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Imaimashi Corp.

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Imaimashi Corp.

Post by Mero on Tue Dec 15, 2015 8:13 pm

It seemed like decades since Mero Imaimashi stood on the steps leading up to the grandest building in the now dubbed City of Dreams. She starred up at its exterior, admiring the marble and glass that reflected in the sunlight. It looked so new to her eyes and yet still the same as she had left it. With a glance to her left, she noted the large shadow that enveloped any building behind the impressive structure. That had always been her favourite part of it, not the breath taking view from the top floor or the crisp  air that could be felt from the rooftop, but the shadow casted on everything below it. She used to laugh at how vain that made her sound, but now she welcomed it. It made her feel like the building still meant something, when in actuality it meant very little.

The world was in a time of peace and in a time when her goods were no longer required to keep humanity safe. She was fine with it, a world with out evil was a far more comfortable one, but she couldn't help but wonder what would happen to the legacy she spent years building. The pit of Meros stomach told her she should worry for its future, but it was a feeling easily shaken off. She had no time to be worrying about the future, when she had to deal with the present.

With one last longing look up the building and a large breath, Mero made her way into the Imaimashi Corporation HQ. She nodded towards the security out front and acknowledge the receptionist at the front desk, who looked like she had seen a ghost. People seemed to pass her in slow motion as she walked towards the staff elevators. Hushed chattered could be heard as the doors closed. When they reopened, a flurry of people mulled around, working on various tasks. Mero stepped out of the elevator and headed towards a large office with double doors. She could still feel eyes on her but ignored them, she had only one objective here.

Inside the office, an older gentleman sat chatting on the phone. His legs were rested on the top of the large wooden desk and a rather sinister smirk was placed on his lips. This was a smirk that would make most people cringe, and Mero was very aware of the ferociousness that came with it. However his posture made him seem more relaxed, which Mero was grateful for. She pushed the doors open as the man looked towards her, his dull eyes coming to life with a spark of curiosity. Mero said nothing as she sat down in the chair before the desk, crossing her leg over the other and straightening her back. Eye contacted was made between the two as the man slowly hung up the phone and began to adjust his seating position. They sat starring at each other for only a moment before Mero spoke. "I'm back" was all she said.

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