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The Rainbow Rose Saga Continued?!

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The Rainbow Rose Saga Continued?! Empty The Rainbow Rose Saga Continued?!

Post by Prince Utena Tenjou on Sun Nov 22, 2015 11:12 pm

Last seen on The Rainbow Rose Saga: Hana Tenjou has been reunited with her family once again and is now a little older, 18 years old to be exact, and it was the summer before college started. Hana explained to everyone that the cycle had been broken and there was to be no more dueling games or rose brides due to Takehiko's betrayal of his evil plans for good, and Dios continues to watch over the Tenjou family, blessing them with his power.

So where does that leave us this time? Is it really the end of the dueling games?
A couple of years later, the group is now in their early 20's, and already in their second year of college! What adventures await our heroes this time?

"I can't believe we've made it this far. Sophomore year of college here I come!" An excited Kaori exclaimed as she jumped up excitedly. She just couldn't wait for the first day of school to commence.

Since our days at Ohtori Academy had ended, we all had gotten paid the full way to this prestigious university, compliments of Takehiko and his riches, so that we could attend together and always see each other. It wasn't enough that we lived together already?

"I understand you're excited, I am too, but I don't think it's a good idea to be jumping around everywhere, Kaori." I told her through my teeth. It was way too early, even if it was a beautiful day, to be this happy. I yawned.

"Oh come on Hana, lighten up! Aren't you excited? How could you not be? I have to admit, when we first came here I was a little terrified, what, with the school being so big and all. But now I feel like we own it, y'know. We're kings of the school!" Kaori giggled and I sighed out an almost visible breath.

"We're not kings yet, we're only sophomores. And it might feel like we own it, but we don't. I think Takehiko's family has some share of the profit on it though. Man, they must really good business people." I thought out loud as we continued walking. We were already in uniform and on our way to the registrar to get a copy of our schedules to see what classes we'd be placed in.

See how it worked in this school was that all students upon entering were made to take an entrance and a placement exam, and based on the results of that you would be placed in the appropriate classes. Yep, sounds just like that prestigious high school we all went to.
Thankfully, the tests weren't as imperative now that we were second years, but they were still there, and they still determined which upper level classes we would be able to take now that we were a year into the curriculum. So complex, I don't understand; why can't we just pick our own?

"And are you listening to me at all, Hana? Hellooooo? Earth to Hana?" Kaori waved her hand in front of my face comically to try and get my attention. Immediately I snapped back and my eyes adjusted onto her so and then focused so I could see her clearly. I wasn't listening, I had to confess, her voice honestly sounded like just noise in the background to me while I was thinking, but I didn't want to tell her that, even though I'd have to; Being honest as I was was not always the best sometimes.

"Sorry... I wasn't listening. What did you say?" I asked with a sweat drop forming on my brow.

"Nevermind, it's not like it was important anyway. I don't feel like repeating myself." She crossed her arms and pouted. "Say, where's Aiko?" She blinked in confusion.

A question mark blooped above my head, comically, metaphorically. "Now that you mention it, I don't know. I didn't see her this morning when I was getting ready, and she didn't walk with us to the bus stop obviously. I wonder where she could be.." I thought. I'm sure she was fine, but it was curious that she wasn't with us.

"Ohhhh, miss your girlfriend do you?" She teased. I blushed. Ever since we graduated high school and that whole fiasco ended Aiko and I had started seeing each other, the same way I imagine that my dad and mom started seeing each other. Still I was proud she was mine.~

"Well wherever she is and whatever she's up to, I'm sure she's fine. Aiko knows how to look out for herself now, she can handle it." I reassured both her and myself because though that's what I truly believed, I actually wasn't too sure completely myself. I was worried, after all, she was my love.

"Well wherever she is we don't have time to waste, we have to get going, we're gonna be late!" She pointed out to me as she grabbed my wrist and rushed off towards the registry.


"The flowers that bloom here are so beautiful. I wish I too could bloom like them. Here's to another year of perhaps becoming as invisible as the flowers that are not brightest of the batch." She sighed and walked on from the greenhouse she was in, admiring the flowers, not tending to them, and off to the registry as well.


"Alright, here I am, it's nice to see that everything's where it should be. Now, to find Tenjou and her friends, and make sure I get to class on time too. Here's to another year." He walked on from the gates as quickly as he could to the registry in search of his friends and of his class schedule.


"Sir, they have arrived as expected. Everything is in place, this is the year we enact the plan." A voice spoke in darkness to the figure standing next to him in the same darkness in the room, so dark in fact that no one could see anything, and if one were to look through what little light was in the area surrounding them, they would see only the two pairs of legs standing at the enormous window, looking out upon the thousands of students gathering on campus. The figure next to him smirking, both were dressed in suits.

"Patience, we will enact the plan soon enough. No one will see it coming and we will be that much closer to ruling the whole school, as if we don't command a lot of it already. All we have to do is rid of the little rich brat and his friends, and then the school... and the world will be ours." A devilish smirk grew even more upon the lips of the man whom seemed to be the ring leader to the whole administration, its president or something. The other one, his right hand man, started to smirk as well, and some eerie, unsettling chuckles whispered in the darkness surrounding them, it was almost like night had fallen in that one office that no one dared venture into.

And so another year begins, what classes will we take? What adventures will we get to? Here's to hoping I can keep up with it all! Sophomore year, here I come.~

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Prince Utena Tenjou
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The Rainbow Rose Saga Continued?! Empty Re: The Rainbow Rose Saga Continued?!

Post by Prince Utena Tenjou on Thu Nov 26, 2015 12:33 pm

We had gotten our class schedules, as well as our IDs, they told us to come back later for when we would need to move into a dorm, if applicable, to get the keys. Thankfully, I lived not too far away from the university we went to so I had the capability of traveling to it in whatever mode of transport I wanted, which usually ended up being either a train or having my mom drive me.

"Hey so what's your first class Hana?" Kaori asked me, looking at her schedule and trying to read the print with squinty eyes, though I'm sure her eyesight was just fine. She was a nut that way.

"Uh let's see, I think I have math as my first class. And the next block I have isn't till in the afternoon and that's history. And then right after that I have a dance class." I told her reading the schedule blocks listed under "Tuesday" to her. "What about you?" I looked up at her.

"You know something, I think we're in the same math and history classes! But I don't have a dance class, where the heck did you get a dance class in there? Unless there must be a misprint on your schedule or something." She thought out loud comically, looking at the paper in my hands. "But ew, math first thing in the morning? That should be like against the rules of life." She crossed her arms and pouted again.

"Easy there, defender of justice. It's not a misprint. I got a dance class in there as one of my electives this term because I wanted to take it. I thought I could always learn a new style of dance and keep my body active and in shape. It's good for me." I explained.

"And when you become a famous dancer you'll still be out there changing the world. Man, that's like your family destiny or something! How cool is that? I wanna be a part of that legacy! Quick, marry me and then we can share the bond of your destiny forever!" She exclaimed in some weird, extravagant motion, grabbing my hand to make a point. I sweat dropped but giggled at the sudden outburst, this was my best friend and I had come to expect nothing less of her over the years.

"Well hey I don't know how Aiko would feel about me marrying you." I told her, rubbing the back of my head with my other hand.

"Are you kidding? It'll be great. She likes me anyway, and it doesn't even have to be like romantic or anything. I can leave that to you guys and I can just be the princess or whatever to your prince and then maybe I can change the world too. But more so than that, I want to go on these adventures with you Hana, because when you weren't around, it really sucked..." Suddenly the tone turned serious and I knew I needed to do something before this got depressing. But before I could open my mouth she continued...

"This may be selfish to say, but I want to have my moment y'know. I want to feel special. I feel like no one notices me, nor knows who I am, and I just get looked over like some rotten piece of fruit. But even though you steal the spotlight a million times over from everyone else, I can't help feeling special when I'm with you." Kaori said with some kind of twinkle in her eyes. I didn't want her to start crying. I gave her heartwarming smile and slung my arm around her shoulders.

"As if what you said could be selfish at all. Everyone is allowed to have feelings, K. But let me tell you, you are far from invisible to me." That got her to light right up like a Christmas tree. "So let's get to class ya weirdo, and we can go on this college adventure together because I don't plan on doing anything like that again anytime soon." I smiled as well.

"You'd better not... without me." She answered me and right away we were off to class.


"It would appear I'm in a math class for the start of the day. And then let's see, I have history, and dance class later as well. I have to get going, otherwise I'm going to be late." She said, placing the paper away in her pocket, all folded up neatly. She walked down the hallway and turned the corner, but then bumped into Takehiko.

"Oh Aiko, hello." He said.

"Hello." She greeted him back.

"You know, you're the first one I've seen today that I can actually recognize. Have you seen Hana anywhere?" He asked her though there was a roar that he had to talk above from all the students going to find their first classes of the day.

"Unfortunately, no. I haven't seen her myself. I was just on my way to my first class." She told him.

"Oh yeah, me too. Excuse me then. But before I go, how are you liking the university so far?" He said.

"I think it's quite picturesque and pretty. I was just visiting the flowers in the greenhouse you keep, they're lovely. Oh yes and the structure of the building is very nicely designed as well." She told him.

"Why thank you. We spent big bucks to make the school what it is and now the community hopefully is going to give back to my family by showing us the fun they have at school. Including you and Tenjou, I don't want any of that drama that happened a few years ago now to surface again. That's the kind of stuff we don't need here." He crossed his arms.

"You must understand Mr. Takehiko, that wasn't our fault." She pleaded with him.

