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Bryant's gloom

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Bryant's gloom

Post by Brandon Maboroshi on Wed Apr 07, 2010 11:33 pm

First topic message reminder :

Bryant is walking down a lonly road in a dark forest. he wears a black button up shirt that fits loosely over his semi-musculed torso and a pair of plack pants that have torn legs and are held up by black belt with a bronze-silver colored buckle. from time to time a gust of wind will swirl around him caked with a mixture of good and evil energies that do not clash. each gust send dust and leaves every where with each sigh.

Why am i such a useless entity im too scared of offending everyone to have fun

he sighs again and comes to a fork in the road the one on the left leads towards a small village and the one on the right leads to the heart of the forest, whithout even looking up he turns down the right path and sighs again. as he aproaches a dense patch of overgrown trees. he picks his way through them and sits on a boulder just beyond thinking about where he was.