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New Revolution: The dreams of the Duelist and Rose bride

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New Revolution: The dreams of the Duelist and Rose bride Empty New Revolution: The dreams of the Duelist and Rose bride

Post by Anthy Himemiya on Tue Mar 07, 2017 6:37 pm

OOC: This story goes on about the history regarding the timelines of the Duelist and Rose brides that were chosen time and time again. Now, it seems a new Duelist and Rose bride have been chosen. What new adventures awaits them? Will this be the same thing?

~Characters for this story~
Sora Akiyama/New duelist (20)
Ai Himura(19)
Kikiyo Miya/New rose bride (20)
Chiro Zin (20)
Minzu Orkani(20)
Sarah Fukui (20)
Namiko shizo (22)
Aina Chimika(18)
Hajime Higashi(21)
Renji Hono(19)
Hachiro Saroma(23)
Hinata Akiyama/Sora's mother (40)
Kari Miya/Kikiyo's mother (40)
???? (Unknown for now/head concil president but also headmaster for Horisho academy)

(Guest visits in dreams)
Utena Tenjou/Former Duelist (Will if needed)(33)
Anthy Himemiya/Former rose bride (still uses magic)(33)
Hana Tenjou/daughter of Utena and Anthy (22)
Aiko/girlfriend of Hana Tenjou (22)

(Second list of characters to come later)


You know the legends in the old stories don't you? The one story that refers to the old known timeline others know very well. Where one person's life changes forever by a certain act of generosity and kindness. When never knowing the person that shows this generosity and kindness becomes the chosen Duelist.

While the second one never understood the ways of the world, being mysterious, distant, and quiet to obey other people like some mindless doll. They don't have their own free will but none could tell. That second person becomes the next rose bride that wields the scared sword of Dios housed inside of them. They hold this sword for the main duelist so they could be given the power to Revolutionize the world. The power that could make another powerful with having what they desire. It had many duelists try to claim the rose bride but through the challenge of duels till one remained and become champion. The duelist champion and the rose bride compete in these duels to stop any evil force from taking over the world or worse; destroying it.

So far, this timeline has caused these two to go through so many things during their adventure. Many things has happened but others could never explain it:

One having the heart to help their friends from anything happening to them but also seeing another they never seen before. However, it caused these two to meet up. This then leads to a argument, a fight that was the very first duel to help this mysterious friend.

Confusion between the two to become awkward later and then lead to a friendship. Though, this friendship then leads to something much more between them every second their together like a strong bond between their hears and souls.

Unknown adventures that lead to knowing more about each other but they never knew about. Even knowing their destiny was meeting each other by faith to fight onward by each others side.

Suffering the pain or lost of something or someone. Making them feel like the world is against them.

Anger and heartbreak from letting their friend down. However, they get back up to take them back. Showing they mean more to them then anything else at that moment.

Friendship that could start becoming something much more stronger. Forming the strong bound of love. These feelings are wavered most times but they never know it as if the Duelist was confused.

Trust between the Duelist and their Rose bride but another seems to always manipulate the bride to betrayal. Or leading to death. However, the Duelist saves the rose bride so they can live happily as one together.

These events were always said in history that no matter what happened, it always ended the same way. No matter if another tries to change it; history remains the same for any Duelist and Rose bride for that timeline. You could say it's how history always was when two lives changed forever. Though, this cycle ended when one Duelist breaks this cycle after setting their rose bride free, making it where it won't happen again for anyone.

Many new timelines weren't effected towards this break and this was many years ago. Now, it seems from the shattered pieces of this cycle. One is trying to bring it back just like years ago. Now, it seems history repeats itself once again when a new duelist and Rose bride has been chosen but this timeline is a little more.....different.

It was only 8:30am in the morning as 20 year old Sora Akiyama was heading off to school one cool Tuesday morning, listening to some music with headphones in her ears. She's been thinking of what this year of school had for her and others unlike the other years she's been through before. At first the beginning years were sorta hard because of things she's enjoyed and shown to others. After that, it's been hard which she didn't mind. Well, except for the uniforms they had to wear last year.

At least they didn't have to wear a uniform this year so it was anything you wanted, as long as it wasn't against school rules. Last year, other students hated wearing them but she was glad the students could vote that year on them and was able to ban in from the time being.

While heading down the short cut path leading to her school, others have passed her  to try hurry up to school. For Sora though, her mind was buzzing from the recent dream she had last night. In this dream, she finds herself standing in some wide green grass field with roses that swayed from the gentle wind. The sweet smell lingering on the breeze that blew against her body and through her hair.

The sky was clear with the sun out and some clouds too. She's wearing some type of boy uniform in the colors of dark blue and white. In one hand she wields some type of dueling sword with a handle made from a bronzes and metal that gleams in her hand with a beautiful freshly picked rose in the left breast pocket with her ring gleaming from the sun.

Sora never knew about this place or why she keeps having this dream in her mind but she wanted answers. But this isn't the first time the dream was odd. Every time she looks up, she always sees another person there. Another female that stood there looking out at the field wearing some Black, white, and grey dress that was sleeveless but long. Black high heel shoes with see through lace attached on the lower back part of the dress. Two gold balls with a furry tip on the shoulders area at the ends of the two gold balls. Two collar like wrist bands with see through silk on them but she was holding a rose in her hand and one in her hair.

She even had some tiara crown on her head with long flowing dark blue hair moving beside her. Sora didn't understand who she was but no matter what dream she gets, she seems this same girl in it. She tried to speak or call out to this girl but no sound escaped her lips. She never was able to talk in her dreams but only heard the wind.

However, this dream was different. In front of this girl was a ghost image of another female but a older woman who wore the same type of dress in different look and different colors holding a white rose in her hands. She didn't say a thing but looks down at the other girl that somehow understood her. Sora even tries to walk over to them that another ghost image of a female was in front of her.

She was wearing the same uniform with the same blade in her hand and having a ring on her finger with the crest of a rose. The same ring her mother gave her because it was a heirloom that's been passed down from her ancestors in her family. Somehow, she could understand her as well but when she tries to reach towards her, everything goes black with the two ghost figures disappearing so it's just her and the other girl. During this time, Sora was able to speak this time, calling out to her to see who she was.

The other girl heard the voice and slowly turns around to face her but before getting a full face view of this girl, Sora wakes up. These dreams still remained the same but in different locations where she was holding this blade and the other female not even seeing her till the end when waking up. The voice was the only thing she can get. Maybe she can get answers about these dreams by taking with her mother about it but she didn't know if her mother would think of her being weird or losing her mind.

They were just dreams, nothing else. Right? Shaking her head, Sora finally makes it to the gates of Horisho academy where other students walked through the gates or into the building. Some were standing outside talking with friends while she moves some of her own dark brown hair from her face to the back of her ear.

What did the dream mean and why was she having them? Were they trying to tell her something or was it because she eats something after bed? All this was really frustrating.

"I wish I knew why I'm having these weird dreams but why is it always with that girl? Who is she? And who was that ghost? Did she even know me and why was she wearing the same thing I had?" she mutters to herself while looking down at her ring. True, this ring was a pass down from her mother but she didn't understand why. Her mother only said little things about it as if she thought Sora wasn't ready.

Of course she was! She's 20 years old and has the right to ask questions but her mother always said not now. While being lost in her thoughts, she didn't notice her best friend just walking up to the school and sees Sora standing near the school gates. She had light green hair with green eyes but looks to see Sora with a big happy smile.

"Morning Sora, how are you this morning?" she said with a happy expression on her face but got no response from her. The girl looks to see her friend spaced out in her own thoughts again or just like every morning over the summer.

"Uhhh, Sora? Did you hear me? Hello?? Sora??" The girl kept trying to get her attention and still no luck. Just how hard was it to get Sora's attention when it came to her thoughts buzzing all around her head? It made the girl pout a little and decided to fix it. She gets in front of Sora and held up both hands in front of her face, pulling them apart. Waiting a sec, she claps her hands together as hard as she could right in front of Sora's face to see her jump startled by the sound.


"Sora! Hey, wake up silly head. Were going to be late if you don't hurry up."She snaps out of it from hearing the other voice that did a friendly bump into her with a hug following after. Sora looks to see her best friend, 19 year old Ai Himura giggling to the hug. Seems she snapped her out of the slight trance just like over the summer when she was distracted by something.

"Oh, hey Ai. Seems your in a good mood this morning as usual. Were you saying something or no?" she laughed to pet her head, hearing Ai snicker a little then lets go. She always was the one girl in school ready to give a cheer to anyone she finds.

"No, not really but you know me. I always try to have a good time in the morning till the last afternoon. Especially, trying to snap you out of your deep thoughts. Anyway, what's going on with you? You were really spacing out this time. Not enough sleep or is it something else?"

Wait, was she really that zoned out? Man, that felt a little odd for her. Well, she did seem to do this whenever she's really in thought about something or if she's in her thinking mood.

"Huh? Oh no no. I'm just thinking about something Ai, that's all. Besides, it's just something random I've been thinking about for a while now but nothing important." she said while rubbing the back of her head with a sheepish grin on her face.

Sora sees Ai pout with her arms crossed with green eyes glaring right into her light brown ones. She's been Sora's friend for many years now and knowing her, she's always saying that to not know the truth till later.

"Well, If you say so, Sora but I'm watching you. Anyway, lets hurry inside and get to class or else we might be late again." Sora felt her arm being tugged on by Ai  before letting out a slight laugh.

"Alright, alright Ai. Lets head in and get to class but you do know we're a little early and class don't start till 9 right? Second, we won't be late.." she said as they walk inside.

"I know but I wanted to see around the school since this is our third day of the new school year. Who knows what cool adventures we will have this time. Maybe it's something so big, it'll blow our minds! Just think about it!"

"If you say so, Ai. At least we don't have to wear the school uniforms this time right? I mean, sure the teachers wish to have a organized school but not many would agree with it. During other things or in that small fighting class yeah but I don't know." Sora said walking down the hallway but sees Ai yawn a little bit.

"Hey, maybe the teachers have some new idea from what the students feel. Besides, where's your adventure spirit Sora?" she teased but Sora looks at her friend to shake her head.

"Same with you being silly? I'm sure this year will be something everyone will remember. One where our lives change forever." she said stopping at a edge of the hallway to look outside to see the back locations of this school. Of course she still saw the gym building, the track, other buildings for outside classes, and even the larger garden house that seems to have got a upgrade to be even better.

Ai wasn't paying attention since she was looking out seeing other students walking about the grounds. Just like last year when they first started their year here in school together. The times back then were ones she never forgets but still exciting none the less. Yeah, the good old days. Sora leans on the edge with elbows resting on the surface to look out, her light grown eyes spots some one she noticed.

A girl with some books in her arms being surrounded by a group of girls that seem to be speaking among themselves while smiling all mean like. She knew them from last year before having the feeling they found another poor target to bully this year.

"Ugh, it's only the third week of the school year and something's already starting. Hey, Ai? I'm going to meet you later on okay? I need to do something really quick." she said but Ai looks at her confused.

"Aww, do you have to? Hmm fine. I guess I'll see you later at lunch or something okay? See ya best friend!"After giving another hug, Ai leaves Sora alone while she heads down the stairs to the three girls and the other girl.

~Downstairs near Library~

The Blue haired girl was looking down not making eye contact as she tries to get away from the other three to head outside but they wouldn't let her. Here she was minding her own business wanting to see the rose garden house before they showed up to bully her. The leader, that was holding a bottle of water, shoves the girl back against the wall to look at her with a smirk on her face. Her two friends were backing her up just in case this girl left.

"I told you not to go anywhere didn't I, blue girl? Or should I call you blue bell?" the leader said but her friends snicker slightly.


"Come on boss, I bet she's really one of them. One of the freaks that gets into this school because of her parents being jinxed. Is that it, freak? You got in school by jinxing them?"


"No, I bet she was desperate and they just let her in for no reason. Right? You got in here by faking something?" A second girl teased but the blue haired girl tried getting away from them again but the leader shoves her down into the floor and opens the bottle to laugh. "You know, I bet it's because she's a witch. Come on, lil witch. Confess and tell us the truth or else. However, I wonder if you will melt if I pour this on you?" she said looking at her.

"......." She didn't say a thing to them but just wished to move on with her business but the leader sighs and pours water on the girl that got on her face and clothes. The three started laughing a bit to see her looking down, feeling no words to express herself from this but she wanted to almost hurt them because of it. Why did people have to be such bullies in this world? Why couldn't she be left alone? No matter where she would be, she wouldn't see no rays of color but dullness and grey.

"Come on, lets shove her in some mud and see if she'll shock us with her magic powers..." the leader said laughing as they went over to the blue haired girl, ready to grab her.

"HEY!" the girls heard a voice call out of no where and looks up to see Sora that went over and stood in between them and the girl with a serious look on her face. Her arms crossed over her chest to see them stop. "Oh great, it's you again...What do you want? Can't you see were busy here?"

"What I want is for you three to back off and leave her alone. She's done nothing to you three bullies." she said but they look at Sora annoyed then looks at her.

"What? We were just having a little chat. Nothing else, tomboy so why don't you mind your business." the second girl said but Sora knew them since they used to bully her for how she always acted more like a tomboy instead of a girl. She never had a problem with who she was and if others didn't, that's on them.

"When it comes to you all hurting someone else, I make it my business. Now unless I have to do something harsh then leave..." she warns before the three see a teacher near by. "Ugh fine. She was boring anyway. Come on ladies." The leader turns and decided to leave them alone.

Sora sighed seeing them leave before looking back to the blue haired girl but she didn't say anything yet. The girl on the floor looks down till Sora bends down to hold a hand out to her. "Bullies, when will they learn?" she mutters to herself slightly mad but kept her composure.

Bullies to her were cowards to get at others for no reason. It was just plain stupid and wasn't needed at the moment. Either way, she stopped them before it got worse so that's good. Sora lets out a sigh then turns around to see the girl that still remained sitting on the floor.

"Hey, are you alright? They didn't hurt you or anything did they?"

"........." The girl didn't say a thing but slowly lifts her head up to look at Sora that had a hand held out towards her. She didn't understand why this girl helped her but she couldn't help but look deeply into Sora's light brown eyes. While for her, she looks back into her dark indigo eyes so they somehow had a awkward moment.

This girl, she looked just like the girl in her dreams but it couldn't be her. Could it? Sora couldn't even read her face to tell if this girl was happy she helped her or not. It was a mystery but at least she was able to help her regardless.



The blue haired girl didn't do anything for a few minutes before raising one of her hands to take Sora's hand but when their fingers brush against one another, a sudden shock startles them both. Sora moved her hand back while the girl did the same. She then stood up quickly to hold her book against her chest but Sora wonders if she was okay.

Before speaking, the girl looks down again to tighten her grip around the book. "Thank you..." She said rather quick then turns away, running down the hallway to another area.

"Hey wait!" Sora calls out to her but she was already gone to wherever she was going. As she stood there looking a little quiet, Sora looks down at her hand that got shocked from the slight contact.

"Just what the heck happened?" she mutters to herself before hearing the school bell ring and quickly hurries off to her first class for the morning. What just happened and who was that girl?

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New Revolution: The dreams of the Duelist and Rose bride Empty Re: New Revolution: The dreams of the Duelist and Rose bride

Post by Anthy Himemiya on Thu Mar 09, 2017 5:33 pm

~After 12:56pm in the afternoon, in class~

Classes still were just like last year which didn't bother Sora as much. It wasn't very exciting because they were just like before. Sora looks to the front to see the teacher writing some things down on the chalkboard. She then noticed a few students either asleep with a drop of drool running down their chins. Others doodling in their notebooks with small pics or notes to pass among each other. Even some playing around on their phones till the end of class, thinking this was all a waste of their time.

The more focused ones took in ever word their teacher, Mrs. Miyu wrote and said. It's like they loved this sort of work and hopes it's on a test later this month. Honestly, Sora already knew this from last year but others and thought they would change things up this year. Guess not.

Even as class kept going like normal, that's not what had Sora's attention. Her mind was lost to something else. To the blue haired girl she helped from the bullies one hour ago. Even if she didn't know this girl and just met her, her mind was lost in a sea of questions.

Was she okay?

Did she get hurt?

Or was it something else?

'I really hope that girl is okay. I never got a chance to hear her answer if she was or not and yet, here I was worrying about her. Me, worrying over a girl I just met. Maybe if I get a chance to find her, I can ask later on.' She thinks about this for a while but she didn't know if that girl even wanted to speak with her or not.

Her eyes looked down at the desk to release a sigh. Maybe this girl wanted to be left alone? Maybe she needed some help? Maybe she-

"Miss Akiyama, is something wrong? Your not paying attention and you seem to be dozing off. Is my class boring for you? Or is something bothering you?" This snaps Sora from her bubble of thought and looks in front quickly. She saw everyone, even Mrs. Miyu, that looks right at her with her arms crossed and tapping her foot.

"Huh? Oh, no Mrs. Miyu! I was just.....lost in thought. Nothing else."

"Are you sure? Because if you need to go see the nurse, you can go right ahead and meet with the nurse. Or if your not and is feeling alright, then please pay attention. This is very important and is needed for later lessons." she said looking at her but Sora looks down but nods her head yes.

"Good. Now, back to what I was saying..." Before she continued on with the lesson, she sees the time as the time was 1:00pm with the bell ringing for lunch.

"Alright class, be sure to get your homework from the desk and return this to me by tomorrow. I expect all of you to show you have paid attention." She said as everyone gets a sheet from the desk and goes ahead with leaving so they can either get some lunch or get ready to head home since some only had that for class or others had more.

Sora gets her sheet for the homework assignment but she might as well do it during lunch. She leaves the room and into the hallway as other students were standing out here to talk or was leaving. This was her second class and already she was distracted because of that blue haired girl. Maybe she already left school grounds or maybe she was trying to get through her day and head home.

She didn't see Ai anywhere but she might had gone to lunch already. Ai always had a big appetite. Or she might be still in class right now with a hungry stomach distracting her.

"Might as well head on to do something for my little break.." she said then heads off to her next destination down the hallway. Her light brown eyes kept looking ahead after placing the sheet in her bag but just as she makes a turn, Sora stops.

Down below on the first floor was the blue haired girl again but it seems she was heading to the big garden house. Maybe this was her chance to find out if that girl was okay from before. Without wasting any time, Sora heads downstairs to the outside. She passes a couple students to look around and spots the girl once more as she just walks inside.

Sora follows her and makes it to the glass house to see the roses that was growing here. No matter where she looked, roses was always seen in every direction to her own light brown eyes. it was nice seeing so many roses blooming with life. Their beauty still looked lovely and the smell was relaxing for anyone that came inside.

She takes a step inside the green glass house and looks around but didn't see the girl. Did she come in here or was she messing with her mind like some game? Just when she reaches up to scratch the back of her head, Sora turns to the left seeing the roses up close.  It seems someone just watered them a while ago with a window open as sunshine beams down. She keeps looking at them with a silent expression till her eyes came upon one rose that seems to have it's petals blooming a lot more than the rest.

Was it weird to say this rose seems to almost call her? Asking her to pick it? Sora thought it was weird to think a flower could speak to her but the weirdest thing about this rose was something or someone was almost calling to her.

"Strange...." she mutters this but her fingers reach over to the rose carefully to feel the petals.

They were so smooth and soft, a few water droplets getting on her fingers to just look at it. She thought it was strange that this one rose was getting her attention but before doing something else...

"Lovely, aren't they? Usually the students don't really worry about the roses here anymore. Seem everyone has moved on.."

Sora stood up startled by the voice, quickly turns around as she saw the same blue haired girl there holding a watering can. She looks right at Sora not saying anything else but started walking over to the roses passing her. Before she was going to ask, her words stopped and changed to something else.

"Where did you-Wait. The roses?"

"Yes, the roses, Miss. Aren't they lovely? They seem to have gotten more beautiful from last year. Now, they bloomed as I hoped they would. At first I was worried they would die since others abandoned this place but I'm so happy I was wrong..."Sora sees her bend down near the roses to tend the ones that didn't get any water yet.

She didn't know what to say as she sees her watering them but the girl looks down at one rose to finish watering them and stands up to get the rest.

" don't talk much do you, Miss? Did you need something from me?"

Even the way she spoke sounded a little odd but Sora wouldn't judge someone like that. Trying not to make this talk awkward or weird, she looks at the girl and cleared her throat.

"Actually, yes. I don't know if you remember me from a while back but I just wanted to check on you and see if your okay? I know it's not my business to ask but....."

"No, I understand Miss. Yes, I'm alright. I was busy drying my clothes from the water that got poured on me. I wasn't physically harmed by them as much, just soaked but I do thank you for your concern Miss???"

"Sora. Sora Akiyama but you can just call me Sora. What is your name?" she waited for the girl to speak but looks to see her move the watering can away from the roses hanging on the wall from the veins that also grew.

"My name is Kikiyo Miya, Miss Sora but it's nice to meet you."

Sora looks at her but shows a friendly smile. "Nice name and it's nice to meet you as well, Kikiyo. Wait, when you said you tended to the roses here, do you mean it's just you? No one else takes care of them after you?" she asked to see Kikiyo nod yes.

"No, it's just me. I've always take care of the roses here in this school because It's a nice hobby. It's something I enjoy during my school days. Sure I do things that are important first but I'm okay with it. Roses are something delicate that's full of life to me, every time I show love and care to them."

She touches one of the roses to smell them slowly, shutting her eyes from the smell so sweet. "I always think roses deserve to live like others do. No matter how cruel this world is, they have the same meaning to life as we do."

"Oh...I see."

"However, I don't worry about it. Either way, I'm happy to take care of the roses that are grown here with my care. No matter what happens, I make sure all the roses here are given the same care and love." Kikiyo sure loved this place and was very attached to it. But that's what she likes and again, Sora wouldn't judge her.

"Well, I think your doing a good job taking care of the Roses, Kikiyo. I never knew someone would show much care for these roses." she said to stand beside Kikiyo but she looks at the white roses to carefully set the watering can down.

"So it seems you have the same compassion for roses too? That's nice to hear. I always thought people hated the flowers here but its nice to know someone else besides me likes them." she said looking at Sora with gentle dark indigo eyes to make Sora look back with her light brown eyes. They didn't say a thing for a second since this was rather nice.

After a while, other things started pop up into her head as if their telling Sora to ask Kikiyo something. No, that would make it seem weird and Sora didn't want to freak her out but she might try a different way. "Hey Kikiyo?"

"Yes? Is something wrong, Miss Sora?" she looked at her but Sora didn't know how to explain it since it could be her thinking crazy. She didn't know what it was but somehow, this girl was just like the one in her weird dreams. Was that the reason the spark happened between them? Was it because of that dream? She saw Kikiyo looking at her again that made her look away with one hand rubbing the back of her head a little.

Sora relaxed to collect her thoughts, ready to tell her till both heard the door get open and shows someone standing there. They saw a teacher with a girl beside them but she was looking right at Kikiyo with a cold hard glare. However, she did see Sora standing beside her but ignores her.

She walks inside the green glass house to push Sora out the way rather harshly and looked at Kikiyo, seeing her not even staring her into this girls eyes.

"There you are! I've been looking all over for you, Kikiyo. The higher head president is waiting for us and your wasting your time here! Didn't we warn you what might happen if you came here again? Or if I caught you here?" Man, she sure sounded bossy and rude too but Kikiyo still didn't look scared but her dark indigo eyes looked down.

"I apologize for being late, Sarah. I was just-"

"Tending to these useless stupid roses again. Didn't he tell you not to come here anymore unless you asked!? Every time you come here, you seem to forget meeting with us and tend to these roses and flowers. You were to stay in the school so we can keep a eye on you and your here again. Well no more, Kikiyo so lets go. He and the others are already mad your so late!" She grabs Kikiyo's arm rather harshly to tug her towards the door.

"Hey, ease up on her okay? I'm sure this president or whoever will understand she-"

"Listen you, this is none of your business but her own. Everyone is waiting for her and she knows it. Now, lets go!" she pushes Kikiyo forward but Sora couldn't let this girl named Sarah do this. She follows after them and stops them.

"I'm sorry Miss Sarah. The roses need to be taken care of and I don't want them to-" Sarah heard enough before hitting Kikiyo across the face to see her fall and that caused Sora to get defensive. She rushes over towards Sarah and grabs her wrist to stop her from hitting Kikiyo again.

"Whoa, Whoa, Whoa! What are you doing!? Their is no need to hit her like that! Kikiyo was just tending to the roses here just she always have. Why don't you take a chill pill and ease up?"

"Why don't you mind your own business?! This is between me and her!"Sarah was about to hit Sora this but she stops to get out of her grip. She then looks over at Kikiyo that was holding her cheek but Sarah tries to walk over to grab Kikiyo's arm again but Sora stops her from doing so.

"Not till you answer me: Why did you hit Kikiyo? She did nothing to you and yet you hit her! What's your problem!?"

"Are you questioning me? I'll have you know I'm part of the student council and you have no right to speak to me like this. Your just a lower class student who's not knowing the rules around here.."

"I don't care if I am to you or anyone. I won't let you hit her like some rag doll. Now, leave her alone or else you'll regret it."

"Is that a challenge? Kikiyo knows she's not allowed to be away from the rest of us for her protection. Same with coming here with out permission but it seems she's always getting in trouble. Useless. Get up and lets go Kikiyo we wasted enough time here." Sarah looks to see Kikiyo stand up from the ground and went over towards Sarah.

When she gets near Sarah, she grabs her arm once more and shoves her forward before stopping and looks at Sora.

"You wanna prove to me your not a lower weak student? Meet me at the main garden's in the back of the school. 6:30 after school. We will have a duel to see just how serious you are. Unless your scared?"

Sora hated when someone tells her that. She was never scared of anything and not from a challenge. Looking ahead to Kikiyo that didn't look at her, she looks towards Sarah that awaited her answer. "Fine. I'll see you there."

"Good. See you till then and don't be late." With the meeting arranged, Sarah leaves with Kikiyo but she looks back to Sora while they leave. However, Sora seems to have got a battle ahead of her but if it's to help Kikiyo then so be it.

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New Revolution: The dreams of the Duelist and Rose bride Empty Re: New Revolution: The dreams of the Duelist and Rose bride

Post by Anthy Himemiya on Sat Mar 11, 2017 8:25 pm

~Later after school at 6:30pm/Inside the Main gardens~

Sora never thought school would pass so quickly but she only had a couple classes here at Horisho Academy. Others got more classes than her but it was okay. She was told on her first day of school here that her mother used to attend here as well where she had many memories. It's the same place where she met her true love or her father that was busy with a few things out of town.

However, this story is for another time. She arrived at her destination but Sora never expected to see something like this. At first she thought it was a small area for a garden like the glass house but she was wrong. The whole garden was huge with large trees and buildings but the main thing that caught her eye? The large fields of white and red roses.

"This was behind the school? Wow.." she did admit it was beautiful and seems more peaceful for anyone to be here. Not many students were allowed to come here but unless they had a special key of some kind then they can. She hopes she won't get in trouble with her being in here. A breeze was felt going upward to some large main gates. She didn't know if she was to meet Sarah up there or around here? She never said where but Sora takes a guess and heads up the stairs.

She heads up the stairs feeling the breeze blowing against her but that didn't slow her down nor stopped her as she made her way up. The more she heads up, the bigger view she saw of the garden. Even the buildings that was further back. Just what the heck was going on and how could the school hide something like this from the students? She shook her head still heading up before making it to the top.

Sora was able to see a wide arena with white roses swaying from the breeze before looking around as she takes a step forward. However, Sora's light brown eyes sees two people waiting for her. Of course being Sarah and next to her was Kikiyo that was looking down at the roses below. She didn't seem to say much but slowly looks up seeing Sora standing there.

"......." She didn't say a thing when noticing Sora but Sarah ignores that and keeps looking at her. She took notice of her wearing a school uniform but they were the same ones from last year. Did the vote get rigged or was this part of the whole thing?

"Finally, you showed up and here I thought you backed down." she had a slight smug look on her face but she didn't say much right after because of it. Sora just looks at Sarah not liking that look on her face but said nothing else.

"Yes, I showed up just like you asked. Besides, I wouldn't back down if I have to prove something to you and help Kikiyo."

"Help? Heh, please. She's fine as you can see right here. Besides, she loves this so I don't know where you get that from. Don't you Kikiyo?" A glare was seen on her face at Kikiyo but she slowly nods at the words not showing her face to Sarah.


"See? She's happy with things and won't be needing your help in anything."

"Oh? So abusing her is showing how much she loves this? I don't think so. She's a girl but also a living person so I don't think the ways your showing how safe she is isn't how it's done." Sora said angry towards Sarah that started getting real annoyed with this and lets out a sigh. Seems their was no other way to get this through her head before looking back at her.

"Well, aren't you a stubborn one? No matter. Lets just move on with our little duel, Miss Akiyama. I'm sure after this, you'll know your place as it's stated for this school. Kikiyo; the roses. Now." She looks at her but Kikiyo looks at Sarah then looks quiet. Sora sees Kikiyo walk from her side to some white roses and picks two white roses.

"What is with the roses? Is it really necessary for this?"

"Of course it is. The roses are needed for our duel. We'll be fighting using a very old duel method that's been passed down for many years. Here are the rules: You have to fight with your sword and try to strike the others rose in their breast pocket. Who ever has their rose untouched wins the duel but if your rose is slashed, you lose. Did you understand that?" She explains but slowly sees Sora looking back at her.

"Yes? But how in the world can I even duel without a sword? Plus, is it even legal in school to-"She stopped speaking when Sora saw something fly beside her and land with a thud. Sora looks down to wince as she sees another sword but it looks weaker than Sarah's. Even if it looked weak it still can be used to fight. Same with a slight cut into her leg with blood dripping down her leg but she tried to cover it but looks ahead to Sarah.

"There. Since your a weaker duelist than me, you can use that to fight me. Either way, you will lose regardless."Kikiyo stood back up to walk over to Sarah as she places one of the roses in the left breast pocket of Sarah's uniform shirt. She then turns to walk over to Sora and puts the second rose in her breast pocket of her shirt.

They didn't say a thing for the time being but she wanted to help Kikiyo get away from Sarah. No one, not even her deserves this kind of abuse. She was about to speak to Kikiyo but Sarah noticed something. "What are you waiting for? Aren't you going to pick up your sword and face me?"

"So your serious about using real swords? Why not the wooden ones in another class?"

"A wooden sword? Oh no no no. Those swords are too weak and I prefer metal swords over wood ones.  If you don't wish to duel using that one then you forfeit this match towards me." The way she talked started to get on Sora's nerves that her hand closed in tight fists from the slight anger she felt because of it. Kikiyo noticed that as well but didn't say a thing looking down to a small mysterious smile.


"Such a shame and here I thought you were going to prove something to me but it seems not. You just wasted my time with this so we might as well leave." She said looking at Sora.

Their was silence between them till she looks ahead from Kikiyo to step aside and walks forward with her eyes shadowed with some of the bangs of her hair. "Fine..." She grabs the hilt of the sword and held it ready to fight but Sarah giggles to shake her head.

Hearing those words made Kikiyo's smile disappear and turns to look at her. "Huh? Wait a minute..."

"Oh, did I forget to say one other thing? You also can't duel unless you have a ring of some kind to fight. I guess you don't have that either-"

"I have a ring too but are you stalling time for yourself? Or are you scared of losing this so called duel yourself?" she said showing the ring on her finger but as Sarah sees it, her eyes widen in shock to then show rage.

Kikiyo sees her angry expression but Sora took notice as well to get in a fighting stance. However, her own eyes widen seeing the ring on Sora's finger but didn't know if it was the same kind like the others. "There, I have a sword and a ring to prove it so that should work or do you have any other complaints to tell me?" she said ready to go but Sarah's eyes darkened as she relaxed and slowly licked her lips.

"Then let the duel begin...I'll show you to shut that mouth of yours..." As the words escape her lips, the loud sound of bells showed the start of this duel. Kikiyo quickly goes over to Sarah while looking towards her.

"Miss Sarah, wait. I don't think she-"

She suddenly got hit by Sarah hard using the handle of her sword to the side to show some angry expression on her face. She never liked Kikiyo speaking over her or speaking on her free will. It even made her more angry when she was trying to stop something and not do her role. "I told you NOT to speak unless you are required to speak!"


"Learn your place you foolish girl or have you forgotten your place? I don't know why the main head council president sees you as important but I see you as someone that's useless and in the way. Now, stay there and shut your mouth till your needed." she hissed as Kikiyo held her face from where she hit her. Her face was hidden by her dark blue hair but didn't say a thing from the stinging pain.