"I know, it was my jerk of a dad's fault. I was such an idiot to have believed in the things I did. But I'm over that now, it's in the past and I'm a better person for it. I just hope whatever that was doesn't show up here again. I would hate to see what would happen to the school if it did. And Tenjou. And you too, of course." He explained, looking out the vast windows plated in the hallway they were standing in, looking down upon the campus grounds outside the school entrance.

"Well I must get going now Mr. Takehiko, I'll see you later." She told him and began on her way, running now, towards her first class. He turned and watched her run, saying softly to himself.

"You know you can call me Takehiko now. We're friends, and Tenjou set you free." He slowed on the last part of his sentence and trailed, then smiled when he was done a moment later, then walked off to his first class as well. Some things, he was certain, might never change.


Students were gathering in the math class Kaori and I were in this morning. The place already looked to be pretty busy despite being both an early class and a math class. But, nonetheless, we strode in and found seats that were open and next to each other and sat down in them, awaiting the class to commence. The teacher seemed to be writing his name on the board, with his back turned to us, and flipping through whatever he had planned for today. I watched him do that as I took off my backpack and made myself comfortable. Kaori did the same thing. And that's when Aiko came striding through the doorway. My smile grew as I watched her walk in.

"Aiko.." I said happily.

She smiled too, softly. "Miss Hana.." She said surprised.

Kaori whipped her head around and spotted Aiko in the doorway, and she smiled a little bit as well, waving to her. Aiko, shyly, waved back and came to take a seat right in front of me, as luckily, it was open. This was great, the three of us had class together, so even if it was math, it was going to be fun.

The bells rang in the building we were in signifying the start of the class period.

"Alright class, take your seats. I will begin taking attendance. My name is Miki Kaoru. If you want, you may call me Professor, Professor Kaoru, or Mr. Kaoru. So far you may not call me by my first name, but we'll see how the semester goes, and I may make an exception to that." He spoke and we watched him. He seemed so familiar, but I just couldn't place it. Aiko seemed to be contently waiting to be called on the attendance sheet, and Kaori was playing with one of her pencils she had taken out of her bag.

"Alright." He continued. "Do we have a..." He read the names alphabetically one by one, till he got down to close to, if not, the end of the list. "And do we have a Kaori in this class? Kaori Shinohara?" He read the name aloud and then his eyes searched for the student responsive to that name.

Kaori smiled as her name was called and shot up. "That's me." She said happily, many of the other classmates giggles lowly at her, or snickered but she didn't care.

Miki smiled and checked the name off on his list, then reading the name over again. "Hm, your name seems vaguely familiar to me, your last name that is. Maybe you're related to someone I know. You'll have to let me think on that. Anyway... Hana.. Tenjou?" He said surprised as he read the name. He looked over and I raised my hand.

"That would be me." I said abashedly.

"Miss Tenjou... are you by any chance related to Utena Tenjou?" He put the sheet down and looked directly at me.

"Yeah I'm her daughter." I told him. He seemed surprised by that.

"But I thought..." He trailed. "So she had a baby then with someone else?" He asked me. If it could, a question mark would have blooped above my head. What was he talking about someone else? There was only ever one person for my dad, and my mom was her.

"Um, sir, what do you mean?" I asked him curiously.

"Nothing, it's just. Years ago Utena and I were pretty good friends. We didn't start out that way, but I'm glad that's where we ended up. All those years I always thought that Anthy was the only one for her, but I guess she grew up and married that Kiryuu guy. So Touga must be your father then?" He guessed.

"No, Utena is my father. And Anthy is my mother. Unfortunately, years ago, Touga died though. It still haunts my dad every now and again." He cocked his eyebrow.

"Interesting, would you explain to me why you call one of your mothers, dad? What's astonishing is that you look just like them too." He remarked, concentrating even harder on my features.

"Well it's just as it sounds, I need a way to distinguish between the two of them so I call my mom, mom and my other, technically mom, dad." The class, after hearing that, didn't think it was strange at all.

"I see. You'll have to meet with me after class and tell me the story behind all of this, if you don't mind." He inquired.

"Not at all." I told him with a smile. He smiled as well.

"Excellent. And finally, do we have an Aiko here? Miss Aiko...?" He looked around and a girl shyly raised her hand in front of me.

"Miss Aiko, you don't seem to have a last name on file. Well, anyway, a last name in my roster that would be visible to me. Is the school withholding it for some reason or do you just not have a given last name from personal situations at home?" He asked, trying to get a feel for why Aiko didn't have a last name on file.

"I'd prefer not to speak about it sir, it's rather painful." She told him looking down into her lap.

"I understand and respect your decision, welcome to our class everyone. Today we're just going to take it easy, so no math yet.." His voice faded into the background as I looked curiously at Aiko, why was she keeping that information secret? It wasn't like it was a big deal, you aren't your parents and they aren't you. Or something like that.

Eh, I'd find out later I'm sure.
For now, it's time to listen to Miki ramble on about what he's passionate about in life, math.
I leaned my head on my hand and my elbow on the desk, yay..

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Prince Utena Tenjou

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The Rainbow Rose Saga Continued?! Empty Re: The Rainbow Rose Saga Continued?!

Post by Prince Utena Tenjou on Thu Nov 26, 2015 12:36 pm

[Just so I can mark it and not forget what colors I've been using should this continue...]

Miki - When in the school.
Administrator 2
Administrator 1
Wakaba - When at home.
More to come maybe.

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Prince Utena Tenjou
Prince Utena Tenjou

Number of posts : 4104
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The Rainbow Rose Saga Continued?! Empty Re: The Rainbow Rose Saga Continued?!

Post by Prince Utena Tenjou on Tue Dec 01, 2015 10:42 pm

Note: I'm going to have to start using colors over again for certain people, I'll just specify who's talking, because I already have a mix of the rainbow anyway and picking out new colors is becoming exhausting.

Finally math class had ended and now we were to go onto history. I yawned.

"I didn't think math could be so boring. Usually, I like math a little bit." I stretched my arms upward and Kaori made a face.

"I know, Miki sure doesn't know how to bring to life the concepts of math and its ideas. And you'd think he'd known how considering that he's our professor and all. And hey, wasn't he good at math back in the day?" She thought out loud.

Aiko smiled slightly. "Yes he was." She giggled softly. I then slung my arm around her and we all walked to history class together.

It would dawn on me later that I forgot to tell Miki the story of how I came to be. Well, I'd catch him later, I'm sure he'd still be here.


"It seems I cannot rest just yet. When the time is right I shall reappear once more. Till then I must wait. And so must you, Hana.."

Dios spoke as his voice echoed and he stared down at the children on the campus from the distant land he was in. A land on an existential plain that no one would ever see; unless of course, you were a spirit.

"Oh do I worry for your safety till I can get there little one." Dios thought out loud to himself once more.


"Who do you think our history teacher is going to be? I mean, it can't be anyone else that knows my Dad could it?" I posed.

"I doubt it. Everyone went their own separates ways after everything was over, my mom told me. She finally found out what happened with Utena, Utena and Anthy married after finding one another again, had you, and that was it." Kaori explained. I suppose she did have a point. "How many older people could we really run into?"

"I propose a lot of them." Aiko spoke up softly. "There weren't that many to begin with but when posed one next to the other it seems like a lot." She explained. Even though I had no idea what she was really saying.

Even being set free, she was still talking in riddles.

"Sure, let's go with that." I said happily. There was a moment of silence between the 3 of us, neither of us knew what to say. "Well it should be this classroom coming up on our left." I told them, watching the numbers of the classrooms as we passed them by go up.

"You're right, it's history time and then we have a break! Well, I think you do Hana, you're lucky! I have to go to stupid English after this!" She whined and crossed her arms.

"Well that's what you get for rushing to sign up last minute for classes. You try cramming everything in on your schedule so you don't have to wait another semester to take it and then you end up being overwhelmed." I told her. "I just wish you good luck Kaori, it's not easy dealing with that many subjects all at once, on one day."

"Thanks Hana, next time class sign ups happen, take me with you so I get into the classes I need earlier on." She whined and we entered the classroom that was now to our left.

I gave Aiko a quick kiss on the cheek. She blushed.

"What in the world was that for?" She asked shyly, touching her cheek. I took my arm off of her and stood in the doorway, smiling at her.

"Just for you, for no reason at all." I headed into the classroom and she shook her head, with a big smile on her lips, following right after me.
We took our seats right by one another again, there didn't seem to be too many people in this particular class and I wondered why. As I put my backpack down I looked up to the front of the classroom. There the teacher stood with her back faced to us.

And in the front center seat there was a girl with brown hair, although the ends of her hair were what someone might define as redheaded. I blinked, interesting hair color, what was her natural hair color? When she opened her eyes to look out the window on the side I caught a glimpse of their color. My eyes widened, they were a bright turquoise, a nice shade of greenish-blue that really stuck out. She leaned her head on her hand and tapped her pencil on the desk solemnly. She looked bored and annoyed at the same time that she had this icy disposition about her.

I wondered what her name was. And why she was wearing the getup she was. It looked really regal and particular, and yet, at the same time, very rebellious.

"Hey Kaori." I turned to her briefly. She adjusted her gaze to me a moment later after setting her books up on her desk to take notes.

"Yeah what's up?" She said.

"Who do you think she is?" I asked her in whispered tones.

