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Daemon Entreri (Moderator Profile Information)

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Daemon Entreri (Moderator Profile Information)

Post by Daemon Entreri on Mon Jun 14, 2010 11:26 pm

General Information


Name:Daemon Entreri
Age/D.O.B.:25 January 7th, 1985

Personal Information

Personality Traits:Well I'm normally very humorous in a crude manner. I don't often take pity on people and I don't care much for drama. If you have a problem I'm the kind of person that'll tell you to suck it up, that you don't need someones pity to help you through this. I am indeed, just like my characters rp style, sadomasochistic. Thats a combination of Sadism and masochism. If you don't know what those two are you should look them up and find out yourself. I can be strict sometimes especially about certain things but more than often I'm laid back and I try to make a compromise with the members when I don't agree.

Likes:Pain (Sexual pain and pain of others), hot summer nights, swimming, Martial Arts.
Dislikes:People who whine or complain too much about their life, emo people (cookie cutter kind), depression.
Sexual Preference:Female
Family:Son:Constantine ; Daughter:Lily

Role Play Information

Number of Years Role Playing:5-6 Years
Different Types of Role Plays You've Done:Most of the mentioned types.
Role Play Style: Usually a mixture of all so I guess you could say freestyle. I change it up depending on my mood and when I think the occasion calls for a different type.
Role Play Sample:

"You should stop running my friend! It only makes your life all the more miserable and only gives me more pleasure!" Daemon said this as his slowly made his way around the corner. He already knew there was a dead end up ahead. He had in fact been leading him to this very dead end the whole time. Pretending as if he was simply chasing him on the victims random course, when in reality he had already thought all the possibilities through in his mind.

For he choose at this possible moment to reveal his true intentions at this particular section of the city, because at this particular section there was a very minuscule chance of his latest victim not running into a dead end. He knew all the routes his would chase his victim, which roof tops to and streets ran parallel to the fleeing prey, which roads he was likely to take, which alleys he was likely to try. He knew if he stalked him long enough he could corner him. Now all he had to do was simply walk behind.

"Ah here we are. It was a good run I do say. If its any help at all I will say I could've sworn we'd end up at the dead end two streets down, so bravo." Of course Daemon was toying with him, making him feel all the more helpless by letting on the fact that he was indeed leading his victim and not chasing him. He went to go speak again when he was interrupted. "W-why!? We were friends! Allies! Have you no care for your allies. Are you just this cruel...demon...this abomination!" Daemon blinked, feigning surprise and hurt. " dear companion we are still friends! It's just that...well you've outlived your usefulness to me. Your part is over and now that you have seen too much, heard too much I cannot allow you to live."

The man paled even more, so much you thought him to be a skeleton. Daemon began slowly walking towards the man. Of course as he expected the man retaliated. Even with a weapon, putting a knife right into the top of Daemon's shoulder. Daemon shook with a feeling of being alive, the feeling of pain and the pleasure that came with it. To feel something so acute and accurate, to be so alive. It made his very core hot and irritated with ecstasy. "That is so refreshing but alas...I cannot afford anymore play time. It is time for us to say goodbye.

Daemon pulled the knife out of his shoulder slowly, so the sickening, slurping, sucking noise as the air filled the wound when the blade left wound impacted his victim even more on a mental level. His blood rose into the air and quickly began assaulting his victim in a whip like manner. After a sever beating the tentacles snaped taught like guitar strings. The ends of them stuck into his victim like a needle stuck into someones arm. He gently strummed the blood made strings and with each strum the tentacle dug deeper like a vile root, splitting muscles and forcing itself into bones and organs. With each strum came an scream, as if he were using the person to play music, such lovely music he thought.

"Ah my friend. You have become to me the greatest. My own personal instrument of pleasure. It is wonderful that you would do such a thing for me really. I'm flattered." The end of his sentence was drowned out by the loud gurgling of his victim. The blood tentacles had pushed their way out of his skin, eyes, mouth, nose. Leaving behind a web like appearance, as if he had been covered in red spiderwebs. He retracted the tentacles back into his body, and watched the corpse fall to the ground and twitch in its last few spasms of life. Then he wrapped the latest wound in special bandages and walked away...happy that he got to play another instrument.

Daemon Entreri

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