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Misty Suiren~ Priestess of the Oceans and Seas~

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Misty Suiren~ Priestess of the Oceans and Seas~

Post by Misty~ on Thu Dec 08, 2011 5:06 pm

General Information


Name: Misty Suiren
Nickname/Title: Lily.
Age/D.O.B.: 10, October 12th.
Sex: Female.

Body Stature

Height: 4'9''
Weight: 90 lbs.

Head: She has a round and somewhat small head that is not very developed yet seeing as how she is only ten. She's ignorant and naive to most things, showing that she's innocent. But, for, a ten year old, she's intelligent. Though, there are times where she will become possessed by a spirit she calls upon when in dire emergencies that she will be filled with knowledge of centuries, of course, the spirit is speaking through her.

Upper Body: She isn't very muscly. She is slender and thin and has almost no muscle. She isn't a bodybuilder of sorts and while she isn't too fragile and too weak, she isn't very strong either. So, she has about average physical strength and physical limits with arms and torso, which is underdeveloped, no breasts yet. She wears a robe, a shinto robe, usually, that covers the front part of her body in a white fabricated cloth.

Arms: As stated previously, her arms are not very bulky, muscular or any sort of defined really. They are skinny and seem somewhat frail, belonging to a petite 10 year old. The white fabricated cloth drapes over her skinny arms as huge sleeves and covers most of her skin besides her hands at the ends of the sleeves and her shoulder which is revealed from a designer cut in the outfit.

Lower Body: Her lower body is the same as any child's would be. Underdeveloped, thin and it seems very easily broken. Her legs are skinny and barely have any fat on them, the thighs in specific. Her feet are small and easy to step on. And she isn't very tall at the moment, but, for a 10 year old, she's perfect height. The bottom half of her body is covered by a purple fabricated cloth that covers all the way up to her feet. The only thing it shows are her feet unless, the designer cut should be inserted and then it would revealed a bit of her knees.

Clothing: As previously mentioned, added: There is one purple earring she wears on her left ear that sort of dangles. It is that there is a golden piece of treasure, a circle and attached to it there are purple threads, almost like a tassel and it hangs from her ear. There is a small black bow at the back of her robe that ties it together and holds it up from falling. She carries a staff with the same golden piece as the minuscule one on her earring.

Picture: Profile picture.

Personal Information

Personality Traits: Misty is a sweet, kind, and always cheerful 10 year old. She seems to be emotionally strong yet physically fragile. Spiritually, she is strong, she believes in miracles and the impossible. Misty loves everything, nature and the oceans especially. She has always admired the ebb and flow of the oceans' waves and the great waters they are. She's always admired the beauty of nature and wishes she could someday be as great and beautiful as the beauty of nature itself. But, that's rambling. What else? She's easygoing and fun to be around, loves to laugh and seems to usually get along with anyone.

Likes: The Ocean, Nature, Making Friends, Ramen.
Dislikes: Mean People, People Disrespecting Nature/the Ocean, Shiitake Mushrooms, Vegetables.
Sexual Preference: I think boys are icky, but I like em anyway. :3
Family: None.
Elements: Water, Wind, Earth and Fire. Spiritual too.

Biography of Your Character: [To come.]

Strengths of Character:
Strength 1 (Mental): [To come.]
Strength 2 (Physical): [To come.]

Weaknesses of Character:
Weakness 1 (Mental): [To come.]
Weakness 2 (Physical): [To come.]

Battle Information



Unorthodox Weapons
Unorthodox 1:

Currently Equipped Weapons:
Equipped: Staff.

Role Play Information

Number of Years Role Playing: 5
Different Types of Role Plays You've Done: Shy, tomboy, dark, etc.
Role Play Style: First Person.
Role Play Sample: [To come.]


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Re: Misty Suiren~ Priestess of the Oceans and Seas~

Post by Prince Utena Tenjou on Thu Dec 08, 2011 7:56 pm


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Prince Utena Tenjou

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Re: Misty Suiren~ Priestess of the Oceans and Seas~

Post by Brandon Maboroshi on Thu Dec 15, 2011 3:20 pm

i have good news for you utena... sometimes i see you as a perverted teenage boy.