"I have no idea, Hana. But she doesn't look to be too nice. I might have known a lot of people back at Ohtori Academy, but I don't know like anyone here. Which is funny, because you'd think I would by now, being here a year. But it's such a big school. Why do you ask?" She blinked curiously.

"I feel like I know her from somewhere is all but I can't place it. I mean I've never met the girl in my life so I wouldn't know her name. But she just seems... familiar you know? It's really hard to explain." I continued to look and whisper. It was at this point Kaori followed my gaze.

"Well I could ask around for you if you want. But if I had to take a guess, I'd say she was someone you might want to avoid. Like I said she looks like she's out to make enemies with anyone who speaks to her. That, and she might be important around here." Kaori added.

"What tells you that?" I looked at her, confused.

"Well I don't get the outfit but it looks like she might have status here you know? Maybe she's on the student council or something. Really high praise for those kinds of things and special uniforms. Plus no one else is sitting around her, and I get this sense that she's pretty scary. Steer clear Hana, we don't need that kind of trouble." She leaned back over onto her desk flipping open her notebook. I, however, continued to look at her curiously. She adjusted her gaze back up to the front of the classroom and my gaze dropped to my books as the bell rang.

The teacher turned around abruptly.

"Hello everyone, please take your seats. I am here to teach you history, and nothing more. So when you're in my class you will be respectful of me, respectful of each other and there will be no leaving before time is up, I dismiss you when I wish. There will be no muttering or the use of cellphones in this class. And there certainly will be no addressing me like your friend. I am not one of your friends, I am your professor. Does everyone have that?" She spoke icily.

My eyes widened as she was speaking. Just who was this woman? She had glasses on her face which she took off half way through her speech, folded and placed hanging out of the collar of her shirt. She was wearing a woman's suit without the tie and pants instead of a skirt. Her hair was curly and short. She was redheaded and her eyes seemed to be the same color as the girl sitting front of the class. Could they possibly be related somehow?

"You will address me as Professor, or Instructor. You may never call me by my first name should you figure that out somehow." She looked around the classroom and saw a hand go up, which she nodded to to allow the student to ask his question. I watched this exchange; She was... scary.

"Um yes, are we allowed to call you by your last name, Professor?" He asked, his voice shaking.

"I suppose so. If you so choose my last name is Arisugawa. Instructor Arisugawa, or Professor Arisugawa will do just fine." She told us.

There was a wave of silence in the classroom.
Where had I heard that name before?

"Professor?" Another hand shot up. She nodded to allow her to speak. "What kind of history will you be teaching us this year?"She finished her inquiry.

"For the most part I'm teaching you about Japan's history from the years of World War 2, to present day. But I can over other things if you have questions about them." She answered. She was very business like wasn't she?

"Alright let's get this attendance thing over with." She began calling names down the list like Miki did in the class before this one. And like always I had to wait for mine to be called being that my last name started with T. So I waited, which wasn't that long of a wait because as I mentioned there weren't that many people in this class.

I was beginning to wonder if someone put me in these specific classes for a reason.

"Kaori Shinohara?" She questioned and looked up from the sheet to the class.

"That's me, ma'am." She said politely. "I mean Professor." She corrected herself. Though Professor Arisugawa's eyes remained stoic on her, she didn't seem to mind being called ma'am. And I didn't doubt that's exactly what it was being as militaristic as she was.

"Hm, surprising. So she did grow up to marry that jerk." She remarked as she checked off Kaori's name. Kaori tilted her head confusedly.

"Jerk..? What do you mean, Professor? You know my mother...?" She asked.

"Do not speak out of term again, Miss Shinohara." She told her and looked up again from the attendance sheet which stopped poor Kaori in her tracks. She didn't know what to do or say next, but they made eye contact for a brief moment before she let her clipboard with the names on it down and sighed, choosing to briefly explain. "Yes I know your mother. Not personally, but I do know her husband personally. He was always such a jerk and that's all I have to say about that." She told her.

"My mom isn't married." She told her solemnly.

"Believe me, that's better for you, kid." She told her coldly, looking back at the sheet. Kaori seemed to ball her fists after that remark, but I looked over to her and touched her shoulder. She looked up at me, gently, a little surprised that I did that. I simply shook my head. Now was not the time or place, and she was a teacher, she could let it go. She had to know that. Kaori nodded and focused down on scribbling in her notebook again. I smiled.

"Hana... Tenjou?" She called out my name. I raised my hand silently. "Interesting. You couldn't possibly be who I think you are, could you?" She asked me. I kept my hand raised and she nodded in my direction. The hand that was up then came to rest on the back of my head.

"Well that would depend on who you think I am, Professor." I told her.

"You're just like her." She closed her eyes with an almost smile. I was sure she knew my dad, which meant that Kaori was wrong. "I never thought in a million years I'd run into my past. I guess that's the world's way of coming back to bite me in the end. Figures." She spoke, reopening her eyes and focusing them on me. She didn't really react as emotionally as she did to Kaori's name. In fact it just seemed like she was thinking to herself, she was hardly reacting at all.

And without another moment of notice, she moved onto the final name on her list. Which of course had to be the only student left she didn't call sitting next to me on my left.

"Aiko..?" She called out.

"Um yes, Professor?" Aiko answered shyly.

"Welcome to class." She said after a pause of a moment where she just stared at Aiko. Her face didn't show anything, but her voice had a small bite to it, the same bitterness it held with my name. I looked over to Aiko and she looked over to me, we wondered what was going on. She put her clipboard down and looked out on all of us.

'Unbelievable... She thought to herself. That in my class they would be here. No doubt this is some weird circumstance. Miracles.. do not exist, not then, not now, not ever. She concluded and opened her mouth to speak to us.

"Okay. Our first lesson today is to reflect upon your state of being right now. And your homework is to come in with a paper written, 1 or 2 pages at least, describing your beliefs, and who you are and what you have found out upon reflection of yourselves. Your existences have meaning, you are here for a reason and you all have a particular power you may not even be aware of. Every person does, to change other people. It's happened to me and it will happen to all of you. So go on, reflect. You are to do this the whole period. I will be here if anyone needs assistance." She said coldly and immediately we all got started on our assignments. Though as she sat at her desk, she continued to stare back and forth every now and again between Aiko and I intensely and I couldn't help but wonder if I had done anything wrong already.

How could I hardly knew her?
I could tell this term history was going to be especially hard..

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The Rainbow Rose Saga Continued?! Empty Re: The Rainbow Rose Saga Continued?!

Post by Prince Utena Tenjou on Wed Dec 02, 2015 2:38 pm

And history class was now over. Man that was the longest self reflection period I had ever taken aside from that one time that I was kinda dead for a while.

Either way all I knew was that I left that class with an overwhelming sense of "who am I and what is my purpose". Professor Arisugawa really knew how to hammer it on thick on the first day, that's for sure.

I walked out of the class, holding my head, all the while Professor was watching me as I walked, her eyes moving subtly with my every step. Aiko came up behind me and followed me out worried for my health and afraid I might faint. Kaori blinked as she walked out as well, her eyes were sore from how much staring she did down at the white paper of her notebook.

"I think I've just experienced the same existential crisis that every 20 something year is supposed to experience in their lifetime. And it's not fun." I told them, trying to recover.

"I know what you mean. I feel like I've added years onto my life." Kaori added in.

Aiko nodded in agreement.

It was then that the girl I had been eyeing up in the front of the class came out of the classroom, with the same icy disposition she had inside the class and a look on her face that said: "I'm bad". Or something like that. Typical rebel. I blinked as I saw her standing there, for someone who was supposed to be our age she was rather tall.

"What are you staring at?" She questioned coldly as her sights locked on me.

"Uh nothing." I shot back as soon as I realized she was talking to me.

"You're that Tenjou girl, right?" She asked narrowing her eyes at me.

"Uh yes, t-that's my name." I stuttered out.

"I see." She said. It was at that point she found Kaori looking at her too and she eyed her up and down which straight Kaori's spine up a few notches. She stood rigidly tall.

"What are you looking at, Shinohara?" She asked.

"Nothing sir, I mean ma'am. I mean, Miss Whoever You Are." She said, fumbling around for words. I could tell she was afraid.

"You're pathetic." She said so casually it didn't even sound like an insult. But it was alright. Then she looked over to Aiko who, in fact, wasn't looking at her, but rather was looking around the school at the students wandering about in the hallways onto their next classes. She looked at her a small moment longer than she looked at Kaori and I.

"Aiko, that right?" She asked pointing to her.

"Yes that's right." Aiko said politely, almost fearlessly. I was surprised that she wasn't afraid of this person standing in front of us. But if it's anything I've learned about Aiko, it's that her feelings are always a mystery and even though I was sure some part of her was afraid of this woman standing before us, she was the master at hiding that, reverting back to the days she had no choice but to hide her emotions away.

"Hmph." Was all she said, before crossing her arms and adjusting her gaze back to me.

"Um, Miss? I don't mean to be rude, but I don't exactly know who you are and you see I was kinda wondering if you would introduce yourself just so we know. You.. uh, know my name already." I rubbed the back of my head, being the only one brave enough to ask for her name. Kaori grabbed my arm almost for safety, scared of what would happen next.

She took a moment before she slowly and coldly looked out the window, not really an expression her face. It was apathetic and I think she preferred it to be that way. She said, emptily. "I don't see how that information is pertinent to you, Tenjou. But.. if you want to know so bad I'll tell you." She began slowly. "My name is Ame. And I am the student council president for the second years at this school." She told us, reverting her gaze back to my form, looking down upon me as I was smaller than her.

"That's all you need to know." She concluded her thought.