".............." She wanted to help Kikiyo but noticed Sarah dashing towards her with sword running against the roses as their petals scatter into the air. She quickly took a defensive move and blocks the oncoming attack to a struggle.

"Why must you hit her like that!? She's not some rag doll remember!? Why are you treating her like she's nothing but trash!" Sora said mad while Sarah looks at her but she laughs thinking Sora was dumb to not know the problem. Sparks was slightly flying from the two swords but Kikiyo didn't even look up hearing them talk.  

"Because she is. Kikiyo is nothing but some second place holder to us to do whatever the other tells her to. Others that wish to claim her are to duel to own her. Kikiyo knows that and is already assigned to me to do what I tell her to. That's her main order, her main rule, her own life to become nothing more."

"You mean to tell me that you and others trade her off like some item? Trading her off to one after the other like some sick weird game? When you wear those rings on your finger, it shows that you pass her around like a doll to whoever wins these things?!"

"Of course and she knows that. Kikiyo knows these things and yet she tries not to understand it. Either way, she knows her place!"

Both still struggle till they push back and started swinging to either block and swing back. They still kept clashing with their swords with grunts of effort that they both clash struggle with anger seen in their eyes. She didn't understand why others liked picking on someone like this but now she was thinking of why.

"So what? You and others treat her like some doormat now to force her into things against her will? Walking all over her as if she's not a living being but a item? That's low..Even for you."

"Why do you care? She's always know how to behave like a good dog and will remain doing that. She has no feelings for anything but to obey the rules we give her!"She blocks a swing from Sarah's blade as the duel commenced. She could see that she was serious but was blocking and dodging Sarah's slices.

"Then you're all crazy!"


"Kikiyo's not some dog you all can control. She's not a doormat for you to walk on. She has a free will to live how she wishes and not have you ordering her around! I'll help her by getting her away from you!"

"Shut up....."

"No! I won't be silenced by the likes of you. I'll help Kikiyo no matter what it takes!"she said determined. "I said...SHUT UP!!!!"she yells to Sarah losing her own sanity.

"NEVER! I'LL NEVER BE SILENCED!! I will save her!"


"Save her? SAVE HER!? KIKIYO IS MINE AND I WON'T LET YOU TAKE HER AWAY FROM ME!" She brings the sword down with a swift slice that she cuts through Sora's sword, breaking it in two. Her light brown eyes looked in shock seeing that but dodges a swing from Sarah. She saw her moving out the way but suddenly kicks her down to the ground where she held the blade over Sora's rose and heart.

"Hehehehehehe, you're worthless and wasting your time. Kikiyo is mine and I will have no one take her away from me. Now, prepare to lose!" she brings her blade down ready to strike Sora's rose and heart. Was she planning on seriously killing her?!

"!!!" She was about to block or at least move away from Sarah's blade till something happened at the last second. They heard a sudden rush of footsteps through the roses to see Kikiyo. She rushes over to the two of them and jumps to dive. Sarah sees Kikiyo grab onto Sarah as they both roll away from Sarah in the roses as they fall to a lower section. "Kikiyo, what are you doing!!"

They wince slightly falling on the lower level with white roses but Sora felt Kikiyo sit up to look at her or lay over top of her. Sora didn't say a thing but she lightly shows a light flush of pink on her face.

"Are you okay...Miss Sora?"

"I....."She tries to speak her words towards Kikiyo but didn't notice their fingers and hands touch once more. At that moment the same sharp spark was felt between them came again but stronger as Kikiyo gasped with Sora hiss in some pain.

She then shuts her eyes tightly from a sudden pressure within her chest, quickly moving her hands against her chest to feel like she was hurt. "Kikiyo! What is it? What's wrong??"

"M-Miss Sora, my body......I feel..strange...." her voice wonders away as she was placed in a slight trance, leaning her body back slowly when a bright light escaped from her. Sora's eyes widen in shock seeing this but noticed something pop out in view near her. Was that a sword handle!? How in the world did that happen? She looks to Kikiyo once more but sees the ghost image of the other woman again that was floating above Kikiyo with hands held out and eyes shut.

She didn't know why but something about this, something about that ghost was telling her something. Without speaking, Sora goes over to hold Kikiyo's body up and takes hold of the hilt to the sword. She didn't feel a struggle from her and started pulling the sword out from her body. The light shines brighter now but the sword was then pulled out the way out while she sees a new sword resting in her hand.


Sarah noticed that before she glares towards Sora and grips her weapon. "N-No. No No no no NO! How is this possible! You shouldn't be able to do that!!!" she screams to rush towards her while being blind to rage but Sora noticed and swiftly strikes back.

The bells rang once more with someone's rose petals flying with the breeze. Sora and Sarah stood on opposite sides but she falls on her knees looking horrified. Sarah's rose was slashed.

She lost the duel.

"N-No....I..I lost......this can't be happening." she mutters quietly but Sora said nothing to look down as the wind blew around them. However, she looks down at her ring to notice something different about it. The ring changed with the crest of a rose. Just what the heck happened?

~Later that evening at 7:00pm~

Sora was walking home feeling sore from the so called duel but not many heard about it till later when seeing Sarah walking in shame for losing. However, a few was curious about how this was possible. She was still looking at her ring that didn't change back but the design remaining as it was. Today has been weird but she feels happy that Kikiyo is alright now and safe.

"This has been the most craziest day of my life. Man, if I told my mom about this, she'll will think I'm telling stories but I'm not after today. I just hope Kikiyo is alright now....where ever she is."

Though, she didn't know where she went right after the duel till she gets to the gates of the school. Just as she walks past, she stops to see Kikiyo standing there with her school bag to look up seeing her.


"Kikiyo? What are you doing out here alone?"

"I've been waiting for you, Miss Sora." She sees Sora's confused look on her face before seeing Kikiyo's dark indigo eyes looking into her own.

"Waiting for me?"

"Yes, miss Sora. Since you beat miss Sarah in the duel from before, I, being a rose bride, belong to you from this day forward." she said in a silent tone but she smiled towards her still.

Sora didn't say a thing but she seems more confused to what she just said. From here on out, Sora got a feeling things will somehow change forever after that.

~In a unknown location~

Someone in a hidden room was looking at this through a small Tv as it shows some static. The image of Sora and Kikiyo walking together still was seen before turning it off and looks at the large window behind them.

"It's true, then. Old history is really starting to repeat once more. Even after the cycle was broken by the duelist in another timeline.  This should be...interesting."

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New Revolution: The dreams of the Duelist and Rose bride Empty Re: New Revolution: The dreams of the Duelist and Rose bride

Post by Anthy Himemiya on Mon Mar 13, 2017 1:03 pm

~The next morning~

Sora was still asleep after the whole crazy nonsense from yesterday but thought it was just a dream. She actually thought she fought in some duel and won after helping the same blue haired girl named Kikiyo yesterday. Either way, she didn't know about it herself and just goes on to to leave it at that. In a couple minutes, she shifted in the blankets and woke up when feeling the sun shinning on her face.

A yawn escaped her lips to sit up, feeling the sheets falling off of her to her waist to rub her face a little. "*Yawns* geez, what a dream. I wonder if I'm still dreaming?" she looks around seeing the time was 8:12am right now and had a feeling some of the early birds were already in school for later on the early classes.

She didn't have class till later on but that's not till 10:50 today. Sora gets out of bed to stretch to hearing some cracks of her bones. When she did that, she turns to get herself dressed and ready for school. After a quick shower and brushing her teeth, Sora walks out all dressed with one hand flattening her hair down and heading back out to the small kitchen she got in the dorms near the school but it seems they had everything.

In the dorm room, she didn't noticed Kikiyo already brewing some tea for them this morning but the smell snaps Sora to focus a little more. "...Yeah, I'm still dreaming...."she mutters to herself but walks over to sit.

"Good morning, Miss Akiyama. I hope you had a good sleep last night. I already got some tea ready for us with a light breakfast in case your hungry."

"Kikiyo, please. Just call me Sora okay? You don't have to call me by my last name. Sora is good." she said to her but Kikiyo nods before going back to finishing up breakfast and turns the stove off. She sets down two plates of food for each other but Sora didn't say a thing while looking at the food.

"Ummm, you know Kikiyo? You didn't have to cook breakfast like some maid. I could have-"

"I didn't mind, Miss Sora but I do this all the time for miss Sarah and the others before you beat her and won me. As the side duties for a rose bride, I will do what is needed. I Just hope you like the tea and the food." she said looking at the food and started eating a little but Sora didn't touch her food. She still never explained anything about this rose bride nonsense.

Was this because of the duel yesterday? Either way, she'll need to get some answers. The breakfast was rather quiet but their was nothing to talk about except the questions she might get from Kikiyo right after their done. She wanted to wait to ask since the food Kikiyo cooked was rather good. Maybe she took a cooking class last year because if she did then this was a really good from what she learned. In a couple more minutes, Sora was done eating but looks at Kikiyo that still eats her own food.

"Hey Kikiyo? I don't wish to be rude or anything but would it be possible if you could answer some questions about some things? Just to see what is going on if you don't mind?" she asked but saw Kikiyo look up right into Sora's eyes. Something about her dark indigo eyes send a chill down her spine but she didn't show it.

"Yes, of course Miss Sora. I'll be sure to answer all your questions of what's on your mind to my best knowledge." So she would? Good. Maybe she can get some answers about what the heck was going on yesterday. Even more on what this whole Rose bride thing was. She decided to wait for Kikiyo to finish and tries a little of the tea that was in her cup.

It tasted really sweet but soothing going down her throat. She had no idea if she did this sort of thing for Sarah and others she used to 'belong' to. Ugh, that sounded wrong to say from her own mouth of another belonging to someone like property. She sighed to drink more of the tea and sees Kikiyo laying the fork down when she was done, gets up and cleans the plates.


"Alright, Miss Sora. I'm ready for any questions you wish to ask me." She sits back down at the table and looks at her cup to pick up and drinks from it.

"Okay. Can you explain what happened yesterday about this duel thing and Rose bride nonsense? What did that mean?" she asked.

"I was told from the high council that I am the Rose bride, the one that is to aid in the duels the others duelists have in order to claim me or be engaged to. Whoever wins that certain duel I'm engaged to them till one becomes the duelist champion. That also comes with other tasks I was given but I always got distracted by the roses in the green house on school grounds. However, it upset them to have someone keep an eye on me."she explained to Sora but she just nods to understand a little bit till she added another question.

"Wait, was that Sarah girl your friend or...sister?"

"No, she was just a ally to be friends but she hated the point of her keeping an eye on me. I was to be in another area for something important but I wandered off to look around the academy since I don't go out unless it's for class. This caused Sarah to get upset and look for me to find you and I in the green house. That lead to the duel between you both. Because you dueled against miss Sarah who was the current champion and beat her, I'm no longer engaged to her but now engaged to you."

"Wait..does that mean???"

"Yes. You are now the current champion of the academy's starting tournament and have me as your Rose bride. For we are now engaged."he said but saw Sora's shocked eyes.

"Wait, engaged!? you and I are-whoa, whoa, whoa back up! How in the world are we engaged? I mean, I won't lie or anything your pretty but how?"

"When you beat Miss Sarah in the duel. That made me become engaged to you. As to your question I'm not sure of. Usually, duelist needs to have a certain ring to show their status as a duelist and I didn't know how you were able to get one." she asked seeing the ring on Sora's finger but she keeps silent to see her messing with it.

"Wait, so you mean to tell me because of my ring I'm a duelist too? But I don't even know much about dueling. This ring was a pass down from my mother to me. She said it's been in the family for years and it was something that was known for. I had no idea it would become something showing my status." she mutters.

"You say that but you almost knew just what to do. The ring even changed. From what I remember, it's always the challenger duelist that makes the challenge to another duelist. But the current champion offered the duel to the challenger. That's never happened before in history. I remember that ring used to be just a white band but now, it has a rose crest upon it. Even if you say you don't duel with a sword, it seems you knew already."

"How is this even possible? It's just a ring and now it's different. Just because of some duel I did to help you out?" she asked to see Kikiyo nod her head yes but Sora sighed. Great. Now she was some duelist and another question pops up.

"Does this mean others will be after me in order to 'claim' you?" I serious didn't like saying that.

"Yes. The other duelists in this tournament will duel you or with some certain challenges in order to claim me as their rose bride. However, the winner will be able to claim the power of Dios to the revolution of the world."

Wait, what did she mean by that? "Revolution of the world? Dios? What the heck?"

"Yes, the Power to revolutionize the world. To where you can have anything you wish and have me, the rose bride, do what the championship wishes because It's my duty."


She saw the silent expression but Kikiyo looks to smile a little with her dark indigo eyes looking at Sora. "Don't worry, Miss Sora. This has happened before from what I'm told last year."

She didn't say anything else to drink some of her tea but Sora covers her face. How? How in the world was this even possible? First it was the dreams she had for a while now, crazy things happening, and now she finds out she's some duelist with Kikiyo as her engaged rose bride?!

What sort of mess did Sora get herself into?

"Okay Okay okay. I think I get it but it's a lot to take in. Even for me. So, from here out things are going to change because of this?"


"Is their a limit towards how many times I have to duel?"

"No. You just have to win the duels and the challenges so you may then challenge the one that started it all. However, that's into to much detail right now."

"Alright, I get it. That's still a lot to take in but I guess I'll learn a little more as the days go on. Just how many duelist are their anyway?" she asked.

"A total of six, Miss Sora but you will know about them soon or when another duel will begin. For now, you will know in time." she sees Sora sigh then look down into her empty tea cup till she stood up and looks at the time.

"I believe we have classes today, Miss Sora. Should we start heading out? We don't wish to be late."

"School? Right, lets go." she stood up, gets her shoes to put on and goes ahead to the door. She gets the school bag and opens the door and heads out. Kikiyo follows after her as they both walk to school. However, it did left her questions to see if the other students knew about that whole duel thing but she wasn't sure. Either way, it might be a talk of the school right at the moment.

This will be something else but it's weird to be engaged to Kikiyo like this. Maybe she will figure something else later on during the time. They walked together in silence since Sora looks seeing other students walking to the school but she didn't mind. All this new info was still a lot to take in and wonders how in the world she can even do this. Being a new Duelist in this so called tournament made her feel like things are not gonna be easy but knowing Sora, she's ready for any challenge that comes her way.

Then one last thought came towards Sora.

"Hey Kikiyo two last things."


"Am I allowed to tell anyone about these duels?"

"I don't think your allowed to say anything but others will figure it out sooner or later but it's to be kept secret."

"Okay. Second thing. Does this mean you have my same classes schedule?"

"....." She didn't seem to answer the question before looking to her.

"No. Did you wish for me to?"

"No, you're fine."

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New Revolution: The dreams of the Duelist and Rose bride Empty Re: New Revolution: The dreams of the Duelist and Rose bride

Post by Anthy Himemiya on Mon Mar 13, 2017 7:39 pm

Classes started off as normal but she wonders if all the things Kikiyo said was correct. Having her being some rose bride that was engaged to her and these duel she had to fight. Honestly, this was still a shock for her to know about while hearing her math teacher teaching the class. She looks up seeing the new lesson for today written down on the chalk board but others were writing and following behind with it.

Sora lets out a sigh to seeing this and this was just her second class. It wasn't even lunch time yet. Maybe this day would move along for the time being and check up with Kikiyo in hope she was okay where ever she was. Maybe she was busy with her own classes or did she even have classes? She just shrugs her shoulders and moves on with writing some things down on the paper till the bell rang.

She stood up and walks out of the classroom to see many others standing in the hallway like usual and others heading off to lunch. Sora walks forward in hopes to see if she can find where Kikiyo was. Just when she turns a corner, she gets jumped by Ai that hopes onto her back that she yelps in shock.

"Whoa! The heck-"

"HI SORA! Did you miss me?! I sure missed you! Where have you been?" she kept holding onto her with slight giggles and laughs as Sora kept trying to keep a good hold on her till she gets a balance to look up behind her.

"Geez Ai, your getting more dangerous every time I see you." she joked with a laugh behind it.

"For you I won't mind because your my beloved prince. I'll do anything you for!" she said but Sora sighed to shake her head and smile. Knowing Ai being so sweet and more active, she just felt happy to see her. Even for her to clear her head from the overload of info she got from Kikiyo this morning.

"Yes, I noticed that Ai."

"Good. Now, care to explain what you been doing without me? Anything fun and exciting?" she asked holding onto Sora before they walked to the wall to see the outside of the school once more and Ai slips down to her own feet.

"Trust me, Ai. I wish I can tell you but I can't even explain it. Either way, it's been something rather new. Knowing a few things and even meeting my new friend Kikiyo from yesterday. I don't know if her classes are over or not? Heck, I don't know if she has any classes." she mutters this to herself but Ai scratches her cheek and wonders who this person was.

"So Kikiyo's her name? Sounds pretty."

"Yeah....But seriously, I don't know anything much about her but a few things Ai. That or theirs more I will find out on my own."

"Hey, don't over worry about it Sora. I'm sure Kikiyo is doing okay and who knows? She might tell you more about her later on so just be patient." Yeah, Ai's right. If she was ready to talk with her, Kikiyo will go to her and tell her or did she have to ask? She'll find out later or one day.

"If you say so Ai."

"Now, lets move on to another subject okay, Sora? Like....oh yeah! Did you hear the news from yesterday?"

"News? What news?"

"Well, Duh! About you beating that bossy pushy girl Sarah. Everyone's talking about it and wonders if she's losing her touch from the loss. And even to someone that's in a lower class than her. I mean, can you believe it!?!" she said in shock but Sora sighed from hearing about that bully again.

"Everyone heard about this? How in the world did this spread out and about?" she asked but Ai shrugs her shoulders to hug Sora's arm.

"But it's something to know you actually beat someone in a upper class, Sora! You are really showing yourself more and more as a prince! Just like in the stories!"

In the stories? Did Ai mean like in the fairy tail books she got her mother to read to her? Huh, that's a little straight forward for an answer but oh well. Well, at least others know about Sarah being shown that others who stand up for themselves and helping another can go a long way.

"How are you even sure I'm anything like that in the old stories, Ai? That won't make sense."

"Of course you are silly! I've seen how these stories start and the whole other part just gets better and better. I'm telling you; your just like a prince. A real prince." she said hugging Sora again but she wasn't sure about it. One thing, she's a female but with a tomboyish personality and her parents agree and is happy for her. However, she must be a prince or savior to everyone and even more to Kikiyo.

She started dosing off to her own thoughts again that made Ai sigh. Not again. "Sora?? Hello, are you even listening to me?" she asked but pokes Sora's nose to snap her out of it.

"Sorry.." she mutters to get a giggle from Ai again as they look ahead to the outside of the hallway.

After a while, Sora just looks down at the area of the school to see the beautiful views of the place. Still stunning and beautiful as always. When her light brown eyes looks down at the glasshouse building, she noticed two people as it showed it being Kikiyo tending to the roses as normal but she got stopped by someone which seems to be Sarah.

Now what could she want with Kikiyo this time? Didn't the lost tell her to leave her alone? Ai noticed Sora's gaze looking towards the green house building and wonders if that was someone she knew.

"Sora? Is that other girl your friend?"

"Yeah...I wonder why Sarah's talking to her?"

"I don't know myself. Maybe she wants to say sorry or be friends? It's possible."Ai said looking but Sora raised one eye brow to wonder this herself. She watches Sarah speaking to her about something but seems desperate about it, almost like she was pleading for her to be friends and allies again.

Knowing she could be strong again with Kikiyo's power and her rank of being the champion once more before Sora humiliated her yesterday and lost. Kikiyo didn't show any signs of feeling sorry for her and politely said something back to her and tries walking by her.

Ai and Sora noticed Sarah's expression changing to a angry one before she grabs Kikiyo's back shirt and rams her against a tree, grabbing both her arms to push them against her back. Seeing that made Sora look shocked and become very angry while Ai gasped in worry.

"What is she doing!? She's gonna hurt Kikiyo!"Without wasting any more time, Sora runs down the hallway to try and help Kikiyo.

"Sora, wait for me!!!"Ai follows behind her.

~At the glass house garden~

Sarah was pushing Kikiyo roughly against the tree, gripping her dark blue hair with anger in her eyes. She was not going to refuse her no to not joining by her side again. She ignores Kikiyo's expression of pain from the tight grip but pressed her more against it.

"Stop playing games with me, Kikiyo. I need you to come back to my side so I can regain what I lost because of that lower student. Now, I order you to return to my side or else I'll make sure you get punished for it."

"M-Miss Fukui don't understand. You l-lost the duel so you-"

"I know and I won't accept it. I don't care if that freak of a tomboy won you from the duel. You belong to me regardless so this way, I'll be the best in this academy. I'll show them, I'll show everyone that stands in my way but I need you to do it. Now, you be like a good dog and obey me!"

Kikiyo shook her head from the pain that made Sarah upset, pulling her away from the tree and punches her in the side of her face, down onto the ground. A yelp escaped Kikiyo's lips from the hit to sit up holding her sore cheek. She hears Sarah walks towards her and sees her foot kicking Kikiyo down into the ground and started  feeling Sarah's foot on her back.

Sarah glares towards her and started pressing her foot down onto her back and in the dirt. It was almost like she wanted to break her, she wanted to seriously hurt her. All because she wouldn't be beside her as the one thing that showed how demanding she was. Wanting the one thing she craved. She just keeps her down while ignoring Kikiyo's slight whimpers but saw some dust from the ground getting into her dark blue eye.

Just at that moment, Sora and Ai shows up and seeing this caused Sora to get even more angry with Sarah to see her still showing such disgusting behavior towards Kikiyo. She even ignored the pain she was giving Kikiyo to smile at it. That did it for Sora.

She rushes over and rams into Sarah to get her away from Kikiyo. She hits the ground hard but sits up quickly to see Sora that was helping Kikiyo.

"Kikiyo, are you alright?" she asked but Kikiyo slowly nods to wince from the rough handling from Sarah. She saw her clothes dirty thanks to being forced to the ground but Sora brushes them off of her clothes. After that, she looks up angry to Sarah that stood up and glared back.

"So, we meet again, Akiyama. Good, I've been hoping to see you again today. The duel from yesterday shouldn't have count because of some beginner's luck." she stood up from the ground but Sora stood up to get in front of Kikiyo to glare back at Sarah.

"Haven't you learned your lesson from yesterday? I thought I told you to not get anywhere near Kikiyo any more. What do you want anyway, Sarah?"

"What I want is for her to come back with me! Besides, I can treat her however I want because she still should belong to me. YOU stole her from me, YOU humiliated me in this school, YOU took my only lab dog just so you can help her!? Well, I demand for her to be returned to me! She belongs to me!"

"Belongs to you!? Hell no she doesn't belong to you or anyone for that matter. You're still a sick twisted person to hurt Kikiyo like this and your not even sorry for doing it? Their is no fucking way I'm letting you near Kikiyo, Sarah. You've lost your fucking mind and it needs to stop. Why don't you leave and get some help because your crazy."She said while Ai and Kikiyo watches her talking back to Sarah but she sneered to slowly sigh and look down.

Sora didn't get why she did that till seeing her look back up again with that same sickening smile on her face. "Then how about this? I want a rematch. After school at the same time. If you really want me to leave her alone then fight me again. Fight me and show me how dead serious you are in protecting her."

Another fight? Really? Geez, it seems Sarah just didn't get it and that didn't help her as much. Was she that twisted to claim Kikiyo for herself again? Seems another duel was happening before seeing Sarah looking down at Kikiyo before looking at Sora again.

"*Sighs* Fine, if this will knock some sense into that hard headed brain of yours."

"Good. I'll see you then and don't you be late. I will have my dog again, even if I have to take full extreme measures to do so." With that, Sarah leaves the three alone but Sora bends down to help Kikiyo stand up slowly while brushing some of the dirt off of her clothes.

"Are you okay, Kikiyo? That was some hit."

She didn't answer her still holding her cheek before looking down at the ground.

"Yes....I'm fine." she whispers slightly but Sora was trying to keep her anger down for what Sarah did before looking at Kikiyo. She was not going to let that mad woman hurt Kikiyo anymore. She will do this if it means keeping her safe. She hated it when bullies did this to others just for their own enjoyment or to show their just property. It was so....wrong.

However, she worries if the other duelists were like her...or worse.

"What are you gonna do, Sora? Are you going to go?" she asked worried but Sora knew the answer.

"Yes, I'm going if it's to prove once and for all to stop her. I won't let her hurt Kikiyo again...never again." she said but both her and Ai helps Kikiyo into the school and to the nurse to see if she was hurt but she said she didn't need to see a nurse. Kikiyo was going to be okay and had to still focus on her duties to being Sora's rose bride.

The rematch between Sora Akiyama and Sarah Fukui will happen again.

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New Revolution: The dreams of the Duelist and Rose bride Empty Re: New Revolution: The dreams of the Duelist and Rose bride

Post by Anthy Himemiya on Tue Mar 14, 2017 11:33 am

In the nurse's room, Sora was sitting in a chair while checking Kikiyo's swollen cheek and her back from Sarah's rough handling. All this for a rematch of losing towards her? Why can't Sarah get over it and learn her place already from this? Even if she didn't, Sora wanted to get it through her head that being how she is now won't do anything good for her.

She was gonna make sure Sarah gets it. However, Kikiyo didn't respond to that but could almost sense Sora's anger. Was she really that upset from being hit by Sarah? How she treated her? Seems among many she was engaged to, Sora was the most concerned for her.

She also knew after a while, these bruises will go away later on. Some say Kikiyo's a fast healer.

"Well, Kikiyo. Nothing is too bad and nothing will bruise on you. Are you sure your going to be okay?"she asked once more just to be sure but Kikiyo nods lightly looking at her.

"As I stated before, I'm okay Miss Sora. Besides, I'm used to that sort of treatment by now. It's nothing new towards me." she said a emotionless quiet tone with her hands laying in her lap but she didn't get what she said.

"What did you mean by that, Kikiyo?" she asked quietly to her.

"I mean I'm used to seeing another duelist become angry that they take the frustration upon something and most times someone. Nothing in this life is ever easy, no matter how you see things. Things don't always go your way...."Did this happen more than once? and with the rest that she used to be engaged to? Geez, Sora had a guess the rest were just as bad. Well, some anyway.


"I hope this won't mean that you'll think less of me Miss Sora. As a rose bride, I must do whatever the championship duelist tells me. No matter what task it may be." She knew the rules, she knew her duties, she knew everything.

She was to obey them, no matter how harsh, cruel, mean, or even deadly it may be. Kikiyo knew this as the rest did. Sora was wondering if these other duelists were just as bad as Sarah or more obsessive towards claiming the rose bride to getting the prize at the end.

"I am to be always beside you, ready to follow an order you have of me, any task, any slight condition-"

"Yes, I get it Kikiyo. You have many duties that require you to follow orders but I just don't think or act like Sarah or any worse characters I'll probably meet later on as this school year goes. I wanted to help you and get you away from that abuser that kept hurting you. Don't tell me you actually liked being hurt by another person?"

"I never said I did but I don't have a say in it. I do what I'm ordered to do so they calm down. Regardless of who I am to them. Just like you joining this dueling tournament because of that rose crest upon your ring."

Sora's eyes looks down at her ring once more, seeing the rose crest upon it as the light makes it shine a bit. This still made her wonder what she's gotten herself into.

"That's because I never even know I entered that sort of thing. I still don't even know how that even happened. My ring is just a pass down and yet it changed after I...touched your hand or it could be during that duel. I don't know what caused it to even do that honestly." she looks away from Kikiyo trying to keep her head calm and clear from all this nonsense because over worrying about it won't help her with the duel coming up.


"But still that's not you though. You shouldn't be even getting this sort of harsh treatment by anyone. You are just like everyone else, Kikiyo. A living person that has the freedom to what you wish. Not some doormat that they get to walk all over. I did that duel to help you and because I don't want anyone trying to hurt you even worse than Sarah. I-I get how serious this whole duel thing is. I just wish I can help you more Kikiyo, I just want to understand...."

As she said this to look at Kikiyo, she looks upon dark indigo eyes that somehow became startling to look at and yet even beautiful. How in the world can someone not be place in a trance from looking at them.

"Do you, miss Sora? Do you really believe that you fully understand what's going on? Regardless of what you known and seen so far? You saw and dueled the current champion. You won and claimed me as your engaged rose bride. You bear the same rose crest upon your ring and yet you seem confused. Just from looking into your eyes...are you...uncertain about these duels?"

"I never said I was uncertain about them..I just need to understand more about them so maybe I can figure out what else I need to do."

"And yet your here muttering lost in thought from it. Do you fear the trials ahead will be much worse than what you seen so far? Are you worried of seeing and doing something that will make you regret something during this tournament?"

Sora didn't answer Kikiyo's question but honestly, she wasn't sure how to answer it. True, she was worried about making sure Kikiyo was safe but she had to stay strong in order to do it. From last year, she already told by many to learn her place and yet, she never did. Sora kept her head up to ignore them and now, seems that advice still  is strong within her mind. If she was going to get through this, she had to keep going with no worries, no fears, no distractions to make her lose focus.

"Miss Sora?"

"It's nothing, Kikiyo but I'm still concerned about this. I never knew these sort of duels could be so...serious? I honestly thought it was a quick little duel with fake swords but it's all real. All real. Plus, you say that you been doing this for a while now? I thought you were in the same year as me?"

"I am still in the same year as you, Miss Sora but I guess I just was told this however It feels like I have. Maybe they were speaking about something else. I've done this many times but I'm not sure how long?"

"Okay I guess. However, I'll take your word for it Kikiyo." she said but sighs checking the time as the next hour for this rematch was going to happen once more. She already knew Ai had to head home because she had something else to do and she didn't wish to be out too late. She always wanted to help her friend Sora whenever she can but something about the school just told her something else.

However, if Sora had to duel others just to keep Kikiyo by her side to protect her, she will do that. After all, Kikiyo is her friend and she should be happy like everyone else. Now, she was wondering just how serious Sarah would be during this duel but in a way, she seems to be slipping because of her having Kikiyo by her side.

"Miss Sora, the time for the duel is drawing near. Shall we head over to the garden gates to meet Miss Sarah?" she asked standing up from the other chair and looks to the other. Seems it was time, no more time to speak of it.

"Yeah, lets go."

Both her and Kikiyo leaves the nurse room and heads outside to the same location where her first duel happened; the main gardens. Sora and Kikiyo kept walking through the school grounds until they see the entrance towards the gardens. The same sweet smell of the roses inside of here blows with the wind. Some rose petals blowing past them and above before they walk inside.

The two looks around seeing no one here and nothing really out of place before seeing the main stairs heading up to the same dueling garden tower. Kikiyo and Sora looks up before starting to make their way up the stairs. Of course she already knew Sarah was up there waiting for them but wonders or hopes Sarah calmed down a little more?

The walk up the stairs only took about a couple minutes before finally arriving at the top. As she said, Sarah was there waiting for them as she was standing over some roses and stabbing them with the tip of a sword she had beside her. Kikiyo looked at how Sarah killed the roses under her since she took a dislike of the plant. However, Sora winces slightly seeing the rose get stabbed but she shook it off to look up.

She walks past the gates into the arena but while she did that, a wind blew against them with rose petals circling around the two while Kikiyo keeps her eyes open but Sora shields her eyes from the strong wind. What the heck was happening now?!

This happened for a few seconds till the winds die down to show them once more. Kikiyo felt her clothes changing magically into the rose bride dress. The colors were of black, white, and grey that was sleeveless but the lower part was made of long see through material layered carefully so you only see the colors. Black high heel shoes with see through blue lace attached on the lower back part of the dress. Two gold balls with a furry tip on the shoulders area at the ends of the two gold balls. Two collar like wrist bands with see through silk on them but she a crystallized rose in her hair and in the upper middle of top of the dress. She even had the tiara crown on her head with long flowing dark blue hair moving beside her.

Kikiyo looked just like the one in her dream then was Kikiyo the same girl?

While pondering this, Sora noticed herself wearing something different too. She wore knee high pants but you could still see her lower legs. A jacket with sleeves ending at her wrist but she noticed the color was a darker blue with white and some black colors. She had a weird charm around her neck with a gem in the middle of it that was connected in the center of her jacket with some gold strings on both sides. One right shoulder pad but she saw it ended with some flirty like cloth formed in a design of the rose petal. The same material was hanging around the right hip blowing in the wind.

She wore some black shoes with socks but her hair was in a tight hair swirl bun with rose petals wrapped around on metal strings in her dark brown hair. Yeah, this was really confusing and what the heck was she wearing?! Where were her normal clothes!? This was a bit much but the rose petals in her hair? Way too much but she knew this couldn't be the boy uniform could it or was it something else?

