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Jonas Malcolm Charius

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Jonas Malcolm Charius

Post by Mikeh on Thu Apr 01, 2010 12:01 am

General Information


Name: Jonas M. Charius
Nickname/Title: The Phoenix (Battle Name)
Age/D.O.B.: 14/March 28th
Sex: Male

Body Stature

Height: 5'5"
Weight: 123 lbs

Jonas' head is almond shaped, caramel color with dark, all-seeing blue eyes. He has a giant, brown afro that almost circles his head.

Upper Body
Jonas' upper body is toned, and although he is small, he sports a six pack, from the bridge exercise during his Jeet Kune Do training. His chest muscles are very toned and strong.

Although he isn't too muscular, he isn't too skinny. He has the perfect amount of muscle and is very toned.

Lower Body
Like his upper body, his lower body is toned. He has the legs of a runner, and is able to scale long distances in short times.

He usually is found in a white-beater, along with a brown dress shirt over it, usually unbuttoned. On the left shoulder, a giant "R" is printed on the shoulder, and it is also printed on the right pocket, although in smaller print. He sports a headband, which is a devilish shade of crimson, wrapped around his arm, and sports the same color gloves. His lower body is clad in a black skinny jeans, allowing him to move faster than he would with baggy ones on. He sports blue Nike Air sneakers.

Picture N/A

Personal Information

Personality Traits: Jonas is a pessimistic yet smart 14-year-old who recognizes and detests of the world he lives in. Tending to be cantankerous in both manner and speech, Jonas has demonstrated a depth of understanding that would seem to surpass his young age. Jonas owns a large collection of books, watches the news , and reads newspapers. Jonas is also known to be a martial artist, preferring martial arts, over most forms of fighting arts. He prefers straight hand-to-hand combat, Katana, Bo Staff, and Nunchaku. . Jonasu is not religious but isn’t the one to bring others down on their religion, that being a belief at his young age. Oratorically gifted, he has shown the ability to seize and hold the attention of entire crowds of people when he wants to do so. He uses this gift during individual interactions, as well, during which he can gain a desired effect depending on his intention.

Likes: Jonas enjoys reading and studying current events. He also enjoys training and practicing his martial arts.
Dislikes: He dislikes extremely optimistic, and people who don't share his revolutionary beliefs.
Sexual Preference: Straight
-Emmanuel A. Charius I; Father ; Alive
-Amelia M. Charius; Mother ; Alive
-Leo Z. Charius ; Younger Brother ; Alive
-Emmauel A. Charius II; Older Brother ; Alive
-Kyle R. Charius ; Uncle ; Alive
Elements: Lightning

Biography of Your Character:
14 Years ago, Jonas Malcolm Charius was the second child born to Emmanuel Adrian Charius The First, and Amelia Mari Charius. As a second child, when he became 25 years old, he would be the leader of the family. Since his brother was already in his Guardian Training with their father, he was training to basic techniques by his mother. She taught him the basic tree climbing, water walking, and the such. It is unknown if he was already ahead of his brother, due to him learning those techniques later, but learning progressively better ones earlier.

Once Jonas was five years old, his brother was sent off to their Uncle, while Emmanuel I decided to train Jonas in the way of the flame. It was learned from there, that Jonas didn't inherit the gene to use runes or the fire element, instead was gifted with the lightning element. This caused his father to be a lot tougher with him. He learned to two basic techniques, and was trained in the Art Of Jeet Kune Do, which was a very complicated fighting style. During the first phase of his training, he was taught to be flexible, and was given the bridge exercise. His father was so pushy, that every time Jonas messed up, he had to go without dinner that night, and go straight to bed. During this exercise, his father would often sit on Jonas’s stomach, often to make him mess up. This helped build muscle, so Jonas supposed it had another meaning.

The second phase, was the practice of motion. Jonas had to learn to stop hits and stop kicks. More precisely, he had to learn to intercept his opponent. This was mastered in the constant bouts between him and his father, and this is the only part he mastered. The third phase to practice the four phases of combat; kicking, punching, trapping and grappling (him only mastering Kicking and Punching) which two about three months each part of the phase. He continued training with his father in the way of Jeet Kune Do, but due to his father’s constant yelling at him, this caused Jonas to be quiet and slightly pessimistic.

His father enrolled him into the Orange Star High School; Primary School Academy, partly because he didn’t wanted to see his son, and partly because he wanted him to make something of himself. Jonas managed to go through the academy relatively easily, due to his mom home-school prior, and almost aced every single exam/test. Although, that being said, he scored an impressive 98% on the placement exam. He graduated from the academy, none the less, and was given a graduation present; The Chardius Bo-Staff. Instead of going to eight grade, he was skipped forward to ninth, due to him showing that he was smarter than most.

