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Then, I Met You.

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Then, I Met You.

Post by Prince Utena Tenjou on Sat Mar 11, 2017 1:00 am

My world had been darkness for so long. That's all I saw, that was all I knew.

"I don't know... I just have to beat him right...?"

Then I met you.
I had seen you before, around the school's campus - you stood out not just for the choice in your clothes, but for the color of your hair and how you carried yourself. You wore your confidence proudly, and I wished that shine would someday find me, inwardly.

I had seen you before, admiring the garden I tend to simply because no one else will. It would be a shame for such a thing to rot, wouldn't it?

I had seen you before, but never did I think we'd become acquainted. I met you by your bravery that day in the arena, the place too many people have been scared to go to before.

I met you and you were different. You were kind, and more than that, you weren't afraid of Master Saionji.

"What? Impossible! I lost?"

Petals danced in the wind, ones that I had grown tired of seeing remain stagnant on the chest of Master Saionji. They moved, they blew, the bells made music - and I was no longer locked in tight under pressurizing control - I felt my world become a little less dark.

Somewhere inside me I was looking forward to the kindness; saying goodbye to being hit whenever I wouldn't obey him had become something I needed to do now.

I waited for you that night, and that night I met you.

"From this day forward, I belong to you. I am the Rose Bride."

You didn't want me.
You didn't want the power.
You didn't want any of it despite the dreams you sought to accomplish.

I was used to not being wanted or welcome, but as I braced for a hand, it never came.
You didn't hit me.
You didn't strike or swing at me.
You simply sat there and crossed your arms, and I simply watched your head expecting it to explode from all the thinking you were doing.

You didn't do anything.
And I knew that this was different.

"So what is this rose bride business anyway? And what was all that about the floating castle, and the student council and duelists?"


"Wha! You mean you don't even know?"

I told you that, yes. But I knew most of it all along.
It was our first day together, how could I have told you anything or everything even if yo really wanted to know?
You wouldn't have been ready, and it is your place to find this out as we go along - not my place to tell you.
Truthfully, you could have commanded that I tell you everything, demanded that you get every secret out of me or lest your hand meet with my face - but you didn't, you simply asked.

And when I told you the proper answer - you let it go.
I never thought we'd become close, become friends, and that you'd remain my master. You were willing to throw the power away as soon as you got it, and I think that's what made you stand out to them, to me, to him...
More so than that, you were willing to throw me away as though I were disposable, something you could look over. But I suppose you didn't do this to be cruel, you didn't yet grasp the situation and look at me as a person instead of a possession - which changed in time -
Actually, it may have been the opposite. You have always viewed me as a person, making it impossible to see me as a possession, and therefore you couldn't understand things such as "I belong to you" because you have never belonged to anyone.

I never thought I'd grow used to being at your side in duels and at school, living with you in the dorm with Chu Chu. I never thought I'd be someone to you, because you were your own person and you didn't need me.

I never thought I'd... come to know you the way I do, feel the things I do about you, Miss Utena, but, once more you have proven you have the power, not just to change the world but to change people. My purpose was lost on you. My servitude and life of duties was wasted on the person you were. And I think that was for the best.

Destiny - I have always believed in it. But never did I think it would deliver me to kindness in its human form. Never did I think it would deliver me to the side of love, to someone I was happy serving, and didn't mind belonging to. Being the Rose Bride made it official, but off the records, my heart has always belonged to you, Miss Utena.

"Years from now, I want you to promise me we'll have a date. We'll go on a date together, years from now, sipping tea and enjoying each other's company. I promise you that Anthy."


You showed me how to live a life.
You showed me what it was like to feel things I wasn't commanded to feel or told I should feel.

You pulled me a ways away from my darkness that I was drowning in - I wasn't out yet, the darkness had been there all my life - but I had come further out of it with you than I ever did on my own or with anyone else.

You showed me how to care without being told to.
You instructed me in the ways of how to be an individual, and you never struck me once, you never raised your voice at me unless it was for good reason and those always came with good intentions - and you instructed me with care, never with demands that always seemed... distant from humanity.

You weren't like Saionji.
You were nothing like Touga -
You certainly are different from Akio.
And I think your different, is the best kind of different there is, Miss Utena.


As you reach out for me. I hear you scream my name.
I'm really meeting you now for the first time. I can see the light - I can see the door open, I can feel a hand striving for mine. But more than that I can feel warmth - I can see light. It's blinding and bothersome, it's a struggle to look at but it's there, and it seems I'm finally coming out of the darkness.

Your voice sounds strained, your eyes look wet. Your hair is a mess, and your clothes are torn. I notice there's blood on your hands from prying the door open. I notice many things about you Utena, things I have never noticed about you before.

You have brought me to the light Utena. You have brought me to love. You have brought me to freedom at your own expense and it's wonderful. The words I'm searching for are thank you. My eyes start to water too, and I feel you let go, and myself fall, fall away from this darkness as the swords converge on you.

I'll find you and we'll have a date 10 years from now Utena, and I'll never forget the way you treated me and cared for me. Thank you for setting me free, but more than that thank you for becoming my first friend, and bringing me to the destiny I craved inside so much - Love.

Someday, we'll shine together.
My world had been darkness for so long. That's all I saw, that was all I knew.

Then I met you.

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