As Sora was looking at her new look still shocked, Sarah took noticed about it and felt more anger bubbling in her stomach. She still held her sword to look away from them.

"So you made it? I thought you sure took your time coming up here." she got their attention to make Sora remember what they came here for.

"That's because I had to take care of Kikiyo after you hit her and stomped her into the ground." She said angry but Sarah didn't even care while looking towards her with more hate.

"Lets not delay any longer. Shall we get started?" she said while Sora glares back.


Kikiyo bend down to pick two roses again that she slips sips one of the roses in Sora's breast pocket while doing the same for Sarah who looked at her as she did that. However, that same twisted look in her eye told her she was going to do what is needed to reclaim Kikiyo for herself once more. Even hope to getting rid of Sora herself. When the roses were in place, Kikiyo walks back to Sora before looking right at her face.

"My prince, it is time for you to claim your sword.." she mutters to She as she lift her hands in front of her chest with eyes shut. Sora didn't get what she means by that till sensing something familiar from Kikiyo again.

"Rose of the noble castle. Power of Dios that sleeps within me. Heed your master and come forth!" just as she said those words, the same bright light appears as it shines from Kikiyo's chest. Sora gasped to see this till noticing the same sword hilt pop out from her chest. Kikiyo went into that same trance state again while it awaited it's master to wield it.

Sora didn't say a thing seeing this but somehow, that sword, that light, everything felt...familiar to her. Almost like she still knew what to do and say. She supports Kikiyo's back to take a hold of the sword handle till she started shutting her eyes to be silent then pulls the sword out from her. Holding it up in the air while seeing the sun shine upon it.

"Grant me the power to bring the world revolution!"

Sarah watched but more anger fills her seeing this but wanted to get this duel on with. The Bells started to ring in the distance with the wind blowing around. The rematch duel has begun!

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New Revolution: The dreams of the Duelist and Rose bride Empty Re: New Revolution: The dreams of the Duelist and Rose bride

Post by Anthy Himemiya on Wed Mar 15, 2017 8:50 pm

Both Sarah and Sora charges at each other before both their blades of the swords collided against each other. They had a slight struggle against each other but their eyes burned from their own slight anger because of it. For Sarah trying to reclaiming Kikiyo and Sora protecting Kikiyo. She saw them struggling once more till jumping away as Sarah threw a few parrying attacks towards Sora.

Of course she blocked them and tries to counter parry but Sarah blocks it as well.

"Why won't you just surrender already, tomboy? You know I'm the better duelist here and you are nothing towards me. You weren't even meant to be a duelist in these games anyway! Just hand Kikiyo over to me and we can forget this duel." she said to thrust her sword forward but Sora ducks with a split and thrusts her blade to try and slash at the rose.

"I told you this in our last duel, Sarah. I'm not letting you take Kikiyo away from me for your own selfish gain." she said getting back up but they kept throwing parry after parry, thrust after thrust. However neither Sora and Sarah lowered their guard.

"I believe their is a reason why I was made a duelist and I'll keep fighting for her to keep her safe from people like you. No matter the cost."

"This isn't a game, idiot! You don't know what type of challenge this is and the ones ahead. I'm doing you a favor in dropping out of this and leave it be. Give up and surrender the rose bride and your ring!"


" seriously...DON'T UNDERSTAND ANYTHING!!" she screams that they kept on dueling with Kikiyo watching from the side lines with hands lowered in front of her and watching the both of them fighting like some entranced blade dance.

Sarah never understood why she was so stubborn like this. All Sora had to do was give up and yet, she wouldn't. She was already trying figure out many ways to punish her for up showing her but side steps from a sudden swipe from Sora.

"I don't understand. Why won't you just back down and give me what is rightfully mine?! Are you that dense to help anyone you come across? Even if it's someone you barley even know!?"

"Of course! I'm always wiling to help another person like a good heart person would from bullies but Kikiyo...she seems to have been bullied a lot by you and others. Besides, I wanted to help her and hope maybe we can know each other more to become friends. At least she'll have a better friend than you ever were!" she said but grunts from the more stronger blows of Sora's sword. That just caused her to become more blinded with rage to try and strike at Sora's blade.

She hated it! She hated her and how stubborn she was in trying to help Kikiyo when she didn't know a thing about her. Why wouldn't she just give up!? Why?! Sora jumps up and brings her blade down that caused Sora to get on one knee to hold the sword of Dios on it's flat part but struggles to try pushing her back.

She had one eye open while the other was open to look at Sarah's rage filled face. That still told Sora she was not focusing and slipping.

"You don't get it do you? No matter what you tell me over and over again, I'm not letting you anywhere near Kikiyo ever again! Get it through your thick head and stop this madness, Sarah!"

"Madness? Hee heh Hahahaha! Madness?! I'll show you madness!" She kicks Sora away from her as she hits onto her back but runs towards her with the swinging strikes of her blade. Sora dodges them quickly but made sure none would cut her like the first duel they had.

She ducks from another swing of her blade to the other side, turning around to face Sarah while panting in and out slowly to hold Dios in her hand still.

"What's wrong? Are you hah hah giving up like a good girl?" she snickered towards Sora but she glares at her that her light brown eyes almost darkened slightly.

"I'll never surrender to the likes of you!" she said but Sarah grips a tighter hold on the hilt of her sword, screaming in rage to run at her.

"Then I'll make you surrender to me!"

Sora had heard enough from Sarah's mouth and decided to end it. She watched Sarah running towards her with blade in hand. As for her, Sora just stayed calm and focused to wait for the right time to strike. A gentle breeze blew against her as the sun gleams on the blade. Sarah saw her not move, showing a smile on her face. Seems like she was giving up and wasn't doing a thing.

"It's over, Akiyama. I Win!"

She held up her sword as if she was ready to deliver the final blow to finish her. Sarah brings the blade down at Sora but that's when she strikes. She dodges and thrusts her blade upward to make Sarah jump back away from her but she held her sword at ready.

The two stands in a simple stance before running towards each other, doing a battle cry. Both blades held up at each other to see who would strike the others rose. They both came closer and closer and closer to one another until-

Both strikes one another and ended on the opposite side from one another, not moving or looking at each other. The bells rang to signal the duel was over as one of their roses scatter and rides the wind with some others. Sarah twitched before falling on her knees to look down as Sora stood up tall.

Sora's rose stood un touched.

Sarah's rose was slashed.

She had lost the duel again while the bells ran but Sora lets out a sigh feeling the fast beating of her heart. Kikiyo walks over to Sora as the sword of Dios started materializing in thin air, back inside Kikiyo's body. She didn't say a thing to Sarah but only hopes she'll change her ways in the long road ahead of her as they leave.

Kikiyo didn't say a thing but just looks ahead while lightly showing a smile on her face. However, Sora was sore from that duel but at least she proved a point to Sarah and hopes once more she'll change. Just as she walked through the gates of the garden, her and Kikiyo's clothes changed back to normal while they head on home.

"Geez, that was intense but I guess that's another duel down huh? Thought, I guess the rest to go from here on out."

"Don't worry, Miss Sora. I'm sure you will do just fine. I mean after all, you are still the current champion." she said to her but Sora just looks ahead while walking from the academy grounds to their own little home for the remaining time of day till evening. Maybe she can have a soothing bath, some food, and get some sleep after this.

At least before the next duel comes their way once again but she'll be ready.

~Meanwhile in higher council leader's office~

Sarah was sitting in a chair with one light shining above her but she didn't look up. Not when she had failed to beat Sora when she beats her twice! How humiliating. She knew because of that, he was not going to be pleased from this.

" seem to have failed me and even got yourself beaten once again by this amateur duelist. I'm....disappointed." he said but Sarah looks worried and a little scared hearing the displeasure in his voice.


"However, you also disobeyed me for trying to harm the rose bride when I told you to not try to force her back. You know the rules for the winner of the Rose bride. Don't you?" he asked but Sarah shifted her eyes to the left not sure how to answer him.

"Yes, I know but I just...I couldn't help it. I feel useless without that worthless dog. I had to try and reclaim her for myself so I can get the one thing I truly desire." she grumbles.

"And yet, you still lost her."

"........That amateur was lucky the second time but she was never meant to be a duelist here in the academy sir. I mean, I don't know how but something is rather off about her."

"Now Sarah, you know how I am when it comes to another pointing fingers. For now, this new duelist has caught my interests so why not keep looking and observing how far this girl will go, hmm?" he looks right at Sarah again before turning away from her to the curtains that blocked the sun set.

"However, I don't know about you my dear..."

"Sir please. I'm sorry for letting you down twice I really am. If you just let me re duel her, I can-"

"No. She beat you twice Sarah and you know that means you're out of the games. I guess you were not the type of duelist I was seeking were you? Now, leave. You have much more to learn so take this as a lesson for loss is not an option in the games." he waves her off but she looks down to nod, standing up from her chair and turns to leave while the male in the dark shook his head to sigh.

However, he knew that their could be a slight change towards this. Even with the amateur duelist Sora. when hearing the doors open and close behind Sarah, he turns back around to his desk.

He turns on his laptop and stars typing in something and checks up on Sora's information but looking up and down with the info to find her a little amusing.

"Sora have sparked my full interest my dear...what other shows will you present to me?" If he was right then maybe he can try to bring back the cycle of the story. The true ending of this world and bringing the re birth of the true duelist and rose bride.

He will have his own Revolution.

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New Revolution: The dreams of the Duelist and Rose bride Empty Re: New Revolution: The dreams of the Duelist and Rose bride

Post by Anthy Himemiya on Thu Mar 16, 2017 2:18 pm

~A few weeks later~

The whole school still was buzzing with gossip about Sora beating Sarah in her so called challenge. Now, it seems most were not afraid of her because of it. To Sora, it wasn't something she took to mind because it showed Sarah to never bother Kikiyo again and hopes for her to change.

Even Kikiyo still remained by her side still, looking to see others speaking about this too.  When they went home that night, Sora asked her if they can become friends. True, she is engaged to Sora but she honestly wished to become friends and pretend the whole engaged thing wouldn't become awkward. Of course she agreed with that and over time, they started speaking to know more about each other. The two of them were back in the glass green house where Kikiyo waters the roses that still remained healthy.

"Today's lovely isn't it, miss Sora? A perfect day for the roses. Plenty of sun and good warm spring breeze." she looks at the roses that got water drops sparkling from their petals. While for Sora, she was watching her do this.

"True, today is a nice day for everyone during these class periods. I find it best for outside naps or playing a little something on my guitar." The last bit gotten Kikiyo's attention to look up ahead slightly thinking of it.

"I never knew you could play a interment, Miss Sora. Are you good? Do you have a in take to music?" she asked but Sora didn't answer to scratch her cheek slightly because of it. She can have a guess about others hearing it but she didn't say anything.

"Well, I can play some tunes on it because of the lessons I've taken thanks to my mother. She always had a taste in music. I guess it's a old tradition for someone in my family to get a taste of music."

"Very interesting.." she said but Sora laughed slightly because of it but that didn't bother her much.

"Thanks. Maybe one day I can play a little something for you, Kikiyo? If you like." she asked but Kikiyo thinks about it still smiling that she nods her head.

"That sounds lovely..I would like that very much."

The two of them went into some silence again after a couple minutes till Sora started pondering about what the duel between her and Sarah. However, she wasn't sure about other things like how in the world she knew just what to do.

"Is something wrong, Miss Sora?"

"Not really, Kikiyo but I've been thinking about the duel I was in with Sarah. I still find it quite shocking how many are still speak about it and it's been how long? A couple weeks now.  I thought they would have ignored it after a while but I guess not."

"Maybe because they seen just what you done to put Sarah in her place. From this little event, however, others have been question what will happen from here on out. Same with the other duelists starting to see just how far a amateur duelist like you have gotten." They thought of her as a amateur? Geez, rude much? Well, whatever. That's their opinion of what they see her as.

That won't scare Sora to stop since she's already in the duel games with others. If she was to keep Kikiyo safe from these people, then why would she give up? This was to keep her friend safe. Maybe others too.

"Hey, I don't really care if they see me as one, Kikiyo. To be honest with you, I've never dueled before."


"No. However, when I held that sword in my hand, something in my mind clicked. Suddenly, I knew what I had to do and poof, I won. I don't know how but it's like something or someone was in my mind helping me keep focus on the duel. Does that sound crazy?" she asked with her arms crossed to look at Kikiyo that stops watering the roses to turn her head at her.

"No, that does not sound crazy, Miss Sora. Maybe you had the gut feeling to what you had to do. That helped you during the duel to how it turned out. Some consider that....beginner's luck."

"So they judge me of my performance?"

"It's possible, Miss Sora. I guess some see you as an amateur..."

She lets out a sigh and started looking up at the ceiling of the glass garden house, wondering about this and having more questions to herself about it. the council members room~

In another location of the academy, in a tall tower in a room. Three males were there having a slight meeting with one another. They figure it's because of the next duel coming really soon but their on stand by.

"Did you hear? Sarah's already planning on leaving the academy because of that little duel she lost. I swear she needs to get over it. A lose is a lose. Guess she had a bigger grudge than we thought." Renji Hono said while looking at two other males that was eating some lunch together but they already knew about it. Why couldn't Sarah get over the fact that she lost? Plain and simple.

"You know that she hates losing and if someone lower than her upstages her. She's simply lost in her own thoughts because of it but acts just like a child for no reason." Hajime Higashi said after but his eyes remained shut while noticing the third one thinking to himself.

"Too bad for her but lets move on from that now. What about the other council members? Aren't they needed for this or were they busy? Did the end of the world himself say not to worry about her and just focus on the duel games ahead? We still have a lot going on, even from this amateur duelist we still hear about. What was her name again?" Hachiro Saroma asked while Hajime looks through the window down below to the academy, seeing other students walking about but his eyes lands on two he knew.

Of course being Kikiyo and the second being on Sora. "I believe her name is Sora Akiyama. What a pretty name for someone like her. Maybe she'll be fun to play with later on when it's our turn to duel her. For now, we just wait I take it." he mutters but Hajime still looks out at the window before looking away back to them as he walks over to get his cup of tea.

"You always had a way with trying to get ladies, Renji but please don't lose focus as to why we were all brought together." How would Renji forget? He knew if the prize came with getting whatever someone wished for, you know he'll do whatever it takes to claim in. Same with the Rose bride, Kikiyo.

"Oh come now. You both know me better than that. That's just how I behave most times but finding new play things can be rather....satisfying. It dose spark the interest of many males that tried to show their love or affection towards her like any other girl we see. Though with Sora, none could withstand her fight, her compassion, her fiery energy...."

Both Hachiro and Hajime knew how Renji could be when it came to pretty young ladies here but none sparked his interests except today. Now it seems Sora was on his list for that but that's another time.

"Calm yourself, Renji. We get it but still focus. We are all duelist and need to still obey the rules the end of the world gave us. However, I don't get why he calls himself that in the first place. I find it rather odd. Is this from his liking to reading the stars or something?" Hajime asked but both Renji and Hachiro didn't reply towards that.

"Maybe? Either way, that's his business and his business alone. You know why this brought us together about it but lets move on. I believe we all have other things to deal with." That's true, classes for later could be ending now and some are either heading home, going to after school classes, or clubs. Hajime, Renji, and Hachiro finishes up their little lunch with teas and stood up to leave.

They did wonder which one would meet with the current duelist champion and the rose bride? They will know later on.

~With Sora and Kikiyo~

The two had already left the garden green house after Kikiyo treated the roses for today so they had the remaining time for themselves now. What could they do together now? Maybe get some food? Head to the library to study together? Or try to find Ai that could be joking around somewhere.

Anything was fine with Sora while she had her school bag over one shoulder and Kikiyo holding her own in front of her.

"You know, maybe after a while we can try to find something to do together Kikiyo as friends....maybe even invite your friends to join us." she said with eyes shut but Kikiyo still thought about that in some time.

"What do you mean by that, miss Sora? I really don't have any friends here except you." She had none? No one but her was her friend? Geez, that's harsh but she had the same feeling herself last year so Sora knew how she felt.

"I see. Well, no worries. I'll help you make new friends Kikiyo. You don't have to worry about it. That way, you and I will know other people that will gladly have you as their friend." she said showing a smile on her face to Kikiyo but she tilts her head to the side, thinking about it to nod. If that's what she wished of her to do or try, then she'll do it.

"Yes, Miss Sora."

"Again, you don't have to add Miss. Just so-Oof!" Before finishing her words, Sora knocked into someone that caused her to fall back to the ground but someone caught her hand to stop her from doing that. She had her eyes shut from that before opening them slowly to see a male holding her hand but gazing down upon her.

He had short dark brown hair with golden honey eyes. He seems to be wearing some sort of boy uniform even though the students won and didn't have to wear them. He even seems to felt strong judging by how much training he might do in his spare time. The two didn't say a thing while a gentle breeze blew against the three as Kikiyo stood on the side to see this.

"Oh my, that was too close. Are you okay, Miss?" he asked helping Sora on her feet once more and getting her school bad to hold out to her.

"I'm fine, thanks for the save I guess. Who are you?"

"My name? It is Hachiro Saroma. What is your name?" he asked in a gentle tone as Sora sighed, figuring if he's another guy that's trying to win a girl's heart like others.

"Sora Akiyama." she said as he smiled to hold her hand and place a kiss upon it.

"It's a pleasure to meet dear." he said but she takes her hand back to look at him while Kikiyo remained quiet. Seems their little hanging out may be delayed because of this person. Who knows? Maybe he's not as bad...or so she thinks.

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New Revolution: The dreams of the Duelist and Rose bride Empty Re: New Revolution: The dreams of the Duelist and Rose bride

Post by Anthy Himemiya on Sun Mar 19, 2017 6:57 pm

Sora wasn't sure why or how but this Hachiro person seems unlike any other boy she's known. She's never seen him before on school grounds nor heard about him but maybe that's a good thing? He seems like the kind of guy that would try to get any girl he wants and then find someone new. She did try to get away from this guy but he follows them to where they are sitting under some tree together to look out to the grass field that was near this academy school. Sora just looks ahead and sees Kikiyo sitting beside her to look out to the fiend as well.

And yes, even Hachiro was still with them during this time to enjoy the day like other students. He was really happy she was letting him stay Sora said as long as he wouldn't do anything to cause trouble, she guessed it was okay for him to stay.

"Akiyama? If I may ask, Are you enjoying the first few weeks of the school year? I heard you gotten yourself well known in only a couple of weeks. I believe it was referring to some challenge with another girl named Sarah? Some of the students are glad that you put her in her place." he asked with a smile on his face but Sora looks away not really effected by his so called charm.

"Hey, she was being mean and hurting my friend, Kikiyo for no reason. So of course I put her in her place. I'm just hoping she'll learn her lesson and not be such a bully."

"By the sounds of it, you sure have a big hate towards bullies don't you, Akiyama? I can relate. Others shouldn't hurt someone like that, treating them like some dog that crawls in the dirt. Maybe Sarah didn't understand the real point of having friends but I believe you do. Knowing you shown so much dedication towards helping Kikiyo that she's only sees you as her one true friend. Will this mean you might let others become part of your so called friendship circle?"

"Where are you going with this, Hachiro? Because from what your telling me, your either stalling for time to stay with us longer. Or are you trying to bring my walls down so you can just hop right in and know me more?"

"Hehehe, come on Miss Akiyama. I would never get into your business too much. I simply was asking a question towards it. Having allies and friends is a good thing for everyone. Even for someone as tough as you. I mean, you have Kikiyo as your close friend and another too? Your just letting more and more into your circle that you won't need to hold it up much longer."

Sora looks right at him to think he was starting to do both of what she thought. He's trying to stall for time to keep near her and Kikiyo, asking these questions he shouldn't be asking. Then when she's relaxed and calm with him, she'll start singing like a bird for him to be his girl. Oh no, Sora wasn't going to do that. She never was okay with dating yet nor was okay with a boy doing stupid things to hit on her or other girls. She's seen enough of that from last year.

She never understood a male's mind. What was it with boys trying to flirt with whoever they wanted so they an show their more better or something like that? He looks at them and moves slightly closer that he was only a couple feet near Kikiyo and her but Sora grabs a stick to press onto his uniform shirt.

"Alright, don't get any closer okay? That's as close as you'll get."She warns but he raised one eye brow see the stick then at Sora.

"Oh come on now, I won't bite Sora. Nor will I hurt you or Kikiyo in anyway. I'm just trying to get comfortable. Is that weird?"

"From how your acting? Yes. -_-"

"Your not creeped out by this, are you Kikiyo?"

"Not really, mister Sarmora."

"See? Kikiyo's not effected by this so you shouldn't be either, Sora. Unless your a little nervous to see a male being so close to you? Do I make you feel a little shy and nervous?" he teased that she shot him a glare once more to press the stick into his shirt and chest. He was really starting to annoy her now.

"And why would I tell you anything regarding that? That's none of your business anyway so don't try being nosy." she said this with a serious tone of voice but Hachiro laughs to look ahead.

"What? I'm simply asking if you were known about it so no need to go onto defense, my dear." he looks ahead but saw Sora tense when hearing that. He sees her cross her arms over her chest, now finding this guy a little irritating but her mother taught her manners so she will do just that.

"Yeah sure and don't call me dear. I hate that." she mutters but Hachiro heard it loud enough to turn his head towards her as Sora just looks ahead.

"Why? Did someone piss you off when calling you 'my dear?'"

"Again, that's none of your business."

"I apologize my dear but saying it has a more better effect on me. I was just hoping to keep on your good side is all. I don't wish to anger such a delicate beauty like yourself now. Someone like you shouldn't be like that since I would tell Kikiyo the same thing when I met her last year."

"Uh huh, yeah sure.....wait, you know her?"

"Yes, I knew her and it seems she's already getting used to having more friends. Well, being just one being her friend is all."he explains but that got Sora looking back and forth towards the two then back at Kikiyo with a confused face.

"Hold on one second. Kikiyo, do you really know this guy from last year? Is he?" she asked as Kikiyo looks to Hachiro and then back at her to nod. Wait, she did!? Did they know each other before or were they 'engaged?' back then before he lost her to someone else?

"Yes, I know Mister Saroma but it's been so long since I've seen him. I thought he was gone after last year but it seems you were still here and not going off to another school?" she looks at him but Hachiro shook his head no. That was not the case to why he said that but it was for another reason which he would keep to himself.

"That's because my family loves this town so much, we couldn't possibly leave. I wanted to still see my allies and friends till I myself wish to move. Note the fact I'll miss the many chances of what this academy hits within it's walls. Of the old stories others heard about. *Looks at Sora* Even hoping to find the perfect lady I can call my beloved. But only the future will tell as long as I stay here long enough before I move on to university. Isn't that exciting news or what?"

That didn't really explain much about it but Sora looks away to ignore it. Either way, Sora didn't know that Kikiyo and Hachiro knew each other but she didn't know if it was as friends, boyfriend/girlfriend, or engaged. All he did was lay back onto the grass with his hands behind his head, gazing up onto the sky but Kikiyo still looks ahead to the fields beside Sora. The fields of Horisho Academy was always lovely and beautiful. After a while, Hachiro sits up seeing someone he knew to stand up and brush the light dirt from his uniform.

"Question; Why in the world are you wearing a uniform? You did know the students here in this academy voted for no more uniforms for others that hated them. So how come your wearing one?" Sora asked to look out ahead of her but he didn't reply to her question before sliding his hands into his pockets.

"Easy; because I enjoy wearing uniforms. Their more clean, more professional, and more comfortable than normal clothes. Some ladies and guys love another person in uniform. I also know about the votes between wearing uniforms and not to wear them but I find them enjoyable. Uniforms shows just how dedicated you are to Horisho Academy but I'm not saying the ones that banned uniforms are bad. Just misunderstood.

"So your calling the ones not wearing the stupid uniforms misunderstood people that don't agree with what you and others that wear them like? Don't you understand that some hate wearing them? Their uncomfortable, itchy, and tend to make another one look like some prisoner. So yeah, I'm good with wearing normal clothes and not dressed up." she said but Hachiro looks at Sora with a silent look but just smiled to shrug his shoulders. If she was thinking about them in a way, he couldn't argue with her now could he?

"I guess but to me, they seem to be blinded for tossing aside the beauty of uniforms. I know girls like yourself Sora love a male in uniform. However, I can never can find the perfect one that shares the same feelings as I do with uniforms....maybe I might soon I hope?" he winks at Sora but she looks away from him not impressed.

" Not in a million years."

"Hmm, If you say so my sweet beauty."

"Ugh, don't call me that either! Why do you boys have to say such weird things to girls?!?" Sora raised her voice at him to stand up. Her hands were in fists and her cheeks slightly puffy. Kikiyo looks at her reacting to such a thing but Hachiro finds it adorable that he will enjoy this teasing to her. Before long, he checks the clock on the main building to see the time.

"Seems my time is up for my break. I best be off somewhere else for now but no worries my sweets. I shall return to you again one day. Till we meet again." he bows to them and leaves to his daily schedule. What a weirdo. Sora was hoping to never see him again but checks the clock seeing the time was a little later now. She already did most of her classes so this could be a good time for them to head on home.

"Come on, Kikiyo. Lets head out of here. This has been one weird day. Maybe tomorrow will be more better instead." she stood up and helps Kikiyo up on her feet as they started leaving from the tree to the academy. She didn't say a thing about what Hachiro said but it was sorta confusing why Sora wasn't effected by his charm like other girls.

The both of them walked into the academy hallways but just as they made a turn, Ai appears tried and crashes into Sora that held her up in her arms.

"Geez, Ai. Didn't I warn you to be careful when you run? You could have seriously hurt yourself." she said but Ai looks at her then gets down to seem a little out of breath.

"Sorry Sora but I was trying to find you!" she said worried.

"What do you mean? What's wrong?"

"It's Minzu. She needs your help." she said worried but Sora looks at her then became serious to what it was.

"Then lead the way." Ai nods and runs back to where she came from to where Minzu was. Kikiyo follows after them to see what this was about.

~Near the main fountain~

"Come on you jerks, give me back my friend's letter!"

Minzu was trying to reach for a letter a friend of hers wrote to someone in the school. However, some bullies found him and her and started to mess with them. He was laying on the ground beaten up and too weak to move as he sees Minzu trying to get the letter back.

"Why? He seems to really like a certain someone in the school and yet a girl like you is helping him? Why not leave him be and come with us? We can show you a grand old time, sweet cheeks." the leader said while she keeps reaching before the other two laughed at what her friend wrote.

"Hey, it seems to be for someone he really loves. Listen:

"Your eyes are like the shoot stars I see at night, You set my soul on fire each time I look at you. I know I'm nothing like any other girl here and just a guy,
However, I wish I can become your true love. I would do anything to get you to notice me. I would wear whatever is needed to express my love for you. Someone that's a loser like me couldn't even get your heart but that won't stop me. I'll show you just how amazing I can be for you.

At times I sing songs for you in hopes you can hear my voice. I hope you will see that someone can become your shooting start. Just like you have with me."

The three laughed hearing such garbage of a love letter but Minzu glares to snatch the letter away and looks at them. "That's not funny! He wrote this for someone he really likes. Why can't you guys get it through your heads that your sick from thinking it's a joke. Reading it like he's joking when he's serious!"

"But it's funny. Someone like him thinking that he can find love and with another guy at that. No wonder the other girls wouldn't try to even notice him or think he's weird. That's slightly funny if you ask me. Now, lets just hurry up and beat this guy up more and take the prize home with us."

"You won't get away with this!" she said but they look right at her with smiles on their faces.

"Oh yeah? And what are you going to do about it?"

She sees them going towards her as Minzu steps back to get ready and defend herself with someone but nothing was near by. She gets back over to him and tries to help him but they quickly try to grab her to make her yell out. They only get a little close to her before hearing rapid running foot steps that caused them to turn and look behind them to see Sora.

She came and punches two of the guys away from Minzu but looks at the leader that sees his friends knocked out.

"Hey, what's the big idea-Oof!" He gets punched in the face by her but she held up her fists to look at him. Ai and Kikiyo goes to help Minzu get the male away from this but the leader looks at Sora like she didn't know what she was doing.

"You bitch! That hurt. You wanna pick a fight with me?"

"Why not? Scared you'll lose to a girl?" she said but he took it as in insult before trying to grab her but Sora threw some punches and kicks at him while Ai watches with the rest. Kikiyo didn't know Sora was this known for fighting but it was unlady like for someone here. NO wonder she tries to be herself and not like someone she dislikes.

After a while, the leader falls on the ground with a beaten up face and blood streaming down his face. Sora panted to see that but walks over to bend down and grab his shirt. Staring into his face with a angry scary face expression.

"W-wait, don't hurt me! Please, no more!"

"I'm going to warn you just this once; leave my friends alone or I'll find you and make you regret bothering them ever again. You understand?" she sees him nod his head before she drops him and he gets up quickly and helps his friends up and they ran off. Sora stood back up but sighs to feel Ai rush over and hug her worried.

"I'm fine, Ai. Don't worry.."

"I know but that was something else! Your vicious when you fight, Sora." she pouts but Kikiyo looks to see Minzu checking on her friend but he was saying he was okay as she gives him his letter. Sora went over to check up on him but sees he was hurt but not too badly.

"Are you going to be okay? Do we need to get you to the nurse?"

"N-No. I should be okay." he said trying to move but groans as Minzu held him still. That told Sora that he was hurt a little more than it seems and looks at Ai and Minzu. She carefully helps him up with the other two and heads to the nurse's room with Kikiyo following them.

"No really. I'm.."

"You barley can move and talk and you seem to be close to passing out. I think going to the nurse is best for you right now." Sora said but he tries to argue but stops seeing Minzu shaking her head and just get some help. He knew he lost and just lets them take him to the nurse's room.


Sora and Kikiyo were heading home together after a while but Ai was walking by their side this time till she got to her house too. Today was just a little odd but again, She wouldn't let it distract her. She was glad that Minzu and her friend was okay and that nothing else serious happened but she lets out a sigh because of it. Some sight anger shows on her face remember Hachiro that was trying to act all cool towards her but it was really dumb.

If she saw that guy again, it would be too soon. Way too soon. Even when he kept calling her those annoying things, that made her blood boil. They get back to their dorms and heads inside as Kikiyo looks at her as they went inside.

"So Miss Sora? Should I fix some tea for you to help clear your mind?"

"Please? I need something to distract me from today before I get some sleep. This has been a really weird day but again, I'll see more I guess." she mutters while Kikiyo faces away from her but her eyes were looking empty while fixing the tea. Things were not even at it's worse but Sora will know in due time. Kikiyo knew that much but something went through her mind that made her question something:

Was Sora hiding something or was she just like everyone else? That's for another time.

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Post by Anthy Himemiya on Sun Mar 19, 2017 8:34 pm

Both Kikiyo and Sora had some tea in front of them while they remained quiet during the time of the night. Sora did say she was going to get some sleep but somehow, she couldn't. Her mind was over thinking about the events going on today and with meeting a new face. She didn't understand just what secrets this Horisho Academy was hiding but she didn't know why it poked her interests. Why would someone like her wish to know more about this place? Was a story being told right now within the walls here?

Kikiyo took notice of Sora becoming lost in her trail of thought but looks back down to take a sit of her tea with eyes shut. After she gets a bit to drink and lowers her cup, Kikiyo looks over to Sora to sigh.

"Miss Sora?"


"Are you going to be okay? Your mind seems to be very distracted by something or by what happened today? That's very unlike you."

She sees Sora looking down at her tea as some steam rises from the liquid but she didn't know how to say it. Today was weird, even weirder that a guy she never knew seems to have tried to flirt with her.


"It seems I'm right. You seem okay but your mind is heavily distracted. You shouldn't let this get to you too much, Miss Sora. As many say to someone else; just move on and let today be just a memory."

"You might have gotten it a little confusing Kikiyo but I get what you mean. I'm not distracted as much but I'm thinking. It leaves me asking questions I don't know the answer to right now.

She tilts her head to the side not understanding what she means by that.

"Pardon me?"

"What? You don't know? It's like you're pondering about random questions that can pop up after certain events happening in one day, weeks, and a month. My mind is already filling with questions to what just happened today and how come this somehow feels...familiar to me?"

"It happens to everyone, Miss Sora. Even with me. I try to ignore the things around me and just keep moving into the day as nothing happened. That sort of thing can distract someone very easily. People that are not focused and clear minded can become very distracted and lead to something....serious." she answers but looks up at Sora to hold her tea cup. She could see Sora looking down at both hands like she was really over thinking about it.

