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Not a poem but i did write it

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Not a poem but i did write it

Post by Brandon Maboroshi on Wed Aug 31, 2011 11:32 pm

ok this is the book i started and stopped in my sophmore year in high school.

The lost tales of the ancients

By, Bryant Lennex “Brandon Phantom”

When you here of ancient peoples or ancient races, you think of old rundown ruins. These are the leftovers of their society. When these civilizations “thrived”, they were said to possess greater medicines compared to our own. If these people did indeed possess greater knowledge of medicine, how is it that they died out? In the following pages, you will discover that the door of the century can lead to all of the answers.

Chapter One

“Don’t go in there Brandon, I don’t believe that it is safe.”

The sounds of his love’s parting words filled his head. The fact that he Brandon Phantom could be swayed to avoid this dank hole in the centre of the greatest city in the world Atlantis was unthinkable. He who had cheated death time and time again to be afraid of a little ghost story, used to make children behave and do as they are told. Alas, as the tunnel under the city grew longer he wished he would have at least brought Kosenjou Shuniji, his faithful sword, with him. Nevertheless, the tunnel had already made twists and turns that made it impossible to return to the surface without the help of the Rod of Cultun‘, overlord of all he saw and mapmaker of these lands. With this rod he could not only find his way back to the surface, he could find the fastest way to the land below without being captured by the Crystal Guardians, ancient protectors of the isle of Atlantis. The old tales spoke of a crystal guardian so powerful he was banished to the very tunnel in which Brandon now patrolled. This guardian was none other than Cultun’ overlord of Atlantis and the world below. Soon Brandon began to see light ahead. Breaking out into a run, he hoped that this was the chamber that housed the rod. Upon entering the cavern, he saw the first “Riddle of the Ancients“.

“To seek the path you have the key
Or else journey to the sea
If key you have then listen close
Your goal will keep you on your toes.”

“What could this mean? What could possibly keep me on my toes?”

In a flash his question was answered. The ground began to quake. In an instant, his feet were on the only land mass in the cavern. The floor had fallen free and in its place tall spires, which extended down into the great abyss, rose to the point where the floor once stood.

Oh. So, that is what the riddle meant by ‘on your toes’”.

Hopping from spire to spire Brandon slowly but surly made it to the other side of the pit. On the other side the door that displayed the riddle vanished leaving a gaping hole in the stone wall.

“One down six more to go.”

“Don’t go in there Brandon I don’t believe it is safe!”
“Don’t worry I’ll be okay.”
This was the last conversation she had with the greatest hero Atlantis had ever seen. Reverberating in her ears was the last thing any one had heard of the ones who travel to the pit of Cultun’. Time and time again these words were proven wrong as the bodies of said travelers were found with unmistakable yet unbelievable injuries that lead to their death. “It’s only a matter of time before he is found just as mangled as the last one”, the voice of the abyss said.
“Don’t say that he has to come out alive he promised.”
“Sure, you he has to come back to marry you Eleesha.”
“Quit he’s only a friend!” she exclaims her face flushed and she looked down quietly thinking so that the voice of the abyss couldn’t hear “but I hope he does I love him.”
This is a difficult time for Eleesha. Her heart wants her and Brandon to be together but she has doubts if he loves her. “Aby may be right” she thinks, “After all the under city is forbidden for a reason.
The time has come for the annual festival of worship. The gods of Atlantis are to be pleased by an offering of the life-force of the Atlantian society used over the past year. “Unusual but fair offering” Eleesha thought when she was told of this ritual
“Heh maybe we should give our entire life to the gods” Abysal remarked with sarcasm and revulsion
“Now Aby we are members of this society therefore we must respect the traditions of this place no matter how strange they are”
“Yeah yeah yeah just get it over with.”
But as abysal said this the festival was interrupted.
“People of Atlantis” the high master proclaimed, “The time for redemption is ended. The gods are pleased as is. They ask that we keep our life force in preparation for the upcoming battle with the Dragon Warrior.”

“This can’t be good.”