"Well it's nice to meet you Miss Student Council President, ma'am." Kaori spoke up shyly.

"Yes I agree, it's nice to meet you Ame." I told her softly.

"I look forward to sharing class with you." Aiko smiled at her and for a moment I saw an intense gleam come into her eyes, almost like that of anger and disgust. Her hand came up a few inches from where it was resting at her head, and then balled and went back down to her side. I watched this curiously.

"Don't get too familiar." She said as she walked away, the gleam in her eyes coming back down to then normally apathetic, cold ones they were. Or perhaps they were already angry but angry in the fashion that she had grown jaded.

She wasn't really thinking about hitting Aiko was she? I didn't want a replay of Ohtori Academy, plus Aiko didn't deserve that.

"Hm, she seems nice." She remarked a moment later. Was she serious?

"Aiko, I want you to watch out for her. I'm sure she is nice once you get to know her, but she seems dangerous to me." I told her worriedly.

"Oh Hana, there is nothing to be worried about. She's just rough around the edges is all." She told me. That's just like Aiko I suppose, to see the good in every situation.

"Well someone's an optimist." She remarked with a giggle. "Oh crap! I need to get to English! See you Hana, see you Aiko!" She called out as she ran off to English.

"So what do you wanna do now?"

"Well I suppose we could get something to eat if you're hungry." Aiko suggested.

"Yeah come to think of it I could go for something to ea-.." As I was about to finish my sentence, a voice came over the loudspeaker.

"Will Miss Hana Tenjou please report to the Main Office. I repeat Miss Hana Tenjou to the Main Office."

"Well I guess I gotta get going then. Sorry Aiko, maybe later?" I rubbed the back of my head and she nodded, she understood.

"I can't believe this, it's only the first day, what could I have done wrong already?" I thought out loud to myself.

"I'll wait for you Hana." She said lovingly.

"I know you will." And with that I turned my back to her and went off to the main office. She sweetly waved to me though I wouldn't see.


"Ah Miss Tenjou, come in, please, come in." Spoke the same voice to me that was over the loudspeaker.

"You wanted to see me?" I asked a moment later.

"Yes in fact we did. Hana, I couldn't help but notice your specific sense of fashion. That you in fact opt to where a boys' uniform despite your being a girl." He remarked to me.

"Oh well, yeah. I like the boys' uniform better and as far as it says in the rulebook there's nothing against a girl wearing a boys' uniform. So.. I-I'm not in trouble am I?" I asked unsure where this was going.

"Nothing at all, we want to commend you for your bold choices. We here at the university wish to award those students who have the courage to express themselves so openly. It is unorthodox what you're wearing but it does suit you, and you're right, there's nothing about it in the rulebook whatsoever. I just want to understand a little better. Won't you explain to me why it is you wear that uniform?"

"Oh well I don't think I've ever really understood it myself. I think I just always wore clothes like this because I felt more comfortable in them. That and it makes me feel closer to my Dad. It makes me feel like I'm doing what I was meant to do, you know?" I explained, with a sweat drop running down my face, metaphorically. I didn't know if that made sense at all.

"I see. Well, bravo." He said. "You're probably wondering why it is I called you here to meet me. Allow me to explain." He began. "Ah Miss Tenjou, I am not so sure you're aware of this new regulation we have bulletined in our school. It's relatively new and until it goes through the school board we aren't allowed to say anything about it to the student body at large which is why there hasn't been an announcement or posting of any kind around the school. You understand." He explained, I nodded. Oh okay so it was just to tell me what the new regulation was? That wasn't so bad and here I was thinking that I was in trouble for something.

"You will be made to wear this ring." He told me as he handed to me a specifically designed ring. It was signet ring with the logo of the school on it. Which also happened to be a rose of some sort, encased in a regal bearing. Just like Ohtori Academy; Well the two were related so I suppose the insignia wasn't all that weird. But the ring was different from the one I got back then, it was a different color, a silver color for the band that wrapped around your finger and the whole insignia part was red instead of pink.

"It looks interesting. But why me?" I asked.

"Like I said this regulation has to be run through the school board first and be approved and all that boring stuff. But in order for that to happen, we as the administration of this school have to make a convincing argument about why it should be a new regulation. In which case a select group of students will receive the rings and be the 'control group' of this proposal if you will. All you're doing is helping us further our ideas along to the school board." He explained. It sounded reasonable. I nodded and gave him my hand, to which he slipped the ring on my left ring finger. I took my hand back and looked at the ring, it shined under the lights in the room.

"That ring is yours to keep even when the proposal is over. Just to inform you. Thank you so much Miss Tenjou, your participation is greatly appreciated and surely with your help we'll get this regulation approved in no time." He smiled.

"Oh well you're welcome. Thank you for choosing me, I guess, sir. I won't let you down." I told him, smiling as well.

"That's all I have to see for you. I wanted to do that in person instead of mailing it to you. It's just easier, you understand." I nodded once more. "Apart from that you're free to go as you please." He motioned towards the door and I smiled, turning away from him to walk towards the door, the new ring still on my finger. It fit just right.

"Alright thank you very much sir, I'll see you around?' He nodded and I left. Unbeknownst to me, he was left there smirking as he watched my body exit the office we were meeting in.

"I know you won't let me down Miss Tenjou, because no one lets down the Administration, and you are the perfect victim.. I mean candidate." He whispered to himself and then went away to his work.


I was admiring the ring. I mean, how awesome was this? I wasn't watching where I was going and suddenly I found myself bumping into someone else. A male. As I looked up I found it was Takehiko.

"Oh hey Tenjou." He greeted me happily.

"Hi Takehiko." I said. "Sorry I wasn't really watching where I was going." I apologized.

"That's alright. Hey I'm on a break right now, where are you headed?" He asked me curiously.

"To the cafeteria, I'm on a break too and I think Aiko was in there waiting for me. We were going to get lunch." I explained.

"I see." He said. "Well then maybe another time then. He suggested, walking past me.

"Yeah definitely. We'll hang soon." I told him and he walked away, as did I. I had to admit it was nice to see him since he'd been the only one I hadn't seen yet today.


"Man I'm kinda hungry. What to eat? And where is Aiko?"

"You again." Came a familiar voice. It had that same rasp in it that the girl I was talking to after class did. Was it really Ame?

"Oh Ame. I didn't see you there." I smiled.

"I see you have a new accessory." She was looking down at my hand.

"What this? Yeah the guy that gave it to me told me that it was just for this proposal to the school board." It was then that she raised her hand and showed me the exact same ring. My eyes widened. "You too, Ame?" I asked her.

"I've had mine a lot longer than you, it was given to me when I joined the student council as a regular member. When I tried to throw it away when I became president they insisted I still wear it, so I do." She placed her hand down and shrugged. "What I'm curious about is why you have one. You're nobody at this school... yet." She looked me up and down again.

"Oh well, I don't know. He just said it was a select group of students or something like that. And I guess I was a part of that selected group. So I'm going to wear the ring, it's nice to know you have one too. At least we have something in common." I smiled, trying my best to be friendly and not scared of the girl in front of me.

"Yes it appears we do." She spoke so matter-of-factly. "Look, just don't get in my way. Okay?" She told me and she walked away. She was going to be a mystery I was going to have to figure out wasn't she?

"Actually Ame." I spoke up and she stopped in her tracks looking back over her shoulder at me. "I was wondering if we could sit down to talk, you know, get to know one another." I proposed.

"Not yet Tenjou." She told me softly, readjusting her head so she was once again looking forward. "However I am flattered by your offer." And that's when she walked away from me. I nodded and waved though she couldn't see.

"Miss Hana!" I heard another familiar voice call out to me from a nearby table. I looked to where my name was being called from and smiled, rushing over to sit with her.

"Aiko." I said and sat down with her. Today was quite eventful for a first day, wasn't it?

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The Rainbow Rose Saga Continued?! Empty Re: The Rainbow Rose Saga Continued?!

Post by Prince Utena Tenjou on Wed Dec 23, 2015 4:44 pm

Aiko and I were enjoying a nice lunch together. It was peaceful. No teachers questioning who we were. No one grilling us about speaking out of term, no administrators acting sketchy. It was just the two of us.

"So today has just been one weird day, Aiko." I began by saying that to her.

"How so?" She asked me.

"Well you know with all the teachers and stuff. I barely have the energy to answer any more of those 'are you who I think you are' questions. You'd think they'd know by now who I am, especially with us being here a year already." I sighed. So exhausting.

"That is true. But there are grade specific teachers, Miss Hana. Some only teach sophomore level classes, which is what we are, is it not? Sophomores?" She thought out loud.

"Yeah that's what second years are called. Sophomores. I guess you're right Aiko. I just wish that today was over so I didn't have to talk anymore about my name." I whined again.

"So you'd rather be doing homework?" She threw at me.

"Touche." I told her with a finger pointing at her. She must have noticed the ring on my finger of the hand I was using to point at her, but she didn't say anything. I saw her expression change slightly but then a moment later it reverted back to the calm visage it usually was. I thought this was odd, but she didn't say anything so I just assumed everything was alright. I placed my hand down and thought about what I was going to eat, before another figure walked over to the table with a tray in hand. It looked loaded with food, too much for one person.

Slowly, I looked up at this person and was surprised to see that it was...

"Professor... Kaoru, what are you doing here?" I asked slowly.

"In this setting you may call me Miki, if you wish." He told her kindly. "Is this seat taken?" He asked again.

