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Ventus T. Charius [W.I.P]

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Ventus T. Charius [W.I.P]

Post by Raijin Uchiha on Wed Mar 31, 2010 9:01 pm

General Information


Name: Ventus T. Charius
Nickname/Title: "The Warrior of the Flame"/ "Flash of the Heavens"
Age/D.O.B.: 14 /4.18
Sex: Male

Body Stature


Head: Ventus has messy, spiked light brown colored hair. His eye color is light blue.

Upper Body: Underneath his garment and armor, Ventus has a well toned upper body, not to slim, not too big. He isn’t that muscular, but a six pack can be visible at some times. The boy wears a necklace with a crown attached, a lucky charm that he possesses.

Arms: Ventus’s arms are well built. Most of his arm his all muscle. He has a tattoo on his right arm of a phoenix, his family crest.

Lower Body: Ventus has strong legs, his calf muscles can be seen clearly, they are not too big however.

Clothing: Ventus wears a vest with a white side and a black side, with red on the inside. On the right shoulder and abdomen region, he wears golden armor plating. For the lower body area, his legs, he wears white pants with black colored lines running down the side. He wears black and gold boots.

Picture: Avatar

Personal Information

Personality Traits:

Likes:Ventus likes nature and wildlife, he always ventures into the gardens and forests of the castle in search of rare animals and flowers.
Dislikes: He doesn’t like bad people nor does he like using spells and runes in battle, he thinks that they are a waste of time.
Sexual Preference: Straight
Family: Charius
Elements: Fire/ Lightning

Biography of Your Character:

Strengths of Character:
Ventus is a very intelligent boy, always figuring out the weakness of his enemies quickly, mainly at the beginning of a battle.
Ventus has earned his nickname “Flash” by displaying amazing and inhuman speed during battle. Some of his friends tell stories about him racing a Grunki, the fastest animal in the lands of the Charius, and being able to catch up with it.

Weaknesses of Character:
Women seem to get to Ventus, whenever someone mentions a female or if he comes across a female, he breaks into a state of weakness and gets nervous.
Ventus isn’t pretty good at climbing. That’s one thing he will never do.

Battle Information



Fire Arms
Twin Wolves – The Twin Wolves are dual wielded pistols, both being .50 Magnums that Ventus possesses. They are made of white gold and have crown symbols forged into the metal.

Bladed Weapons
Save the King – Save the King is a broadsword capable of releasing great power. The sword can unlock the hearts of the corrupt after they have been defeated. It can also be controlled by Ventus with the use of telekinesis and warp back to Ventus at his will. It’s one of Ventus’s most prized possessions.

Without the Golden filigree on the blade.

Wolf’s Fang – The Wolf’s Fang is a knife that Ventus uses to be much quicker in battle than using his broadsword..

Blade 3
Blade 4
Blade 5

Unorthodox Weapons

Flute – Ventus uses a flute during some of his battles as a weapon due to the small blade hidden at the end. He mainly uses the flute to play music for animals in the forest.
Unorthodox 2
Unorthodox 3
Unorthodox 4
Unorthodox 5

Currently Equipped Weapons:
You may only choose weapons that you already have.

Twin Wolves Pistol#1
Twin Wolves Pistol#2
Save the King
Wolf’s Fang





Role Play Information

Number of Years Role Playing: About three...
Different Types of Role Plays You've Done: Shinobi, Warrior, Robot Pilot, and many more.
Role Play Style: Third Person, Story
Role Play Sample
Smoke was now pouring from the city, helicopters in the sky, filming the destruction in the lower section of Hiroshima. ”Channel ten is live at the scene. A human looking figure has just wrecked the city’s town square. I cannot believe what I’m seeing right now, buildings are totaled, it’s complete demolition here! How did someone like him manage to destroy our beloved city? I don’t know! But it’s just crazy out here!” Four H.P.D (Hiroshima Police Department) helicopters were now on the move, heading into the town square, in each helicopter an elite squad of six special trained operatives, and a pilot. Kai’s attention had turned to these hovering objects. ”They still think that they can win me?” He raised his hand, sending beams of energy at the helicopters, destroying them even before they can release the operatives. ”This is unbelievable! Is this even possible!?!? I’m not sure he’s even human!” The camera man, still recording, started to sweat, he was nervous. ”Let’s get out of here! Turn the copter around before we end up like those other guys!” The pilot nodded, pulling back on the stick and turning the copter around. ”Well, I’ve had enough. Time to put an end to this pathetic city….” Hatred, it was pure evil….What had happened to the old Kai?

