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Kouu Venenum [Done~]

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Kouu Venenum [Done~]

Post by .Kouu Venenum ♥ on Mon Apr 19, 2010 10:46 pm

General Information


Name: Venenum, Kouu
Nickname/Title: "Ko"
Age/D.O.B.: Fifteen / September, 15
Sex: Female

Body Stature

Height: 5' 7"
Weight: 105 pounds

She has hazel eyes, which most people find 'beautiful' when they stare into them for a long time. Under her eyes are rings, which is thought to be from lack of sleep. Even though she gets plenty of that. The rings are colored red, which shows some insanity in her. The rings stick out like a sore thumb due to her skin being very pale. Her hair is white, with tints of purple near the tips. Most of the time, you would see a cigarette in her mouth.

Upper Body
Around her neck, she has several necklaces, just for fashion. As a shirt, she wears a white bandage that basically covers most of her body up to her knees. Some of it even covers her right arm. Over the bandage, she wears a black open cloak with a hood attached and the collar raised.

On her right arm, she has a bandage that covers all of it. She also wears a watch over the bandage and a ring on her index finger. On her left arm, which is bandage free, she has a bracelet and a ring around her middle finger.

Lower Body
Her pants have many pockets in cylinder shapes, most of which hold ammo for her gun. They are a dark purple kind of color.



Personal Information

Personality Traits:

The character has a strange and uncontrollable oracular ability which manifests in dreams. This talent may be attributed to latent psychic abilities, a weird reaction to opiates, or another cause altogether. Whatever the case, from time to time, the character dreams of the near future, catching glimpses of events before they occur. These events always relate to the character or those closest to the character. The character is only able to glean snippets from dreams. These' visions are heavily symbolic and vague; the future is never spelled out. (Note; SMALL SNIPPETS. NOT A PSYCHIC)

The character contains a demon within their body, acting as a second mind, influencing the character's ideas and choices with their own. The Character has bonded with a minor demon or other manor of supernatural creature. Though they may offer some interesting insight into situations the character is trapped in, they may not be terribly useful in a fight.
**Note That this "Demon" is only a second mind, it does not give you any advantages in a fight. It cannot "See" things that you cant, nor "hear" what you can't. It is simply like an Alter-Ego**

Light Sleeper
The character is very light sleeper. Any noise at all will instantly awaken to a state of full alert. The character is no easier to sneak up on while asleep than when she is awake.

    - Sleeping
    - Dreaming
    - Eating
    - Smoking
    - Fighting

    - Working
    - Learning

Sexual Preference: Straight
    - Mother ; Deceased : Murdered
    - Father ; Deceased : Murdered

Elements: Poison , Air

Biography of Your Character:

Normally, a baby is born crying until put into the arms of the mother. That was not the case for Kouu. She was born with her eyes closed and was presumed dead by the doctors. They decided not to bury here, or maybe they just forgot about her in the back of a room full of newborns. While just eighteen months old, she finally opened her eyes and began to cry. The cry was loud and ear bleeding. A doctor ran in and closed her mouth shut with his hand. She was still crying, but it wasn't loud and it sounded muffled. She finally cried herself to sleep then the doctor left the room. When the hospital was closed, a masked man wearing all black creeped past the security and walked over to the sleeping Kouu. He picked her up and held her close and tightly and escaped without leaving a trace he was there. This man that had abducted her, was her father.

Years went by, and eventually it was her tenth birthday party. The party wasn't thrilling, and the food was okay, but not perfect. As a present, her father gave her a katana. Her mother gave her two desert eagles. They even built a separate room in their house for target practice for the young girl. She spent a month in that room, never leaving for anything. When she finally left the room, her accuracy was greatly improved with the guns. As for the katana, she set up target dummies outside and sliced trough their cotton, ripping it apart.

At the age of thirteen, her parents finally told her the truth. About the condition she was in when she was born, about her true heritage. Enraged that they didn't tell her sooner, she was ready to kill them. As much as her heart said 'no' a voice, almost like a second person inside her, told her in her head that they deserved it. She didn't know what to do, and before she could fight back the urge, it was almost like she taken control over and she shot her parents through their hearts. The quickest way to kill somebody.

Now, she lives in the same house, all alone. The house grew old; the door hinges are rusted, the floor squeaks, and she still has that extra room for practice. The practice dummies are still there, too. Just ripped to shreds and could no longer be used.