"I know that already, honestly but that's not what I mean, Kikiyo. This is different. It's like the same feeling I've had when the dreams started happening."

"Dreams Miss Sora?"

"Yes. These dreams have always been the same but they're replaying in my mind like some movie. Once it gets to the end, it replays at the beginning or shows the same dream over and over again. Just like with that one dream of me and another girl that looked just like you Kikiyo.

"Like me?"

"Yeah. Then their are these ghosts that are wearing something similar like ours but something in the past. I don't know how I'm seeing them but I can..."

Kikiyo slowly removes her hand from the tea cup that rested in front of her as her dark indigo color eyes looks at her face as it was hanging low. What did she mean by that? Was these dreams trying to send Sora messages? Messages that might involve with something in another time? She didn't know much about Sora but something about her seems rather odd to Kikiyo. She shuts her eyes to get her tea cup and lifts it up to drink some while hearing the clock hanging on the wall.

"Miss Sora, I think you seriously need some sleep after thinking like that. You shouldn't be worried over such a thing. Maybe these dreams are something silly from your childhood. In time, they'll go away and new ones might show to you." she said looking to her as Sora looks up at her.

"You think so?"

"Yes. Now, after you finish, why don't we just head to bed? Tomorrow is another day." she said gently to her as Sora yawns quietly with her hand covering her mouth. She might as well get some sleep because today was just too much. She was glad to have someone like Kikiyo to talk about things like this.

"Good idea. Lets get some sleep Kikiyo." she said as she nods to stand up and clean the cups and other things off the table before they get ready for bed to sleep.

~Later at 12:00 midnight~

Many students that stayed in dorms was already asleep for tonight while dreaming the night away. Even the same with Sora that was lightly snoring in her bed with the blanket on top of her. However, she was alone this time as Kikiyo's bed was empty. She was walking through the academy grounds looking ahead with no sign of fear or worry on her face. She keeps looking around as a gentle wind blowing against her clothes. Her dark indigo eyes even seem to almost glow a dark color that you could see she was posses.

She looks around before seeing her destination; the tallest tower that was ahead but it was the main land mark of Horisho Academy. Kikiyo walks over to the main doors and opens them stepping inside through them. She started getting in a elevator and pressed a button going up. She didn't say a thing or moved from her spot till she gets to the floor she required, hearing a ding as the doors open.

Kikiyo steps out and into a room where she sees a desk with a lap top on and someone behind it but she walks forward to look at them. The one behind the lap top stops typing and looks up to see Kikiyo.

"Ahh Kikiyo, It's so nice to see you at this hour. What can I do for you?" he asked but she didn't say a thing while looking down.

"I apologize for visiting you this late but I wanted to come and see how you were doing. I noticed that your still awake and not sleeping like the rest here in the academy. You did say yourself sleep is important for the human body is it not?" she said gently but he didn't say a thing right after.

"I can't when I'm studying my favorite thing in the world my precious rose bride. When something needs to be done, I have to be sure it gets finished."

She didn't answer him towards that while holding both hands in front of her front side but he looks up to ask another question.

"The night sky sure tells the most amazing stories don't you think? Even when human eyes sees them as beautiful stars, all they do is sparkle and shine." he looks up seeing the open roof as million and millions of starts shined in the night blanket sky. Kikiyo looks up seeing the same thing but it was rather nice to see something that this world had.


"Stars always seem to try telling a story but others can't figure that out and only sees stars in the sky. Sad isn't it?"


"But lets not get distracted from why you came here to see me, Kikiyo. How is our little amateur duelist? Is she doing alright with the duels or figure out anything else she won't know of yet?"

"She's getting used to a few things from the two duels she's had with Miss Sarah. However, Miss Sora is not like many girls here in Horisho Academy. She seems more tougher, more harder to gain with trust from another. I don't know what it is but she seems to be....dreaming of unknown weird dreams. Saying she's felt this before." she mutters but he sighs to lean back against his chair to look at the stars.

"She's not wrong, my dear sweet Kiki. The feelings she's getting is from long ago as she feels the spirit of the oldest duelist inside of her soul. Just like you having the spirit of the oldest rose bride."

"You told me that....but I never knew it was something like that."

"I know it's confusing my dear but it's true. Just like the stories of the original duelist freeing the oldest known rose bride from her curse to become free. Free from the pain and suffering she's been through for so long. None thought someone like her was able to do such a thing and yet, she was never the one to give up."

"You said they done many things in the past that made them legends."

"I did but that also caused another thing to happen when the duelist and rose bride had a child that was the next duelist with another new rose bride behind it. Just like the child's parents, they dueled many others to keep the rose bride. To keep her safe from her faith. True, they went through many things but the duelist did the same thing but this time, she broke the cursed cycle so no one else feels the same thing from before."

"So this old story repeats it's self no more after the cycle was shattered. No more duels, no more rose brides, and no more duelist. But I don't understand how this effects the other timelines now if this happened. Won't no more become effected?"

"That's true. The cycle was broken as it's shattered pieces are either scattered through time space. Some are destroyed and is nothing but dust. Or, some are clinging onto another time line to try and make this story happen again but others stopped it before it happens. That showed no matter what someone did, nothing could restore the cycle to it's former glory. That is, unless you do it carefully and right."

Kikiyo didn't understand this but she looks up again at the opening of the ceiling. Other time lines were dealing with something like this. Even other rose brides that felt the same pain and misery through their journey. However, most end up with different endings like the duelists.

"So your planning on trying to fix the story time line? To make everything like it was many years ago as if nothing happened?"

"Yes. This world is nothing but unbalanced chaos where others have free wills and not being perfect to their lives. I just want to fix that Kikiyo and I know with you, I can. I know your still engaged to miss Akiyama Sora since she won you from Miss Sarah but you are still being a good rose bride to keep me informed and see how this story could turn out. You will do that won't you?"

"If that is what you wish for me to do...I will." she mutters but he looks back on his lap top to see Sora's information up again as he presses his fingers against the key board while gazing upon her beauty.



"I'm very happy that you gained Sora's trust but lets try gaining more of it. From here on out, I want you to get more closer to miss Akiyama. Get to know more about her, get more closer to you that you care about her...I want you to find out more about her and see what you can learn." The male slowly stands up and looks out through the window through some curtains as Kikiyo still remains where she was.

"I'm already fascinated by this delicate beauty and she seems to be unlike any other girls here I've seen. True, the story is not as close to the one in the old past but I guess I can find a way to get it back in the right direction. I'm counting on you Kiki to do this right okay? I'll be expecting more from you.."

"I....understand. I'll do what I must for help you get what you desire." he loved hearing her speak that he walks from the desk to stand in the darkness of this room, holding a hand out towards her that she walks closer to reach for it. Her fingers brush against his own but he grabs her to twirl her around that he held her from behind.

She didn't move or say a thing while feeling him holding her so close. Was he going to say something else or was their something she missed.

"I'm so proud of you, Kiki. You are such a good little doll to listen to orders as told. Just like the old rose bride. Just remember; Keep miss Akiyama on the path of this story...nothing is to distract her while the games are going. Understand?"

"Y-Yes.....I'll be sure to keep her on this path. I mean after all, I'm her rose do what ever the duelist requests of me..." she feels him cover her eyes but smiled to hold her still.

"Good girl....."

~1:56am in the morning~

Kikiyo was heading back to her and Sora's dorm but knew she was still sleeping right now. She did wonder what he means about that. Did the old stars really tell old stories from other time lines of Duelists and rose brides before she was born? Was their paths more darker and painful than hers? She honestly didn't know but maybe during this quest, she'll find out more.

She will do just as he order of her but Kikiyo will need to get more closer and comfortable with Sora. Same with Sora doing the same with her. As Kikiyo turns to go down the stairs, she stops seeing something rustling in the bushes near by. She looks towards it and bends down to push the bushes apart but sees something.

Seems like a injured like mouse but it was twitching while looking a little beat up.

"................" She didn't say a thing about it but somehow, she didn't wish to be late getting back to the dorm. She stood up ready to leave but heard a squeak from the little one that she stopped. Kikiyo looks back at the bushes again but lets out a quiet sigh and turns around to get a cloth that was warm and picks up the little mouse.

She looks at it then turns to head back. Seems like she's gotten another new friend but a little more smaller than normal. Oh well.

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New Revolution: The dreams of the Duelist and Rose bride Empty Re: New Revolution: The dreams of the Duelist and Rose bride

Post by Anthy Himemiya on Mon Mar 20, 2017 7:12 pm

~The next morning~

Sora was still asleep as the sun rose the next morning, turning to the side to face away from the sun. She didn't want to wake up just yet because it seems it's still early but she had some extra time before hand. Today she didn't have classes today but tomorrow she did. This was a good time for her to do some other things for today just in case.

She shifts once more in her bed until hearing a slight alarm going off to make her open her light brown eyes. Sora groans looks around the room before sitting up to rub her eyes. Morning already? It didn't seem like it but she wouldn't complain about it. Another morning for another day.

Sora gets out of her bed to head to the bathroom to take a shower. She washes her hair and herself with light hums from her throat. After that, she gets out of the shower to start brushing her teeth but she didn't see Kikiyo in the room. Was she already awake? Or did she have classes too? Or was she off? Either way, she'll find out.

She goes back to get dressed for today and heads to the kitchen to see Kikiyo already making breakfast for them but walks over to take a seat at the table.

"*Yawns* Morning Kikiyo. Did you sleep alright last night?" she asked still a little sleepy.

"Good morning, Miss Sora and yes I did sleep alright. I got plenty of sleep yesterday so now I'm up for another new day. I hope you are okay with some pancakes and eggs this morning, Miss Sora." she flips one that's in the frying pan but they sure smelled really good. Seems Kikiyo might have took some cooking classes here on campus.

"That sounds good, Kikiyo. I can't wait because I'm starving."

"I'm glad to hear that but I hope so. I know you and my new friend will love the food."

Wait, did she say new friend? Sora looks up at Kikiyo as she takes the pancake out from the pan and sets it on another plate before turning around and shows two plates. She walks over to set one in front of Sora and the other in front of Kikiyo to sit down ready to eat.

"A friend? Wait a second, I thought you didn't have any friends, Kikiyo." she said but Kikiyo shook her head to smile a little towards her. That smile sure was pretty but something like that can also still be dangerous when in the wrong hands. Sora was lucky it was with Kikiyo.

"Yes, I did say I didn't have friends here. However, I took your advice and found a friend. I'm sure she's happy with being friends with me because I know I know I am."

"That's great news, Kikiyo. Then where is this new friend? Am I able to meet them later after we finish eating?" she asked cutting into the pancakes on her plate but Kikiyo shook her head to look down.

"That won't be needed, Miss Sora. Besides, she's right here already. See?" Sora blinks to stop cutting her pancakes to look at Kikiyo rather confused now. Her new friend was already here? In their dorm this early in the morning? She looks around and behind her as if this friend might walk into the kitchen but when she looks ahead, she noticed something.

Their was something resting beside Kikiyo's hand that was eating a small bit of food but it didn't look up. It looked like a cute little white mouse with green eyes. It had a little blue bow tied on the end of it's tail and another on it's left ear. A tan face, inner ears, and stomach that was sitting up keeping close. Of course Sora didn't know what to say about this before blinking twice because of it.

"Uhhhh, Kikiyo? What is that?"

"This is my new friend, Miss Sora. I found her last night after I took a late walk around the academy. She was hurt and lost so I decided to take her back with me and nurse her back to health. She's still a little sore but nothing a little rest can fix. she said rubbing her head with one finger as the little mouse shows light pink cheeks from the affection.

"After I took care of her, I released her back to the outside but she didn't want to go and wished to stay with me. So, I decided to keep her and make her my new friend."

"Oh. I thought you made more human friends here but hey, a animal is just as good to have as a friend. So, what is her name?" she asked to eat some of her breakfast while Kikiyo looks up to Sora then shows a relaxing smile on her face.

"Her name is Chi-chi. I didn't know what was a good name so I figure I'd tried with that one. What do you think Miss Sora?" She blinks looking ahead to Kikiyo then down at her new pet named Chi-chi. She sure was a cute little thing so yeah, she wouldn't mind either way but she might have to work with giving her human friends.

She looks down at Chi-chi before seeing her look up at her, taking a pause of eating. They had a silent stare towards each other before she blinks.

"It's nice to meet you, Chi-chi. I hope we can be good friends like you are with Kikiyo." she said gently to her but Chi-chi gently sets the food down and held up cute little paws to shake Kikiyo's finger.

"Guess that answers my question." she said with a smile.

"How sweet. It seems you and Chi-chi will enjoy being friends like me and her. However, I wonder what we should do today. We don't have classes today so it's sort of a free day for us isn't it?" She asked while looking back down to her food to eat a little more.

"I'm sure we can figure out something for us to do. Maybe see Ai and the others. I don't know if that guy is recovering well after yesterday. However, I hope the bullies from before learned their lesson with leaving others alone."

Kikiyo did remember that but wonders if they did. She was told the bullies might have left the academy this morning or just keeping away from Sora after the beat down they got from her.

If she keeps this up, many guys will be more scared of her than trying to claim her heard. However, it still was so unlady like for her to beat up another person like that. Regardless of being a girl.

"You know Miss Sora. I never seen many girls defend themselves or fight before. The boys here would do that while girls watches on the sidelines. Well, maybe. How is it even possible for you to do such a thing?"

"I only do that if it's to help my friends, Kikiyo. I know other girls tell me it's unlady like to fight like a boy or act like one but I feel more comfortable with the things I do. Even if it's fighting. Also, my mom was the same way so I get this side from her because she's told me to stand up for what I think is right."

"How strange. I thought that would be for the father that might teach you things like that. It's how others see it when it comes to that but mothers say girls shouldn't become dirty nor something. Is your father okay with how you do things in your life?"

"Yeah, my father is 100% okay with it. I mean, after all. She seems to be okay with it."

Kikiyo tilts her head to the side a little but she wasn't sure if she heard what Sora said correctly. Did she say she for her father?

"Don't you mean, he miss Sora?"

"No. I really mean she. My mother is female and my father is also female. I have two moms as my parents and I love them both very very much." she said with a shrug of her shoulders but sees Kikiyo looking rather quiet because of it.

"Yes, I know your somewhat shocked but it's true. I have two females as my parents but that's because my mother was able to get a donor years back and had me. I happily accept both of them as my parents and I happy to have them too. Maybe one day, you might like to meet them one day Kikiyo."

"That sounds nice, Miss Sora. maybe one day you might like to meet my own parents as well. I'm sure they will enjoy you too." she said but Sora smiled to nod. That sounded very nice and made her think of plans for that. One day they could make it a small parent meet up so know about them. But that's in the future.

Both Kikiyo and Sora looks at the time to see it was ten a clock now before standing up to get ready to head out to see what they could do. However, Sora could help Kikiyo on making friends.

~Later near Ai's dorm~

"Miss Sora? Why are we here at Miss Ai's dorm house? Did you have some business to attend here today?" she asked while Sora knocked out Ai's door to wait or wonder if she was even awake. She always knew Ai for being a heavy sleeper but still able to have such wild energy.

"In a way but were here for a reason, Kikiyo. I figure since you have me and Chi-chi as your friends, again, we can help you know more people. Baby steps is the key when it comes to making new friends so I figure you know three people that I know. I'll have a guess she'll love having more friends herself." she said smiling but looks to the door and knocks again. Geez, Ai really was sleeping way longer than she used to do.

"I understand but I don't know if she's-"

Suddenly, the door swings open to startle both Kikiyo and Sora to see Minzu and the same boy there but he had some bandages on his face and arms. At least he was recovering and walking than yesterday.

"Minzu? What are you doing here at Ai's dorm?"

"Hi Sora. Ai asked us to come see her if she wanted to hang out or something. I guess she didn't want to be alone and decided to have a group hang out. Same with helping Kikiyo get used to having friends." she said moving to the side so Sora and Kikiyo can come inside.

The dorm was just like Sora and Kikiyo's dorm but wonders if Ai really was sleeping right now but it seems not. She was awake to sit on the chair with some food on a plate but looks up seeing the two. She smiled happily seeing them and goes to run towards Sora.

"HI SORA!!! Good morning to ya! Same with you Kikiyo!" she cheers to jump towards Sora but she catches her quickly to hold her up with no problem. Kikiyo blinks seeing this but knew Sora was right when she said Ai had much energy. Minzu and the boy looks right at this to laugh lightly but think it was cute. Sora sets her down on both feet before she just laughed because of it.

"Still silly aren't you, Ai? Also, didn't you get any sleep if your this hyper?"

"Of course I gotten some sleep but enough about me, we are here to help Kikiyo get used to making friends. Or at least get her known for making friends. Besides, it's fun having friends with you no matter what. Now, lets see what we can do to make this work." Ai started thinking while Minzu, Sora, and the boy takes a seat but Kikiyo sits down with chi-chi resting on her right shoulder.

She looks at them while Ai was starting to offer some things to eat but Sora said she and Kikiyo already ate. Same with Minzu and the boy too. So everyone was full and well for now till later on at lunch.

"So Ai? I was hoping that you might give some advice to Kikiyo when it comes to making friends with other people. You see, she already has me and her other new friend, Chi-chi. I figure maybe she can find more friends..." Sora said while Ai blinks to think about it for a second.

"Making friends? Of course it's easy to make friends, Kikiyo. All you have to do is be yourself. I did the same thing when it came to meeting Sora years back during last summer. Because of it, I'm happy to meet more friends later on like Minzu and Chiro here."

"Chiro? That's your name?" Sora asked the boy that nods with a smile while scratching his head a little.

"Yes, that's my name Chiro Zin. I do wish to thank you Sora for helping me and Minzu the other day. I didn't know their was so many people that would enjoy hurting others to embarrass them. Guess I was lucky to have Minzu, Ai, and you to help me in time." he said while Sora smiled to him.

"Of course. I was glad to help you away from those rotten bullies but after yesterday, they shouldn't bother you any more. But if they try, they know not to. What are friends for?" she said as Ai giggles to hug Sora's arm tightly but Kikiyo blinks.

"So you see, Kikiyo. You can always make new friends if you just be yourself and try to know more about them. You never know what kind of friends you'll have later on in life. Hey, if you want. We can be your friends too!" she cheered that Kikiyo blinks remaining quiet. They actually wished to be friends with her?

"You all wish to be friends with me? Even if I'm a little......odd?" she mutters quietly.

"Hey, your not odd, Kikiyo. You're just like the rest of us. Someone that is very sweet and deserves to have good friends by your side." Minzu said smiling.

"She's right. Everyone needs to have a friend. No matter what life throws at you, having a friend is just as good." Chiro said next.

"See? We would love being your friend, Kikiyo! It's just like being the group of friends wanting to be just like family. It'll be so much fun! Think of the adventures we'll have together!" she squeals happily but Sora laughed to shake her head before seeing Kikiyo look at her.

"And your okay with this...Miss Sora?"

"As I said before. Everyone deserves a friend Kikiyo. Even you. I know you will be more comfortable around them just like with me if you give it a shot. So what do you say?" she asked gently while Kikiyo thinks a little before she slowly looks at them and nods to answer her. She and the others smiled to see that but Kikiyo looks at them but shows a warm little smile.

For the remaining time in the morning, Sora, Minzu, Chiro, Ai, and Kikiyo hung out while teaching Kikiyo many things of how wonderful it was to have friends. Sharing laughs stories, and other things with one another. Even if she was a Rose bride, it was sorta.....nice. She never had friends before and during the summer but this year, she did.

In the afternoon, Kikiyo did learn a few extra things from the others and even knowing of the boy Chiro had a crush on. Seems things during these moments were nice to Kikiyo and hopes one day she might know more.

However she had to remember her mission that the president gave her. She had to get more closer to Sora. To know more about her so one day, she'll open up more to spill everything she needed to know and show Sora her place. It might be a tough job with how strong willed she was but either way, Kikiyo will do what is needed to figure it out. For now, today was an off day and this was just as nice.


Sora and Kikiyo were leaving Ai's dorm to somewhere else but she was thinking about something while they walked from the area to somewhere else.

"That was fun huh, Kikiyo? You now have more friends for you to know." Sora said while showing a smile on her face but she looks down at Kikiyo that didn't answer her.

She wonders if Kikiyo was okay but maybe she was over joyed and happy from before.


"Kikiyo? Are you okay? Didn't you have fun or are you not happy about-"

"Thank you, Miss Sora. Thank you for today. I never knew I would get more friends besides you and Chi-chi. I mean, all this time, I've never had friends but after today, I have a few. Out of many here in the academy, you seem to have showed me such I thank you for that..." she said now showing the same mysterious robot like smile on her face but Sora lightly blushed seeing that smile.

"Well, of course. I mean, even someone like you deserves to have friends. No one should be alone......I know that much."

"Then it's true what Miss Ai said about you being a prince. Always caring for others besides yourself and doing what's right. It's amazing what someone like you can do, Miss Sora."

"Gee, thank you." she laughed while rubbing the back of her head smiling a little more. She did look at Kikiyo once more but then looked ahead to try and hide her light blush appearing on her cheeks.

It was pretty nice and made her look really cute. She turns away from Kikiyo while they walked back but she had another idea and stops her. "I'm glad you had fun Kikiyo but the day isn't done yet. How about we get some ice cream to celebrate this special occasion. It'll be so much fun so what do ya say?"

"That sounds....lovely."

With that, Both her and Kikiyo heads out to get some ice cream together for the remaining time of their day off. While from a tall window in the tower, he was watching them leave the academy grounds. He saw that Kikiyo and Sora were getting more comfortable with one another but not close enough. Maybe when Sora has her next challenge, things will start to fix it.

He knew Kikiyo wouldn't fail him and her mission but knew Kikiyo was strong for a rose bride. He was sure of that. For tomorrow, the duel games continue for Sora Akiyama and Kikiyo Miya.

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New Revolution: The dreams of the Duelist and Rose bride Empty Re: New Revolution: The dreams of the Duelist and Rose bride

Post by Anthy Himemiya on Sat Apr 08, 2017 5:41 pm

The next day, Sora and Kikiyo were back walking down the hallways of Horisho Academy while knowing other students were busy heading to classes or some just leaving the hallways. Seems like the news of the duel with Sarah were finally brushing off as if it was last weeks news. However only a couple still spoke about it like Ai and some others too.

She didn't know what was going on and she didn't know what happened with Sarah after she beat her twice. Did she leave the school? Did she keep herself away from others to save her the same? Knowing her she might have since others that did see or speak to her wasn't as scared anymore. Hearing that made Sora happy to know they were standing up for themselves now.

All she can hope for was Sarah changing for her own good.

Right now, Sora was lost in through with some things as she walked beside Kikiyo but wonders what events could happen today. Was another duel going to happen today? Was more drama going to happen between them? Or is this something else. She still didn't figure out how in the world her clothes changed into what she dueled with that one time. That still lingers in her mind at the moment.

"Come on Kikiyo. Lets go ahead and try to head to class. I don't know if this computer class is even worth taking this year. Maybe I should went with some sports."

She yawns walking down some stairs but Kikiyo didn't say a thing while walking with books held in her arms. She just bought these books out from the
near by book store and was going to read them later on after school.

In some way, Kikiyo had a big love for reading but Sora didn't argue about it. Everyone has their favorite things they enjoy doing so if reading was one then good for her. They kept walking down the hallway till both of them sees the classroom up ahead while Sora looks to Kikiyo.

"I'll see you later after class okay? That way the both of us can maybe get some lunch after that."

"But of course, Miss Sora. I'll see you later on I believe. Maybe after the classes we can check on the garden?"

"If that's what you want to check then sure. We can go and do that after classes." With a nod she gently showed a smile and turns to leave down the hallway while Sora goes into her classroom for today and maybe some others because of it later on. After Kikiyo gets down the stairs she decided to do some reading for a while near the garden house.

She knew that Sora was taken maybe three classes today so maybe she will see her later on during the noon. The slight info she's got from Sora didn't tell her much but as the main king to this story asked, Kikiyo had to keep this going just as it stated. Nothing was to interrupt this story.

The books got set down beside her and Kikiyo begins to read a little to herself. Already her dark indigo eyes slightly scanned the words in the book with some sort of silence towards her while Sora was taking her classes.

~In Class near 11:21am~

Sora already took her computer and math class for the morning but she seems to be writing some things down for her music class. She had some music sheets in front of her but noticed Ai with some interment in her hand but she knew Minzu and Chiro were okay from the last class she was in.

The teacher, Mr. Mikoken was writing some music notes down on the board since he wanted everyone to play the same piece to see what his students learned during the time. She watched as others who practiced play it with no problem. Others had some slightly struggle with playing from the lack of practice. When it was Ai's turn she played it sorta half-half but still did okay right after.

"Umm, Okay Miss Himura I may need you to keep working on the piece. You're getting it but just keep working on it."

"Awwww really? I thought I did it alright Mr. Mikoken. Maybe if I changed the tune.." She was about to try it again but he shook his head knowing they had to move on with the next person.

"That's alright Ai. Now, lets see if Miss Akiyama can play this piece." He said looking at Sora that picked up the guitar from the side. She got it ready during the time as others looked right at her to hear her play it.

"Ready when you are, Miss Sora."

With a nod, Sora takes a slow breath and started to play the peace with a smooth slow pace as the other students listen. She looks at her fingers as they strum the strings but Ai smiled loving how she played it. The teacher was impressed when she finished and looks up.

"Seems you been practicing well, Sora."

"Thank you Mister Mikoken." she said while looking up to him but he looks right at her to wonder what else she could play that made him ask another question.

"Miss Akiyama? How long have you been playing the guitar? You seem to have known a lot." He asked while Sora held the guitar. How long has she been playing this? Maybe longer than she thought. Either way she would be okay with it.

"It's been a while to maybe a few years maybe. I learned as a young kid. I took a love to enjoying guitar and music thanks to my parents and music. No matter what I try or did. I always liked it."

A couple were muttering about this but Mister Mikoken asked another question.

"Would it be okay if you can play a little something for us?"

Sora looks up as others just kept quiet before she keeps quiet right after. She started going ahead to start playing right after he asked. The students heard her playing a soft melody after humming a little along with it. She looks down at the strings while her fingers strum against it. The music was getting to many and the students wonder if she was more advanced to learn the harder ones?

When she was done, Sora stops and looks up seeing others clapping and enjoying the small show they got. "Very good and impressive. I can tell that you been practicing for a good few years."

"Thank you again sir. I have my parents to think for this and their helping. Same with others that took the time to show me." she said setting the guitar down.

"Well, I'm impressed that you have such a love for the music. " He said before hearing the school ring as students stood up and leaves the room but Sora did the same to get her bag and get ready to leave.

"Hold on Miss Akiyama. Since you are known for a little advantage how about I start giving you something more challenging? If you wish?" He said to show some book that had music. Of course Sora took it and smiled to Mr. Mikoken.

"Thank you sir."

He nods getting ready to leave as well but he gets his bag and leaves too. She goes ahead to leave the room as well but during that time she didn't know another was watching her leave to meet up with Kikiyo.

~At the garden rose glasshouse~

Sora was just arriving there but she sees Kikiyo already watering the roses once more with a slight smile on her face. Seems like she's already been dealing with some roses that got watered. Her eyes just looked around to make sure the roses were taken good care of. During the time, Sora made it noticed that she was there and sits up to face her.

"Hello Miss Sora. Did your classes already ended for the day? I figure classes takes longer than usual today." she asked in a silent voice but Sora shrugs her shoulders with a smile seen.

"In a way but I'm alright with that. Plus it's the same classes I would take over time. So again no worries Kikiyo. What about you? Have you been waiting here for me after your classes?"

"In a way. After reading some of the books I had. I took care of my roses here. Seems their more stronger than ever and it does my heart good to know that." She smiled lightly with eyes shut but Sora was happy for her. After some time, Sora checks to see the roses were taken care of already.

During that time when it became 12 noon, the bell for the academy rings to show lunch and maybe some leaving the grounds. They look up hearing the bell before then looking at each other. Maybe they should go ahead and get some food for the day.

They went up the stairs to inside of the academy while speaking to each other about their days until hearing some music. A light flute was playing from a room as they look at one another. Sora knew Mr. Mikoken was gone for the day since he didn't have many classes during the day but more during the late evening. So far, they look to the door to see inside.

They saw a brown haired girl sitting down on the chair having a flute in her hands playing. She seems really sweet with eyes shut but sorta shy while playing. Sora and Kikiyo didn't say anything before the girl stops.

Both her and Kikiyo gently claps from the music but the girl looks up seeing them.


"That was pretty cool. You seem to be really good with your music and have a deep passion for it."

"Thank you...I've loved music ever since I've heard it and now I become one with it." her voice seems really soft and maybe almost like Kikiyo as well. She slightly just be another person or something else. The girl stood up quietly still holding the flute.

"You sure play lovely Miss..."

"Namiko. Namiko Shizo. I didn't know someone was listening me during my little private practice. I come here alone most time with no problem so now I figure why not?" she walks over to the case and sets it down carefully. Kikiyo and Sora watches her but quietly didn't say a thing.

"Nice to meet you, Namiko. I'm-"

"Sora Akiyama. I was in your class today from hearing you play on the guitar. Second, I knew who you were from others that spoke about you a few days ago."

"Oh you are? I'm sorry I didn't know that. I guess a few still know who I am." she said quiet but Namiko smiled from the figure before seeing Namiko open her eyes showing a pretty gunpowder blue. She seems almost mysterious as well but Kikiyo didn't say a thing.

"Oh wait, did you meet..."

"I know who she is. Kikiyo Miya. It's been a while since I've seen you...."

"Indeed. Seems like you been sure busy for the time after our last encounter. Doing many things that seems to be okay with it..."

"True. Either way, lets move on. How are the roses? Still taking care of them?" She asked but slowly sees them look at one another with slight quiet expressions. Sora looks back and forth at the two and figures out that she must have known one another just like Sarah.

"I always have been taking care of them but for a good time now. They are still as beautiful."

"You both seem to have known a lot with each other hmm?"

"Well, Kikiyo is known for keeping things for being mysterious but I find it quite something. She's like a book to when you open it, more things show who another is." she said before checking the time that was now 1 in the afternoon.

Seems lunch was half way over but Sarah checked the time then at the clock. "Seems we might have missed half our lunch and I guess it's time for us to head to our usual thing." she mutters.

"I'm sorry for making you all late for lunch. Maybe we can get some lunch together? I am sorta hungry.." she said but sees Sora and Kikiyo look at one another and smile. Of course Sora was alright with having another friend join them to lunch. After a bit they go ahead to leave. Maybe Sora has got a new friend now but didn't know the slight history between Namiko and Kikiyo.

She will known later on as the days pass with their new friend.

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New Revolution: The dreams of the Duelist and Rose bride Empty Re: New Revolution: The dreams of the Duelist and Rose bride

Post by Anthy Himemiya on Sun Apr 09, 2017 4:59 pm

~At the main garden square/Lunchtime~

Namiko, Sora, and Kikiyo were eating lunch together as they sat together near the fountain with other students eating there too. Or just hanging out with their friends to either enjoy the warm sunshine. The three of them goes ahead with sharing a conversation of some things to being music.

"So you known music all your life, Sora? That's pretty amazing for someone to learn about the joys of music and it's beautiful words." She eats a little of her sandwich while seeing Kikiyo drinking a bit of her tea.

"As I said before I've been taught about the joys of music since I was a little girl. I never really did much as a kid except learning things for enjoyment. So my mother figure I should try listening to music. At first I wasn't all on board with it but after a few tries, practice, and hearing my father playing it I started getting into it myself."

She looks up at the sky to the clouds reflecting off of her eyes with a smile. So she's learned a lot more than she figured. That's pretty cool though. But also amazing to find another music lover here at the academy.

"To be honest, I'm glad I took a liking to music."

"It's good to hear that Sora. I'm happy for you." she said with both eyes shut and smiling lightly to her since Namiko was happy for her.

"Heh, thanks a lot."she said while Kikiyo takes a drink of her tea before looking up a bit.

"So Miss Namiko, have you gotten more used to music with more challenging music? I heard you have from a couple of the students."

"I have but they tell me I should be teaching the music class instead. I don't wish to upstage any teachers here or any of the students." She eats a little more of her food before chewing slightly with her looks watching three birds beside the fountain. "All I wish for is to learn more of the beauty of true music."

"I'm sure you will some day, Namiko and who knows? Maybe you will become greater than you are now. Having others just asking you for music advice just like a teacher." She saw Namiko looking up towards her before she lightly laughed from the thought.

"You really think so?"