Explosions raged in the sky. The battle had been going on forever it seemed. The Dragon Warrior attacked the city the hour the Highmaster finished his speech. Screams of terror flooded the city from the moment that the first strike rained down from the heavens. The dragon Warrior had come at last.
While running through the city to find a crystal Eleesha, friend to all, fell over a soldier of Atlantis. his legs burnt off, he pled, “Dear child, tell me will I ever walk again?”
And Eleesha with tears in her eyes said in a voice wrought with despair, “yes my friend you will walk again”
That instant with a smile on his face the soldier passed on to the realm of the ancestors.

“Why did you lie to him Eleesha?” asked The Abysal Voice it was clear it disagreed with Eleesha’s actions but couldn’t change them

“That man was near death, indeed he will walk again with his own gods but for now, he is at peace.”

“Humph, if it was me I would have not only told him the truth but I would have ended his misery right then and there.”

“That, is what separates us from true communion Aby your lust for destruction or my unnatural kindness towards strangers.” replied Eleesha with a tone of sadness, “either way we have to find another crystal so we can end this battle before the city is ruined.”

“What makes you think that I would want to commune with a goody-goody like you anyway.” replied Aby with a growl in her throat.

“Maybe because you need a body to exist so you don’t fade away as if you never existed.”

Streaking through the city Eleesha and Aby find there way into the armory which has been made into a makeshift O.R. desperately searching through the mangled dead Eleesha give a shout of joy in procuring a crystal of Atlantis.

Overwhelmed by joy she says, “Now we can put an end to this war.”

“YAWN” Aby replies, “just wake me when it’s over. Impudent little whelp.”

When Eleesha reached the center of the city, the two crystals combine and resonate with a sky blue light that purifies the darkness where she stands. Hidden in the darkness of smoke the Dragon Warrior is exposed and Eleesha fights for the safety of the ones she loves.

Chapter 2

Having completed the first of seven tasks Brandon moves swiftly down the tunnel towards the next task. BOOM … BOOM … BOOM. “What the-” “what’s going on there should be no earthquakes here we’re floating above the ground. “…Tom Phantom the city is under attack hurry up and get your butt back up here.”
“Alright Inglet I read you loud and clear I’ll be up as soon as I finish.”
“He had better”
Inglet amorphous shape shifter. Friend to Brandon was quietly sleeping in the darkness of the forgotten ruins when the battle woke him up. Having needed rest after a battle with his father the Emperor Ing, inglet found the darkest place in the world and decided to heal his wounds in hibernation. “I’d better get suited up” with the sound of rushing air Inglet transforms into a draconic humanoid to fight the enemy and contact Brandon Phantom.
“Phantom Phantom The city is under attack, hurry up and get your butt back up here.”
“Alright Inglet I read you loud and clear I’ll be up as soon as I finish.”
“He had better”
“Eleesha I’m headed your way where are you?”
“A rush of static. CLANG! I’m at the (grunt of pain) city center be careful of the… (A bloodcurdling scream) dragonsssss.”
The line went dead but not before Inglet saw the gaping wound on the back of his fallen comrade. With a growl of rage Inglet grinds the sphear in his hand into dust.

“They will pay for this!”

…Et up
“Eleesha get up!”
“Aby is that you?”
“Les it’s me you stubborn lout? Get up or else I will.”
“Okay ok I’m getting up.”
After the haze of her unconsciousness faded Eleesha looked around. The bars of her cell looked to be made of adamant one of the strongest elements known to the world. In the far corner to her left there was a guard sleeping at his desk with the keys to the cells and the main door. Looking down she realized that she was wearing nothing but her emergency suit and her treasured necklace. Her bracelets and hero suit had been stripped off leaving angry red marks where they had been attached to her shoulders and thighs. “Where are we Aby?”
“I dunno some kind of prison?”
“Oh ha ha come on be serious.”
“All right I think we’re in the cargo hold of the lunar whale”
“Wasn’t the lunar whale destroyed after the elemental war?”
“I guess not. Hey you got a plan of escape.”
“Oh yeah!”
After waiting for the guard to wake up the plan went into action.
“Come here boy.” She said in a silky voice filled with seduction, “do you want a good time if so let me out and you will have the time of your life.”
The guard opened the cell as if in a trance after a kiss and a caress of sheer thrill she bit deep into his neck. The sweet aroma of the blood filled her nose as she slowly drained away the life’s blood of her victim the warm feeling soon spread to the tips of her extremities.
After the feeding Abyssal says in a voice of contempt, “Are you done yet?”
“Mmm Hmmm” while still enjoying the sweet taste, “lets go!”
Meanwhile, two soldiers were chatting when suddenly. “Do you hear rumbling?”
Inglet came crashing through the wall smashing everything in his path.
“God Damnit why do these flag ships have to be so big?”

