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Welcome back.

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Re: Welcome back.

Post by Prince Utena Tenjou on Mon Dec 05, 2011 10:13 pm

First topic message reminder :

"I guess that means I should take that space, or maybe I shouldn't come along. I can always stay here, it doesn't really matter to me. And I would hate to intrude or cause a problem for the extra needing of space. Really, I can wait here for you to come visit again, it's no problem."

Kendra seemed to retract, being polite and not wanting to at all get involved in the messy situation that would occur if she did come along. Though I could tell that a bit of melancholy tones were in the gleams of her eyes and that she was going to miss me, miss us, she was being all too strong and kind about it. That was Kendra for you. But I started to concentrate, not saying a word. Suddenly, my hands began to glow.

"Um, Utena, what are you doing?"

"A prince's mind and a girl's spirit, let us join for this short trip. When the time is up, release thy soul, and return to the body you were meant to control."

With that, Kendra's body seemed to transform into that of a small doll, easily carried in the hands of a person or in some sort of bag and Kendra's soul flew into my own body, my body now being the vessel for two souls. I kept her safe within me and made sure that she faced no unwanted reactions to a "different or foreign" soul being inside me. I smiled and then walked onto the ship.

"Shall we go?"

I didn't noticed but Arcadia was staring with what appeared to be shock and wonder mixed together. When, in reality, the expression on her face held a deep hatred and disposition.

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Re: Welcome back.

Post by Brandon Maboroshi on Fri Aug 17, 2012 10:24 pm

looking around at the newcomers i sigh and face palm. miserable coward... i take a deep breath and they feel my energy 1/4 of it go into my throat and i bellow... the strong down to weak were nearly killed but disabled as the very strong had to cover their ears but they suffered nosebleeds and ear bleeds from the jericho yell. i put a barrier around the group to protect them form my attack as 75% of the new enemies were taken out of the equation.

Utena's magic recharged me not once getting weaker. now imagine if i focused that into one piont and spat it at you. do you think you would survive the explosion even if you dodge. i glinted with malice and evil wanting very badly to kill him fast. but i swore to listen to Utena for this mission and work as a team.

inuyasha's jaw drpped and he walked up to hit me on the head. "Why did you do that i wanted to fight them all." STUPID DOG I DID IT TO MAKE THE FIGHT MORE INTERESTING LEAVING THE STRONG ONES BEHIND!!! YA MAKE ME LOOK BAD! a small lightening flashed from our eyes and we growled at eachother.