Strengths of Character:
Jonas has shown that he smarter than most, and seems to think very differently, than the average fourteen year old. He is not easy to break or easy to fool.
Jonas is quick and evasive. He is light on his feet, and very acrobatic, coming from the years of training with his father.

Weaknesses of Character:
Jonas is known to over think things often leading him to think more than the enemy and doing the wrong thing.
His afro is his week spot, and he is often grabbed by hair during battle.

Battle Information



Fire Arms

Bladed Weapons
Power Pole (Requires Two Hands To Wield)
Power Pole (Requires Two Hands To Wield)

Unorthodox Weapons
Weapons you wouldn't generally find in a weapons shop, similar to lead pipes and 2x4's.


Currently Equipped Weapons:
You may only choose weapons that you already have.

Power Pole (Requires Two Hands To Wield)
Power Pole (Requires Two Hands To Wield)




  1. Name: Propulsion
    Element: N/A
    Description: Propulsion is used as an advanced aura control technique by the Charius family to prepare their children for the more energy tasking techniques that they will preform later on. However this technique cannot be preformed until the user has mastered the tree climbing and water walking exercises.

    This technique can also be used, when mastered, to hover a small distance above the ground (at most 10 centimeters). This reduces friction of movements however eliminates any grip on the ground that they had. More experienced users can propel themselves forward, backward, and side to side. More advanced users can increase their speed, preform tricks, jumps, flips, attacks, or avoid foot traps with ease.

  2. Name: Charius Family Secret Technique: Nature Threading
    Element: Depends on the users elements
    Description: An advanced nature manipulation technique utilized by the Charius Clan. It uses aura to manipulation and control the elements around them that are available to them at that time. Unlike most techniques, this technique cannot produce any amount of the element that the user is controlling, however it can aid in the control of the current amount of the elements that is currently around the user. Because it is a nature manipulation technique and not a normal ninjutsu, it does not take a lot of chakra to preform, however it does tax the energy supply constantly until the energy is cut off.

  3. Name: Act of Tree Climbing
    Element: N/A
    Description: The Art of tree climbing serves a dual purpose. Taking part in Tree Climbing Training (Mandatory for Charius) helps a warrior learn how to focus their energy. It also teaches the warrior how to run up trees and walk on vertical walls. The training helps the ninja learn how to focus just the right amount of energy to a particular part of their body. The amount needed to climb is small but it must be precise. The feet are regarded as the hardest location to master energy focusing. So by gaining the art of this skill, the warrior will have any technique available (theoretically) because they will be able to focus their energy as needed.

  4. Name: Act of Water Surface Walking
    Element: N/A
    Description: A Act of Tree Climbing, the art of water surface walking allows a Charius member to walk on water as if it was a solid surface. Focusing an even amount of energy/aura out of the soles of their feet, they can balance themselves on the very surface of the water.

Fighting Style:
Name: Jeet Kune Do (Way Of Intercepting Fist)
Description: A hybrid martial arts style, on classical and straightforward movements. Jeet Kune Do is primarily an open hand system. The system works on the use of different 'tools' for different situations. These situations are broken down into ranges (Kicking, Punching, Trapping and Grappling), with techniques flowing smoothly between them. Also, it is referred to as a "style without style". Unlike more traditional martial arts, Jeet Kune Do is not fixed or patterned, and is a philosophy with guiding thoughts. (Taken From Wikipedia; View More On Wikipedia)

Role Play Information

Number of Years Role Playing: 3-4
Different Types of Role Plays You've Done: Naruto, OU, DBZ, One Piece, FMA, etc
Role Play Style: Paragraphs
Role Play Sample:Sasume saw the pulse of dark energy extend from the boy's body. No, saw was the wrong word. Sasume couldn't find the right word for it. He just knew. He saw the ripples in the air, at least, that's what his mind perceived. Using his extreme speed, he quickly and barely, using the momentum from the spin to preformed a backflip, landing eight feet away from Kai. His eyes locked onto the Kouseitan'i, grasping what he said. He smirked and stood up straight. He clapped his hands together, and two clouds of smoke appeared at each of sides. The smoke cleared and two perfect exact copies of Sasume stood next to him. "Alright, let's do this then.." The boy muttered, and nodded to the clone at his right.

The clone nodded back, taking his master's mental command and dashed toward Kai. When within at least a foot of range, the clone exploded in a puff of smoke, showing that Sasume dispersed it. Using the smoke as a cover, he quickly, with the help of his clone, gathering energy into his palm, and contained it within a spherical form. He charged through the smoke, forming a coat of energy around him just in case Kai tried that same move again. He shot his arm out, aiming to slam the sphere into his target's stomach.


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