Strengths of Character:

Weaknesses of Character:
Can't think straight
Easily wounded

Battle Information



Fire Arms
Desert Eagles [x2]

Bladed Weapons
Katana [x1]

Unorthodox Weapons
Weapons you wouldn't generally find in a weapons shop, similar to lead pipes and 2x4's.


Currently Equipped Weapons:
You may only choose weapons that you already have.

Desert Eagle
Desert Eagle





Role Play Information

Number of Years Role Playing: About 3 to 4
Different Types of Role Plays You've Done: Naruto, Original RP
Role Play Style: 3rd person
Role Play Sample:
The genin was running towards the sea port. She had come from the lake just a few moments ago, and her clothes were finally beginning to dry off after she had tripped into the water. She slowed down and breathed heavily and looked back. Nero was nowhere to be found. So he didn't follow her. She sighed and stuffed her hands in her shorts pockets. She had a feeling in the pit of her stomach that she wasn't going to see her friend the same away again. Saying what she had said, all because of some stupid law of shinobi. "I thought I could break one rule... But I'm too nice a person..." She started, aloud. She finished the sentence in her head. I'm so damn stupid! She thought to herself. "At least I still have my... Memories. Of him..." She said and came to a halt and she imagined when she and Nero first met, and how almost a year later they encountered each other again. Those two times were interrupted so rudely by two different people. Who she thought were out to get the two 'love ninja' to separate their love. And now, the one time they were alone with no interruptions or anything... And she just couldn't do it. It was impossible for her to love anyone. Maybe this was fates way of saying she wasn't meant for love. In a cruel way, was it proved, though.

She had reached the sea port and she noticed a man of interest, holding some piece of parchment it seemed. She smiled, but only for a nanosecond. She gave a soft cough and walked over to the man. While walking, she looked at the sea and in her minds eye, she saw her young self with her older brother in the water, fooling around. As usual. She turned her head away and closed her eyes, trying to keep the vision blocked. Now was not the time to see the past and sulk about it. No matter how much she wanted to. Standing pretty much facing the back of the mans head, she lightly tapped him. "Excuse me, but I think I'm lost..." She lied. She had been here before, but she needed to talk her mind off Nero. Conversing was the best way for her to do so.

Impatiently, he waited for the jounin to stop talking. Mostly, he was talking to doggy. Wait -- DOGGY!? What was he doing here? They were on a squad, huh? Great. At least they'd be able to train together, become closer. When Gabriale, their sensei, gave them instructions on what to do, Break was relieved that he'd be able to talk. He looked around, thinking maybe someone would want to go first. Seeing as nobody jumped to the gun, Xerxes decided to be the first to speak. "I'm Xerxes Break Uchiha, but I do prefer to be called Break." He started. "My ambition in life is to become stronger then my father. For what he has done to me is unforgivable..." He continued, his tone was serious. Then he tooka deep breath to try and relax himself from raising his voice to a holler. "My favorite jutsu would be the great fireball technique." Of course that would be his favorite, that was like the Uchiha signature jutsu! "To me... the other major nations..." He started and inhaled deeply. "They are nothing compared to Konoha!" He shouted. He relaxed some, taking breaths to calm himself. "Well, I guess that concludes it for me." He said, and smiled at the Jounin.

IF I'm lazy/tired, this is about what it would look like::
The boy gripped the mans helping hand and used the effort to lift himself up off the ground. Break gave a respectful bow before saying “Xerxes Break Uchiha, at your service.” Normally he would give an insult and be disrespectful. But noticing the chūnin vest a part of his attire, it was smart to show respect. Even though they appeared to be the same age, Xerxes didn't follow by looks because looks could be deceiving. Despite this, how could someone that was about his age be superior to him? By one rank? “If you don't mind my asking, Akimaru, how old are you?” His tone showed the nice side of him, which people don't see a lot.

.Kouu Venenum ♥

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Re: Kouu Venenum [Done~]

Post by .Kouu Venenum ♥ on Wed Apr 21, 2010 4:51 pm

Completion Bump~

.Kouu Venenum ♥

Number of posts : 282
Age : 21
Registration date : 2008-09-14

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Re: Kouu Venenum [Done~]

Post by Brandon Maboroshi on Mon Jun 21, 2010 10:03 pm

approved looks like bakadera (gokudera) from reborn