"Of course! Just do what you love Nami and nothing won't stop you and your dream. I know I won't let it for me." she grins with a smile before Namiko nods to agree with her. She wouldn't let anything bring her down and just go one with learning more and more as time moves along. The three shared smiles and goes back to eating their lunches.

For Namiko she was looking over at Sora as she eats seeing Kikiyo doing the same. She had a guess they were close but maybe getting closer? Would it be possible for them to become closer as friends too? When lunch was over the three of them stood up to dump the trash they had from what they ate till Namiko looks to Sora.

"Miss Sora? Would it be possible if you could help me with something after school?"

"Hmm? Sure. What did you want help with?" she asked while standing beside Kikiyo that waited for her.

"I know that you have a good taste with music and all so maybe you can help me with a music piece? No matter what or how I start it the music doesn't sound right to me. So will you help me? Please????"

Sora blinks looking to Namiko that was showing both hands held up in front of her chest with her gunpowder eyes looking at light brown eyes. If she was able to help her then she'll be forever grateful. Of course Sora loved helping others no matter what so she figures why not? She was a student in the same class and is asking for help.

And Sora couldn't ignore a simple request. "I guess so if you want the help then sure. You can expect me and Kikiyo to-"

"Actually Miss Sora I need to do something later on after school. I'll meet you again at the dorms when you are done. Unless you wish for me to wait with you after that?"

"If you want to Kikiyo. I just don't want any other bullies hurting you while I'm gone. Are you sure you're going to be okay?" If Kikiyo wanted someone to keep her safe then she wouldn't mind but the choice of words got her confused. Was she getting worried about her being alone? Well, since she's her friend of course but the way she thought about it was like they

"Of course I'll be okay during the time you visit Miss Namiko. You shouldn't be worried about me. Unless you have thoughts of someone else doing the same as Miss Sarah?"


The thought from being reminded of Sarah made her look slightly angry. She definitely didn't want anyone bullying or hurting her again but she could always keep Kikiyo close or near by. But that might be over protective in her head.

"Ahem, lets not worry about it. Is this little thing important or something of a side task?"

"Yes but if you wish I can do it another time and come along."

Sora decided to shake it off and looks to Namiko showing a friendly look at her. "Alright then it's settled. We'll see you after school or when your done with your classes." she said to see Namiko smile and give Sora a gentle hug as thanks, not seeing Sora's blush.

"Oh thank you Miss Akiyama! I'll see you after school in the music room." She said not letting go but Sora still blushes to just remain still.

"Uhhh you're welcome but can you let me go now? It's sorta hard to breath from your friendly hug." she said as a joke before Namiko quickly lets go and blushes herself.

"S-sorry. I umm better go. See you later."

She smiled and leaves for her classes while Sora stood their confused while hitting her cheeks to get rid of the blush. Kikiyo did noticed that but decided not to say anything about it before they leave the area to their dorms. They were done with their classes for today but Sora was to come back to help Namiko after school.

"Miss Sora? Were you that worried about me being alone? If you didn't forget, being your rose bride means I'm to stay by your side." she said as they leave the area but Sora sighed rubbing the back of her head.

"Guess I forgot over time Kikiyo but I was just being sure if it's okay. I mean we are friends and I don't want anything happening to you."

"I know but somehow your words sounded more different. As if you were showing more concern and worry about me. A lot more than usual." She sees Sora not reply to that but just keeps walking ahead with no worry or thought. She wasn't sure why or how she did it but something inside of her heart wanted to keep Kikiyo safe.

"It's nothing silly. Lets just hurry back to our dorm. I'm actually in the mood to having some of your tea. Same with seeing how Chi chi is doing.." she wanted to change the topic before they hurry back with out saying anything else. That was sure weird but Kikiyo simply follows her so they can enjoy their tea together.

~Later after School~

Sora was seen back in the hallways with Kikiyo holding Chi-chi in her hands. They got here right on time but wonders if Namiko was already there waiting for them. They walked not saying a thing till noticing the music room door open again but it told them that Namiko was here.

They walked towards the door before seeing Namiko at the chair already practicing with some sour notes from some new piece she was putting together.  

"Hmmm, no no no. That isn't the right way. The music should flow beautifully and it's not. Maybe if I tried another way it might work." She's been muttering to herself about it but still didn't liked the different motions of the music that was connected to it.

She kept trying it over and over again to see if that would work but nothing else seemed to do much. Each time she tried nothing worked. Over and over again. The same flow of music didn't seem to work with what she can see.

It was sorta frustrating that nothing flowed with the music but either way, maybe with Sora's help she figure it out. Just as she was about to try again a knock was heard. She looks up seeing Sora and Kikiyo arrive as she stood up happily.

"You both made it. I'm so happy that you did."

"Well you asked for help so I'm here to help anyway I can. Now, lets take a look at this piece your trying to work with." She leads them over to another chair so she can show the music sheets for it. Sora could see why it's so difficult from the different tones to the volume it gave. She reads the music on it before looking to Namiko.

"Okay, Try playing it so we can hear what it is."

"Okay." Namiko picks up her flute and slowly started playing the music sheet. Sora listened to each note that Namiko played but when she gets to the third line, a sour note was played because of it that she winces. She stops playing but looks at Sora.


"No, No it's fine. Try again but try relaxing your fingers a little because they could be tense." She said quietly but gently keeps working with the music after a while.

She tries it again with relaxing her fingers when playing it over and over but hears another sour note once more. Sora just kept helping her with this piece for the next couple hours with Kikiyo and Chi-chi sitting in another chair listening to this. As each hour passes the more Namiko was understanding the music before she gets it with the music playing more softer and beautifully.

"Okay. Lets try it one last time. Take a deep breath and play it. Let yourself go. Relax your fingers and only think about the music...You can do this." she encouraged Namiko before she takes a deep breath and begins playing the piece.

The music sounded beautiful and it flows like water as Sora and Kikiyo listen to it. She kept watching Namiko play after a while but when she gets to the hard part of the note she plays it just right and moves on. The whole piece was just as well until she finished.

Both Sora and Kikiyo held their hands up to applaud towards her while seeing Chi-chi waving her little arms slightly to clap next. Namiko did it! "What that good?"

"That was perfect! You got the whole music piece just right Namiko. No mistakes and some other things but not too bad." She said to see Namiko stand up and look happily at her.

"That was indeed wonderful miss Namiko. I can tell that you have done better than usual."

"I have but thanks to miss Sora, I finally got the piece. I seriously owe you for all this." she said but Sora rubs the back of her head to look right at her.

"Glad to be of help for you, Namiko. I knew you could do it with practice, practice, practice. Now I know you will be able to do anything." She said with a gentle grin and thumbs up. After some time she checked the clock seeing it was really late. They been practicing all through the evening to showing it was already 11:21pm.

"Seems we been up longer than we thought, Miss Sora. Shall we head back to the dorm?" she said standing up but sees chi-chi sleeping from looking tired. Sora noticed that before she lets out a sigh and turns to Namiko.

"Seems we should go ahead and head back but I'm glad to help you with this, Namiko. If you ever need help with something else just let me know." she said but Namiko smiled that she hugs Sora again with her eyes shut. She was grateful for the help but felt more happiness thanks to her kindness.

"I'll keep that promise in mind. Thank you..." she said before seeing the two wave good bye and leave from the room into the hall. Namiko remains in the room but she looks down showing a happy smile because of it. She was so happy to have someone like her to help and now felt as if she wished to know more about her.

"Oh really are like what the head president said you were. So nice and innocent. I hope this slight bond doesn't break between us." she mutters quietly before she opens her eyes to look at a small ring case resting on the piano that gleams of a rose crested ring. She was going to treasure this moment forever.

~*Darkness and light comes in many forms but both are always in all living things. People and others must cherish what they have or else be corupted by the raw energy of these two. Be careful of the side you choose for it will remain with you for the rest of your life. You have been warned*~

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New Revolution: The dreams of the Duelist and Rose bride Empty Re: New Revolution: The dreams of the Duelist and Rose bride

Post by Anthy Himemiya on Tue Apr 11, 2017 1:14 pm

From that moment, Namiko was considered Sora and Kikiyo's new friend that tends to see and visit them during the time at lunch or after school. Sora didn't mind that at all but she was happy to see Namiko being friends with both her and Kikiyo. Right now, she keeps a slight distance near the school wall to see Sora doing something like work or writing a little list with Kikiyo beside her but her heart swoons just gazing upon her.

At first she was able to see and meet with the two during good times and Namiko was happy for that. She even was able to bring lunch and meet the others Sora knew. When three weeks passed, things started showing some change. Most times when she tries to invite Sora to do some things she usually tells her she's too busy because of school work and helping with Kikiyo some things.

She didn't mind the whole busy thing but she really wanted to spend more time with her still. Most time it was spending time with Kikiyo so no one tries to bother her or hurt her friends. Namiko did see her fight and defend her friends some times but quietly sat there to blush. She truly was a knight in shining armor.

Namiko saw Sora alone doing some thing but walks over to get Sora's attention with a gentle smile on her face. She saw her wearing some casual clothes that's her favorite but turns to see Namiko.

"Hey Namiko, how have you been?"

"I'm alright. How about you?" she asked looking at her but Sora blinks to scratch her cheek.

"I've been fine after doing some work and other things. Well before working on Mr. Mikoken's piece he gave me and I've been doing other things with Kikiyo. I think we both got it already but we still need to work on it just in case..." she said.

"I guess it's good to know that Miss Sora but you been so busy that we never can hang out like normal. Either way I don't know I'm not sure I guess. I was hoping that we can spend more time  together than usual since you do the same with Kikiyo and all."

The slight smile on Namiko's face went away a bit but it stayed true in some point. She didn't want it to show her being too sad or anything. She looks up at Sora and had some idea to speak with her about something. "I keep forgetting your always busy with things."

"Yeah, at times I am but I'm sorry about it. I just been trying to get things done so it wouldn't be too bad. So yeah, maybe one time we can try to spend time with one another." she suggested as Namiko's face showed a bigger smile.

"That sounds like a perfect idea. Maybe we can-"

"Hold on. Is it okay if Kikiyo comes along too?" She looks at Sora wondering why she was suggesting Kikiyo to come along? She just wanted some time alone to talk with Sora and not have the other being here. With a sigh, Namiko looks at Sora with a sad look.

"I'm sure she'll be okay but please? I just need to speak with you and you alone Sora. I'm sure she will be busy with someone else and you shouldn't worry about her."

"I....guess so." Sora mutters a little but she had reasons why. She didn't want any of the duelists to try and hurt her. She didn't want someone to even do harm of her. However she wasn't sure who and what other duelists were out here and she was keeping an eye out just in case. Maybe this was one time to speak alone with Namiko.

Pinching the rim of her nose, she quietly looked back to Namiko and sees her not saying anything but waiting for an answer. After a little she just gave an answer. "Alright Namiko, I'll go with you to talk so would after school be okay or do we need to talk right now?"

She saw Namiko smile slightly from her answer before gently moving some hair from her face. She suggested they go speak to one another at the music room later on after school so maybe they can talk for a good long while. Even know more things about each other.

"Great. I'll see you after school Sora."

"Sure. See you later.." She said quietly but watches Namiko leaving for her class but Sora lets out a sigh and covering her eyes a little bit too. In the upper level Kikiyo looked down at Sora hearing this but she knew the story was moving along as planned. Looking down with her eyes shadowed she goes ahead to check on the president that awaited her at the top tower.

~Later after School once more/Music room~

Sora was in the classroom waiting for Namiko that seems to be a little late. She looks at the ground while waiting for her but messing with the ring on her finger. Did something happen that caused Namiko to change her mind or was she delaying the time to come here? She was about to stand up and walk around a little till the door opens showing Namiko walking in and looking slightly tired as if she ran over here.

"I'm sorry for being late. I had to speak with someone before coming over here. Did I make you wake too long?" she asked as Sora shook her head slightly because of it.

"It's okay Namiko. I had a feeling that was the case." She saw her walking over to sit beside her to set the bag down looking happy to see her here and even by herself with no Kikiyo around for once. But the expression on Sora's face told her that she was slightly worried about her.

"So Namiko? What did you want to speak to me about?" she asked looking at the piano key board in front of her but Namiko lets out a sigh and didn't say a thing right after. Namiko was trying to think of something before showing a smile to hear Sora messing with the keys.

"For one, I did wish to thank you again for helping me after all of this. You helped me with the music piece from a couple weeks ago and now Mr. Mikoken is impressed because of it. I've never been happier from that so again, I thank you."

"Oh. Well you're welcome once again Namiko. I'm glad to be of help for you and I'm happy that he was impressed about it."

"True. You really are something Sora."

"Well, I was raised right thanks to my parents and I always love helping another one. I'm doing the same for Kikiyo to show her to be happy and express herself with no problem. Sure she's not used to these sort of things but I'm going to help her out of it."

"Oh. Well...I know you can do that. Kikiyo knows how to learn new things for herself and others." she said with a silent tone in her voice but Sora didn't answer to that.


She nods towards her words and went back to messing with the piano keys again but she didn't say nothing else to bring a slight awkward silence. The evening kept going along with no problem before Namiko decided to ask her something else. At least she can know just in case.

"Hey, Sora?"


"I don't know if this is personal or private but....are you ummm dating anyone here at the academy? I know many shouldn't ask this sort of question since we are friends but It left me curious about it." she mutters but Sora didn't know how to answer that question since she wasn't sure about it herself. In honest words, she wasn't okay with dating others at the moment but many have respected her words.

".....Dating anyone?......."

"Well yes. I know others would wish to date someone as pretty as you, Miss Sora. So are you..."

"...." Her mind started remembering old times ago just thinking about it. However she shuts her eyes to try shaking it off and shudder. No. She wasn't ready to re think about it right now.

"Sora? Are you okay? Did I say something wrong?"

"No. Not really. It's just I'm not okay with answering the question right now if that's okay with you, Namiko. It still makes me feel....down about it and makes me feel weird."

"No, I understand I just didn't know that honestly but I'm sorry for making you feel that way." she said starting to play a little on the piano but keeps her eyes looking down because of it.

"It's fine but it's way more different when another guy calls me...." she was about to say the words but the words get caught in her throat. The thought of it made her feel upset and weird too. Namiko noticed her hand closing up to a fist but figures Sora's thinking of something negative.

"Calls you what?"

"....." Sora decided to take a slight deep breath before slowly saying it. "The words 'My dear'."

Namiko blinks not getting what she means but turns her head to looking right at her a bit. "My dear? Why would these words bother you so much Miss Sora?" She didn't say a thing to answer about this but her light brown eyes darken slightly as she was trying to forget about it. Namiko took notice but wonders what could have caused Sora to hate the words.

"Lets just say....the words left a very bad scar on my heart and I'm trying to heal from that ever since. I do feel embarrassed that another has feelings for me but I don't think I'm ready for that sort of thing. Not yet." she said but Namiko looked down at her hand as she stops playing the piano but she lets out a sigh.

"I'm sorry for making you feel down but I was hoping that you will know someone will be okay understanding. Even I do since I.....well.." her hands fiddle around a bit but she quietly looks away from Sora that now seemed confused.


"Miss Sora. Do you believe in 'love at first sight'?" Love at first sight? Back when she was younger yeah but after she grew up that didn't seem to effect her as much because of it. "I heard of it but I don't believe it that anymore. It's just something of confused feelings since others have to know the other that feels love for them I might sound rude but I don't believe in the words." she mutters slightly.

"Well, I do. It's something that just as beautiful as music and I'm always taking this seriously. Just like how you became my friend and the same for.....ahem, her."

"Her? You mean Kikiyo?"

"Yes but lets not get off of topic please. You see Miss sora, I fully respect your words and understand your not ready for this but I believe your just confused." she said to gently face Sora that did the same with confused eyes looking into her gunpowder eyes.

"I....I don't understand."

"It's simple. I have a big crush on you, Miss sora. You are truly amazing. Your honest, sweet, caring, and protective and it makes my heart feel different. I guess It's sudden because we only known friends for weeks but I know I'm not crazy when I say I..Like you."

Sora's eyes widen in shock hearing the words that left her mouth but she wasn't sure how to respond to it. Namiko liked her. No she loved her? The slight images around her memories came back in a flash to make her look away from Namiko that got her confused too.

"....I.....Wait, you have a crush on me? A real crush?"

"Of course I do. I really wish to show that to you so you understand just how much I like like you. Maybe in another way I can show you. Ever since I saw you and heard about your stories here that got me curious. Over time I've been trying to find out more about you in hopes to know about it." She said to place a hand on Sora's own.

Her eyes looked down at Namiko's hand resting on top of hers but she just sighed not saying a thing because of it. She wasn't sure how to respond to this but the whole I love you theory didn't seem to help her think.


"You don't have to worry about it, Sora. That just tells you that someone cares about you just as much as Kikiyo does but more. She really doesn't express her feelings for another person but I do. I can be the one that can show you things in the beauty of color and music. Together we can-"


Namiko blinks looking at her but she quietly sits back from Sora to see her quiet expression on her face. "No? What do you mean no?"

"I just.....I don't know. I said I'm not....I don't..." her words were getting mixed up and was making it hard to speak. Namiko didn't know what she was speaking about before looking upset about this.

"You don't what? Are you like another here?"

"I never said anything like that, Namiko." she said standing up from the piano and looks away from Namiko that stood up as well with her hand hitting a few keys.

"Then what? It's either that....or your in love with someone else? Does this you like Kikiyo? Did your love go all to her?" she asked now sounding upset but Sora looked shocked from hearing that. Love for Kikiyo? What was she implying?

"What? Love for Kikiyo? Namiko-"

"It's true right? You are saying you don't have feelings for others here. No love attractions for someone but it seems your love went right to 'her'. It's always seems to be for Kikiyo, Kikiyo, Kikiyo." she said this feeling jealously rising in her heart but Sora wasn't understanding any of this or her words.

"Namiko, please calm down. It's not like that okay? I just am not ready for relationships at the time of my life and Kikiyo's my friend just like you are. I won't have anything breaking my friendships with anyone here. That includes you. So please, just calm down and we can just keep talking.."

"How are you sure? Your more protective over her and trying to make sure she's not harmed. You seem to deeply care about her just like you almost love her or am I wrong?"

"Again; it's not like that. I'm just trying to be sure she's safe. I just want to be sure she's going to be safe from harm. I don't want anyone taking my friend away from me." That same dedication. The same protection she was wishing for from Sora was already for Kikiyo. The rose bride that she was engaged to and the thought made her upset and angry.

Looking away from Sora, her face became shadowed with a hurt tone in her voice.

"I...I understand. However, I don't think I'm okay with talking anymore. I think you should head back to your dorm since I know she's waiting for you. I want to be alone now if that's okay...." she said sitting down to face the piano again as she feels the keys but Sora's eyes noticed something gleaming on her finger of some ring.


"Please leave, Miss Sora...." she mutters but she started playing the piano to ignore Sora as she looks at her quietly then turns to head out of the music room as Namiko plays. That was odd but it left her really unsure how to speak. How in the world would Namiko have feelings for her and was she really jealous of Kikiyo and all the time she spends with her?

She wasn't even sure anymore before heading out and back to the dorm. From the window, Namiko watches her leave but her gentle eyes looked dark since her anger grew to knowing what she had to do. She would have to duel Sora to get Kikiyo away from her and use the power to get Sora to express the same love as she did for her. She wasn't insane; she was only wishing to have her care and love just like she was with Kikiyo.

~*Darkness and light comes in many forms but both are always in all living things. People and others must cherish what they have or else be corupted by the raw energy of these two. Be careful of the side you choose for it will remain with you for the rest of your life. You have been warned*~

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New Revolution: The dreams of the Duelist and Rose bride Empty Re: New Revolution: The dreams of the Duelist and Rose bride

Post by Anthy Himemiya on Sun Apr 16, 2017 10:01 am

~Later at Midnight at Sora and Kikiyo's dorm~

Kikiyo and Chi-chi was still awake eating some food for the time being. However She was waiting for miss Sora to come back from what she was doing tonight. The talk might have taken longer than she figure it did. Not that she was complaining or anything but she was already checking something while waiting.

Being gone till 12 midnight might have mean their still talking or something. Most times when she had to see him, she and him would talk through the whole night on events that needed to happen. Same with speaking to the other duelists in this game.

"..." She just picks up her tea to take a sip from it and watching her friend eating a little something with crumbs on her furry cheeks. At least she enjoyed the sweets she prepared for everyone.

Now she had to be sure they weren't not gone before Sora came back home. When seeing chi-chi eating another brownie, Kikiyo pets her head with one finger.

"Easy now friend. We need to leave some for Miss Sora too."she sees Ch-chi looking up at her to blink twice then nods while eating the last brownie. She smiled seeing her agreeing not to eat much more and leave some for Sora.

As Kikiyo sets down her tea cup on the plate, she look up seeing the door opening. Her eyes sees Sora walked into the dorm and shutting the door when removing her shoes. She seemed a little silent while looking down at the floor with nothing else to say. Did something happen when she was out?

"Miss Sora? Are you alright? You came back rather late tonight."


She didn't seem to answer Kikiyo right away from what just happened before. Rather, her thoughts were clouded and slightly thinking to tonight. Kikiyo looked at Sora quiet and getting ready to speak but Sora walks past her to the room.

"Sorry for being late Kikiyo. Hope I didn't make you wait up too long."

"No, I understand miss Sora. I figure since you were speaking to Miss Namiko still it must have taken longer than you figure?"

"In a way. The talk sorta ended a while earlier than I thought it did." she said walking by the table with brownies and tea but Kikiyo watches her set a few things down on a table.

"Then did Miss Namiko go right home after you both were done?"

"Honestly, I don't know. She still remained there while I went home. I'm sure we will see her tomorrow or something." she said but wasn't looking forward to speaking with a angry upset Namiko after tonight.

"Maybe some hot tea and brownies will help you feel better Miss Sora. I made plenty for everyone."

"No thank you, Kikiyo but thank you. I'm just not wanting to eat or drink anything right now."

"I understand. I just noticed you were late and seem to be down about the talk. Did you want me to-"

"No, No. I just...I Just need some time to think about something if that's alright."She asked not looking at Kikiyo but she didn't know if something bad really happened or was it something related to the story for the main president's plan?

"Miss sora-"

"I just need time to myself. Please Kikiyo?" She could see that Sora needed some time towards this but didn't say anything else.

"Of course. Take your time..." she said mutters but watches Sora goes to take a shower and maybe get some sleep. Kikiyo watches her leave to her room but slowly looked quiet as the door shuts. Seems the story is taking a little few unneeded turns again.

"Seems this story is changing a little.....but not too badly. I guess Miss Sora needs time to herself." She mutters to herself but went back to sit near Chi-chi. They went back to eating and drinking some warm hot cocoa together before waiting for the night to move along.

~Meanwhile with Sora~

Sora was standing in the shower as the water runs down her body and hair but she was trying not to over think about tonight. Out of everything she's been through this one was sorta uneasy for her. How in the world could Namiko have feelings for her and yet they only were friends for a couple weeks? It's crazy but sorta flattering but she wasn't into females.

Was she?

She lets out a sigh and moves some of her hair from her face to see as the hot water steams up the bathroom a while longer since she was told of just doing things to help clear her mind. This was sorta helping in some way. She already was clean after a while before turning off the water and started getting out. She then gets a towel to dry herself off and get dressed in her Pjs for tonight and get some sleep.

Sora looks up seeing the night sky that was clear and the moon being out. It still looked as pretty just as she watched it as a child. Hearing her mother telling stories about it and older stories to how her parents met thanks to night walks. Star gazing and even watching the moon.

Maybe she should go ahead and sleep sleep but her mind wasn't ready yet to do that. She could gaze at the moon and stars for a while maybe. No not yet. Sora shuts her eyes to think a little bit more before getting a idea to sit up and pick up the phone to dial a number in.

She waited for it to ring but looked quiet till someone picked up on the other end.

"Hello, you have reached the Akiyama residence. This is Hinata Akiyama speaking."

"Hi mom it's me Sora." she mutters but heard a gentle giggle to hearing her daughter.

"Sora! How are you sweetheart? It's been a while since you were gonna call home to check up or talk."

"Yeah sorry about that mama. I been so busy with school and things I keep forgetting to call you. How are you doing? Still alright back home?" she asked on the phone.

"No worries dear, your mother is doing fine and still okay. I was just done putting dinner away for tonight and is in the room reading. I was expecting your father to call me but I guess she fell to sleep."

So it seems her father didn't come home yet but she understood. Her work was just as important but she still came home to spend time with the family. That's still good enough for her to hear and the fact that she's been wondering about her father and her whereabouts.

"That's good to hear mama."

"True. Very true." she said smiling and looking at a picture of her love Osami Akiyama, herself, and Sora when she was little being held up in her father's arms. Sora didn't say a thing right away but maybe talking about it could.

"Hey, mama? Would it be okay if I could ask you for some help about something?"

"Well sure sweetie. What did you want to ask?"

"Well, a little something happened at school and....I'm not sure how to feel about it. You see, a girl just told me she had a crush on me...but I'm not sure how I should feel about it."

"You mean like a crush or something dear?"

"Yes. I mean, I didn't know that since we are still like friends and all. However, this is really different. I never knew she had feelings for me in that way and I don't know what to do. I don't want to be mean in some way towards my friend but it's like I am if I say it this way...."

"Sora, sweetie. That's just feelings you have to figure out don your own feelings. I can't decide for you on it but I know your heart is trying to heal after 'that time.'"

She winces hearing about it again but grips the phone slightly in her hand trying not to think about it. Her mind buried it. It was dead to her forever but shattered pieces still find a way to come back into her mind. If she was going to do that again, Sora had to be sure if it was real but with Namiko, it was just them being friends.

"I think I understand mom but it sounds really complicated to me or it could be just me."

"Oh sweetheart. It's not you at all. You're just getting to a point in life where you have to think for what's right to you. Not worrying about other things that might keep you away from that truth. It's just like how I was when I wasn't sure of who I would be with. Your father and I were best friends and I wasn't sure from the crushes I had that couldn't compare with her. You know I love your father very much and her heart is always with me so from me to you sweetie; just do what you think is right. That's all I can say."

"...I might just do that mama. I do wish to figure something out for myself and who knows. I might find the right one for me one day but for now...I'm not ready yet."

"I know but just take all the time you need to work on it dear. Anyway, why don't you get some sleep? That could help clear your mind so it's clear in the morning. Okay?" Sora did see it was 12:45 now and she didn't want to stay up too long.

"Good idea mom. Thanks for hearing me out."

"Of course sweetheart. Anything to help my baby girl. Now have a good night and call anytime you need to let things go. I'll always be here to talk with you."

"Okay, night mom. Love you."

"Love you too, sweetie. Good night."

She and her mother hang up the phones while Sora looks down at the floor but figure her mother was right. If she was going to find the one in her life then she has to work on it or it will take time. She won't rush things and make it difficult for herself. Now she was going to get some sleep now since it could do her some good before getting in the covers and letting out a yawn.

Maybe everything will be better in the morning for everyone in some time. While she shuts her eyes, Sora quickly went right to sleep for tonight. A couple minutes later, Kikiyo was just coming into the room for bed with Chi-chi but sees Sora asleep with her eyes looking right at her face. She seems to be really peaceful when falling to sleep but she won't bother her.

"Time for bed, Chi-chi." she said seeing her going to her bed against the pillow but she gets dressed in some sleep wear and gets into her own bed so then she goes to sleep right after. Again maybe tomorrow will do much better for them. Both her and Sora.

Maybe their dreams will help their minds or will it bring more events?

~*Darkness and light comes in many forms but both are always in all living things. People and others must cherish what they have or else be corupted by the raw energy of these two. Be careful of the side you choose for it will remain with you for the rest of your life. You have been warned*~

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New Revolution: The dreams of the Duelist and Rose bride Empty Re: New Revolution: The dreams of the Duelist and Rose bride

Post by Anthy Himemiya on Sun Apr 16, 2017 12:28 pm

The night went on as normal with Sora, Kikiyo, and Chi-chi asleep in the room now. Letting their dreams take over their mind during the time. Kikiyo never had dreams before or didn't experience them as much but at times that can change. For Sora, she was having a unknown like dream but she turns a little under the covers.

~In Sora's dream~

She was floating above the water under her while the stars above her were shining too. Each one glowing and sparkling slightly with innocent beauty but she sensed something near by or close. Sora slowly opens her eyes to see the view above her but she was amazed by the beauty her eyes witnessed.

"Wait...where am I?..What is this place?" She whispered slightly to herself but looks around from where she was. When she turns around she sees something standing there. It seems like the same female that was in her dreams. She wasn't able to see her face from it being cloudy from some mist surrounding her but she could tell what was going on.

However she could see her her bubble gum hair moving slightly but it seems to have been cut a little short but grew right back after some time. She showed some muscular athletic body from daily workouts or from activity she does on days off. However she still was female. She even had the same rose crest ring on her finger.

"....It's you again. That woman I've seen in my dreams. What's going on? Did you bring me here?"

".............." The female didn't say anything to answer Sora's question but she didn't know if this woman could hear her or even see her. She didn't want to yell or shout because that would be rude.

"Excuse me but can you hear me? If you can then please tell me why I'm here? Why have you appearing in my dreams from years ago? Please....I'm just trying to find out." she said but again no words came from her to make Sora believe this woman couldn't hear her.

Then at that moment...

"That depends if you can handle what is going on, Sora."

She looks up quickly when hearing her speak. She can hear and understand her!

"How did did you know my name? Second, what did you mean by handle it ma'am."

"I heard of it for a while. Second, I mean understand what your going through right now. With the dueling championship that's happening at Horisho academy."

"You know about the duels? Then you know...."

"Yes. I also know about your friend Kikiyo who is a Rose bride engaged to you after you beaten the current champion, Sarah. I've seen and known about the duel you were in because I've been through the same story you, her, and your friends are going through right now."

Sora looked shocked hearing this but wasn't sure how but this woman knew about the same things about the duels and rose bride stuff. If she did go through the same story then....

"What do you mean you've been through the same story? The duels and did the same thing?" she said quietly but the female nods yes to answer her.

"I was just like you and went through the same thing. I've helped the rose bride I knew from my own time from beating the current champion to get Anthy way from him but I didn't know much of others till it just moved along." she said but Sora seems confused.


"Anthy Himemiya. She was the rose bride in my time but she's also my wife. At first I didn't much about her story and what she was really like but after a while I gotten to know her more and what she went through, I had to do what I needed to keep her safe and happy so no one could harm her. Trust me when I say this Sora; you're going through the same story just as I am."

"I don't...wait, so I'm playing some story that's happened before?"

"Yes. Just like Kikiyo playing the same role as the rose bride as well. Others have played this role in different time lines Sora but in one timeline that has me and my family, my daughter ended the cycle that caused nothing but misery for anyone that was taken part of it. She made sure no one else could re birth the timeline to this story but it seems someone in your timeline is trying to bring it back. But this time only worse."

"So someone is trying to recreate this story in my timeline? I didn't know their were other timelines that suffered the same thing." she said but the pink haired female nods to hold a hand up and shows different bubble images where she saw other people doing the same thing or going through it years back.

Some had the same ending. Some got a terrible ending. Or even something more terrible that it's heartbreaking. Sora didn't know what to say about it but looks to the female that lowers her hand before looking at one where she saw herself dueling someone in her past with a dark skinned woman watching.

"Woah...wait, does this mean that your wife has been appearing in Kikiyo's dreams too? To tell her about the same story?" she asked her.

"I have a 100% guess that's true. However Kikiyo is just like other rose brides so it might be hard for her to understand at the moment but indeed it's possible." she said but Sora sighed to cover her face not sure how to say anything about this.

"So many have been through the same thing?"

"Yep. Many have been through the same thing I went through but this shouldn't be happening at all after my daughter broke the cycle to this madness. All I can say is your gonna go through the struggle, pain, heartbreak, betrayal and more as this story moves along."

She didn't say anything but wonders if the whole talking with Namiko was part of this? Then would that mean she's a duelist too? Was that the same shiny sparkle she saw on her finger? Sora now had more questions about this but felt the female placing a hand on her shoulder.

"I...I don't..."

"I know. It's hard to take all of this in since I felt the same in the beginning. Same for my daughter and her friend too. They went through the same story as we have."she said but Sora asked something to the female.

"Daughter? Your daughter went through the same thing as well?"

"Yes. Both her and others went through the same story in my time but again, this story should have been over with after my daughter did it. Now it seems the story is rising from the dead once more. If that happens then the story will continue and more lives will be ruined because of it."


