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Leonardo Vongola [Finished]

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Leonardo Vongola [Finished]

Post by Leonardo Vongola on Thu Apr 22, 2010 11:20 am

General Information


Name: Leonardo (Hoping to be a Vongola)
Nickname/Title: Royal Blood, Master of Strategies
Age/D.O.B.: 19. August 25.
Sex: Male

Body Stature

Height: 5'7
Weight: 130 lbs

Head Silver Spiky Hair

Upper Body 6 Packed Abs. A Mark on the side o his neck (The Family Crest)

Arms Normal Size

Lower Body Long Legs

Clothing Coat, A School Uniform, Red Tie, and a Black Pants

Personal Information

Personality Traits:

Likes: Any kind of desert. Family Members
Dislikes: Fighting over a childish problem
Sexual Preference: Female
Family: (Hoping to be a Vongola Familia)
Elements: Sky and Rain

Biography of Your Character:
Leonardo lived in Italy, he was really good in fighting when he was still a kid. He showed signs of maipulating the sky, he can produce lightnings and rain when he's mad. Leonardo was a child when her parents were killed by other mafia families he was left alone with his uncle who was later then assasinated. He traveled all over Italy until he was found by a strange man who was stalking Leonardo ever since he was still a child, he was later told that he was a royal blood of the Vongola Family, so he was brought to the house of the Vongola, trained to be a really good fighter, until he was ready and positioned as one of the 2nd Powerful Positions in the Family and that is an Outside Advisor. Now he will take revenge for his parents. Eventhough he doesn't know what family it is, he will just kill anybody whoever crosses his way.

Strengths of Character:
Strength 1 (Mental) Good in Battle Strategies, Fast Thinking of Strategies
Strength 2 (Physical) Long Ranged Combat

Weaknesses of Character:
Weakness 1 (Mental) Lust
Weakness 2 (Physical) Hand to Hand Combat

Battle Information



Fire Arms
Fire Arm 1
Fire Arm 2
Fire Arm 3
Fire Arm 4
Fire Arm 5

Bladed Weapons
Blade 1
Blade 2
Blade 3
Blade 4
Blade 5

Unorthodox Weapons
Weapons you wouldn't generally find in a weapons shop, similar to lead pipes and 2x4's.

Unorthodox 1 Silver Bow
Unorthodox 2 Sonic Arrows
Unorthodox 3 Riptide (Celestial Bronze Sword)
Unorthodox 4
Unorthodox 5

Currently Equipped Weapons:
You may only choose weapons that you already have.

Right Hand (Fire Arm)
Left Hand (Fire Arm)
Right Hand (Blade/Unorthodox) Silver Bow and Sonic Arrow
Left Hand (Blade/Unorthodox) Riptide



  1. Thunder Clouds - Leo produces numerous thunder clouds which electrifies his foes.
  2. Sky Clone - Leo creates clones of himself which helps him fight with his battles
  3. Water Dragon - A Dragon appears in Leo's side. This Dragon is made up of raindrops, The Dragon manipulates small percent of water. Has Standard Dragon skills.
  4. Sky Dragon - A Dragon appears in Leo's side. This Dragon is made up of Clouds, This dragon manipulates small percent of Thunder. Has Standard Dragon Skills.
  5. Typhoon Water Vortex - Once invoked, a strong wind whirls around inside the highly concentrated mist, turning it into a solid barrier. The mist created by the violent rotating of the Rasengan also has the effect of taking away the enemy's field of vision. Of course, the mist can be used as a smokescreen when escaping, but the confusion it creates can also be used, for instance, to launch a surprise attack.


  1. Anaklusmos - An enchanted rune produces deathlike sounds
  2. Aegis - An enchanted rune that causes the foe to see horrible scenes making him blind
  3. Cloud Seal - A seal created of clouds. It was created by Leo.


  1. Dark Assasination - One Strike Kill (can only use 2 times in the plot)
  2. Speed☆Star - Leo attacks in highspeed
  3. Big Wave - Electrifying Attacks

Role Play Information

Number of Years Role Playing: 3
Different Types of Role Plays You've Done: A Vampire, A Dragon, A Ninja, An Olympian God, A Demigod. Fighting and Love Scenes
Role Play Style: Roleplays in 2nd and 3rd Person, Everytime I'm included in the plot I will post.
Role Play Sample:

Leonardo approaches his assailant. Step by step he get closer. Every time his foot makes contact with the ground the earth seems to tremor a bit. In his muscular arms He carries his silver bow and arrows. The clouds behind him seem to be in full chaos as if they sense his rage. The massive rain comes with an outragous pouring down of water. As each recedes taking with it huge chunks of the earth and leaving nothing depressions that were now filled with raindrops. He comes to a stop.

Leonardo watched as his opponent held his ground to the very last moment. Then dodged to his right to escape the oncoming crack. Leonardo took note of not only his quickness but also of his ablity to maintain his balance. This specimans agility was amazing. Each movement showed purpose and had experience behind it. His opponent had obviously seen his share of battle. To bad this time he had the misfortune of going up against a god and this was going to be the last mistake he will ever make. He watched carefully the course he was taking, noting that the man had moved closer and closer to the water. Perfect Leonado thought. His opponent obviously had no idea who he was and must have assumed he only had cloud powers.

He raised his strong arm slowly like if it was feeling resistance. This action caused great confusion in his opponent. The opponent quickly darted his eyes back and forth searching out what exactly was supposed to happen but then a great shadow had overtaken him. He quickly looked back but it was to late to dodge it. There behind him was a massive thunder clouds. Leonardo controlled it with great ease and took pleasure in the look of fear that had now over taken the man. The lightning came crashing down on top of him, the shock of the bolts alone were enough to kill a normal man, but not this fine speciman appearantly. The opponent suddenly dies in horror. It is right do it to him for he killed Leo's parents.

Now that the battle was over, Leonardo calmed hiself. He watched his opponent die in pain. Now that his man was gone he explored around the viscinity. He got back to Vongola Castle and soon he met his relative, Dimitrix Vongola.

Leonardo Vongola

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Re: Leonardo Vongola [Finished]

Post by Dimitrix Vongola on Fri Apr 23, 2010 5:04 pm

first thing first theres no italy here
second i decide the position
no you cannot be a sky flame user
and the spells go in the spell section

Dimitrix Vongola

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Re: Leonardo Vongola [Finished]

Post by Leonardo Vongola on Sun Apr 25, 2010 8:56 am

Edited the Application..
Posted a Topic in the Spell and Runes Section Smile


Like a Star @ heaven

Leonardo Vongola

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Re: Leonardo Vongola [Finished]

Post by Mikeh on Mon Jun 14, 2010 9:40 pm



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Re: Leonardo Vongola [Finished]

Post by Sponsored content

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