“I don’t know Inglet, why?” came a sudden voice from behind.
A flash of red flame and a grunt of pain.
Staggering to his feet Inglet turned to see Loto the dragon warrior standing behind him with an old book in his open palm. “Well aren’t you going to answer me or not?”
“You! What have you done with Eleesha?”
“Hm nothing yet but what I do Depends on YOU!!!”
With a shout a great flaming beast rises from the book its fangs dripping with the thrill of the hunt. Slowly it reared its great head and roared so loud that the ground shook. Doubling over Inglet began to change again. A blast erupts from the mouth of the beast. “Ah ah ah we’ll have none of that slave.”
“I am slave to no being not anymore.” he replied with an angry growl deep in his throat.
We shall see. HRAA!!!

Was it him? Or was it an illusion for only a moment Brandon thought he heard Loto but that was impossible as Loto died in combat with the Dragon Lords. After shrugging the feeling off he continued his pilgrimage to the Tomb of Cultun’. He couldn’t remember if it was three or four but soon he came to another door just as the last have been this door had a riddle.

Seek not what lies above
But fear what lies beneath
Your fate could be of love
Or danger on the reef

“Oh come on!! The nearest ocean is 3000 feet below us how can there be a reef?”

A great rumbling and then the floor opened revealing room full of the most beautiful women he had ever seen. As one voice they sang a song so beautiful and rich that he almost fell right out of the air.
“Come to us and we will give you anything you desire. Just come to us and your world will be on fire.”

As he slowly drifted down towards the siren song a sudden roar awakened him from the spell. Recovering he flew through the open door and never looked back. “what was that?” he asked no one. After receiving no reply he marched on through the darkness.

Chapter 3

Side tunnels flashed by as a great mass followed the tiny black streak. Panting Brandon saw the escape route he needed. With a great roar the beast diverted her course to avoid the crevice. “Whew that was close who new the atlantians had a dragon in their traps.”

After resting for a while he continued his pilgrimage to the tomb of Cultun’. soon after he came to the final door

To come this far you have great spirit
Now it’s time to show your merit
Fight this beast ‘til final breath
Or you’ll find eternal rest

“Great another fight who next? the dragon lord?” a great roar boomed over the thoughts of phantom as two great scaly forms fell from the ceiling. Unfolding great wings the forms opened revealing a dragon and a wyvern “I had to ask.”
With a yell he rushed into battle the great beasts roared at him and breathed on him. Their elemental breath scorched his hair slightly as he blew through the flames slamming his fists into the vunerable underbellies of the two great beasts they vanished and the final door opened to reveal an empty pedastal. And above it a sealed sarcophagus made from pure orichalcum in ancient atlantians script
“sealed for all time the warlord Cultun’
May his rod of power
Guide the chosen warrior on his path “

“Oh Brilliant! Someone got here first… but who?” he went to the pedastal and examined it. Who ever removed the rod made sure not to touch anything. Brandon gave up and went to the rear chamber he saw a glove print on a loose stone and recognized it as the dragon warrior’s “I knew it…” he touches the stone and it glows with the blue white light of the atlantians crystals opening a hole leading to the bottom of the city. Below was the ocean and he jumped down flying along the bottom to reach the outskirts of the city. The devastation he saw was similar to the great war of the elementals. Massive airships and beasts hovered above the city raining down magic and fire, He quickly flew towards the battle worried about Eleesha and Inglet but underneath that was the thrill of the upcoming battle.