I shook my head and Aiko just smiled as he took a seat next to me.

"Would you care to share this with me? I don't think I can eat all of it myself." He said, offering kindly.

"Professor, did you buy that food for us to share with you on purpose?" Aiko questioned.

"It seems I can't trick you. You're very perceptive, Miss Aiko." He smiled. "Yes, that is precisely the reason I've come to your table today. It occurs to me that you and I didn't get a chance to speak after class like I would have hoped. So I'm here now because I'm both hungry and it seemed like an opportune time to speak with you, Miss Hana. I hope you don't mind." He said. "Also, you must be hungry as well and since you didn't have any food sitting on the table, I thought I should bring some over, especially if I'm just going to interrupt your lunch to speak with you." He chuckled a little bit. Miki really was a kind, gentle soul wasn't he?

"Oh well thank you, Miki. That's very considerate of you. You didn't have to." I rubbed the back of my head sheepishly and Aiko just giggled a little bit. "So what did you wanna talk about?" I asked curiously, letting my arms drop down again.

"Ah." He said. "Well, it was about your name originally, but now I think I have something else to add to that. You did say you were related to Utena Tenjou right?" He asked again just to be sure.

"Yes, do you have a problem with my father, sir?" I asked cautiously. After having Professor Arisugawa, anyone who knew my dad could be someone who hated her or was her friend, and I had to be careful as to which one that was.

"No, of course not. Utena and I were good friends." He said. "It just comes as a shock to me that all our lives are moving on so fast in every direction. I mean, here I am teaching college courses to sophomores, when I myself, when I was a few years younger than you, were taking these classes myself." Miki said sheepishly.

"That's right, you were certified as the boy genius of Ohtori Academy. I've heard the legends."

"Legends? Oh please. I'm not that much of a big deal. Yes, when I attended Ohtori Academy, I was named the boy genius. I was years younger than Utena, and the rest of the student council and yet I was able to keep up with years ahead of them, mathematically. I just love it so much. But anyway. That's not what I have come to talk to you about today. Though I do appreciate being able to see where Utena's life has led her." He smiled at me. I smiled back, that was a compliment.

"Then what is it?" I asked starting to munch on a couple of the fries hanging off the tray in my direction.

"Well I heard you got called to the Administrator's Office, and on my way out of the classroom I saw you head in there to talk with the second chair. They're bad news, and I'm afraid you may have gotten mixed up in their nefarious affairs. They're business people who care less about education and more about the people paying for this 'useless stuff' as I've heard it called before. They're very sketchy and no one really knows what kinds of things go on in their office. I would advise you to steer clear of that bunch." Miki said, munching into his own food as well.

"Oh. Well that's good to know. The guy who talked to me didn't seem too bad. He seemed quite nice actually." I said.

"Yes, it's a coverup for their true intentions. Whatever they said to you, you can bet it's got many meanings behind it. They may sound friendly, but their intentions are anything but. That's just how they run this place, with a smile in front and a dagger behind their backs." Miki said with a bit of bite in his gentle voice. "They didn't give anything to you did they? I saw you leave a moment later, so they obviously didn't talk to you extensively." Miki asked.

"They just gave me this ring. They said it was a part of some kind of study they were doing, or whatever, and that I was to wear it at all times and never take it off. I was selected out of a few to wear the ring for the study. That's all, and then I was free to go. I bumped into that girl in Professor Arisugawa's class... uh, the student council president, I don't think she told me her name yet. But she was wearing one too. I don't think she would have talked to me quite as much as she did if I weren't wearing one." I held up my hand whilst describing all that to him. He looked at and the expression on his face didn't look like a good one.

"Is... the administration up to something? Does the ring mean anything?" I asked, looking at him more intensely now.

"I'm not sure yet. But I can tell you one thing for certain. These look like replicas of the rings that Utena and I used to wear when we all attended Ohtori Academy. They aren't quite the same style or colors, but they have the same insignia. It's remarkable. I don't know what they're trying to do here, but I bet whatever it is they are aiming to implement, it's not going to be a good thing." Miki said. "I cannot tell you to take it off. I would if I could, but my word against the administration's is nothing. If they find out I'm the one who told you to take it off, I will be immediately fired from this university and escorted off campus." He looked apologetic.

"So I have to wear this thing and see where it takes me huh?" He nodded. "Well I hope it doesn't take us all back to those duels we used to have and the Rose Bride being a thing. The cycle was finally broken for good this time, and Aiko was set free. There can't be anything else that could happen, could there?" I asked cautiously.

"I don't know. I wish I did." Was his way of apologizing to me. "I certainly hope that that isn't the case as well. But now that I know you have that ring, I'll keep my mouth shut for as long as I need to, to make sure everything is okay with you and your friends. If I'm on campus at least I can watch out for you and the rest of them, if there is any danger posing to come to you." He said.

"That's very kind of you Professor. Miss Hana and I truly appreciate having someone like you to call our companion." Aiko said, weirdly.

He blushed faintly, a little embarrassed. "Please don't mention it. I'll help in any way I can." He rubbed the back of his head now.

"And thank you for the food." I told him.

He nodded to mean I was welcome. Well it was nice, I suppose, to have a teacher on your side. Eventually, I would talk with Professor Arisugawa and find out the story there, I assumed. Either way, things were getting quite interesting at this university; and it was only the first day of sophomore year!

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The Rainbow Rose Saga Continued?! Empty Re: The Rainbow Rose Saga Continued?!

Post by Prince Utena Tenjou on Fri Jan 29, 2016 10:46 pm


We were almost to the holidays, taking little tests here and there to test if we remembered everything we were taught. Countless review and after school sessions, and of course, a lot of exhaustion and some sleep. That was the life of a college sophomore.

But, as weird as the first day and even maybe the week after that had been of sophomore year, I can't say that anything weird really happened since then. It's all been pretty normal, and pretty calm around here. Well, except for the stressing out over finals coming up and the excessive amounts of caffeine to neutralize the excessive amounts of studying we all have to do.

But, it's to be expected.

Surprisingly, there hasn't been much snowfall. Usually by now the colder weather and shortened days would bring upon at least a flurry, but nothing is on the ground. The only thing you might see occasionally is the frost on the blades of grass, and expect to feel the tundra cold when you touched something metal that's been outside for a while like a railing. But, apart from that it hasn't been a white winter.

I guess you could count that as strange.
But, that was the only strange thing that has been happening. Ah well..

"A-are you ready Hana?" Kaori and I were walking up to the main part of campus after being dropped off by the nearby curb. She was shivering even though she had a winter coat on and a scarf, and a hat. "Man.. it's f-freezing out here." Her mouth clattered as she said that.

"Ready for what?" I would be lying if I said I wasn't the least bit cold, I was, but my winter jacket and the other layers I had on, plus my hat were doing its job and keeping me warm.

"Our tests. I mean, those exams are bound to be hard. Especially the one in Professor Arisugawa's class." She said. I could tell she was afraid of Juri, not that anyone wouldn't be. I mean she didn't necessarily scare me so much as she just... intimidated me. I wouldn't want to have an argument with her.

"I think I'm pretty set on the material. I can help you study if you want." I smiled.

"Awesome, whenever we have the time we should totally get together and study." She said to me as we headed into the main building's doors.

Immediately we were hit with a warm wave as the building had their heat on. She smiled in relief, and I smiled a bit too, feeling the shiver come out of us. The warmth was already starting to warm our skin.

"So we should be heading to our classes now." I said as I began walking, but I didn't feel like Kaori was following me. So I turned around. "Uh, you coming? We're gonna be late."

She was staring at the door with something posted on it. A piece of paper.

"Hana you have to come look at this." She waved me over and I came to look at it. It was a note. She read it out loud.

'Classes have been cancelled today and will be suspended until further notice. The faculty apologizes for the inconvenience this may cause some of you...'

It started with. I shrugged.

"Well look at that, we lucked out." I told her.

"There's more. Look."

She pointed to it as she read further. The first part was in English, but the second part was in Japanese characters. That was strange, if there was more to a message, why would they switch languages? Come to think of it, walking in today there weren't very many people. Had they all heard of the shut down before we did?

'Miss Hana Tenjou... we've heard a great deal about you and your family. You are being requested to meet us at the restricted section of this school property immediately, or you will be expelled. Or worse...
So, if you want to see your precious Aiko ever again, you best show up, and that is no request. Bring Miss Shinohara as well, she can watch...
..The School Board..'

"What?!" I said.

"What does that mean? The restricted section of the school? See Aiko again? Hana what's going on?" Kaori asked worriedly.

"I don't know, but I'm going to find out."

She nodded, I did and we walked straight for whatever the restricted section of the school was. We had cut through the many tunnels underground that had been established for colder weather times like these, and found our way eventually to a staircase that hadn't been there before. We shrugged and started to climb it, not recognizing that it was so long.

But as soon as we got up a decent distance, we found ourselves back outside, there was no railing to support us or enclose us in on the staircase, so we had to be really careful, especially when we got up really high. And as we continued to climb, it began to snow. Silently, and slowly the snowflakes fell onto my jacket, but I didn't care, I just kept going. Kaori looked for a moment.

"It's... snowing..." She said slowly.

"That can't be a good sign, come on." I said and she nodded as we proceeded forward.

We got to the top eventually after all that climbing. And before us was a field of nothingness. We wandered out onto it slowly, there was no one here. It seemed blank and like the snow was beginning to cover the ground beneath us, however light it was at first. I looked around for someone, but spotted no one.

I turned around to face Kaori.