Innocent people had died, hundreds, maybe thousands. Kai stood there, his energy channeling throughout his body. He was preparing to launch one of his greatest attacks. Darkness began enveloping Kai’s body; he was sinking into darkness, vanishing from the site, only to appear about nineteen miles away from the city. ”May you find peace in the afterlife…….” Both palms had clapped together, he had begun a small session of concentration, the attack needed it. A force had started to encase the city of Hiroshima, a type of ability that was unknown to man, ZPE (Zero Point Energy). Windows on the building started shattering; the sheer power of beginning of the technique was so great; ”Farewell…….Hiroshima….”.He purposely loss his concentration, triggering a reaction, which would cause a massive explosion. Hiroshima was completely annihilated, everything had been destroyed. The force of the explosion had knocked down all trees within the distance of five miles. Kai, now in a weak state had sunk back into darkness; it would shelter him from the blast, which was on a destructive path, already spreading out ten miles. Everything that managed to escape the city was either destroyed by the force of the shockwave, or the heat. Nothing living was left in sight, only a massive sized crater……….Kai had silenced Hiroshima, erasing it from the map of the world.

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“The phoenix hope, can wing her way through the desert skies, and still defying fortune's spite; revive from ashes and rise.” - Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra

Raijin Uchiha

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Re: Ventus T. Charius [W.I.P]

Post by Raijin Uchiha on Sat Apr 10, 2010 11:12 pm


1)Name: Phoenix Fire
Element: Fire
Description: Using the element of Fire, Ventus will be able to expel superheated flames, directing them towards his opponent. This is a basic spell for most of the Fire element users.

2)Name: Bringer of Ash
Element: Fire
Description: Using the element of Fire, Ventus’s hand will been engulfed in a red aura. From his hand, a Phoenix looking creature will arise and attack the opponent with its blazing fury.

3)Name: Pillars of Heavens
Element: Fire
Description: Using the element of Fire, Ventus will glow with a red color and raise his arm, causing superheated flames to emit from him and form into a massive pillar while spreading outwards. Ventus will stand in the center as the pillar’s flames expand out and shoot into the clouds.

4)Name: Blade of Zeus
Element: Lightning
Description: Using the element of Lighting, Ventus’s hand will encase in lightning. He will then be able to erect a blade made from the lightning and slash at his opponent. The blade can expand and reshape itself at the users will, and cut through stone.

5)Name: Thunder Barrier
Element: Lightning
Description: Using the element of Lightning, Ventus will create an orb shaped barrier that will cover Ventus on every direction. He will be safe inside the orb that can send fatal volts through whatever touches it. The spell is used to defend Ventus from any incoming attacks.


1)Name: Flight of the Phoenix
Type: Arial
Description: Flight of the Phoenix is an attack performed by Ventus. The opponent must be in the air for the technique to be performed successfully. Once the enemy is in mid air, Ventus will flash out of view and appear in front of the target, slashing them after appearing. He will then disappear and reappear at another location, attacking a different spot on the target.

2)Name: Flash
Type: Special
Description: Flash is an attack performed by Ventus. This technique is one of Ventus’s strongest, for it uses his infamous speed. Ventus will dash at his opponent, changing his direction quickly and leaving his after image behind. He will then appear anywhere beside the opponent and send a slash that is worth a maximum of ten quick barrage slashes. Some who have seen the attack with their own eyes say that a yellow flash goes off once Ventus changes position and direction.

3)Name: Boomerang Bang!
Type: Special
Description: Boomerang Bang! Is an attack performed by Ventus. Using his Save the King, Ventus will throw the sword at his opponent, controlling it with a telekinesis type of ability that he gained from being the wielder of the sword. It will spin in mid-air, like a boomerang, and sway pass the opponent numerous times. At the same time, Ventus will draw his two pistols and fire several rounds at the enemy.

4)Name: Ragnarok
Type: Special
Description: Ragnarok is an attack performed by Ventus. Ventus will point his sword, Save the King, at the opponent. It will then glow in a gold like color and fire several serpentine like beams at the enemy. These beams will travel towards the target, setting off explosions after contact with the object.

[Will add more]

“The phoenix hope, can wing her way through the desert skies, and still defying fortune's spite; revive from ashes and rise.” - Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra

Raijin Uchiha

Number of posts : 1803
Age : 25
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