Would it be possible for someone to go through so much to bring some story back? Would things become as bad just like in this woman's story if it follows the same story? Would it mean she might see her friends hurt and the same to Kikiyo? No she couldn't let that happen!

"Then..what should I do? Shouldn't I find a way to stop this from happening and maybe getting worse?"she asked quietly but the woman stood up to help Sora stand too.

"You can but right now you have no idea who is causing this to happen right now. It's too soon. Right now, I can tell you to just keep doing what you can and see if you can find ways to stop this. However, you need to keep Kikiyo safe and with you. She means a lot more to you than you think."

"But-But she's just my friend. I don't feel that close with relationships with another person or a girl..."

"That's what I've said myself and look where it got me. I'm married to my wife Anthy but their was special circumstances that let us have our daughter..."

"If that's the case miss then where is-"

"You might see her one day in your dreams but she's gotten her own things to deal with. Because of this happening, it's not gonna be easy for you Sora. All I can tell you is just stay focused and don't let things distract you." She said gently but was getting ready to leave since the sun was rising in the real world.

"Seems times up for me. I need to head back."

"Wait! What if I have more questions? What do you mean with all of this happening things till keep getting worse?" she asked but she turns to look at her.

"You will find out sooner or later...It's only a matter of time.." she said gently but was starting to leave before Sora noticed rose petals blowing around the female's feet and body while looking around. She then had one final question to ask her before she disappears.

"Hold on, what's your name! I never got it when you came into my first dream. Could you tell me before you leave?"she asked hoping she would answer before she disappeared or before she woke up.

"Oh? My name is Utena Tenjou. I hope we get to speak to one another real soon or if you need guidance; I'll be here to listen but if you get the chance, you might be able to see my wife's spirit soon.."she sees the roses covering Utena before it did the same thing through the whole area too.

Seconds later, Sora snaps awake to sit up in her bed looking around. She saw the sun was out and birds singing. it was indeed morning. Her eyes looked over to not see Kikiyo in bed but awake and Chi-chi was gone too. Sora raised one of her hands to cover her face a little to think of the dream she had.

Was that real? Or was it because of the stress last night? For one thing, she knew things started happening just like this Utena person had said and now she was more worried in keeping Kikiyo safe. She gets out of bed to stretch but sees her rose crest  ring shining from the sun. What other things will she learn from this?

Only time will tell.

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~*Darkness and light comes in many forms but both are always in all living things. People and others must cherish what they have or else be corupted by the raw energy of these two. Be careful of the side you choose for it will remain with you for the rest of your life. You have been warned*~

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New Revolution: The dreams of the Duelist and Rose bride Empty Re: New Revolution: The dreams of the Duelist and Rose bride

Post by Anthy Himemiya on Tue May 09, 2017 2:21 pm

After Sora gotten herself cleaned up and dressed, she heads out of the room to the small kitchen seeing Kikiyo drinking some tea and Chi-chi nibbling on the food she had made for her. She took a seat down in her chair to make the other two notice her.

"Ah, Miss Sora. Good morning. Did you sleep well?" She asked gently before setting the tea cup down on the table.

"Yeah, I slept okay and it's just what I needed. My head was keeping up last night from over thinking but after talking to my mom for a while and relaxing I fell right to sleep. How about you and Chi-chi? Did you both sleep okay last night?"

"We slept okay last night since Chi-chi is a real deep sleeper. Nothing really wakes her up unless someone shakes her or the sun. Either way we slept alright." At least she was happy for Kikiyo to sleep alright with no problem but for herself she was thinking about her talk with her mother and the spirit named Utena talking to her about all this happening before.

It's strange really, never knowing that something like this has happened and was broken for a reason. Were the events of the past that terrible or something worst than faith? Could this whole thing be playing like a story that is to help bring it alive from it's dark slumber? She pondered this but Kikiyo looks to wonder if she was okay.

"Miss Sora?"


"Are you sure you are doing alright? You seem to be a little...distracted. Do you wish to talk about it?" Kikiyo sure wanted to be of help for her during these times, which was sweet. However Sora had to figure something out for herself because she didn't want to get Kikiyo involved but she remembered what Utena told her.

However, you need to keep Kikiyo safe and with you. She means a lot more to you than you think."

Means a lot more to her than she thinks but how? Sora gets she had to keep her safe and close to her. Keep Kikiyo away from others that could hurt her as well. This seems like a lot to still take in but Sora understands what Utena was saying. She didn't even know her daughter went through the same thing. If she did see her daughter next time what would she even say? More questions pop up in her mind but seeing Kikiyo staring at her quiet with a mysterious gaze from her dark blue eyes.

"Sorry Kikiyo, I'm alright. So don't worry okay? How about we hurry up and get ready to head to school? We don't want to be late now do we?" she said showing a light smile to her but Kikiyo nods lightly as Chi-chi finishes up her food and climbs onto Kikiyo's shoulder.

"Of course.." Both head to the front door of their dorm, gets their shoes on and leaves for another day. However another question went into her mind, how was Namiko? Was she feeling better or was she still lost in her own thoughts from yesterday? Maybe she can find her and say sorry or at least talk with her about this.

~At Horisho academy's main water fountain~

Sora and Kikiyo arrived at school seeing not many students around or some were already in their classes waiting for school to start. For her it started later on since it was music and math later. Maybe today she can meet up with Namiko and talk with her if she's not angry with her still.

"I wonder if Namiko is here?"

"She might be, Miss Sora but she could be at her classes or doing something important. I'm sure you will talk to her when you can." She had a point. Namiko and her can talk to each other later on after school or during the mid afternoon if she didn't have much classes today.

She could be in the music room practicing some music or speaking with their music teacher Mr. Mikoken. Or was she just not here yet? Looking around the academy got her more questions about where she could be and hope she was alright. After a while, the bell rings showing it's time for class as Sora hurries to her music class and Kikiyo to her own. They would meet up later on for lunch.

Sora arrives just in time for class seeing the students inside the classroom with their interments ready but Mr. Mikoken wasn't here yet. A student got word he was a little late and will be here soon for class. During this time, everyone was doing things during the time till he arrives.

She she went to her seat and sits down before noticing Minzu, Chiro, and Ai already in class talking. The three noticed Sora and waves to her when she sat down.

"Morning Sora. We were wondering when you would show up for class. Sleep late or something?" Chiro asked to see her shrug her shoulders a little.

"Eh, in a way but I was talking to my mom last night about something and went to sleep late. I'm glad I made it or else I would have been late." she said laughing at herself but she gets this habit from her parents.

"That's understandable.." Minzu said before Ai giggles to think she was funny as always.

"However your are lucky to have made it. Mr. Mikoken isn't here so you could say he's the real one that was late huh?" she smiled tuning her interment.

"True but lets hope he's alright and nothing is wrong."Sora agrees with her but he's always here for class unless he had some family emergency.

"I'm sure he's alright.." Minzu said as Sora lets out a sigh and started looking around the class seeing everyone else but stops to see Namiko's seat and her right there tuning her own. She seems to be her same self from her facial expressions but wasn't sure if she was doing that to hide her true feelings.

"Namiko sure seems to be doing okay this morning."

"She is but others have been saying she was upset the other day about something. They figure she didn't finish something or someone had a harsh talk with her but Namiko should be okay." Chiro said to make Sora look worried.

"She is?"

"She is. Not many got a word from her on having a bad mood but we gave her space so she can try to calm down on her own terms." Was Namiko still upset about her feelings getting turned down? Man, that is not cool and yet it hurt at the same time. She didn't want to hurt Namiko or anything she just wasn't sure. Maybe she can talk with her a bit before class started.

Sora stood up and went over to Namiko as she was checking her music sheet book before seeing someone walking over to her. It was Sora that it made her eyes look away from her quickly. Was their even anything for them to talk about? Not after what happened yesterday?

"Umm, good morning Namiko. How are you today?" she asked showing a smile on her face to be friendly. Namiko looks up at her but then away to her sheets again.


"Is that a maybe then?" Again no response from Namiko as it became awkward silence between them. Okay that could be a little bad or she grew concerned Namiko was angry with her.

"Okay? I guess you don't want to say at the moment.."


"*Sighs* Namiko, if you are still upset about yesterday. I'm sorry. I didn't mean to hurt your feelings or anything so please forgive me and lets still be friends...."

"...Your sorry isn't good enough, Sora. Unless you really understand how bad you hurt me when you rejected me." she said but others didn't hear them talking.

"That's because I wasn't sure about it and I still ain't."

"Then I guess I'm not doing okay, Miss Akiyama and I don't wish to talk with you right at the moment. Was their anything else you wish to speak to me about?" she asked in a harsh like tone that made Sora look a little worried. Just how angry was Namiko?

"Well, I was hoping you and I could talk about yesterday when we met from before. I wanted to make things right and-"

"I'm sorry Miss Akiyama but I don't wish to talk about that from yesterday either. All of that was yesterday and it's over with. Just a small memory that never happened between us. Besides, I rather not remember things from yesterday since it distracts others from today." she said looking at the book before checking the date for today and turns her head to look right at Sora.

Just from her eyes she was hurt from yesterday but was trying not to show it too much. She didn't know what to say to Namiko before looking silent. Before speaking again, the door opens showing Mr. Mikoken finally showing up with his books and other things for today's lesson.

"Now if you take your seat Aikiyama, class is about to start.." Sora had a guess she didn't wish to speak to her right at the moment before turning away from Namiko and takes her seat waiting for class. Ai,  Minzu, and Chiro saw all that but was now worried about it themselves. Did something really happen between them or was this something for them to talk about it themselves. For now class was starting.

~Later during lunch time~

Sora was eating with the others and seeing Kikiyo eating her food as well with eyes shut. The food Chiro made for everyone was delicious but that's from his extra classes for cooking and from his dad's classes. They still were having a good time with one another and hopes to cheer Sora up from her small talk with Naimiko. Seems she's still upset about yesterday and was serious about her feelings for her. All Sora wanted to do was fix this so they can be friends again.

Unknown to her, it's more than that.

In a hidden dark room, Namiko was looking out from the window down to the main square where everyone was having lunch. She keeps her eyes on Sora to see her eating but seem a little down from before. in honesty, she did wish for Sora to love her. She wanted her to become hers and leave Kikiyo alone but because of the duel that might be impossible. As the rose bride she was to stay by her side until another wins her from beating her in a duel.

Yes, she knew this but frowns in anger when eyes meet with Kikiyo's own. Her. She's the reason Sora wouldn't return her love. All because she had to keep her safe. Was that having the same feelings as love? Or something for compassion? Namiko wanted answers to what might happen before feeling a hand on her shoulder knowing who it was.

"Still thinking about the amateur duelist, Namiko? I heard she really did something to make you seem upset with her. Was it because of yesterday?" She looks behind her knowing it was the main head council president. He heard about Namiko's little problem and was wondering how he can help her.

"In a way sir. I just feel hurt still that....she didn't accept my feelings for her. I know it's so soon but we've been friends for a while and she did help me with my piece."

"Ah yes, your piano piece you were struggling with for the last few days."

"It's all thanks to her it was fixed but I can't explain it. Sora is...she's something else. Sora's the talk of many people here and she's known for being some prince that is winning many hearts even mine. I just want her to see that I like like her."

"Oh you poor thing. I see why your affections are this strong for miss Akiyama. I always knew despite being the quite shy type you had some longing for another to love you."

"Yes. I just wanted her to see that..."

"And yet she didn't feel the same way and rejected your feelings? Hmmm, I wonder why?" he asked seeing Namiko glaring again as her eyes look to Kikiyo again. It's all because of her. She's the reason why Sora wouldn't accept her love like this. They been friends for a good while now and yet her feelings grew stronger each time like some shooting star.

"How? It's all because of that heart stealing witch Kikiyo. She says she's got no feelings for her but I bet she does. That's why she won't accept my love for her. I mean what did Sora see in Kikiyo anyway? She's not like other girls and isn't the type for others to date. What's so special about her anyway?"

"I don't know. She could be the silent mysterious type that always wins all hearts. Even if she can steal another person's heart and soul for her own gain. I get the feeling you wish to stop this?"

"I want Sora to love me. I want her affections for myself so she'll now I can love her way better than that witch can."

He smiled seeing that burning passion to love for Sora that he gently releases her shoulder to look through the window but his lower half of his face was hidden from view of her. "Perhaps you can."


He gently moved his hand down to take her hand and shows her the rose crest ring on her finger. She's worn it all the time but never did many duels unless asked or was challenged. Her eyes looked at it before looking at him.

"My duel ring?"

"Yes my dear. Remember you are a rose duelist here in my academy miss Shizo so why not prove your love for Sora by having your biggest desires fulfilled. Sarah lost that chance from losing twice to her so why not give that a shot. This way you can prove your love for her...all you need is to get Kikiyo in order to get what you wish...." he said gently but Namiko looks down from the window seeing Kikiyo holding some food for Sora to try as she tries it actually liking it.

Seeing that made her heart crack slightly but she slowly closed her hands into fists. IF she dueled Sora then maybe she can beat her and claim Kikiyo to grant her wish of claiming Sora's heart and never loving Kikiyo or anyone else ever again.

"So if I duel her and win, I can claim her love? I can have her love me only?"

"Yes and much more.....give it your all and claim what you rightfully desire..." he said in her ear as Namiko looks down but her face got shadowed but didn't see his smirk. This story is still going okay even from a few slip ups from Sarah but it's going in the right direction. Just as he hoped. Later as school was done for today, Sora and Kikiyo were just leaving the school after today but she was hurt that Namiko didn't accept her sorry.

She wanted them to still be friends but rejection wasn't taken easy with her. Kikiyo noticed that but wonders what she'll do now. Chi-chi squeaks a little to speak as she pushes against Kikiyo's cheek lightly.

"Don't worry Miss Sora. I'm sure Namiko still needs to calm down and relax. I mean you both did just speak yesterday so it might take longer."

"I guess but I want to still be friends. I don't want any enemies between friends like this. That's one reason why I'm not 100% okay with dating anyone yet." she mutters walking but Kikiyo looks down at her feet still walking.

"You shouldn't worry about it too much, Miss Sora. Sure things are not going as you wish right now but it gets better. She still needs time to think and clear her head from the negative feelings flowing in her mind. Besides, when you like someone that feeling will grow slowly and not quickly. Emotions can do that to someone and confuse them to what they should do."

"......You..You really think so?" she asked looking over to Kikiyo but she looked seeing her lift her head to see the evening sky with her dark blue eyes reflecting the light from the sun set. It did make her look beautiful but she looked away hiding the blush burning in her cheeks.

"Yes. Just give it time...." she finished but keeps walking with Sora as they were about to walk out of the academy to their dorms. Maybe she's right. Things need time to pass and she guessed Namiko didn't yet. Letting out a sigh, she would wait for as long as she needed but it could change.

The both of them heard someone running towards them as they turn to see Namiko panting as she was looking down. Did she run here?

"Namiko? What are you doing here? Are you here to accept my sorry?"

"No Akiyama. I'm here to challenge you to a duel. Since you won't accept my feelings normally I'll just have to show you. Tomorrow by lunch time, we will duel so that way I'll beat you and win Kikiyo. Then she'll be able to help me get what I want."

"What? Duel? Namiko you can't be serious-"

"Of course I am! I will claim the rose bride so she'll help me gain your heart Sora! Do you accept my challenge?" she asked pointing a finger at her but seeing Sora's shocked expression. Was she serious with challenging her? Just for this? She remembers what Utena told her but knew their was more surprises along the road.

"Hold on, why are you so angry with Kikiyo? Did she do something?"

"Yes, steal you from me! I won't have it Sora, I won't. She's nothing but someone that steals another ones heart. Why can't you see that?"

"Because I see her as my friend Namiko. I don't understand why your so upset over her."

"You don't really see the problem here do you Sora? But no matter, we can work this out in our duel. Now do you accept or not!?" She really was getting angry and Sora didn't wish to cause any more trouble with this. Perhaps she was jealous of spending more time with Kikiyo than her?

Taking a deep breath and exhaling it, Sora had no choice.

"Fine, I accept your challenge Namiko."

"Good. See you tomorrow Sora and don't be late." She walks away from the two but Kikiyo watches Namiko leaving then at Sora who looked at her leave. She didn't wish to challenge a friend but she hopes this will be able to clear Namiko's mind and heart. Hoping another will love her.

"Lets get home Kikiyo. Seems another duel is set.."

She nods before they turn and leave from the academy property.

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New Revolution: The dreams of the Duelist and Rose bride Empty Re: New Revolution: The dreams of the Duelist and Rose bride

Post by Anthy Himemiya on Sat May 13, 2017 7:52 pm

~The next day~

Sora and Kikiyo was already at school in their classes or just doing their usual thing till lunch. She knew another duel was already made and Sora felt a little down about it. Namiko is a sweet and kind person so why in the world would she be the jealous angry type? She's known her for a few weeks being her friend so this was a real shock to her. Her eyes looked down at the paper she was working on for today's math class seeing Mrs. Miyu reading while waiting for class to end.

Honestly, she didn't like to fight with anyone and not even her friends because it felt wrong. Sure she and Ai would argue and disagree with some things but never had a bad fight with one another. With this duel happening at lunch, she wasn't sure why Namiko is acting this way. Was this one of the warnings Utena told her might happen here? She did say this story happened in many time lines and it seems it was starting to build up in this one.

Her eyes looked up at the clock seeing it was 11:50am in the morning which told her lunch was going to start in ten minutes or really soon. She lowers her eyes from the clock and just went to finishing up her paper before flipping it over and setting the pencil down on the desk to state she was done.

'I really don't want to duel Namiko but I already accepted her challenge to a duel with her. Why did it have to be a duel through? We could have just talked about this without getting that involved but knowing the ring on her finger tells me other wise.' She sees other students finishing up their papers now and only having five more minutes left of class before lunch time. Only two or more students were writing.

'That also leaves another question. Why would she feel so jealous with Kikiyo? Is she that angry with her from something she did in the past? Hmmm, no. Kikiyo doesn't seem like the girl to steal another from someone can she? No  Did she like Kikiyo before and was rejected? No.'

More people flips their papers over and only two minutes left was from what miss Miyu said to the rest still working.

'*Sighs* And she still believes I have feelings for her but I tell her I don't. We are just friends and I'm not okay with dating at the moment. So if that's the case then how come I feel as if I need to protect her like a lover would do? She thought to herself but before thinking about it more, the bell rang to see other students standing to place the work on the desk and heads out. Some was heading home. Others were heading to their next classes.

For her? She had to get prepared for her next duel. In a few minutes Sora was now  heading to the main garden where her opponent was waiting for her. She walked down the hallway passing a few others that said hi or waved but arrives at the lunch  square.

She started looking around as others were eating lunch or about to eat lunch but wonders if Kikiyo was waiting for her. She should be since she told her to meet here and they can head to the main garden. Sora walked through the area before she stops when looking to the left.

Like she said, Kikiyo was waiting for her while looking out to the green plains near the back of the school. Her hands rest on her lap and her eyes looking out to the trees. To be honest, she seems to look entranced by the trees and the small flower petals that blew in the wind. How in the world can she be so calm with this going on? Maybe she was strong willed than she was? If so, then Kikiyo was lucky.

Sora walks over to Kikiyo before standing near her to see Kikiyo looking down to Sora.

"*Sighs* Ready to go?"

"Ready Miss Sora."

Both her and Kikiyo leaves the plaza and heads to the main garden gates where Namiko waited for them and their duel.

~At the Main Garden gates/Duel tower arena~

Sora and Kikiyo arrived at the gates where the roses grow and the hidden buildings not many know about. They push the metal gates open and head inside seeing the beauty of this place. The red and white roses moving in the breeze but Sora couldn't admire them. Namiko was waiting for them. The two head towards the large stairs that heads up towards the duel area but Sora still wasn't fully okay with dueling a friend.

Of course Kikiyo noticed that but she didn't know if the story was taking another shift turn from the main event. Was she becoming blind to see nothing else or was she looking down on herself? She will just have to wait and see before they made it at the top near the duel arena. As she said, Namiko was on the other side waiting for them but she was wearing a dueling uniform with another person standing beside her. What was she doing here and why?

As they walked past the gates, the wind picked up once more as it picked up a wave of rose petals that swirls around both Sora and Kikiyo for a couple seconds to show the same outfits they wore from the duel with Sarah. When the wind dies down, they stared at one another in silence.

"Seems you both have made it. I'm glad you didn't forget your word." she said looking at Sora but glared at Kikiyo that didn't flinch from her gaze.

"Yeah, we are just like you requested Namiko." she still didn't wish to duel her but Namiko seems to be serious about it.

"I know but lets not become distracted for much long okay? We have a duel to commence do we not? I will make sure I win and claim your love for myself Sora. I won't let no one, not even her keep you for much longer."

"Namiko, I told you before we are just friends and I don't have love feelings towards her. I don't know how else to explain it to you." she said while Kikiyo went to get the roses to place one in Sora's breast pocket and then turning to place the other rose into Namiko's breast pocket. She didn't look at her while she did this but Kikiyo went to Sora again.

"You don't understand, Sora. I can tell you do but you're trying to deny the fact you have feelings for her. It's not good for you to lie about it when the truth is right in front of you. Maybe she's placed you under some spell to make you deny it and go through this."

"She didn't Namiko. She-"

"Enough! Lets begin our duel so I can show you the truth." she wasn't going to listen to Sora no matter what she tells her. The only to get through to Namiko is winning this duel. She just hopes Namiko will forgive her.

"Kikiyo..the sword."

She nods to hold her hands on top of her chest to say the same words from before. Kikiyo go into the same trance while she leans back slowly. The same bright white light appears on her chest with the sword handle popping out. Sora went over to give her some support without falling and grabs the handle and pulls it out. The sword of dios was pulled out into the sky as Sora held it.

"Grant me the power of bring the world Revolution."

The other person beside Namiko hands her the sword as she prepares herself. The bells ring from behind and the duel begins. Both Namiko and Sora charges at one another as their blades clash against one another having them struggle to try pushing the other back.

As the duel started with Namiko and Sora, Hajime was in the council members room watching this with Hachiro that was having their daily tea for the afternoon. Even Sarah was there watching but hopes Namiko will beat her since she still was embarrassed for losing to a amateur duelist.

"Seems their duel has begun. I wonder how this will turn out but each one is exciting." he said taking a sip from his cup but Hajime shook his head to see the duel himself too.

"You always seem to wonder that about every duel she's into don't you Sarah? I'm sure however this turns out a winner will be named but lets not forget. Others are trying to reclaim the rose bride to our own wishes too."

"I know that Hajime. It's still pretty annoying seeing that amateur's still dueling when she could have quit. It'll spare her the embarrassment from losing. That Sora isn't some pushover I'll be honest about that but seeing her this determined to help Kikiyo makes it more annoying." she mutters eating a cupcake. She still hasn't fully gotten over the lost she got with Sora twice but Hajime and Hachiro shook their heads wondering if she'll give it up.

"And your point? Sora seems to be the type that wishes to help anyone that needs it. Almost like some prince that's protecting his princess. I find it rather amusing for her being this protective over a friend when it seems a lot more than that."

"That is true since I've noticed that. Sora seems to be that type of person to help her friends in a heroic way. So unlady like if you ask me but we can't change another girl for our own reason...yet."

"Who cares about that!? I just wish to see her gone like she never beat me from the two easy duels. I only gave her the victory because I didn't want to see her face no more.."

"Sarah, you lost. Please drop it and let it go. Maybe you can learn from your loses and if the president wanted to, he might accept you back into the games..Maybe." he snickered to only anger Sarah.

"No, I will not get over it! Kikiyo should still be here with us but now she's with that stupid Sora. I just don't get how she can keep going regardless of what's happening. Does she know what she'll gain if she keeps going?"

"Sarah, we get your haven't gotten over that but please. You already got taken out of the duel championships because of that. Same with disobeying the headmaster's orders from that point on? Maybe that should teach you to follow instructions..."

"Oh shut up." she grumbles to lean against the wall but the door opens up showing someone walking into room to see the present and headmaster looking at the three. She thought it was Aina who's been super busy with things in the academy or Renji that was doing his thing.

"Whoever that is you are late. The duel was just about to start."

"Oh? what was I gonna miss, Sarah?"


"Good afternoon, duelists. Enjoying the duel I see?"

"Yeah we are president head master. I take it you came to watch the duel as well? Lucky for you it just started between Namiko and Sora." Hachiro said as he walks over to look down at Namiko and Sora dueling but his gaze only just remained on Sora.

"Indeed. This Sora is already striking my interests with her and from her small data file, I'm more curious. What pushes her buttons and what makes her tick.." he said watching. In his eyes, he was slowly feeling a unknown urge to know her better. To understand her mind better but that's not keeping him away from his true goal. Of claiming what he wants after he brings the story that started it all alive once more.

~Back with Sora and Namiko's duel~

Sora was dodging and blocking most of Namiko's parrys and thrusts but she sure was fast for someone her size. She didn't seem to slow down and only seem to get faster and faster as the duel pressed on. Kikiyo still watches all this on the side lines looking at both dueled in the center.

"Come on Sora! Are you afraid to duel me or do you wish to forfeit this duel to me?" she said bringing her blade down but Sora side steps to the side while trying a parry that caught Namiko off guard a little.

"You know I won't quit that easily Namiko. Forcing another to love you isn't the right way to finding love. You know I only wish to still be friends so we didn't have to duel like this. Friends shouldn't fight with each other." she said but ducks from a slice and rolls away before Namiko dashes over and tries to strike behind Sora. She raised her blade up from behind to block it in time but stood up as they keep going with their duel.

"You don't understand Sora. I really do love you and I only wish to show you that. My love is strong for you and I only hope to give that. But no, you already gave your love to that witch!" she screams but Sora gasped to block each one walking backwards to wince from the strikes.

"I want to have what I want and that's you Sora! I won't let her keep you. My wish will come true to where you will accept my love after she helps me get it."

"That's not how love works, Namiko. You can't just wish for someone else to accept your love. You have to know that person for a good while because love at first sight isn't possible-" she gets shoved back by Namiko but falls on the side before seeing her run over but Sora gets back up to move away and they still kept swinging and fighting. She did a parry slash towards Namiko but she blocks it using a thrust.

"To me it is! You have the same passion towards music like me. You love helping others because you want everyone happy. You are the true prince I wish to have to my heart. I love you Sora so why don't you love me? I know you like her. I've seen it in your eyes. I know that same feeling you would get when liking someone."

"Namiko, I told you that I-"

"Stop lying!" she brings the blade down at Sora once more but she steps to the side and brings her blade upward before she strikes. Her hand moved upward from the movement to get away from Namiko and they were standing on each end.

"I'm not lying Namiko. Forcing another to love you isn't the right way to find true love. Listen to me when I say this, I still wish to see you as my friend and I don't want to cause any problem between us. Kikiyo didn't put me under some spell to make me like like her. I care about her as a friend just I do with you. This duel won't change anything if that's what your hoping for because even under a spell I won't be forced to fall in love with someone until I feel okay with the other."

"But he said if I beat you, I can claim Kikiyo and get past these duels before getting the true desire I want. He said if I did would...."

Whoever this president or headmaster was, he sure was telling false wishes for others. How he's gotten Namiko under the same thing. She looks down a little upset now but her hand tightens on the handle of her blade not sure what to say. Sora on the other hand did while looking at her.

"Come on, Namiko. Lets end this duel. Please.." she sees her not say a thing before Namiko looks up in tears before glaring at her which shocked Sora.

"I won't give up. I will have you for myself if it's the last thing I do! No matter what it takes.." she said but looks towards Kikiyo that stood at the side lines but Sora got a bad feeling. That same hate and jealousy burning strong in Namiko. Would she even dare?

"Even...even if I have to slay the witch that took you from me!"She ran over to try and strike Kikiyo that looked with her eyes wide.

"NO Namiko!"Sora rushes over to get in front of Kikiyo and blocks it. She and her struggle once more before Sora pushes her away standing in front of Kikiyo.


"That's playing dirty Namiko! That's not fair for you to attack Kikiyo like that just because you're jealous of her. She did nothing wrong to you or anyone." she said as Namiko looked at her as she still was protecting her.

"Get out the way Sora!"

"No way. We are not attacking by standards Namiko because that is consider cheating. We will finish this duel with one attack. All for nothing."

She moves away from Kikiyo to the middle seeing Namiko doing the same. They looked at one another and started charging towards Sora but she looked serious again to charge at Namiko. The two running with crying out as they drew closer and closer. Both did a sword thrust and slashed.

The bells ring once more with someone's rose flying in the breeze.

Sora and Namiko stood tall but Namiko looked silent. Sora's rose was left untouched but Namiko's rose was tattered and gone. She had lost the duel but looks down crying. That was her only chance to get Sora to love her but now that was a lost. Sora turns around seeing Namiko crying in her hands as the sword of dios disappeared and she went back to normal like Kikiyo did.

She walked over to Namiko and places a hand on her shoulder that made her look to her.


"*hic* I don't understand. I just...I just wanted you to really like me and maybe be my girlfriend. But since I lost t-that won't come true now will it?"

"It will come true but not with me being the one. I'm sure theirs someone even more better than me to see as another you love. Besides, I won't mind still being your friend if you like. I still will love you as my friend...I hope that will help you-"

She was stopped by Namiko giving a sudden hug to her as she just shook looking down. Sora didn't say a thing but gives a hug back trying to calm her down. Even if she won the duel, she still got her friend beside her. Sora had won another duel and still remained okay but from the higher spot, it seems the others were looking just as shocked.

"Well, what do you know. She's won another duel. What were you saying about her being a amateur Sarah?" Hajime said as Sarah grumbles in anger and decided to leave the room. This was making her hate Sora more and more.

"Seems Sora is getting better but I guess she's good with words as well. Maybe as time passes along, she'll become even stronger and better in no time. Maybe we need to also keep our guard up when it comes to her." Hachiro stood up to leave the room for today as well so it's just the headmaster in there.

Even from his words, Namiko lost her duel with Sora but he was also disappointed. The story didn't go as it was suppose to with her trying to attack Kikiyo and being friends with Sora. That just made this game more dangerous to bring his dream to life. It only leaves him more curious. Even if she didn't admit it, Sora must be developing small feelings towards Kikiyo. Maybe he can use it to his advantage.

He saw the group leave the duel arena down the stairs to leave school grounds but he turns to head back to his office for the day too. More work needed to be done to make this work.

~*Darkness and light comes in many forms but both are always in all living things. People and others must cherish what they have or else be corupted by the raw energy of these two. Be careful of the side you choose for it will remain with you for the rest of your life. You have been warned*~

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New Revolution: The dreams of the Duelist and Rose bride Empty Re: New Revolution: The dreams of the Duelist and Rose bride

Post by Anthy Himemiya on Thu Jul 13, 2017 1:06 pm

~Later that night in the main courtyard~

Sora walked down from the garden gates that they were now in the main courtyard area where lunch was each day. She keeps walking looking tired but could hear Namiko apologizing to Kikiyo that held up a hand showing a smile to say it was okay.

"I don't get how in the world you can forgive me for all the terrible things I've done to you. No one would forgive me if I was that horrible to attack you like that Kikiyo." she mutters looking ashamed but Sora stops to turn around and look at her.

"For the fifth time, Namiko it's okay. I know Kikiyo forgives you and I already did. You were just confused with mixed feelings but it's no big deal."

"I know Sora but still....I just feel horrible for doing this to you both. If their was any way for me to say my deeper apologizes just tell me and I'll be sure to owe that towards you both." She bowed her head again towards them but Sora shook her head looking more worried to see how sad Namiko was because of the duel that happened between them but the sudden attack that did make her angry but it's not her fault.

She walks over to Namiko and places a hand on her shoulder, seeing her quickly looking up to see a sweet smile of friendship on her face. For one thing, Sora never liked another person crying or being hurt but that's how she is with all her friends.

"How about this? We can just be friends from here on out. That way, we can help each other and I'm sure the three of us can become more know for one another. So how about that? Want to be our friend?" she asked to see Namiko sniffing as if she started crying again, which she did, but showed a trembling lip to hug her suddenly.

"I take the hug as a yes?" she asked hugging her back but feels her nod yes. Kikiyo watches the scene but somehow found it sweet. Knowing how serious friends are to Sora, she wasn't sure how strong that bond was. However a question pops up in her head: Did this mean Sora had that same strong bond with her?

She started thinking about it while Sora and Namiko lets go of one another from their hug and looks to Kikiyo.

"You okay, Kikiyo?"

"Yes, Miss sora no worries. However, it's getting rather late. Shall we head on home for the night to retire? Another day is ahead of us but we will be needing a little sleep. Maybe in the morning I shall prepare some breakfast to bring to school.."