"Doesn't look like anyone's here, Hana." She told me.

I turned around again and said as loud as I could.

"I'm here. What is it you want from me?" I said, my voice echoed a little bit, but after a moment there came no reply. My breath could be seen on the air as I sighed it out and turned around again, shaking my head. "No one's here. What a waste of time, let's go Kaori." I said and started to walk towards the stairs, as did she.

"Hold it right there, Tenjou." Rang a voice suddenly. I froze and turned around slowly. And standing right there was the administrator that I had spoken to earlier on this year. The one that had given me the ring! I slowly looked at my hand and then looked at him.

"You." I said, surprised. "What do you want?" I asked him so he could hear me, considering we were a good distance apart from one another.

[color=red]"I thought the note explained everything."[color] He said with his arms wide open. He didn't even seem to be wearing a jacket; was this guy even human?

"All it explained to me is that you psychos have Aiko. What for? What did she do to you?" I asked outright. "You have no right to take her, give her back."

"Oh please. You're not made about the injustices done to your friend, you're mad about the fact that you trusted me, and that I deceived you into thinking you were someone special at this institution. You're nothing but a shadow of your father, relegated to the background of her legacy as that's where you belong. You are nothing Hana, but a silly little flower, as your name implies. A flower, that can no longer bloom." He said evilly. "As the winter is now upon us, my dear, and we all now that no flower can survive the cold. Or snow." He smirked.

I gritted my teeth.

"All the things you're probably feeling now are to be expected. Confusion, anger... you're probably hurt. You're worried and most of all, scared. It's all okay Hana, I promise you, Aiko is alright, she is alive and actually being treated very well." He swung his words a little too evilly; he was conniving. "And you may have her back, if you're able to win her back that is." He stated outright as the snow grew more intense. It was almost like it knew how to set the scene.

"Win her back?" My eyes went wide. "What do you mean I have to win her back?"

He smirked again. "I'm so glad you asked that, my dear." He started with. "I mean that if you can defeat the entire school board in a series of challenges and duels, then you may have her back." He explained.

"Sounds easy enough. I've already had to do that once before to keep her by my side and I did it. I don't intend to lose her again to likes of you creeps." I said.

He laughed. "You're so good, you know that, child. Just like your father." He chuckled again before allowing his laughter to die down a bit. "But it's not as simple as you think. I've looked into your past, your activities at your high school, the existence of a life you've led thus far, and might I say all events leading up to now are pretty impressive. But, not impressive enough. We're prepared for you this time Hana Tenjou, we're prepared for whatever it is you can throw at us. And we will be the ones to defeat you, permanently." He said with this darkness in his eyes.

"I've heard it all before." I said bravely as I walked a few steps closer to him. I was scared, he was right, but I couldn't let that show, not with Aiko's life on the line. Whatever he had planned, I would take down and see to it that Aiko and I both got out of here alive and safe. "You and your kind, I've dealt with this kind of stuff all before. So what? I'm not as great a duelist as my father. So what, I'm her kid and maybe just a copy, you can say whatever you want, guy, it's not going to get me down. So what, you've done your research, research only goes some of the way. There's only so much that you can understand before all logic and sense goes out the window. You don't understand what I've been through, what Aiko's been through just to cast off the role of the rose bride and that other power out there. So whatever it is you're up to, you can't be up to it any longer. I'll play your game, and I'll take you down only to prove my point to you that you cannot reinstate anything that I gave my life to put a stop to." I looked at him with an intense glare in my eyes. "Do I make myself clear?" I said seriously.

"You're so self-righteous." He taunted me. "It makes me sick." Another pause. "You take yourself too seriously, Hana. But if you think that little threat is going to put a stop to what we're doing here, you're utterly incorrect. Allow me to explain. It's not just a simple win lose situation. You and your friend are both standing on the latest in digital technology. It's a holographic board that can project 3D images, but those images are not just images, you will feel them as if they were real things. The board can transform to whatever the school board member you are facing that day desires or needs. It is programmed that way. And with each battle you and a school board member wage, the more data this thing collects. Not only on your battle movements, but if you should happen to lose, a piece of yourself will be downloaded onto the supercomputer we have made and that part of yourself will be lost in cyberspace forever. It will be in another world. And as for if you win... well... I doubt you'll succeed." He said with an even more devilish smirk on his lips.

A part of myself, lost forever in cyberspace? What the hell was this?

"It's a deal." I told him solemnly. Kaori seemed surprised and worried for my sake. But I knew it was something I'd have to do. I'd risk it all for Aiko, for Kaori, for anyone really.
"I'll fight and defeat each and every one of you if that's what it takes. My demands are that Aiko be set free if I win, unharmed and as she came to you in the first place. If those demands aren't met, I will raise all hell upon you. That is my only demand, I don't care what happens to myself in the process. But we're not going to duel today. I can see you clearly had something planned for today as well as explaining this whole thing to me, but I'm cold, I'm tired and I'm going home to get some rest. When I return is when I have come to fight the first challenger, and then you'd better believe I'll be ready." I told him and turned my back to him as I started to walk away.

He smirked/ "Excellent." Was the last thing he said and I swore he disappeared as if he were the snowfall that was just falling heavily upon us. We climbed the stairs down, and I still had the intense gleam in my eyes. Kaori looked worried as she followed.

"Hana! Hana! You're not really gonna do this are you?" She asked.

"I have to, Kaori." I told her solemnly.

"Fine. Then go get 'em." She said and I nodded. We headed back down the stairs and walked through the tunnels back to the main building. From there we walked out of the doors and off of campus, back home.

Aiko, wait for me.

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The Rainbow Rose Saga Continued?! Empty Re: The Rainbow Rose Saga Continued?!

Post by Prince Utena Tenjou on Fri Mar 25, 2016 4:09 pm


So then I headed home, what else was I supposed to do but head back when there were no classes? Of course I wasn't happy about this, but I had to do it if I wanted to rescue Aiko, and keep everything I had established up till this point safe.

I didn't know anything about this group of people, and I didn't care enough to know. I suppose I would learn about them as time went on. That being said, Kaori accompanied me home, just so I would have company.

"Do you even know anything about what you're up against? Do we know anything about the school board? These guys could be dangerous business and bad news." She spoke worriedly.

"Yes I'm aware of that, Kaori. No I don't know any more about them than you do, but that's okay. I don't have to know every little detail about them, their names and fighting styles are good enough and I'll only learn that as time goes on. As the duels come." I spoke to her, looking ahead at our path we had to walk. We were almost home now.

"Well, is there something I can do? I don't want you to go into this thing alone. What if something happens to you?" The gleams in her eyes shimmered with even more worry than before.

"There's nothing you can do for me, Kaori. I'm sorry. I know how you feel, but the best possible thing you can do for me, and for Aiko is to stay out of this completely. I can't be putting your life in danger too." I told her bravely.

"Okay, fine. But only because you asked me to do it, only because it's something I can do for you both. Even if I want to be by your side. Even if I want to get involved in all of this, even if I'm willing to risk my life for Aiko too. She's my best friend, just like you are. But I understand." She told me, unhappy with what I had asked her to do.

"If you wish you can watch from a safe distance. Don't get too close, because I don't want you hurt." I told her. Her face instantly brightened up. I smiled a little too, I couldn't help it. Her happiness was infectious.

Before you knew it we were home. I went straight up to my room while Kaori hung out downstairs for a bit talking to the parents and things. Not just mine, her mom too. I listened to my music and contemplated dancing around a bit, but found myself only able to lay there and close my eyes, and one moment after another, I was asleep.

"You two are home early. Was it a half day?"

"It would make sense dear. It is around the holiday times, and the weather isn't too nice either."

"Yeah, I know, but still."

"Well, yeah." She nervously lied for me. She didn't want them finding out, she knew I wanted to keep this secret, and of course, she didn't want to blow her chances of coming to watch the duels either. So she decided to keep her mouth shut for the time being. "You see, we went all the way there only to find an announcement on the door that classes were cancelled. Due to the holiday times and the weather situation. And that the teachers would likely be back next week from their personal vacations and things like that." She told them.

"I hope you're not lying to us, Kaori." Wakaba crossed her arms and sat there, comically.

"I'm not lying Mom. It's the truth. There is actually a note on the door." She exclaimed.

"What would she have to lie about Wakaba?" Kaori thanked goodness that Utena had her back. "But is Hana alright? She went straight up to her room, and that's not like her. She usually stays down here for a cup of tea after school." Utena thought out loud. Good old dad thinking of everything, which wasn't usual anyway. Kaori panicked internally for a moment as Anthy made a comment.

"It's true, I have a cup sitting right here for her."

"Uh she's just a little upset that classes were cancelled and we went all the way there. It could have spared us the trip and the cold weather and all. We could have been here sipping some of your tea, Antsy." Kaori said.

Wakaba eyed her. "Kaori..."


"It's Mrs. Tenjou."

"It's quite alright. Anthy is my name; if she wishes to call me by that name, I don't have a problem with that." Anthy smiled weirdly, as usual.

"Oh okay, sorry Kaori."

Kaori just stuck her tongue out at her mother.

"Would you like a cup of tea, Kaori?" She asked.

Kaori nodded. "Sure, make it as sweet as you can please, it needs to be really sweet." She giggled and Anthy nodded. It seemed everyone was okay and having a great time preparing for the holidays, but me and my dad, as she seemed to sense something was amiss here...

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The Rainbow Rose Saga Continued?! Empty Re: The Rainbow Rose Saga Continued?!

