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Dellapero's Weapons.

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Dellapero's Weapons.

Post by Dellapero Grance on Thu Apr 01, 2010 8:35 pm

Lightning Blade
This is originally just a hilt with a small-rune attached to the side of it that has the symbol of the Grance family crest with three bolts of lightning through it, one in the center, one to the left-edge, and one to the right-edge. When the rune is activated, a large amount of electricity shoots out of the hilt and forms a blade of pure electricity. The blade can not cut, but inflicts high amounts of pain to who ever the lightning makes contact with. Secondly, and the main power of the blade has the abiliy to interfere with the opponent’s brain activity. Dellapero swings the sword at the opponent and each time the opponent is hit, or blocks with a metalic object ( since metal is a great conducter of electricity), a charge of electricity is sent into their body. Each time the charge blocks a certain part of the brain and disrupts its signals. The First strike sends the initial wave into the opponent setting up for the rest. These charges last about five minute each time affecting a different part.Dellapero must hit as many strikes as he intends to within those five minutes or the effects begin to reverse. Basically it breaks down like this:

First Strike: Set up, nothing noticeable happens.

Second Strike: The brain activity to the opponent’s legs begins to slow cause their reaction time to lessen.

Third Strike The brain activity to the arms begins to slow cutting reaction time.

Fourth Strike: The opponent sense of direct is reversed, meaning his right moves when he tries to move his left, and etc,

Fifth Strike: The brain activity to the lower body is completely cut off

Sixth Strike The brain activity to the upper body is complete cut off.

Seventh Strike: The heart stops, causing cardiac arrest.

History: The rune used for creating the blade was originally made by Raienzo Grance, the founder of the Grance family Dellapero obtained the rune after his father's death and his inheritance as next leader of the Grance order.

A simple japanese curved sword and sheeth. What makes it different from other weapons is that the sheeth is made of a very powefrul metal material just as the blade allowing it to be used to block with and or trick the enemy into thinking the sheeth it self is the blade while the user sends the real blade at them while the opponent is focused on blocking the sheeth.
The sheeth and blade both have one small rune positioned on the center of them. The sheeth has a lightning rune that allows the sheeth to paralyze anything it comes in contact with. The rune of metalic regeneration is on the inside of the blade making it instantly form together after it breaks.
History: Dellapero had the blade and sheeth custom made by infamous black-smith in area of Tyraina. After the blade and sheeth had been custom made from metalic materials, Dellapero broke the sword in half and attached the matlic regeneration rune into the center of the blade then put the two broken peices of blade togather. The blades quickly connected and reformed to their primary state with the effect of the Rune. Dellapero also attached the lightning-rune of paralyzation at the center of his titanium sheeth to make it just as valuable a weapon as the sword.

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Re: Dellapero's Weapons.

Post by Feb 30th on Thu Apr 01, 2010 9:13 pm

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