"You don't have t-to, Kikiyo but that's sweet of you to offer. she said smiling but Sora laughed thinking they will be good friends but it leaves her wondering who else was almost like Namiko. If she was lost to the love at first sight, could others have different feelings towards her? Some wanting to hurt her? Get rid of her? Or something worse that she doesn't want to talk about.

No, that couldn't be it but now isn't the time to worry about it. The three turns to leave from the court yard to the front gates as Namiko was getting ready to leave to her dorm house near the campus but before she could, Sora remembered something.

"Hey Namiko? Would it be okay to ask you something?"

"Sure, what is it that you wish to know?"

"Well, I don't know if I'm allowed to ask this but do you know who the main leader is for this academy? I know I wasn't told the name but something tells me he's part of this whole rose duel thing. Is their anything you can tell me that could help me get clues on this?"

Namiko blinks hearing the question but she then looks down at her rose ring that still remained on her finger before looking at her. She wasn't sure how to tell her but knowing the rules, he's probably already disappointed about her lost to the duel but right now, Namiko was okay with it. At first she was in love with Sora and the things he told her about having Sora love her back. After this duel, she figure that was wrong and had to let this obsession go.

".......Miss Namiko?"

"I'm sorry Sora, but because of the rules for the duels I can't tell you everything that you wish to know."

"Oh...I see." she said disappointed but angry because of that. However, Namiko felt bad and tried another way to explain or answer her.

"But maybe some things...."


"For one, I don't know his name but he is the main head council president and the headmaster of the school. He's the one that gave the certain number of people these rings for the duels. He said we were to shown our status here as the duelers in his academy. He even said the rings themselves were powerful but it depends on how you let it out."

She mutters this but loud enough that Sora heard, still messing with her ring but Sora looks down at her ring wondering if this old ring her mother gave her had something like that to make it become what is was now?

"Hold on; so the school uses to have duels like this? As in years and years ago?"

"Yes; he was the headmaster for this academy for many years now and today too. I guess it's no wonder many known about him and his so called status but as a duelist, we don't know much about him."

"So this dude is the one that gave you the rings? Is he the one that started this dueling thing?"

"For a friendly challenge yes but we are unsure if he is the main reason the duels and maybe other things....he said we aren't allowed to ask questions to what he tells us in private."

"Wait, so if that's true then how in the world am I involved? He never gave me a ring but this ring I have was a pass down from my family for many years now. My parents kept this ring and gave it to me when I became older."

"I don't know. I guess both your parents came to this academy too in their young lives as well. Or if one was a duelist themselves? I don't know but that's my guess so why not ask one of them to figure it out."

"Can't be. My mother said they got this as a gift but I never knew they can duel or anything. That could be me.."

"It's possible but look at how things are now. Do you really think not everything you think won't be involved is? For me, I would ask just in case.."

"Hmmm, I might do that. Anything else you can tell me Namiko? Anything else at all that can help..."


"I think that was it but I will say this. The more duelists you fight and win, they will tell you anything else you wish to know and they know from the other duelists. The headmaster has told many of us different things but depending on who you beat, that's the only answers you get." She said gently before showing a smile that made Sora look to her.

"I guess I better get ready to leave but again, thank you Sora for wanting to be my friend after today. You really are something else. And thanks for forgiving me Kikiyo. Good night and I wish you luck on the other duels." Both of them saw her bow and sits up to leave for the night. That leaves Sora and Kikiyo alone before they leave the school grounds as well.

The words only made Sora confused to what was happening but she wonders if what Namiko said is true. The more people she beat again, their answers will spill if she asked. Then what about Sarah? She beat her twice but didn't say anything to her but she didn't know at the time.

Maybe if she meets with her, she could ask for answers. Sora's gonna get to the bottom of this somehow and confront the head master one day to see why or what this was about. Kikiyo also saw that same determination sparkling in Sora's eyes but she looks ahead once more remaining silent.

~At Namiko's dorm house~

Namiko just arrived at her dorm, taking her shoes off near the door looking tired but happy. She was glad to have two new friends along side her but while she walks into the house, things started worrying her. She knew the headmaster already figure out about her losing the duel but wasn't sure if he will keep her in or keep her out.

Second was the other duelists in the group. What will they think of her now that she's friends with Sora and Kikiyo? She knew the headmaster said to beat her and show no mercy but she didn't want to do that no more. All Namiko wanted was happiness and to continue school as normal.

"*Sighs* Maybe I'm over thinking this........" she mutters to herself heading to her room before noticing something on the desk. Namiko sees a letter with a flower beside it as she walks over and picks up the letter to read it. She sees it's from the president sits down while reading. It read the following:

Dear Namiko Shizo,

I heard about your loss towards Miss Akiyama today and I can I'm deeply disappointed because of it. I figure you were that dedicated in beating her and winning Kikiyo to accomplish your little wish but I guess not. I should just dismiss you from the group from all this but I might not if you wish to keep helping me. I might allow you to re duel Miss Sora to see if you are good with your word. I know you'll do it because you still have that deep desire for Sora's love. If you wish to do that, I hope to hear from you tomorrow but if not, that's your choice and you won't be of any help to me. I know you'll do the right thing, Miss Shizo. Have a good night.


Headmaster -----

The name and last was not shown but Namiko looks at the letter then at the flower that came with it. She didn't have to think about it before crumbling the letter and tossing the flower in the trash. Namiko wanted to not be lied to again after what he's told her and she's already had Sora and Kikiyo as friends now and she wouldn't break that. Looking through her window, she sees the night sky above the school before turning away to head for bed.

She knew however, the headmaster was not happy with her choice but that was something she wanted to do. From here on out, Namiko will find her love but on her own terms.

~*Darkness and light comes in many forms but both are always in all living things. People and others must cherish what they have or else be corupted by the raw energy of these two. Be careful of the side you choose for it will remain with you for the rest of your life. You have been warned*~

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New Revolution: The dreams of the Duelist and Rose bride Empty Re: New Revolution: The dreams of the Duelist and Rose bride

Post by Anthy Himemiya on Wed Jan 03, 2018 5:21 pm

ooc:Hi everyone that still reads this or if someone did, happy new year of 2018! I'm sorry this story was delayed for a long time but things have kept me from writing or continuing it. As of now, I'm trying to get back into the swing of things with this story. So, I'm going to write something for today to show I have not given up on this yet.

~Meanwhile at Sora and Kikyo's dorm house~

Sora and Kikyo just arrived home after walking from the main courtyard. They walked through the front door inside while turning on the light so they could see. It's already dark out right now and walking around in the dark wasn't safe because someone could trip or get themselves hurt. Kikyo sees Sora stretch a little after her so called duel today but at least she was able to help Namiko from this whole thing and even remained friends with one another.

"Ugh, what a night. I never figured that Namiko would be involved in this sort of crazy duel but I'm happy that we could help her." she went to the kitchen to see that they got no messages from others while being out. Not even her hyper best friend Ai left a message to her. She could be sleeping right at this moment and she didn't blame her.

"I'm glad as well we were able to help Namiko from such an event but I'm hoping she's happier with having us as friends."

"I'm sure she is but after all the duels she's been doing, I'm hoping we can help her and others that's going through with this. Even finding out more about the duels themselves. I just don't understand why or whoever is doing this for what was it called again?" she asked Kikyo while scratching the back of her head.

"The power to revolutionize the world while getting any wish they desire, Miss Sora. Have you forgotten about that from when we first met one another after your first duel with Miss Sarah?" she said but Sora looked down at the counter remembering that. She knew because she beat Sarah twice, she might get two explications towards what was going on but knowing her, she might give that up easily thinking she cheated.

"Miss Sora?" she saw her looking lost in her own mind after what she said before seeing Sora rubbing her chin while thinking.

"Miss Sora, did you hear me? Are you alright?"

'That could be another issue. I already fought Sarah and beat her twice because of my advantage but again, she's very hard head and won't give up things as simple like requests. Even if I asked her, she might try to challenge me just for that information. Thanks to Namiko, I got some information from her but I guess I need to win more and more duels to get more information.....'


'I might also need to talk with my mother tomorrow after school to see if that's true. About her and mom to see if what Namiko said was true. Did they really attend this school years ago? Did mom had to duel others that were after mother? Ugh, this is a lot to take in for a short period of time. Maybe I could-'

"Miss Sora!" A sudden loud yell came from beside her to make Sora jump a little and turn around quickly. She sees Kikiyo looking at her with a silent expression but she didn't seem angry or sad; just unemotional. Even for someone like that, she sure was loud all of a sudden.

"Gah! What the-"

"You do know that spacing out like that is rather rude? Didn't you hear me trying to get your attention?"

"H-Huh? Oh, oh no I didn't. Sorry Kikyo. I head's in another world at the moment and I must have dozed off. I'm sorry..." she said while looking rather embarrassed for doing that to her but she was known for doing that sort of thing.

"Dozed off how? Was something on your mind of worry?"

"In a way yes but it's nothing for you to worry about Kiki. Again, I hope you forgive me for ignoring you like that. Others tell me I tend to do that if someone is speaking to me while I think about something."

"It's fine but I'm glad that you are alright, Miss Sora."

"Thanks for forgiving me, Kikiyo.."

"Of course. Maybe you need sleep for tonight so you can get your rest before tomorrow. You must be rather exhausted after today's duel and other things I'm sure. Whatever is troubling you can be dealt with after some needed sleep.

Sora blinks to hearing that but she turns to check the time. It showed to be midnight but close to one in the morning. They really did get home so late and she's here dozing off while losing the time to even get some sleep.

"Huh, guess you're right Kikiyo. Lets head to bed and get some sleep. I know we both have  school tomorrow and we don't want to be late for classes."

"Indeed. Shall we?"

With a nod, Sora turns to head to the stairs walking upward to the room where they had two beds in there and seeing chi-chi sleeping on Kikiyo's pillow. They then went to get ready for bed taking turns in the bathroom then getting into their beds. They got under their blankets since it's a little cold tonight but Kikiyo yawns quietly a bit after that but Sora did the same thing.

"Good night Kikiyo. See you in the morning."

"You too, Miss Sora. Sleep well....and good night."

"Good night and please just call me Sora. You don't have to add the-" she stops speaking because she sees Kikiyo doze off to sleep before she heard Sora ask that. She lets out a sigh seeing that but smiled a little too.

"Nevermind..." she said with a light laugh. Guess even with duels and being this rose bride, Kikiyo gets just as tired like others do. She turns away to face the wall and waits for sleep to take her away till tomorrow.

~In Sora's dream~

Sora was laying down on the grass while a slow breeze blew against her. This caused her to slowly shift and turn again to face the other side. The temperature here wasn't as cold but it was rather warm that she shifts again while sleeping.

Seconds later, another breeze blew against her that causes Sora to shift once more and then open one of her brown eyes to look ahead. "H-Hmmm?"

Her vision was blurry before she focused it once more. She slowly sits up to look around seeing some wide field with a few trees surrounding her and this location.


The trees weren't the normal colors of brown bark and green leaves; rather the tree barks look dark and black and the leaves were a dark shade of brownish red. The grass she was laying on was it's normal green color and the tree she just noticed was also normal but it had red and white flowers and roses growing on it. Her eyes widen from the beauty of the tree, flowers, and roses that grew with the leaves but Sora wasn't understanding what is happening.

"H-how? Where am I? Wait...I must be sleeping again and dreaming.....but this is rather a new place to be."

"Yeah, it is but it shouldn't be that much of a shock to you right?"

The sudden voice caused her to turn around and look behind her. Sora's eyes caught another spark of light before it showed of a young adult female that was leaning against the tree with her arms crossed. Her eyes were a turquoise color that almost looked rather rare to see from another person. Her hair is a off shade of pink with small marks of purple at the ends of it, like highlights. Sora had to admit that was rather cool but she didn't say anything about it. She looks to be semi muscular and tan but looks to really be quick and fast on her feet.

"...W-who are.."

"Lets just say I'm someone that you sorta know already. You met my dad before in your other dream remember?" Her other dream? Sora remembers that when meeting a female named Utena.

"My other dream?"

"Yeah, don't tell me you forgot about that already did you?"

"No, I remember. Her name was Utena Tenjou but why do you say-hold on, dad? Dose that mean that she's-"

"So you didn't forget good but lets do some introduction first. Hi, my name is Hana Tenjou. I'm the daughter of Utena Tenjou and Anthy Himemiya. And you are?"

"Ummm, My name is Sora Akiyama. It's nice to meet you, Hana."

"Heh, likewise. Sorry for butting into your dream like this. I figure since I was told my father had visited you in your dream he asked me to do the same. Maybe get some update on how things been going with you." So Hana was checking up on her? How curious but a little confusing. She would ask that but she wanted to know something else.

"Your father was asking about me? How are you even able to get into another person's dreams in the first place?" Sora asked to see Hana scratching her head.

"Can't tell you because I'm just as confused but I'll get my answer later on when we meet up more and more. Same with my father because he's still going to be checking up on you as well."

"Okay then I guess. Well, here's another question, where are we?"

"Now, I can answer that. We're in the forest of the duelists and rose brides. It's where many duelist and rose brides memories are seen here or locked away. If you remember that last time you spoke with my father, he showed you bubbles of other duelist and rose brides in other worlds that are doing the same thing you are right now. I'm guessing here is where they try to forget their darkest and saddest memory while getting caught in the whole duel games going on. Why would I say it that way? Well, because I've seen my parents memories that they wish to forget and even my own. During that time of me dueling way back, I had memories I wished to forget. However, they show up here before wandering around till nothing is left of it. Guess the same with me seeing some of Aiko's memories that float around here too."

"O-oh, I see. Memories are not that good or happy for others that wish to forget it but they still remain with us no matter how one gets rid of it." Sora said but Hana agrees with that. Knowing one can try to forget, a memory can't seriously disappear into thin air.

"Yeah, I guess after coming here, I figured out how bad it was for my mom and Aiko since they were rose brides."

"Hey Hana? If I may ask, who is Aiko?"

"Huh? Oh, she used to be my rose bride in my world but I freed her from that faith to where she can choose her life as she wishes. I'm also her girlfriend for a couple months now and it will be about a year or two that we been together."

"Oh, then congrats to you both."

"Thanks. Anyway Sora, I don't know why you or how you ended up in this area from your dream but I guess it's because for another reason. You see, memories of your own could have been added here just like mine and others. Maybe the one that's doing this whole thing is really trying to undo things I've done to stop this madness.."

"Madness as in restarting the stories of the Duels?" Sora asked while standing up but she saw her sleep wear of a tank top shirt and shorts as Hana nods looking to her.

"Yes. My dad was the one that freed my mother from her faith to be free from her trapped imprisonment of being a rose bride. I was the one that stopped this nonsense from happening ever again or permanently when I freed Aiko from her rose bride path. To make sure no one would suffer this sort of thing ever again because it's been hard for me, Aiko, my parents, and many others who went down this same path. But here I find out someone as the headmaster in your world is trying to bring it all back..."

"That's true but I'm trying to find out why he is doing this. At first, I didn't believe this and I still find it rather hard to believe myself. I never knew all of this existed before and I don't know if it's really him. My friend Namiko told me the headmaster was planning this whole thing but I don't know how someone like him could do this..." she mutters while thinking but Hana sighed after thinking herself.

"I'm sure he had a way to do that, Sora because it's happened to me and Aiko before. Right now, it seems the headmaster of your school is really trying to bring things back to motion regarding the duels and rose brides. Which explains that you need to be the one to put a complete end to it. Stop it from happening before it's too late."

"I'll do what I can Hana to stop this. I don't want others to suffer from this anymore." she said before feeling someone's hand on her shoulder. She looks seeing Hana resting a hand on her shoulder but showing a gentle smile on her face.

"You can, Sora. I know that. Don't give up and give it your all. Besides, I did the same thing just like my dad. That and you protecting your rose bride from her path. I'm guessing the headmaster is doing everything he can to try and get the power of changing your world into something twisted and dark. Just keep her close to you and don't lose her......."

"I won't lose her. Kikiyo's my friend and I want to keep her safe from any danger." she said as Hana nods and lets go of Sora's shoulder.

"Good. Speaking of your rose bride, you are still keeping her safe and close right? Knowing other duelist, they will do everything to get her away from you. Don't let that happen because the result won't be a good thing. Believe me, I know..." she said but Sora felt Hana's hand shake a little before relaxing. Something must have happened before if she suddenly shook like that. Something terrible she's guessing but Sora won't ask about it.

"Again, I'll be sure to do that. I already seen some duelist do that to her and I just hate it. That's why I'm trying my best to keep her out of harms way."

"I believe you on that but I guess we will see huh? Just keep up with what you can and try to figure this out before things get bad. Many duelist and rose brides have suffered this and we don't need more falling victim towards it." she said but that's when Sora noticed the area lighting up once more. Seems morning was coming again as Hana started disappearing signaling that.

"Geez, seems my times up. I'll have to talk more to you another time but I don't know if it will be me or my father." she said as Sora feels the breeze blowing against her again while shielding her face from the light.

"You mean it's random every time? It won't be the same thing like before?"

"No, but don't worry. You might see one of us or even my mother Anthy. She knows he path Kikiyo's is walking down and is speaking to her in her dreams at times. Just don't worry and give it your best. Do what you can to stop the headmaster from having the story reborn. Till we meet again, Sora Akiyama.."

Sora looks again but sees her gone as the area got engulfed in a bright light with her as well.

~Morning at 7:59Am~

Sora snaps awake from her dream while sitting up to look around. She looks to the right as the sun had rose to signal it's morning time. A few birds flying by the window before the chirping came second. She saw the other bed where Kikiyo sleeps was empty that told her she was awake and maybe fixing their lunches for today. She looks down at the sheets and lets out a sigh. This whole thing is really getting bigger and bigger but leaving more questions. Maybe Sora will get more info about this when getting to school or whenever it shows up. However, she will still need to speak with her mother after school and find Sarah to tell her some info she has on her.

She turns to face the other side and get out of bed, heading to the bathroom to get ready for the day and school. She will find the answers she needs and do her best to keep Kikiyo safe and stop this from happening.

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New Revolution: The dreams of the Duelist and Rose bride Empty Re: New Revolution: The dreams of the Duelist and Rose bride

Post by Anthy Himemiya on Sun Jan 07, 2018 4:44 pm

~Meanwhile downstairs~

Kikyo was just finished with cooking breakfast for both her and Sora this morning, watching chi-chi eating a small portion of food for herself. She sitting down after making some hot tea for the both of them to drink along with breakfast but she didn't see Sora come down yet. Maybe she over slept again and was taking her time to sleep in. No, that would be unless they had no school because they had it for today.

She just sat there waiting for her, stirring her spoon in the brown liquid as her mind begins to wander. So many events has happened already and the story has took some unknown turns to the headmaster's dislike. She didn't know why things turned out like that but she didn't question it. After all, she's just a rose bride and is to follow the story that's to be said for many eons. However, that didn't stop Kikyo from thinking of other things.

Maybe to wonder what life would be like if she wasn't a rose bride. Maybe she would be a normal girl that others wouldn't be freaked out about due to her nature. It's not her fault she was born like this or her personality. It just how she is. Even when being engaged to Sora, she figures or had a guess she was like the rest but honestly she's not. Sora was way more different than the duelist she's been with for many years now and that made her unsure about how to feel about it.

"......" 'No, that's wrong. That shouldn't be how things go in the plan. I must stay vigilant for this story to go as he wishes. I can't let my mind wonder off and make me do something I shouldn't be doing. I have my orders. I'm the rose bride that is to stay and do whatever the duelist requests of me.'

She still stirs the tea with her spoon but that came to a slow stop now gazing at it to see her own reflection and eyes.

'That's my orders and his command but.....why do I almost feel like I....shouldn't? No! I..I shouldn't think about that. Could it be because of that dream last night? It's been so long since I've had such a dream before. But why last night? Why would she return to speak with me?'

During the time she did her duty as the rose bride, Kikiyo would get dreams at night (sometimes) where she meets another woman that has been never seen in any other place but this one. She and her would sit down together under some tree with it's leaves gone and not speak for the whole dream. Even if she tried, her voice wasn't heard. The woman couldn't even speak either while looking ahead. They would stay like this for hours now before she wakes up in the morning. However, this dream was different.

The same woman was there but she's not sitting down this time. She was standing up while looking towards Kikiyo. She was able to see her better and noticed a smile on her face instead of that monotone expression on her face. She was more free, more open, more.....happy. She seems like nothing in this world could take away that smile but Kikiyo couldn't reach her this time to where she's stuck by hands that held her back. She would hear whispers saying things about her.

'She isn't perfect anymore...'

'That woman betrayed her role as a rose bride. Don't fall for it.'

'Freedom is all an illusion to you. It's not the way for you to be.'

'Stay on the path you known for many years now, Kikyo. She's doomed herself by becoming free.'

You obey your orders and keep going. This is the way of the rose brides.'

The voices were always the same. They always told her this over and over to not fall for such tricks. But even so..she still was left to wonder what it was like. What was it like to become free and have your own mind to think of. Would it be nice or was everything a lie?

Even from the many dreams she's had with them, one voice stood out from the rest to make her re think of things. It came from the female that moved her lips from each word she spoke but she could understand or at least hear her from where she was. The words she said was.....

"Don't let your heart become poisoned. Don't give up on your own freedom, Kikiyo."

That's all she would hear before waking up.

"...This makes no sense. Why? Why has this dream troubled me now. I don't understand this. I shouldn't be thinking about this right now...maybe another time." she said lost to her thoughts that she had no idea Sora came down to smell the breakfast already cooked for them.

"Morning, Kiki! I hope you slept alright last night because I get the feeling today will be a good day. Maybe we can have a normal school day or at least get to work on finding out more things regarding these duels." she said about to dig in but looks to see that Kikiyo didn't hear her. In fact, she had no idea that Sora come down and sat at the table. She seems lost about something which also got Chi-chi's attention too.

"Kikyo? Did you hear me? Kikiyo..." she said looking at her but again, no reaction from her. Did something happen before she came downstairs? She looked concerned now before reaching over and touches Kiki's shoulder which snapped her out of it. She turns her head to look over at Sora again with their eyes meeting.

Light brown becoming lost almost into dark indigo. She still wonders if her eyes put people in trances before.

"Kikiyo....are you okay?"

"M-miss Sora? When did you get downstairs? I thought you were still upstairs getting ready."

"I just came down Kikiyo. I tried to get your attention but you didn't hear me. Is something on your mind?" she asked her giving her full focus on her but Kikiyo just looks away to the plate of food she didn't touch yet. She didn't know how to explain it but she's not sure if it's good to even tell her.


"I believe we should be going off to classes, Miss Sora. I don't think we should be late." she said standing up to move away from the table and to the front of their dome house. Sora stood up while putting Kikiyo's food away after wrapping it up with plastic to set in the fridge.

Something was up and she will find out what it is to try and help. She rushes over to stop her before they leave for classes, holding her wrist gently still looking concerned.


"What's going on, Kikiyo? I can tell from how your acting that something is bugging you. Do you want to talk about it to get it off your mind?"



"I believe I shouldn't, Miss Sora. It's nothing for you to be concerned about. With things being more important right now, that should be the last of your worries." she said looking away but Sora wouldn't have that.

"Now don't say that. Of course this is important. True, I want to find out more about what is happening around the academy and the headmaster of why things are like this. But your my close friend, Kiki. Your concerns are just as important too. You can trust me if you wish to vent about anything that you need to get off your chest. I'll be here to listen...."


She waited to see if Kikiyo would say something or want to vent out but with that expression of hers, it's hard to tell if she really was feeling upset or unsure about something. No one could read her face that well. Feeling like she's not gonna get a response, she gently lets her go with a defeated sigh. "Well, you don't have to if you don't want to Kikiyo but if you ever want to vent out something bothering you just know that I'll always be here to hear you out."


"Good. Now, we better get a move on or we'll be late." she said before walking out the door after shutting it. Chi-chi was already inside of Kikiyo's bag to nap or whatever she wishes to do but Kikiyo watches Sora leaving before following her. Maybe she can take that advice of help later tonight or this afternoon. If possible.

~Later at Horisho academy/11:30 am~

Namiko was looking more better than last night since she was friends with Sora and Kikiyo now. She liked this new way of things and was glad for it. Sure, she got herself taken out of the dueling challenges but that might be better for her to find inner happiness and maybe someone that loves her. Right now, the three of them were just finishing music classes together before heading off to their next ones which was downstairs.

Their still was no sight of Sarah that was doing her own business but she did need to find her and get answers from her. After winning two duels she got the free chance to get that info right? Knowing her, she might try to think of a way out of this. She kept walking down the hallway with her bag and two books in her arms, thinking of her next move till she thinks about this morning.

All during the classes, her mind was set on Kikiyo and wondering if she really was alright. Was she hiding all her emotions inside to keep others from knowing more about her? She has friends like her and the others to help her but she still hides. Was it because of the headmaster that's putting pressure along this since others are out to get her?

She looked down at the ground with some anger hidden away. Sora had to figure out something soon before things became worse. For now, her first part was to find Sarah and get her parts of info regarding this. Then maybe try to help Kikiyo.

"Don't worry Kikiyo..I'm going to do everything I can to help you."

~*Darkness and light comes in many forms but both are always in all living things. People and others must cherish what they have or else be corupted by the raw energy of these two. Be careful of the side you choose for it will remain with you for the rest of your life. You have been warned*~

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New Revolution: The dreams of the Duelist and Rose bride Empty Re: New Revolution: The dreams of the Duelist and Rose bride

Post by Anthy Himemiya on Mon Jan 08, 2018 9:52 pm

The time was now 2:30 PM in the afternoon, most classes have ended already for half of the students here. Sora was just leaving her last class while the teacher told everyone to get most of their work done over the weekend. They were allowed to turn it in early when school is over today or wait till over the weekend. She knew she'll get this done by tonight after some things that needed to be done but right now, Sora had to find Kikiyo that had to be waiting for her.

Sora did see that her other friends Ai, Chiro, Minzu, and their new friend ally Namiko were walking together as they talk about what they may be doing over the weekend. She was happy to see her friends alright and well. Same with getting along with each other better. Sora hopes that maybe others will join their friend party or ally list but that's later in the future.

She walks down the hallway, passing a couple other students that was either heading to lunch or heading home for today. Her eyes looked out to the main green garden in the middle of the school seeing others now relaxing or sleeping under the shades of the trees. At least their enjoying their days after schools went and gone for them. Sora took the stairs down and went to the green glass house to see Kikiyo waiting for her once more.

She knew that Kikiyo had some classes herself but most or some were with her and others aren't. As long as she's alright then it's fine but that may sound a bit over protective.

"Hey Kikiyo." she said with a small smile on her face as Kikiyo turns to look at her. Her face expression showed her normal unreadable behavior again while holding the watering can. She must have just finished watering the flowers and roses today.

"Hello Miss Sora. I see your classes are done for today? Shall we start heading home now?" she said looking to her when setting the water can down but sees Sora shaking her head no.

"No? What do you mean no, Miss Sora? Did you forget something?"

"No, but did you forgot? We were going to find Sarah today and get some information from her or what she owes us. I just need to find out where the heck she is." she said to Kikiyo but she tilts her head a little to the side.

"Sarah Fukui?"

"Yes her Kikiyo. Didn't you remember what we spoke of before or were you distracted  by something and forgot?"How could she forgot? Sarah was the very first duelist that she fought against to help her. Kikiyo had a guess that she's not liking how things were going because of Sora winning four duels already. She figured that she would give up so far and yet didn't.

"Oh...of course. I almost forgot about that. My apologizes Miss Sora.."

"It's fine, Kiki. Though, you don't seem like that type of person to forget rather quickly."

"............"'How could I forget something like that? I shouldn't be doing something so simple. It's not part of the plan he ordered from why did I?'

"Uhh, Kikiyo, is something wrong because your dozing off. Are you alright?"

"No, nothing is wrong Miss Sora. Everything is just...fine. Why do you ask?"

"I don't know. Because you just seem..out of it. I wanted to make sure you are before hand. Also, if their was something bugging you, it's alright to talk to me about it. I wish to help if something is indeed wrong." she said in a serious or worried tone but Kikiyo only looked more silent then relaxed.

"Understood but again, I'm alright. However, I'll keep your thought in mind Miss......"

"....*Sighs* Alright...."

Maybe Kikiyo was not speaking about what's on your mind because of hidden fear for Sarah. She did do many harsh things back then before she won the duel and she could be plotting to do something like that again. To be honest, no one knows where she goes during the school day but others don't bother her after that. She didn't seem much like a threat now but another bully that was angry for losing to a lower class student. Either way, she owes Sora her answers and she was planning on getting them.

"Are you absolutely sure you just didn't forget we were going to find Sarah? Or you don't want to find her after before?"

"Of course. I didn't forget, Miss Sora but where? Miss Sarah could be anywhere on school grounds or she went home after. I have the feeling that after the defeat she got form you, she never wishes to be seen by others that would mock her." she said to her but Sora knew better.

"That's possible but knowing her, she might have gotten past that and pretends it never happened. We need to get her information for us to move on with this. I also know more duels will happen sooner or later so we have to get what we can Kikiyo.." She knew that Sarah was somewhere on school grounds. Just being a sour puss from losing for the second time against her.

"Yes, Miss Sora..."

" about this? After we do what we need and get the info from Sarah, we can head home before it gets dark and talk. I don't know if you have anything you wish to get out but it might be best to let it out instead of holding it in...."

"I don't know if I would have anything to speak about, Miss Sora but I'll keep that in mind. Lets go and find Miss Sarah before then. I already have plans on dinner before the next school day tomorrow." she said looking ahead but Sora blinks to shake her head.

"Uhh, Kiki? You do know that tomorrow is Saturday. We don't have classes till Monday." she said walking beside her as Kiki looks up to her then looks ahead once more.

"My apologies..I'm not used to this sort of thing but I think I get it."

"Uh huh. Anyway, lets go and find Sarah." So the both of them head off to find her in school.

~Time skip: Near the main garden gates at 8:39 PM~

Kikiyo and Sora kept walking around the whole school grounds, trying to find some view of Sarah and nothing was seen. They looked at the top floors, bottom floors, club rooms, lunch room. The same for the back gardens, the pool, the sports area, even the dorm houses that seem to still remain. After looking all day, they found no trace of Sarah around.

"Geez, after all that looking around and no sign of her. And to think she would be somewhere else doing nothing." she mutters looking around but Kikiyo stood beside her looking around as well. She didn't seem as tired to be honest but that could be just Sora.  

"It's getting late, Miss Sora. Shouldn't we be heading home for tonight and try again tomorrow? Maybe we may get better luck in finding her....."

"Maybe but I was hoping to get rest after this school week. Though, it is getting late and we shouldn't be out here at night despite things." she said thinking a little before deciding to head to their dorm while calling it quits. They started walking away from the school garden to the dorm locations. They figure in another time, they will find Sarah tomorrow but it seems that might come around quicker than they think.

They arrive at their dorm house to look around with no other lights on at the time. Everyone must be sleeping right now or some staying up for the weekend to begin. When Sora and Kikiyo show up near their dorm house, they stopped noticing someone. A girl was standing near the wall with arms crossed and having her eyes close under the moon.

"....Well never mind then."

"Miss Sarah?"

They looked to see her open both eyes and glare right at Sora but she didn't seem to be in the mood for anything else but it left Sora wondering why she was here and at their dorm?

"Ugh, finally! Took you two long enough to get back to this dorm dump."

"Hey, aren't you staying in one yourself? That might mean your making fun of your own as well here."

"Oh HA HA very funny, Aikiyama. I thought you were not the one for making stupid jokes."

"Same for that attitude of yours...." she mutters under her breath but Sarah looked at them before Sora lets out a sigh to look back towards her.

"But I'm curious here. Should we ask why you're here at our dorm at this time of night, Sarah? What's going on?"

"None of your damn business, Akiyama. However, I'm here......on request to speak to you about some things. So, unless you want us to freeze to death, open the door so we can go inside."

"Why can't you be nice for once Sarah?" she said while getting her keys out and unlocking the door.

"Because I don't need to be nice to you or anyone else that's annoying. Now, hurry up and open the damn door! It's freezing out here."

"Alright, alright geez!"

She still did her best to open the door before hearing the lock click. Right away, Sarah shoves past them and heads inside as Kikiyo turns on the light to the dorm. Sora walks in, shuts the door then re locks it, and takes off her shoes before shaking her head. What would Sarah wish to speak to them about that had her come over here this late at night? They will find out soon enough.