Post by Prince Utena Tenjou on Tue Apr 12, 2016 9:48 pm

A couple of days had gone by and the weather was just getting worse. The blizzard that the weatherman said was coming was beginning to hit us full force. There were winds that were going up to 40 miles per hour, plus it was snowing as it had been for the past 2 weeks already which didn't help the wind chill if anyone did set foot outside. The holidays were just around the corner now, with only a little ways to go till it was Christmas day. Which meant that my battles had begun in both snow and hail I hiked out to the school making up the excuse that I was going to get hot chocolate for everyone each time. Kaori would cover for me, as she would say when I didn't return she'd come looking for me. That's how we were able to get out, and after a while I'd return home. They'd believe me if I made up a whole story about how there was all kinds of hazards and traffic on the roads. There were people who needed help that I needed to help. But, as it was coming closer and closer to Christmas day, the battles had seemed to ceased. I had battled four of them already, and neither one of them was the man I was spoke to the first I learned of these series of battles.

And I hadn't seen Aiko either. He threatened he had her and now I was beginning to think he was playing games to make me fall into his dirty little trap. I'd find out one way or another, wouldn't I? At least when I battled them they were kind enough to encase us in some kind of shelter dome to keep us from freezing outside in the cold snow. That was the only considerate thing those administrative dumbheads did right. And they had a heater inside the dome and everything.

What was different about these battles was not much. Except for the fact that the scenery was generated by a holographic pad beneath us. That's all it did I was convinced, everyone had their own version of a weapon and each had their own color of a flower too.

So where this did the guy I spoke to the first time around learning of these trials go? Was he in hiding? I wanted to get this over with and get Aiko back.

Kaori and I were hanging out in my room trying to figure things out, each with a cup of hot chocolate in our hands.

"Don't worry, he'll be easy. You've beaten everyone before him, after all of those battles this guy should be no problem. And you have an advantage. You've seen how that floor thing works so you can totally do this Hana! I believe in you!" I knew she was on my side for this. And I knew she believed in me, and even if I had won with no problems or little problems with the other guys that didn't mean that this other guy didn't mean trouble. That didn't mean he wasn't skilled with a plan up his sleeve.

"I don't care if I have the advantage or not. I don't care about anything anymore, I just want Aiko back. These jerks, what have they done to her?" I said a little agitated.

"Careful, or you might stress yourself out so much you reopen the scar on your back from where that one guy cut you. That was a pain to patch up and keep hidden from your parents you know?" Kaori whined.

"I'm just lucky it was on my back and not anywhere else. Otherwise we wouldn't be able to hide it and they would know everything. Any day now, he can send me the damn invitation so we can get this thing over with. I am ready." I said determinedly taking a sip of my hot chocolate.

"Well until he says that, take it easy Hana. I know you're worried but you can't go worrying this much about things that haven't happened yet. I mean, what will happen will happen and you have no control over that right now. You have to let it be." She told me, which comforted me some. I sighed. I was being really tense for no reason.

"You're right. It's just really painful to wait." I smiled softly and she did too, seeing I might have been back to my old self.

Christmas Eve...

There came a letter in the mail on Christmas Eve. When my father got the mail she thought it was peculiar that I received such a letter on Christmas Eve, and asked me about it directly. But, I told her that it was probably just a seasons greeting cards from one of my friends celebrating the holidays and that it wasn't very important. She shrugged it off and let it go.

"Hey Hana, you have some mail here. It doesn't say that it's from a particular sender, but it does say that it's addressed to you." She walked into my room and handed me the letter.

"Hm that's weird. Must be one of my friends sending them to everyone for the holidays." I got up and nonchalantly took the letter from her hands.

"Well if you say so, I just think it's strange that you're getting it now on Christmas Eve is all." She blinked. "Don't they usually deliver these things a little earlier?"

"Maybe the post office was on a holiday recently for the holidays and is delivering everything before the holiday tomorrow. Just like Santa is packing his sleigh for tonight." I made the parallel and my father smiled patting me on my head.

"Well alright, get some sleep tonight Hana. I know it's pretty early still but I want you to have a good night's rest for the holiday tomorrow." It was still daylight and my father was talking about sleeping. Really Dad?

Nonetheless I smiled and nodded. "Right, I'll make sure to do that Dad." She walked away and I opened the letter. As expected it was from the last one that I hadn't encountered yet. It was from the man I spoke to that day. It was a cordial invitation addressed to me to come to the arena, this time alone. Kaori was allowed to come the other times but this time she couldn't accompany me, I'd need to find some way to sneak out of here without anyone noticing.

Kaori might have made it sound like those other guys were a piece of cake to beat but they weren't. I managed to beat them but within inches of my own health as a consequence. I mean there's a huge gash on my back that's starting to heal up from one of the battles. Some of my clothes got torn, I had a lot of bruises and if I'm not careful I could break a bone. These guys were ruthless which made me question all the more what they wanted with Aiko to begin with.

I made the trip out a few hours later. I had my dinner and then I said I was going to lock myself in my room. So I locked the door and snuck out to the arena like he asked me to, at least the weather was calmer. Look out head honcho, here I come, and you're not going to like what I have to bring you.

Hopefully, this goes well. I was uncertain with all the others, but I'd managed to pull through. I hoped my uncertainty would be enough to get me through this as well.

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The Rainbow Rose Saga Continued?! Empty Re: The Rainbow Rose Saga Continued?!

Post by Prince Utena Tenjou on Thu Jul 28, 2016 8:39 pm


I had never been more ready in my life for anything, and nervous too. I had never been more nervous in my life for anything else as well. It was a combination of butterflies, the kind you get when you're about to go on stage and perform with everyone watching you, so the bad kind, and a pumped up, more hyper-aware sense of self.

I knew who I was and what I could do, and yet I couldn't help shaking on my way up to the arena we would be fighting in. Most of the holiday had passed now and classes were almost ready to resume, but they wouldn't yet and that's when I pledged I would beat this guy. I would get Aiko back even if it took all of me to do so.

And besides nervousness is good, it keeps you on your toes, more aware, more energy. I have to remember that. You can do this Hana, just breathe. You've beaten way worse than him before, you took on Akio for goodness sakes!

As I stepped foot in the arena, the sensor scanned my feet and registered that I was here, probably alerting the scumbag that had my Aiko. I stood at the ready with the sword in my hand I was going to be using; I had to hand it to him, he was smart. For the matches I had fought I didn't have Aiko at my side, therefore I couldn't draw the Sword of Dios, I realized this when I fought my first one.

Without the Sword of Dios, my power is severely halved, if I have any power at all, and I have to rely on my own swordsmanship and maneuvers and moves to get me out of sticky situations. It's times like those that I thank goodness I was able to learn to dance.

But it was just myself and the sword in my hands, wondering where Aiko was. And that's when the sleezeball finally showed up. He was the same man who had given to me the ring on the first day of school. He was the same man I had spoken to before about these administrative matches. He was the leader of all the slime that I faced on my way up to him, and he was going down, especially if he laid a finger on Aiko in any way.

Hold on a little longer Aiko, just a bit longer.

"So, you're here." He said slowly as the winds blew by us. It threw a chill our way that could be felt very sharply on my skin, but hey, it was still winter, what could you do?

I remained silent and stoic. I needed to be the image of strength and send a message to this guy that I meant business. Somehow I knew that this duel wasn't going to be like the others.

"Not very talkative I see. Fine, let's cut to the chase shall we?" He snapped and from a hidden compartment under the arena rose Aiko all tied up and with duct tape over her mouth. She looked like she was scared, panicked, almost like he had tortured her or something, even though I'm sure he just kept her chained up like that this whole time. At the sight of that I felt myself become enraged, who the heck would do such a thing to such a sweet and defenseless girl?

And better yet, how could I have let this happen? Right under my nose! We're always together, and yet she was taken.

I clutched the hilt of my blade even tighter and looked down.

"Your stance shows me that there may be some self-doubt inside you." What was this guy? A psychologist? "Or maybe it seems you're a little angry with me, no wait, yourself. Because here's your sweet, precious little Aiko and there she was taken right from under your nose. What's the matter, got nothing to show for yourself 'prince'?" He taunted.

He was trying to get at my emotions and the worst part was, it was working.

"No matter. I'll let you have your chance to duel for her. But my style. And if you know what happens if you lose. So I would suggest fighting your hardest and maybe, just maybe I'll go a little bit easier on you." He crossed his arms confidently as he stood there with this smirk I just wanted to wipe right off his face.

"Fine, let's duel." I finally said, quite coldly, quite a departure from who I normally was.
I could swear I saw some kind of tears welling in Aiko's eyes as she whimpered for me to be careful, but through the tape I couldn't understand her and it came out more like incoherent mumbles. I watched her and felt my heart ache, what kind of a monster would do something like this, and what was his purpose for doing this?

"Yes, ma'am." His smirk grew even wider. He summoned his sword and the field transformed to whatever style he wanted it to be like. It honestly just looked like we were stepping on the infrastructure of some computer's database, or something like that. It looked like we could be balancing on the green threads that were connecting the sensors on the floor together. I hated this floor, because if I remembered correctly.. it knew me.

It tracked me and recorded me, and all this jerk had to do was watch the videos or read the data and he'd have it all figured out. He'd have a way to beat me and I would be defenseless, because what could you do against someone who knows all your tactics?

I sighed and got into position and so did he, minus the sigh. We watched each other for a while and soon the sounds of bells tolled in the background and the duel commenced.


