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a pokemon adventure: back at the beginning. (utena only)

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a pokemon adventure: back at the beginning. (utena only)

Post by Brandon Maboroshi on Fri Apr 26, 2013 8:46 pm

First topic message reminder :

the breeze drifted through the summer heat cooling everything. it was pallet town i was laying near the sea on the beach in the shade. this recent summer was cooler than normal as every day had a stable breeze from the sea. i sat watching the water pokemon playing in the shallows magikarp tentacool crabby staryu and shellder.And even on a rock a slowpoke laid down with its tail in the water. i sighed happily enjoying the peace. i had this ability to understand the pokemon as did my friend Mizuki as if they were talking in english. she was due to arrive any time and i was drifting into a shallow sleep listening to the voices of the water pokemon.

today was the day we choose our first pokemon. i knew she would choose squirtle the water turtle type pokemon while i would choose charmander the fire salamander type pokemon. as i sat lazily on the beach a shadow appeared over me. i looked up expecting my friend only to see professer oak. "well hello there Bryant i see you are enjoying the sea and the pokemon as always." i squint my eyes looking at him. yes. im waiting for mizuki we were going to play with the water pokemon before we made our selection. professor oak sat next to me gazing at the ocean "pokemon are tryly miraculous creatures you can learn alot just from watching them interact with eachother." i nod each one has a heart and a dream i wouldn't be surprized if one or two wanted to come with us on our journey.