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New Revolution: The dreams of the Duelist and Rose bride Empty Re: New Revolution: The dreams of the Duelist and Rose bride

Post by Anthy Himemiya on Tue Jan 09, 2018 9:52 pm

A few minutes have passed when Sarah arrived at Sora and Kikiyo's dorm but it wasn't a friendly feeling. Kikiyo was making some tea for the three of them to enjoy together but she could sense the anger and rage both Sora and Sarah had for one another. Their eyes showing a deadly shock to one another in hopes to either fight or rip each other to pieces.

Sora had her arms crossed while sitting on one side of the table with Chi-chi resting on her side. While Sarah was resting her arms on the table with anger and hate burning in her own eyes. She honestly didn't want to be here but she didn't want the headmaster to become angry with her since he ordered her to come here. The whole room was in silence with the sounds of Kikiyo fixing everything up for them to enjoy but it didn't seem fast enough for Sarah. Finally, Kikiyo walks back over to the table and sets down a tray with some tea and biscuits for them to share.

When setting the tray down, it got both of the girls attention.

"Here you go. I figure it would be proper to have some tea and side biscuits during our conversation. I hope it will be alright till we get some sleep later on." she said before sitting down in the chair beside Sora that made Sarah more angry since she should still be with her but she hid her emotions towards that.

"Thank you, Kiki." she said with a smile while taking her cup but Sarah ignored the tea as if it was poisoned or something.

"No thanks, I rather wait till I get home to drink something or eat. I want to make this quick so then I can leave you idiots alone." she grumbled but Sora looked a little more angry from the rude behavior Sarah was showing.

"I apologize if you didn't want the tea, Miss Sarah. Would you like for me to make you something else instead?"

"No, I don't want anything right now but why don't you be quiet? That would be a big help.."


"At least she was nice enough to make this on short notice, Sarah. She's even offering to make you something else and you still refuse. Can't you be nice towards that or are you on your high horse to even care?" she asked but Sarah ignored that and moves her tea up to the side almost wanting to knock it down to the ground to shatter it.

"I'm not on some high horse, Aikyama. I just want to get this over with and leave so can't we get on with it already?" she started to sound angrier the more she remained here and Sora didn't want Sarah to become violent. Might as well let her do what she needs to do so she can then leave.

"Fine. For starters, why don't you explain why your here in the first place? Was their something you wanted to tell one of us?"

"To both of you yes. I was ordered by the student council leader to come here tonight."

"The student council, Miss Sarah?"

"Okay? But why would he send you down here to speak to me and Kikiyo? I'm not known for another duel for some time now and I'm not sure if what your telling us is the real thing here? You're not here to start a fight are you?" Sora didn't like fighting but if it involves protecting her friends, she will do just that.

"What?! No, you idiot! It's because of our duels. Since you beat me the first time and..the second time, by rules I'm to answer any questions you might have but only two since you bested me twice. she grumbles while looking at the table with Sora and Kikiyo now remaining silent.

"Well, that seems like something that can be a big help for us."

"......Just ask your questions already.." she mutters now looking down at the table again to wait for Sora to ask something but noticed her thinking a little before asking the first one.

"Is their a real reason to why this whole thing is being played out? Like, what will the winner of this whole thing get besides Kikiyo?"

"The head council said something about winning the power that would give us the deepest thing we desire. Almost like a wish that is made in the castle sky. Only the winner with the rose bride can get up there while getting shown the path to that location."

"A castle in the sky? That's almost like something from a story book. Weird."

"That's what the others said but he told me and some of the story is true. I figure he might mean something from a story book that children believe but he said he could see it from the writing in stars during the night. Even Kikiyo didn't know that much about it till later on."

"Is that true Kikiyo?" she asked her while getting a nod from her but didn't say a thing right after. True, she didn't know much about this till she was told about it. She knew it but she knows a lot more that Sora, Sarah, and others didn't know about.

"Again, strange and weird....but fine. That just seems a little off for my taste to believe in that."

"Well, believe it because it's what many duelists have tried to gain here and seems like their still trying to get it but no one can do that without Kikiyo here. You need her with the highest wins to get that chance."

"And that explains why you and the other duelist are trying to beat me to win Kikiyo for that ranking? Just to get some wish that may or may not come true?"

"What do you mean?"

"Think about it. Stories like that are in fairy tail books and old stories we heard as kids. To be honest, I believe a few things like the duels and stuff but that? How are you even sure something of that power even exists? What if all that is just fake news or li-"

Before Sora could get her words out, Sarah bolted straight out of her seat to slam her hands on the table that knocked some of the tea from her cup on the table. The biscuits jumped a bit to scatter little crumbs around. It even startled Chi-chi that went to jump on Kikiyo's shoulder.

"Of course it's real you fool! Don't you know anything to how big this is!? Everyone is doing their part to try and win this but no....we have to duel one another to get that prize. You could have anything you want. Anything you desire but you have to prove it. No one will win if you can't prove a damn thing to them. Thinking you're some weak loser wanting to bring happiness to this stupid world."



"I had my dreams set on winning the whole thing. I wanted to become someone others would fear but no....that's not an option no more because of you......" she said with a angry hiss, seeing Kikiyo looking up towards her while Sora remained calm towards this.

"You can't blame me for that, Sarah. I never wanted to get involved with this whole dueling thing. I wanted to do the right thing."

"By that you mean butting into someone's business that didn't involve you and ruin everything."

"I did it to help my friend and to get her away from you, Sarah. You were abusing her. You were hitting her for something she couldn't do on her own. It's like you and the others trained her to take hits like some punching bag..."

"That's because she is! She's nothing else except someone who follows orders by the duelist that won her. The only reason you have her is because you butted in. I should have won the two duels. I should have been the next lead up in the rankings. I should have been the most feared in the school!"

"But now you're not because no one else fears you. Just because you do that Sarah, dosen't prevent them from standing up to you. I won the two duels fair and square with no cheating what so ever. I only played by your rules even when you wanted to kill me or worse, do the same to Kikiyo."

"Yeah well, It still shouldn't count because you cheated for a amateur." she said which got Sora's attention to glare at her now.

"Cheated? How in the world could I have cheated? I won the duel fair and square like I've told you. Even under your rules which still seems pretty weird from the looks of it. Why call me a cheater if I think your just trying to blame this on me for no reason?"

"Why? Why?! It's because you did cheat! You shouldn't have won those duels! I should still have possession of the rose bride and here she is being wasted by the likes of you! I've told you before that you got no idea how important she is to the group and she's gone because of you getting involved!" she shouted out with one finger pointed at Sora, who still seems pretty calm even with her yelling and blaming her. Kikiyo grew silent as her face looks at the table since she was used to the yelling that Sarah always did but Sora didn't flinch from it. Instead, she just spoke with a calmer tone.

"I wanted to help. I don't care about owning Kikiyo or using her like some item. She's a person. A living person that deserves to be happy regardless of things in life. You, on the other hand, has abused her like she was nothing but trash to you and I don't know about the others. I rather not know about it because I won't let her get taken away by anyone that wishes to harm her."

"Now you listen-" she started to say but Sora stood up and looks dead at Sarah that seems startled a bit. Even Kikiyo was looking a bit surprised by the anger Sora showed.

"No, you listen! Kikiyo is a human being. Someone who wants to live her life like other people. True, she don't show it around others but I bet deep down she's just an emotionless girl that seems to be broken because of people like you! She's isn't some doormat for you and the rest to walk all over. I don't care if you want to gain something to make you seem powerful. I don't care if you hold a grudge while being angry with me. I don't even care if you still have this stupid attitude while being so high and mighty. I don't like how you treat Kikiyo like some slave because of this stupid duel championship going on. She is someone that deserves to live her own way. Not let someone decide for her."

The room became a deadly silence while the only sounds were the clock on the wall. It became rather late now but this was important for them to get out the way. Even with Sarah, she was rather shocked to see someone stand up to her like that. Even when she ignores the others words, she just throws it out. With Sora, she seems to be hitting the nail with her words because of her distaste to someone like her.

Kikiyo looks to Sora now but gently showed something she didn't know of; worry. Was she getting worried about her now? It's possible but Kikiyo wouldn't say anything but keep her cool as well.


She did hear Kikiyo's voice to turn her head over to her. Sora could see some worry in here eyes reguardless of her emotionless expression. That told her she had to calm down before losing her temper which is sorta rare.

"Sorry Kiki...didn't mean to do that." she said calming down but Sarah remained silent again before seeing Sora now look towards her. She just wanted this whole thing to finish up.

"Now, lets just move on because I rather not fight about this. I guess I'll ask my second question or do you think it's enough for now?"




"When will I get the chance to speak with the head council himself. I seriously need to speak to him about this whole thing...or at least get some information about him." she asked hoping for some answer but Sarah only remained quiet thinking to her answer.



"I can't tell you that. Because I'm not a duelist anymore, I can't give you that information. All because I broke the rules of dueling you twice one being you interfering and the second with me challenging you without telling him. I caused myself to get kicked out. What I can tell you is that the other information will be available to you when you get to the second round of he duels where it's gonna get much more harder."

".......I see. Guess I'll have to get through this before getting into the second one." she mutters before seeing Sarah stand up looking away from them now.

"With that done, I'm leaving. I've already did what I was ordered to do by answering your two questions. It was just to be one but because of what I did, it has to be two questions I can try to answer." she said standing up while looking more silent now as she heads to the door. When getting there, she stops to look at the door before turning her head to them.

"I don't know what goes on in that mind of yours Akiyama but be warned. This isn't over for you because things will get harder. Even if the possible outcome will make you lose Kikiyo forever...." She opens the door and leaves right after. It was just Kikiyo and Sora in the dorm now but they remained silent for the time being right after all that.

Kikiyo remained quiet since she's not sure what to think about that but that would be something she's used to. Before getting the tray, Sora beats her to it while setting everything away with cleaning.

"I could do that, Miss Sora. You should head to bed if you wish."

"It's fine. I need something to distract my mind for a minute after what Sarah said. I just can't believe their is more to this than I thought it would be. you being the one their after Kiki."

"Again, I'm used to this being a rose bride. It's nothing new to me because as I've said, I'm nothing but a.."

"No. You're not a nothing Kiki, you're a living person. A breathing alive human being that deserves the rights to be treated as one. I don't understand why she treats you like that just because of some title you have. It's stupid and really dumb and I just don't get it. Even if all this is a duel championship it''s just weird. That's why I won't stop before I know you will be safe from all this." she asked while washing the cups carefully with a dish cloth but Kikiyo lowers the towel to dry the tea cups till she tightly grips it. chi-chi noticed that but kept looking at the water in the sink.

"But how though.."

"Hmm? How what?"

"How do you keep your head up from the bad things? Aren't you afraid? Aren't you worried about this? Aren't you....angry?"

".........I am but it shouldn't stop me from trying to help you Kikiyo. We are friends and you mean a lot to me like the others. Besides, that's what friends do...look out for one another." she said but finishes up with the washing while making sure everything was clean but Kikiyo stood their with her eyes being foreshadowed.

"Anyway, lets head to bed. It's been a long night and I could go for some sleep."she said about to leave from the sink till she got stopped. "Huh?" she turns her head to look behind her, seeing Kikiyo holding onto her shirt but she didn't look towards her. She seems to be stiff as a board but Sora wasn't sure why. Did that whole thing with Sarah upset her?

"Kikiyo? What's wrong?"





"...I...I wish to speak to I think I'll take your offer if that's alright.."

She didn't say anything else but Sora remained silent while looking to her. Something told her Kiki had something on her mind for a while and it seems to finally be coming out. With a sigh, she turns around to face Kiki and take her hand to make her look up a little bit.

"Alright Kiki..lets head up to talk."

~*Darkness and light comes in many forms but both are always in all living things. People and others must cherish what they have or else be corupted by the raw energy of these two. Be careful of the side you choose for it will remain with you for the rest of your life. You have been warned*~

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New Revolution: The dreams of the Duelist and Rose bride Empty Re: New Revolution: The dreams of the Duelist and Rose bride

Post by Anthy Himemiya on Wed Jan 17, 2018 9:35 pm

~Later that night at 9:10 pm/upstairs in Sora and Kikiyo's dorm room~

Sora and Kikiyo were sitting upstairs in the room but they didn't say a thing for a while now. To be honest, Kikiyo didn't know how to speak to Sora without saying the wrong thing but at least she was willing to hear her out with her little problem. Second, it's not as late so they can talk for a long while if they wished. She only looks down to her hands that were together before Sora lets out a sigh to get her attention.

"Alright Kiki, I'm ready to hear you out when you're ready. Just tell me what's on your mind." she said to her with a friendly smile upon her face but she only became more curious as to what Kikiyo wished to speak to her about. Was it something bothering her? Worrying her? Upsetting her? Whatever it was, she'll be here to hear her out.


"Kikiyo?" she looks over to her again seeing Kiki not speaking a word for a few more minutes. She really did wonder if this was not a good time to talk about whatever was bothering her.

"*Sighs* Listen Kiki. If you don't want to talk about it, we can go to bed-"

"No, I do wish to speak to you about this Miss Sora. I just...don't know how to word it properly."

"Does this have to do with tonight? When Sarah came over to speak to us?" she asked this with a worried tone now but Kiki didn't need to answer that. Even Sora could tell she was sorta upset about how angry Sarah became and even confused to why it bothered her when Sora got angry. She never put her emotions or feelings first but her position as the rose bride. Kikiyo is to serve the duelist champion to their hearts desire and yet, Sora wasn't like that.

"No, it's not that...well, not part of it."

"Okay? Then what is it? What's bothering you Kikiyo?" she asked once more now wanting to hear her out. If she was this unsure about this then Sora would become more worried than she needs to be.

"The thing...that's bothering me, Miss Sora..."


"It's...*lowers head a little more* It's you."

Silence was heard in the room now but Sora was really confused about what Kikiyo means about that. What did she do? Did she do something to make Kikiyo uncomfortable about something?

"Me? What did I do?"

"Nothing. Its just I don't understand you. I know your not used to this sort of thing being in the duel games and only been in three duels so far. You don't seem worried. You don't seem negative about all this. You're just....calm. Why are you so calm? Even when you became angry with Sarah tonight about how she treated me, you kept your cool after losing your temper for a few seconds..." she asked her but she didn't look at Sora when speaking about it. To be honest, Sora wasn't sure how to respond towards that. Knowing that sort of question would leave her lips.

"To be honest Kikiyo, I don't know myself."

"I don't understand..."

"That's what I'm saying. All of this dueling nonsense and events still don't add up to me. I'm still not sure about the whole thing for this besides what I'm told. I'm still getting used to the dreams I get at night sometimes but I know their very important." she said while looking ahead to the window that showed the night sky while seeing the clock ticking away.

"So you're just really unsure about all this? Even with me?"

"I'm some way maybe..I'm still not sure.."

"If that's the case miss, then why did you help me that day? I know you didn't understand anything about what was going on and yet you came in to help me. Even becoming the new dueling champion and became engaged to me. You could have moved on and got someone else to help me but you didn't."

"I guess my heart told me to help a friend in need because I'm the type that wants to help someone else. Even if we didn't know each other, something told me to go and help you and I did. I don't like people that is like Sarah. Treating another person like some trash which shows how shallow they can be. You are a living being that deserves to be treated fair. No matter who you are or what you are."

"Even if I'm the rose bride, you don't mind that? Having other duelists coming towards you to challenge you for my hand? Aren't you afraid?" she asked but this time, Sora had nothing to say right at the moment. True, she's afraid of losing her friends and the turn out of these duels. However, it won't stop her from doing everything she can to help someone that needs it.

"To be honest, it's 50-50. I worry about you because of what some other duelist might do to you since you are the rose bride. The other side tells me that I have to keep you safe and fight for your protection no matter the cost. I'm not sure why I got this big sudden urge to keep you safe....."

"But don't you already do that with the others? Miss Ai, Miss Minzu, and Mr. Chiro know you keep them safe from things but they do the same for one another."

"I know that but with you it's...different. In some odd way, I feel this deeper need to keep you safe. Almost like a close friend but also like....a boyfriend would with their girlfriend. I know it's strange to say that but it's what I feel during the most time. Does that sound rather odd to you?"

"No, not at all. 'She's unsure about it but that sounds like something. Why are you hiding such a feeling Miss Sora? Are you afraid of the result of the games? To not know what he will do?'

"Then it could be just me. I don't understand why I feel like that. I'm not even sure myself to why my head thinks that way." she mutters but Kikiyo blinks seeing her sitting up to try and calm down. Seems this whole talking session did a flip to where Sora's speaking her mind. That was rude of her and she was the one that offered the help to Kiki.

"Miss Sora?"

"Ahem, sorry about that. This whole thing is suppose to be for you Kikiyo, not me. Sorry if I got a little off topic. Now, did you want to say anything else to get off your chest?"

"A few more things but please don't forget that it's also for you too. I wanted to talk to you true but I wished to see if you needed someone to speak to as well or help you unwind a little too." she said showing a mysterious expression on her face that Sora didn't know what to say at that point. She really did wonder if Kikiyo was hiding something else that she couldn't tell right now.

"I see.."

"If you wish, was their anything you wanted to get off your chest or would it alright if I asked some questions too? I know you can trust me with this and I won't tell anyone else about it." she offers Sora this and she wasn't sure how to respond to think about it. She did have some personal things she didn't wish to tell anyone else but maybe it's not good to hold it all inside of her.

Looking more quiet, she turns her head to see Kikiyo staring right at her. Both their eyes meeting once more in silence. She still wasn't sure why but Kikiyo didn't speak while remembering the orders she was given. Make her feel like she's safe. Make it seem like Sora can trust her. She knew her orders towards the council leader but another side of her wanted to almost break that order. Seeing all the things Sora's done for her, she's been question herself to why this was happening.

"Miss Sora? I know it's not my business but whatever you want, we can still always talk or I can offer help to you. I'm here for you so whatever is wrong, I'm here to hear you out." she said smiling gently towards her but she reaches to hold Sora's hand in a friendly gester to make Sora look down then up at her.

"............" Could she trust her? Sora didn't know because most things in her life was kept silent for herself only. However, maybe she can figure out some other things to duel games.


"You say I can trust you right?"

"Yes. That is what I said."

"Then....we will speak about it one day but not tonight. Right now, this whole thing is for you Kikiyo. I'm just trying to be here for you so you'll know it's alright to speak to another person. You're not alone in can always trust me to hear you out and help you in any way I can." she said back that made Kikiyo look more silent while her hand lets go of Sora's hand so they were looking ahead once more.

"You're willing to put me first instead of yourself, Miss Sora?"

"Yes. My friends mean more to me than myself. You mean much more to me too, Kiki. That's why I'm going to keep doing everything to keep you safe.."

"..If...if that's what you wish, Miss Sora."

"It is. Now, did you wish to speak to me about anything else? Or was that whole thing related to Sarah? I'm all ears.." she asked again to see Kikiyo only relax and nod her head once.

~Later that night at 11:49 pm~

Sora was doing her best not to become angrier with Sarah than she already was. She's been always looking down at Kikiyo whenever she became engaged to her and since she's with her now, Sarah was forced by the council leader to answer two questions due to her unprofessional behavior.

"Geez, I see why you were unsure about things but that's something way too deep. How in the world could she even feel alright with herself doing that?" she mutters a little but Kikiyo looks ahead again since they had to open a window to get some fresh air.

"I don't know. I guess she wanted to get what she always wanted; having people look up at her like some queen. Miss Sarah always had that as a wish and if she won the games with me, that could have been arranged. However, as I said before you beat her and because she went against his orders, she got eliminated from the games." she said but Sora shook her head looking to Kiki.

"I get it and I'm happy I was able to get you away from her before she did something else bad. However, that didn't explain why she did it. Why do all the duelist want to fight one another this badly just to do that? Isn't their a connection towards that? Don't you feel pain in your heart from how you're seen by other people?" she asked looking at Kikiyo but she had her face shadowed a little not answering her for a few minutes. That made Sora wonder was this more deeper than she thought or did she cross a line? She was going to tell her sorry but Kikiyo stood up slowly from the bed and walks over to the window.



", I don't."

A light breeze blew against her but she only looks at the stars and moon above. They were so pretty right now and it left her wondering how humans in this world was keeping such things for themselves.


"Before I met you, I never knew what it's like to feel pain in my heart. Knowing how others treat and see me just because of the roles of the rose bride. I only do what I'm ordered to do or told. I'm nothing else but a living doll to do what the champion wishes of me. I know you are not like that but no one has asked me about it."

"But your a living person. Everyone feels those emotions no matter what."

"How are you sure about that, Miss Sora? Not everyone is able to do that true but some have been known to hiding what they feel. Thinking it's not safe for them..As for me, I hide my own for my own reason."

"....I..what are you talking about? You need to explain this to me Kiki....."

"Seems like I need to but apologize for confusing you. I could tell you that of my reason but how about I show you instead? Why I don't feel pain, sorrow, or pain like many others....I'm not allowed to understand that. Feelings is what keeps me back. Feels is what triggers things in my mind to try and ignore my duties. I'm not allowed to think for myself, Miss Sora. I must obey what the other wishes of me......besides I've already been punished for disobeying my duties." she said gently to Sora but her eyes were glazed over or hidden by some darkened shadow that she feels another breeze against her to move her shirt and pants.

"What do you mean by that? What punishment Kikiyo?" Of course Sora didn't understand this before seeing Kikiyo lifting up one hand to the collar of her sleeping wear and slowly pulls it down to show her chest. She's know for being punished many times but that one punishment she's gotten did the most damage towards her. She couldn't forget it, no matter how badly she wanted to.

"I'll show you.....this is the reason why...I no longer should ignore my duties.....this was the only punishment that would fix me right."

"Fixing you? What do you mean by fixing you?"


She didn't respond to her this time but only showed her. This made Sora become tense and worried now, wondering what this punishment was and how bad it could be. That wasn't something she liked to think about but somehow she had to know what it could be. When another breeze blew in, Sora didn't understand still waiting before her eyes widen in shock as Kiki's collar of the shirt was down enough. She didn't know how to react or speak to what she saw but felt a little ill thanks to it. "........."

Kikiyo didn't say a thing or moved but she knew that same shocked expression on someone's face. She never knew that pain of that....because of the lack to having a heart. That if their was even a heart to begin with. Her chest only showed a hole that showed to be missing her heart.

"k-Kiki.."'H-how? how is this..possible? Her heart is...'

"This....this was my punishment, Miss Sora and to be honest, I don't know how to feel about it. I shouldn't let my own unsure emotions get the best of me or in the ways of my duties. So, I'll always serve you as the rose bride no matter what........I will always obey you.."


"A heart for a heart....right Miss Sora?" she said softly but lets go of her shirt collar as Sora got ready to speak. That's when the clock chime for midnight. It gotten really late now but she looked at her bed to get some sleep. "I believe we stayed up long enough Miss Sora. We need to be getting our sleep now before we forget...." she said sitting down and getting under the blankets to hold Chi-chi close.

"Good night, Miss Sora..." she said before going silent for the night. Sora wasn't sure how to respond to that nor process that through her mind. But to see something like that made her get nervous to how serious this whole thing was. When getting under the covers for tonight, Sora was going to have some trouble sleeping because new worries were filling her mind. Even to who punished her like that. More questions pops up in her mind now but she only doses off to sleep in hopes for a good day tomorrow when they wake up. She will need to find another way of helping Kiki because now she fears for her life and of being a rose bride.

~*Darkness and light comes in many forms but both are always in all living things. People and others must cherish what they have or else be corupted by the raw energy of these two. Be careful of the side you choose for it will remain with you for the rest of your life. You have been warned*~

~Rose of the noble castle. Power of Dios that sleeps within me. Heed your master and come forth!~ (Anthy Himemiya; rose bride of current dueling champion)
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New Revolution: The dreams of the Duelist and Rose bride Empty Re: New Revolution: The dreams of the Duelist and Rose bride

Post by Anthy Himemiya on Fri Mar 30, 2018 4:25 pm

From the view of this certain event, many of our readers would be asking about the visitors that showed in Sora's dream. Would many wish to find out how they are doing?

~Meanwhile in another timeline~

In the living room of a big estate, a young woman named Aiko was sitting on the chair while watching another woman who was sitting on the ground. A magic feeling flowed around her like the water but she didn't move nor spoke for some time now. The woman was named Anthy Himemiya; the wife of the former duelist Utena Tenjou and a former rose bride. She was a witch that played the role of this title till her curse was broken thanks to her. She now lives a free life with her love, her child, and many new faces that is living well too.

However, due to the natural turn of events, it seems she is doing something. Aiko was still waiting for some sudden movement but after seeing chu-chu worried about her as well since she's been in this state longer than the other two nights. He only looked worried to feel Aiko pet his head to show it was going to be okay because Anthy was strong; stronger than she seems to be for a witch.

However, she hopes she wakes up soon since Utena and Hana have been worried about her. Usually when they started this, she would wake up by the morning or so but she's still in her magic world connecting with the other new rose bride Kikiyo.

Miss Anthy...please come back soon. They are getting worried about you...please come back." she said to herself looking at Anthy that still didn't move. Seconds later, the magic energy was disappearing to make Anthy still not move from her spot.

"Miss Anthy? Are you back with us?" She asked standing up slowly from the chair and heads over to her about to touch her shoulder before Utena comes in to see the magic flow was gone around her wife. That's when she opened her eyes to hold her head a little.

"Aiko....seems I came back...." she said silently but Utena walks over while Hana came from the kitchen looking worried herself.

"Yes, you have returned back. How are you feeling?"

"I'm alright but a little weak. The magic I use still lingers in the air but it's nothing serious."

"Glad to hear, Miss Anthy. I'm sure Miss Utena and Hana will be happy to know you finally woke up. You were out of it for a while now and they been worried you wouldn't wake up."

"My apologies. I never meant to worry them but the magic hold was a lot stronger than the last two nights. It seems the word is true; someone in the other timeline is trying to bring the same story to life once more." she said but that's when Utena and Hana walk in the living room to see Anthy awake.

"Anthy? Oh thank goodness, you're finally awake now." she said looking to her wife while Hana was happy to see her alright as well.

"Yes. I'm sorry for being so late getting back. The magic from that timeline seems to be a lot more stronger than I thought. However, I'm back now so you both shouldn't worry any longer." she said trying to stand up but stumbles on the floor that made Utena look worried.

"Whoa easy Anthy. I know you just got back but be careful okay?"

"Yes, of course." she said going to help her stand slowly but this got Hana confused. Her mother shouldn't have got weak from using her magic. Is the other timeline responsible? Or is someone else's magic at work here?

"Dad, something's off. During the first two nights; mom would come back alright with little magic taken but this took a little more than usual. That shouldn't be happening right?"

"Hmmmm, you do have a point. Anthy, you were able to speak to that other girl in the timeline right? Do you think she.."

"It's a possible chance for that outcome but I didn't feel her doing such a thing when I spoke or tried to speak to her. I did sense other bonds around her. Like someone is trying to keep her blind from hearing anything. I was able to get one line of a sentence through but nothing else."

"What do you mean mom?"

"When I spoke or tried to speak with the other rose bride in the timeline, I heard other voices in her dream. Something telling her to not trust me and she didn't seem to understand. I believe another force is at work here and it's trying to lead her away from finding freedom. I think if nothing is done, she'll sink back into the path of the rose bride duties or something so deep we can't reach her." she said sitting down but sees a glass of water given to her as Aiko looked a bit silent from hearing that. It seems the story going on in Sora's timeline has already been noticed and spoken of but trying to connect another soul with her can take a lot out of Anthy.

But that is new. Someone in that timeline is trying to prevent Kikiyo from being free and keep her as a rose bride till this mission of their is complete.

"From how miss Anthy is saying it; seems this new enemy has known the history of some timelines to stay ahead from the events of this messing up. Whoever this person is are doing everything they can to stop anyone from trying to interfere with their plan. To keep the rebirth of the story going as planned but maybe something has happened to make them go through this much trouble to keep it going? Maybe this other duelist is causing cuts in the path to stop it?"

"........It's possible but we don't know for sure."

"Either way, at least she's doing something and trying to stop this from happening all over again."

"Yes. To stop the same lines of struggle and pain gone through everyone here and in other timelines. However, how in the world did this person know about the history or story about it? Did they get some outdoor source in order to know about it and brother and followers tried to do?"

"That and lying to others in order to get what he wanted. What kind of crazy person would wish for a thing like that? The things that happened isn't fun you know and I know me and dad don't want to go through that again...." Hana said but sees Utena nod agreeing with her. She and Hana been hurt enough and scarred that this sort of thing isn't enjoyable. Whatever this person was planning, it couldn't be good.

"Regardless, lets just hope we can do enough to help. By the way, Anthy? Are you alright now or do you need more time to rest?"

"Yes, I'm alright. It's been such a long time since I've used my magic but to use it while connecting your spirits into the other duelist dreams can take a lot out of me. The duelist though, I believe her name was Sora, correct?"

"Yeah, that's her name. Sora Akiyama."

"Sora Akiyama...she sure is like you Utena and Hana too. She has that same spirit and strong will in order to help the rose bride in her time. Maybe she's a lot more powerful than one sees her."

"You really think so Anthy?"

"From what Hana says yes, Miss Utena. Hana says she seems really strong and willing to help her friend but that may change into something more. Just like how we all became close together as one." Aiko said while Hana looks to the side with a pout like expression but Utena rubs the back of her head to see Anthy's unreadable smile.

"Either way, we should be alright once miss Anthy rest up and gets her magic back up again. It seems Miss Himemiya's abilities are still powerful despite growing older and she's strong willed herself. However, I'm still shocked something like this is happening again. Knowing what Hana did years ago by cutting the ties of the duelist and rose bride wouldn't interfere in our lives and theirs.."

"True but it seems some jerk in Sora's timeline is trying undo that and bring it back. I wish their was a way we can go there and stop this. No one should go through something so" Hana sounded serious in the beginning but the memories of it slowly made her go silent. Even remembering the pain and hate she went through. Just like her father. Hana didn't want this terrible thing to come about again. Not after the times she had to go through and worse....feeling the same pain she felt when losing Aiko. Just like her father Utena when losing Anthy.

"Even if we knew more about the man in Sora's world, we are not sure what effects will bring towards it. All we can do is watch and help even in her dreams."

"But still, this event shouldn't be happening again. It shouldn't be born again after I ended the pain you went through, Anthy. Even when Hana cut the ties of that story away to save Aiko as well. To stop the pain many faced even us. I didn't even know their were other rose brides and duelists that suffered like this too. The same pain that burns within ones heart and find out the pain their rose bride faces and feels." Utena said this but she slowly looks down to try and clear her head. Even after everything they went through as a family before thinking what this man was really trying.

Was he trying to bring back the story that started it all? The dream of a prince helping a princess who was cursed for so long? She knew the duelists that helped their rose brides are happy in their lives but she wonders if they were feeling the same thing as well? It's hard to say right now even after a while.

"Miss Utena.....even the former rose brides still feel the pain most go through. Even if you and Miss Hana broke our connection like many others have; it seems one more is found where this man is doing his best to bring it all back. The stories that started your connection is effecting theirs too. We may feel the same connection trying to come back...wouldn't that explain the same struck of pain you felt, Miss Himemiya?"

"A striking pain? Mom, what is Aiko talking about?" Hana asked but Anthy didn't reply towards that since she was looking down at the cup of water she gave her.

"She's right. When this first came to past, I felt some sharp pain within my chest. The pain came from the same location where the hole used to be. I don't know how but I felt it there. After a while, the pain came and went before it stopped altogether. I think that was a warning. Or a threat. I'm not really sure myself. Have you felt anything like that Aiko?" Anthy asked her but she only shook her head no.

"I have not felt anything like that....or not yet I believe. Whatever is causing that may be connected with Sora's timeline and the one that's starting this up."

"If that's the case, we just need to keep giving sora our help to stop this before it all comes back. I won't let anything happen to you Anthy and the same for Hana as well." she said showing a determined face but Hana sighed to smile a little. Same old dad being cool like always but she was right. Hana will do the same to keep everyone safe and making sure Aiko stays protected and safe too.

~*Darkness and light comes in many forms but both are always in all living things. People and others must cherish what they have or else be corupted by the raw energy of these two. Be careful of the side you choose for it will remain with you for the rest of your life. You have been warned*~

~Rose of the noble castle. Power of Dios that sleeps within me. Heed your master and come forth!~ (Anthy Himemiya; rose bride of current dueling champion)
Anthy Himemiya
Anthy Himemiya

Number of posts : 1419
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New Revolution: The dreams of the Duelist and Rose bride Empty Re: New Revolution: The dreams of the Duelist and Rose bride

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