A half hour later and this duel was still going on. Usually the duels only take, at most, 20 minutes, but this was different. This was going to be going on much longer than an hour, which I don't know if you know, but it's very taxing on your body, especially in this type of weather.

Nevertheless I fought on, sighing in and out, trying to catch my rapid breath. I could see it in the air as it was still frosty outside and I could feel the crisp air freeze-burning my lungs and some part of my throat. But I didn't care if I caught the flu out here, I would get Aiko back if it sapped the soul right out of me.

Which, if I'm not careful, it may very well do.

"What's the matter? Are you getting tired? But this duel hasn't been going on that long. Why don't you just quit and make this easier for me and you, Tenjou?" The guy was back to taunting me again. I didn't care who he thought he was, he was going down.

I glared at him and the intensity in my eyes, well, intensified. "Hear me when I say that I won't quit! I don't care what happens to me or whatever the end result is of this duel, wherever I end up, I want her to go free. Do you hear me, sir? Let her go!" I charged back in and he smirked. Just what he wanted, me to get angrier and angrier so I'd mess up.

Come on Hana, you can't do better.

"Ha! Easy!" He exclaimed as he slashed his sword in a way I never expected it to go. I wasn't planning on being cross cut like I was, and he cut open a pretty decent cut on my right cheek. I flinched and stumbled back a few steps and took the pain, the stinging sensation before I looked back up at him, even angrier.

I didn't care that he injured me, I care that he thought it was that easy. I didn't care that he thought that I was no match for him, I cared that he was always speaking down to me like some child. I am not a child, I am Hana Tenjou, damnit, and I am going to win this battle no matter what it takes!

"That really hurt, you know." I said darkly.

"I intended it to." He smirked, any more and I swore his face would break. "So, give up yet? Or do you still want more?" He raised his sword in the fashion Touga might have, in the ways my father always described him. He stood at the ready and then chuckled softly. "Can you take any more...?" He continued his thought condescendingly.

"You should know..." I took a moment to stand up straight. "Before I came to this university, I used to attend Ohtori Academy. As I'm sure you know, many things have happened there, things that can't be explained or understood by the outside world. Things that you couldn't imagine would happen to people like me, and Aiko and my friends." I told him. "And let me be the first to tell you that it was hell, everything was so confusing and painful and all over the place. And I was in no better positioning of sorting it out than anyone else. But, if I, can be betrayed by my best friend and manipulated into fighting. If I can take on the old chairman of the academy, Akio Ohtori, and win, and die doing it only to be brought back to life again, then I can most certainly beat you." My eyes hardened on his form anymore. "I've been through worser hell than the hell you think you're putting me through right now. So don't think for a second that you have me beat. You may have all the facts and the data, but you don't have it all figured out. You don't have it all won."

I panted and stood tall once more, pointing my sword at him. "I didn't become the person I am now within a day. And you won't break me in the few weeks that I've been here at this university. I've got Dios on my side and my power of unpredictability. Let's see what your facts and figures do for you now." I told him confidently and Aiko smiled beneath the tape.

"You insolent... ahhh!"

He rushed in like a madman and I began to defend however I could. I pulled out some of my dance moves to more smoothly evade him and it was working. And then he did something unexpected again, he swiped down when he should have went left. Nonetheless I was able to shift myself quick enough to jump back and avoid it. He smirked though.

"I knew you'd jump!" He rushed in and cut a petal off of my rose. I cringed and landed back down on my feet in a crouched position, staring up at him. My hand was cupped around my rose, missing its petal and he stood there pointing his sword at me like some big shot. I glared and he began to laugh maniacally.

There was something serious about to go down, and around the corner I could smell, very clearly, death.

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The Rainbow Rose Saga Continued?! Empty Re: The Rainbow Rose Saga Continued?!

Post by Prince Utena Tenjou on Thu Mar 09, 2017 2:36 pm

The floor's scanner sent out a signal wave and I was shocked by the sudden surge, not literally shocked, but just surprised. I was also quite startled by his remark: 'I knew you'd jump.'

What was that supposed to mean? He knew I'd jump? Had he been watching me battle now, or was there something else - something he was getting his information from? Something that told him what moves I was more likely to do than others. How could you win against someone who knows all your best moves and all your best tactics? Even if you're faster they're always smarter, and one step behind you, nearing ever closer.

I looked over at Aiko. I needed to save her, no matter. If I threw the duel, maybe that could persuade this madman to let her go. Then again it might just be another life sentence for her to this horrible man who used to call himself a school administrator, and a life of entrapment for me. I didn't know where I would end up after this and part of me didn't care.

But I needed to think of a solution for the both of us. Come on Hana, you can persist through this. You can think of something, you can do something against this guy. So what if he has all your information, that doesn't make him the designated winner.

"That's a petal off your rose, I only have so many more to go before you lose the duel. And worry not Tenjou, I'll wear you down just like any and every other duelist who has faced me."

He's faced other duelists before? How many people has he done this to? My eyes widened.

"Oh come now, don't look so surprised. You had to have known you wouldn't be the first and I can say with certainty, you're definitely not the last. Except, I will say this - you certainly are the most interesting opponent I've ever faced. You've lasted longer than any of the others ever could." He was so sure he would win he was acting cockily, he was speaking to me in a condescending way, one I couldn't stand for.

"What makes you so sure you're going to win?" I had to question him. My voice was a little raw, my mouth was a little dry and my chest was heaving lightly from all the running around and fighting. He was making the dodging and parrying game we were playing really hard to play without becoming exhausted. And needless to say, I carelessly lost a petal off my rose. It wasn't the end of the duel yet, but I felt I had lost some energy off my body, some piece of my soul. I was connected to the rose..?

"Ah yes, I recognize that fighting spirit. All of the others had it too before they... Well, we won't get into that right now. We have a duel to finish." He smirked as he ran a finger along the flat side of his blade. It sparkled in the sunlight over us. I could only hope that blade wouldn't become any sharper.

I eyed it.

"You seem nervous." He said, breaking the air again with his voice.

"You talk too much." I threw back at him. He wasn't supposed to analyze me, he was supposed to fight me. Then again, I suppose his whole schtick was that he was an analyst.

"You rotten little brat. You clearly don't know how to speak to and respect your elders!" He shouted suddenly becoming unstable again. He came at me, not even close to being out of breath or exhausted. Meanwhile I was having a hard time keeping up and keeping the cramp out of my side from running around so much. I needed to up my game, but my best game was the dance moves and the flip and he'd cut the petal off my rose in the process. I needed to make things even.

I was busy parrying the jerk left and right, as well as keeping a hand up around my rose to protect it from his sword. I'd rather him cut up my hand than cut up the rose. The scan of the floor released itself again and suddenly I found myself in a virtual reality of sorts. Except my brain didn't recognize it that way, it was all so... real.

What was this place? And what are we doing here? I couldn't help but wonder. But instead of my opponent being the insane administrator with evil plans, it looked like Kaori. I knew my mind was trying to play tricks on me and make me think that it wasn't him I was fighting, and I was trying to remember that this was all a fake world of make believe, of scanned illusion but... it didn't work out that way.

I couldn't raise a sword to and fight my best friend. I couldn't get myself to hurt her in any way. I wouldn't be able to cut the rose from her chest and doom her to a life of... whatever it was it would doom her too. So I stopped running, slowed down and lowered my sword, and that's when he came in close quarters to my rose yet again. A muffled scream I could only imagine to be my name woke me from the delusion and I shook my head, concentrating yet again on the battle.

Though it still looked like Kaori, I raised my blade and was able to parry the strike, feeling the blade slide along mine, and again the end result was the loss of one petal. My petals were flying off faster than my opponent's were - this was simply not fair!

"Hana, do you really want to do this to me?" I knew it was him that was speaking, the simulator made it so it was Kaori's voice. How he obtained information on my best friend I will never know.

"Stop it!" I yelled. "Leave my best friend out of this! She didn't do anything to deserve this kind of treatment, and neither did Aiko." I answered him. The illusion of Kaori vanished and was replaced instead by someone else. My so-called 'father'.

"Then what about me, Hana? Do you think you can take me on?" I heard her voice, I heard Utena, I saw Utena standing before me. I knew it wasn't my dad, but my mind wanted so to believe that it was. I couldn't cost myself any more rose petals. It's a shame I couldn't generate illusions myself, otherwise I'd play right back at this guy.

I didn't notice Aiko start to close her eyes and concentrate her energy into the sword, and in some part into me. She was doing something, but what? I held the sword in my hand loosely, gripped it, sweat between the hilt and my hand from how hard I was working, how nervous I was, how I was so done with all of this. The image switched yet again to Akio, someone I had fought back in my first run-in with this stuff. My eyes widened, not him. I lost.. my life fighting him. I couldn't lose it again...

"No.." I tried to shield my eyes.

"Come now, don't look away from your precious memories, 'prince'. After all, they're what made you, you aren't they?" I could hear his silky smooth, demonic voice speaking to me. I just wanted it to stop. The sword began to shine a little brighter underneath the sun almost as if it were glowing. I closed my eyes and when I opened them again, the image flickered. The illusion was being broken, but how!

I looked over, Aiko! She must be... doing something. Casting a spell? So then the rumors were true, she was really not human. But she wasn't a witch - and you know something powers or not, she's special, and she's special to me. I didn't care what she was and what she wasn't, she was a person deserving and worthy of freedom. I promise you with the end of this duel, no matter what happens to me, Aiko, you will never be bound by anything again!

To Be Continued...

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