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Shadowed visions

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Shadowed visions

Post by Anthy Himemiya on Thu Dec 24, 2015 3:06 pm

Another day has came to the kingdom of darkness as the streets were silent, hushed whispers heard in the decaying buildings all around and on the streets as the people would be fighting, stealing, and killing as savaged beasts. You can never really tell if its day since the clouds were poisoned by ash, the cold omen which seems to linger in the kingdom. It was like the future for the land was heading towards death. However, they have a princess.

Princess Melli was the royal heir to this land after her parents. She was always a gentle soul but she even worries for this kingdom. The things she has seen, the way her people became evil savages to become so bloodthirsty to stay alive as some have said. Its all for themselves, no matter if they were friends or foe. Melli was in her meeting room as she was speaking with her council of the status of her kingdom. By their faces, it seems to have gotten worse or angry to see she wasn't really planning anyway to stop it. Alright, I have asked you all to keep a status of the kingdom and give me a result. How is it now?

"Terrible, Princess. By each day that passes, the people have gotten much worse. We have seen garbage increase by two weeks. Their has been an increase of thieves who has stolen to have small businesses shut down.." I-i see. What about the rest? "That hasn't gotten better either. They are more people seeking and demanding now. As we have already spoken of, we can find a way to fix this-"

"We are not going down that path. I really can't see why the people can't just...." "Get along? You know we can't after the people has their disagreements. You wish to fix the scar this place has and now you ask the light kingdom for help? As a princess of darkness, you must have an iron fist to rule to get control of the land but your too kind hearted.." That wasn't her fault. Melli always had a good heart and was always seen as one just as her mother.

She looks at them again to see they were serious but she wanted to try keeping peace so no more fighting or killing happened. Just as she was about to speak, the bell tower rang as the council  rise to leave. "As we said princess, thing land will still get worse so we hope you have a plan..Good day." Melli see them head out to go about their time as she was alone to think but in a way, this was very difficult but she's been able to get though it. Sighing, she stood to head to the main hall to think.

~*Darkness and light comes in many forms but both are always in all living things. People and others must cherish what they have or else be corupted by the raw energy of these two. Be careful of the side you choose for it will remain with you for the rest of your life. You have been warned*~

~Rose of the noble castle. Power of Dios that sleeps within me. Heed your master and come forth!~ (Anthy Himemiya; rose bride of current dueling champion)
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