but it's held in the right hand when fought. Underneath his sleeve there is the hidden dagger.
Underneath his left sleeve is his hidden left dagger.

Note: Lukas can fire through his SS (Special Sword) big currents of water or an ice stalagmite but it is not a special spell it is just control of elements.


  1. Water Spell: Water Clone
    Description: The user creates one or many more clones made of water that can fight with him but can only produce water spells and any other physical action. When they are destroyed they become a puddle of water, the user decided to reanimate them or to use the puddle for his own use.
  2. Water Spell: Twisting Snake Heads
    Description: The user sends forth his arm and out of it he sends a huge and powerful current of water that forms into two snake heads that twist around, this jutsu can flood to death an uncareful opponent or force him into something dangerous, the heads can also bite the opponent and toss him somewhere.
  3. Water Spell: Dissolve.
    Description: Lukas can dissolve into a puddle of water to evade an attack or to slip pass tight securites or locked doors.
  4. Ice Spell: Frozen Feet.
    Description: The user puts his hand or his foot on the ground with a stomp and creates frozen shackles on his enemy binding him in one place.
  5. Ice Spell: Frozen Ground.
    Description: The user will put both palms on the ground and freeze everything around him and the battlefield, making it a deadly place for his opponent since he would keep sliding around while Lukas would take an advantage of that. When the jutsu is active Lukas can burst out of the ground ice stalagmites to kill his opponent.
  6. Ice Spell: Heaven's Stalagmites
    Description: After doing neccessary handseals suddenly huge stalagmites of ice would rain over the enemy in order to kill him or trap him. They are going down at a fast speed.
  7. Ice Spell: Frostwyrm
    Description: Generating huge energy into his SS Lukas would send out a huge dragon made of ice that could fire rain of ice or a huge boulder of sharp ice to the enemy and even Lukas can use it to ride it and wreck havoc.


  1. Forbidden Black Arts: Null Gravity Sphere.
    Description: A technique that drains a heck of the user's energy and can be used only once in a battle is this technique. It is a panic button and can be used in emergencies when a huge attack that can not be defended otherwise would call for this technique's service.
    Lukas would reveal a card of the Black Arts deck which is the card to trigger this technique and he would suddenly be surrounded in a sphere of gravity that would fend off any attack and attacker. Lukas is not in any way harmed by the null gravity of the sphere though.


  1. Assassin's Arts: Silent Step
    Description: This is a secret and special only to assassins move. The user can move with frightening speed which some people may think that the user is teleporting while he is not but anyone who is uncareful like most victims would astonishingly feel the blade of the assassin to their neck while he was a second ago 50 yards away.

Role Play Information

Number of Years Role Playing: 2
Different Types of Role Plays You've Done: I've had lots but none get in my mind right now.
Role Play Style: Usually story in pas tense.
Role Play Sample:

Lukas stood on a rock that was very high, his hand was on his sword's tip, his cloak that had the Magnus symbol on it was winded while his eyes beneath the hood watched the small town in the valley that was full of noise and people. The houses were maximum 2 story tall and the people were not rich. Without a doubt though here hid the notorious crook Max Reebo.
In this small town Lukas would spill blood.

The assassin clapped with his hands and the symbol of the Magnus on his cloak disappeared and he jumped off the cliff... he opened his arms like a bird falling down with tremendous speed, a man could think that he was going to commit suicide but no. Lukas stabilized himself vertically and put his feet on the ground, he started sliding down thanks to his ice element. Some feet before he reached the ground he jumped and fell on his feet creating dust around him.
The assassin started walking towards the town.

Lukas entered the town, it had no guards on the entrance. He could see everything around him. On one side two guys were fighting, on the other a drunk man flew from the door of the bar, he heard noises of rape but he ignored it all. He continued making his way through the people that kept were wandering aimlessly. Lukas of course knew where Max was and it was easy to guess. That crook had no mind except for fortune.
The Magnus looked around for the tallest and most rich looking building. He saw it. A two story building made of beautiful glittering marbles and had lights all around it. The curtains of course were covering the window on the top while two guards stood at the entrance. It was a day and eliminating the guards was not a good idea. Lukas took a look around the building and created a plan.

Magnus went into an alley a few blocks down from the crook's home and entered the sewer silently not seen by anyone. He adjusted his direction and kept walking ignoring the stink all around him.
He reached the first ladder and climbed it, he climbed out and appeared in the kitchen, he didn't jump out of the sewer he just showed his eyes and looked around. No one in the kitchen except a maid that had turned it's back to Lukas.
With a swift move using the silent step Lukas appeared behind the maid and knocked her out unconsiouss for less than a second.
He opened the door of the kitchen and looked around in the saloon. Empty. He saw the stairs and knew that max was there possibly entertaining a girl.

The assassin carefully climbed the stairs and saw only one door that was closed. Lukas carefully tried opening the door without doing any sound and understood that the door was locked.
The man dissolved into a puddle of water and slipped beneath the door and appeared inside going back into his own form.
Without a moment of thought out of his finger tips were fired small bullets of ice that striked right into the voice strings of both the woman and the man which was Max and they watched in fear the assassin and they tried to shout but it was impossible and too late. As one dagger slashed through Max's neck spilling blood all over the woman. The victim was annihilated and Lukas took out a small transparent wafer and took a blood sample with it and put it back in his pouch.
Without a word the Magnus left the room back to the sewer and back to that alley and after wards leaving the town after his job was done.
Lukas clapped hands again and the Magnus symbol appeared again on his cloak.

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Re: Lukas Magnus -Yane Magnus-

Post by Feb 30th on Wed Mar 31, 2010 4:12 pm

Check the new template and fill in the new spots, then i'll approve it.
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Re: Lukas Magnus -Yane Magnus-

Post by Lukas Magnus on Fri Apr 02, 2010 2:55 am

Bump. Tell me if I missed something cause I am sured I missed something but can't find out what yet x_x

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Re: Lukas Magnus -Yane Magnus-

Post by Feb 30th on Fri Apr 02, 2010 7:21 am

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Re: Lukas Magnus -Yane Magnus-

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