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Roses of faith

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Roses of faith Empty Roses of faith

Post by Anthy Himemiya on Sun Mar 12, 2017 1:28 pm

Roses of faith

I'm laying here awake in bed with eyes still shut, seeing it's early morning with the moon still out. I usually would be asleep still beside my beloved husband who didn't wake. Knowing her, she sleeps a little deeper than I'm used to. Why was I still awake? I did not know. Even right now, I turned my head to look at Utena that had the moonlight shining down upon her.

Her face glowing by the moon, her pink bubblegum hair covering some of her face. From the expressions on her face she was having a peaceful sleep with dreams looking calm. I was happy to see my beloved resting peacefully but their is something I've noticed each time I would look at her or anyone. My eyes looked down upon Utena's chest to see the same thing like any other day.

A white rose in full bloom. Her signature flower as it glows from the moon but it was from Utena's own essence. That rose showed everything she's been through. Whenever something happened in her life, the rose shows it.

Most time it darkens, it wilts, it started to show damage towards it. However, she always seem to recover and the rose heals almost like now. The pain she felt, her emotions, the struggle, fear, even our love for one another to where we had our daughter. Now, it seems things have calmed down.

However, it was not just her. I even noticed a rose near my own chest that was more damaged because of the past and ways of the Rose bride. However, it recovered over the years slowly. I saw the same with Hana having one, and even Aiko. I did wonder if she could see the same thing? Could she see Hana's own rose?


I knew that even during the passing years and months of our family being happy, I somehow get the feeling that Aiko saw the same thing. Through her own mysterious eyes; she could see the rose from within Hana just like I could with Utena. I sat up slowly as the sheets fall off of my body and looks down at my husband still asleep. I reach down to touch her cheek to watch her but Utena shifts slightly from the touch.

"................" I lift my hand away from her cheek and decided to go back to sleep. Before I shut my eyes, I heard a knock on our bedroom door. I look at the door and gets up from the bed, grabbing a robe to put on and head to it. I open it and see Aiko standing there to look down but then at me. Her eyes didn't say a thing but she remained silent.

"Miss Himemiya....I hope I've not awoken you but would it be okay to talk with you?"

Speak with me? I wonder what she could need to speak of? Of course I wouldn't mind but nods while we go to leave and stand in the balcony in the back since Hana and Utena remain sleeping.

We stood outside to feel the breeze blowing against us but Aiko didn't say a thing while looking up at the night sky. It sure was pretty out here just like the same memory of me and Utena dancing under the night dark sky together. Hand in hand.

"So Aiko, what did you wish to speak to me about? Are you having trouble going to sleep or need something to drink?" I wouldn't mind making some tea for us but Aiko shook her head to look down.

"No, I just wish to talk about something. I know I've been happy since I met your daughter, Miss Hana. I'm pleased to be by her side but knowing my freedom means we are allowed to live how we are...I've been...."

She paused slightly from her words but then looks ahead while shutting her eyes from a breeze that blew against us.

"Dose it have to deal with seeing things? Have you been seeing...a rose on Hana's chest above the heart and maybe others peoples roses too? Like mine and my husband's?"

She quickly looks to me silent in shock but from her expression, I was right.

"You can see them too, Miss Himemiya?"

"For a while yes. I've been having visions of my husband's own rose but I never knew I was able to see them before long. Now, I'm able to see them with no problem. How long for you, Aiko?"

"..A while. After Hana saved me, I've been able to see her rose blooming from her heart. I didn't know what it means but I hope it means something....well."

I looked at Aiko as she seems lost to her own pondering thoughts I just didn't say anything about that till showing a smile.

"Aiko, don't worry It's nothing bad. I assure you that it's nothing wrong. That just means your connection between you and Hana has gotten stronger now. You love her dearly do you not?"

"With all my heart. I'll always love her..."

"Then you are alright. All you need to worry about is being their for Hana so that way nothing will tear you both apart. I know that because I feel the same with Utena."

Aiko sees my eyes shut but I placed a hand over my heart to feel my own rose; a rose that bloomed from how much I loved Utena. For our bound was strong and burning bright.

".....I..I see."

"Just remember this Aiko. You and Hana will always become one, you will always have the same strong bond as any other. Besides you both were tied together as faith planned. Just like me and Utena. So again, just be happy because I know Hana is with you. Please don't forget that okay?"

"I won't miss Himemiya...Thank you."

She and I smiled slightly before looking out at the view before going ahead to then both of us head back to our rooms. I went back to see Utena still asleep but she seems to have remained in the same position as I get back in bed after removing my night robe.

I slide back into bed but as I did that, Utena slowly moves her arms to hold to me close against her body. Even in her sleep, she was still someone I dearly cared about. My green eyes shuts half way and closes completely to try and get back to sleep. While I did that, I didn't notice Utena opening one of her blue eyes to hold me close and place a kiss upon my head.

She shuts it back so both of us went right back to sleep. I knew for a fact that the roses I can see and the same for Aiko showed something deep between us. Knowing our roses wrapped together to show how faith brought us together. Maybe in the morning, Me and Aiko could tell Utena, Hana, and the others about this but we will see. For now, from this, it showed how much the four of us became so close.

Together as family; and even finding the one we deeply loved.

~*Darkness and light comes in many forms but both are always in all living things. People and others must cherish what they have or else be corupted by the raw energy of these two. Be careful of the side you choose for it will remain with you for the rest of your life. You have been warned*~

~Rose of the noble castle. Power of Dios that sleeps within me. Heed your master and come forth!~ (Anthy Himemiya; rose bride of current dueling champion)
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