Flaming beasts exploded on contact with the hulking form of inglet. The grin of the warriors face faded. “H-How those fiends would have burnt a balrog to a crisp.”

“Heh Heh Heh I am immune to fire because I can change my body into any material I want”
“ I’ve heard of your powers of transformation but I must say the rumor don’t do them justice.” the warrior drew his sword and it crackled with divine might as it slammed into Inglet’s massive form. He screamed in agony as the divine power burned him reducing him to his original shapeless form. Weakened and defeated inglet diminished into a deep sleep and was sealed in a magic jar.

“that’s makes the second. Soon Brandon will have no choice but to face me in another battle. And when he does my new power will overwhelm his then I will drain every last drop of his blood infusing it with my own and I will cast him into the abyss of hell then I will take his girl as my own and rule the universe with her at my side.”

With the sound of powerful laughter he vanished with out a trace to his flagship to wait for Brandon.

Chapter 4

"Stupid inglet he is going to destroy this place before he evenknows we are here." The abbysal voice Was irritated as Eleesha leaned against a wall to recover from the effect of drinking blood from someone else. She was Red from it and her powers were regenerating despite the chilled environment inside the prison.

"Abby... perhaps its time i started to destroy things too. Maybe Brandon will notice if he feels my energy spike..." She was quiet and thinking deeply as always. the cold was helping her get a grip from the feeding but the blood she drank was close to her favorite. it brought memories from her youth back to the surface and she burned redder from them.

"I dont know Eleesha for once you take my side of things but this time i think you should keep it on the down low until you get a grip... the voice sounded thoughtful and looked inward to Eleesha's heart to slow it as it quickened from the memories.

"...but if that soldier was that filling for you... you might unleash your demon side and attack the Loto person that trapped you here." Eleesha took a deep breath channeling most of the heat in her body to her lungs to exhale it. When she did she stood straight and walked towards the command deck.

"I wont let that happen Abby. it is something i dont want Brandon to have to deal with... he has too much on his mind anyways." The walk was long and soon she found not only a way out but one leading to the surface of the earth. a memory came to mind of when she was younger before she realised who and what she was....

"NO ABSOLUTLY NOT ELEESHA THAT I WILL NOT LET YOU DO!!!!!!" A powerful man towered over a teenage eleesha with blonde hair not brown and a shorter stature but larger curves than the future.

"Father im going to and you cant stop me anymore we float over this planet lording over it as if it was our birthright yet we forbid going to the surface. i refuse to remain here While the phantom has his way with every kidnapped maiden in our city you know his kind is a plague that needs to be wiped out." She put her foot down and her exceptional strength shook the floating city of Tamir as she walked out. She was fed up and knew her training to control her powers was enough to finish off this Phantom. After an hour's walk she looked down over the edge of the city looking over the vast landmass below. it was different than earth and bluer plants mixed with purple ones.

she took a trembling breath and jumped as her skirt opened to reveal it was really a pair of white feathery wings covering a baby blue pair of shorts and a tight breastplate piece of armor that she wore. the fall was quick and she landed effortlessly in the middle of a forest that was tainted by evil.

"Damn that miserable beast coming here and defiling our world and people, im glad papa is only my guardian my real father would have sent my mother to get me." she walked off on foot as the future Eleesha blinked from the abyssal voice sighing in her mind.

"Aby... do you think Brandon can win this time. last time Loto fought us it took all i had to keep us alive while Brandon distracted Loto by fighting him up close while i fought with my magic."

"Nope. that's why i said let Brandon handle the big stuff and find another man to replace his function in your life. after all he is JUST a friend.." it was a cruel joke and Aby knew it Eleesha looked down thinking about how she felt towards Brandon and wondered why she even bothered keeping it a secret from Aby. She shook her head to clear it as she felt something fearful...

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