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Disturbed dreams

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Disturbed dreams Empty Disturbed dreams

Post by Anthy Himemiya on Wed Mar 15, 2017 11:05 pm

It seems nighttime has come once again for me and my husband Utena, sleepy with a smile upon her face. While for me, a little smile was also seen on my face. It wasn't clear outside right now because the town was hit by a rain storm tonight which was staying for a week.

Not that I had problems with that but I'm rather happy of the rain. Thanks to it, it helped me fall to sleep tonight so I was lost to my dreams. I found myself looking around in a empty room with nothing but roses.

They were being moved slightly from the wind with petals following on the wind. My dreams always try to tell me something of what I had in life. Of what I left behind. I'm always told to never look back and look ahead but sometimes, having the disturbing feelings from before can come back to haunt you.

Seems like for me, that just happened.

In my dream, everything went on as normal with me holding a few roses in my arms to smell and tend to them like in the real world before I look up.  I then saw some unknown door near the edge of the rose circle garden I was sitting in. How strange, that's never appeared in my dream and It left me curious to what it was.

Is it dangerous?

was it hiding something?

Is something locked behind that door that wishes for me to never see?

So many questions and yet no answer. Slowly, after I placed the roses down, I stood upon my bare feet and walk towards the door. My green eyes looking all over to getting a close inspection of the door in front of me. It seems old yes but bearing scars and burns from something.

My fingers slowly felt the wood of the door and felt it was warm. Even the door knob. Why was the door warm? I didn't know but something was almost telling me to open this door while another thing told me not to.

I got curious and grip the door knob, turning it with a slight click being heard. The door opens slowly in front of me that lead into some dark hallway. A cold chill escaping from inside to out here that it effected the roses to move slightly. ".........."

My feet started walking forward into the door and into this weird cold hallway but I didn't know the door slowly close behind me to shut behind. The roses seems to have not been effected but now, they were to slowly wilt to nothing.

In the real world, I wasn't smiling anymore but showing a quiet expression on my sleeping face but turns my head to the side but not waking up.


It was so dark in this room, having some curtains covering some very old paintings of something. I wasn't sure if anyone was here or if it was just me. I did wish their was someone here with me. Utena. Hana. Chu chu. Anyone but no; I'm alone in this weird place. I kept walking forward even deeper into this place till I saw the end of the hallway.

My green eyes sees something almost familiar. Something I wasn't sure was true or not. I seem to be in some room now with a couch in the middle of this place but hidden with curtains of stained silk. "What is this place? It seems so...dark. Why is this chair here and why did that door lead to here?" I muttered to feel against the smooth but warm fabric that brushes against my skin.

Something about this place. Something was familiar about it that my stomach felt slightly ill.

"This place.....why do I feel so ill around it?"

"Easy; because you've been in this place before...Anthy." that voice! That same gentle but dangerous voice to could only belong to one person. I turned around quickly to see that I was right. Standing in front of me with that sick smirk on his face.


"Hello...dear sister."

In the real world, my facial expression changed to a slight worry with a whimper escaping my lips. One hand gripping the pillow to turn once more so I was facing my sleeping husband Utena again.


How? How was this possible for him to be in my dreams like this? Just what sort of dream is this? I took a step back from him but he noticed my expression has changed now. "My dear's been so long since I've seen you. How have you been? Doing well?"


"Of course, you won't even speak to me after all the things that's happened between us. I feel sad that you remember the bad times and none of the good ones.."

"Why are you in my dreams? This shouldn't be possible, brother. I never knew you were able to connect with my dreams."

"True and yet, here we are. I never expected for us to meet like this Anthy. I'm rather happy you came to see me here." Wait, he was waiting for me? But why? No, this is just a dream, nothing more. I looked away from him but hears his foot steps going towards the couch resting in the middle of this dark room with him looking to the side of a dark endless view.

"I never came to see you. A door led me here and-"

"You became curious and went inside to end up here." he said but looks towards me as I still didn't face him.


"Tell me, Anthy. Don't you miss me? Don't you care about your brother anymore that you never even come to see me?"

"......I only can say that you are doing better from where you are right now, Brother. Not in my dream to speak just with me. I wish to ask again, why are you in my dream?"

He didn't say a thing at the time but just kept looking at the empty void of the area that he was simply relaxing there with no problem. While for me, I just wished to leave to get away and wake up. This dream was changing into some nightmare.

"That's all you wish to ask of me? Nothing else? Not even telling me how your husband and family are doing? I'm sure Miss Utena is doing quiet well knowing she's gotten the one person by her side forever."

"Please don't speak about her. I don't want you talking about her not after all the pain you put her through.." I didn't want anything happening to Utena again. Not again. The same feeling of the past was showing on my face but Aiko knew that. He knew the same feeling since he's the one that started it. The same one who started the pain I've felt for many years as a witch. He simply lets out a sigh and turns towards me.

"Have you become that dedicated in keeping her safe? The same with your family too? *sighs* You sure have changed a lot Anthy and yet you used to be...perfect. A obedient lifeless doll that would do whatever I said and to the one you were engaged to but look at you now. Ruined by free will."

He leans back against the chair to stretch that his shirt shifted a bit to see some of his chest but I didn't look at him before he spoke again. "I still remember the day you left the academy to try and find Utena. At first, I thought you would give up and come back to become the rose bride once more but......somehow you found her to live your lives together." He held up a champagne glass with water inside to take a sip of it.  He looks at the liquid inside but I didn't even look towards him.

"Seems Utena got what she wanted and even more because of you, dear sister." Again with that voice. Why must he speak like that? I was about to turn to leave him but stops as Akio appears in front of me to startle me slightly. He just gazed upon me once more that our eyes met. His own into my green ones that showed some slight fear being near him.

I turned my head away from his gaze but I felt his eyes looking at me. Right into my heart. "Anthy...."He reaches to touch my cheek softly but his touch was cold, scary, and toxic that I felt his hands on my cheeks to stare into my brother's eyes.

He showed a gentle smile on his face but I moved back from him and looked away. I started to try and leave this place. Away from him before he suddenly grabs me. He didn't let me go and his grip was very strong that it was hurting me a little too.
I turn again in my sleep but lightly bumps into Utena that shifted herself but the rain was coming down harder now that it seems to become more stronger. Chu chu wasn't even effected by the noise. Being in a deep sleep was something he's used to now with the same giant bubble growing and shirking near his nose.

"Release me, Brother.."

"Why? Have you really lost your thoughts from being free? Of losing your composure towards the real world sister? Was it because of Utena that you forgot of being a rose bride?"

"Miss Utena saved me from the horrors of that. She saved me from the curse of being one. She saved me from you Akio because she didn't want me to suffer this any longer. I won't let you distract me from this nightmare."I didn't want this to happen but I was telling myself to wake up over and over again. Of course Akio still keeps me close that he forces me to look ahead into the darkness.

"Why can't you accept the past faith you had before, Anthy? Why did you give it up just for her? Is Utena that important to you? Is she the one you deeply love so much you wouldn't see her die?"


"Then tell me, Anthy. Just how much of your memories have you buried about me? Did you forget all the times we spent together? All the events that happened between us?"he spoke this into my ear that I turned my head away from him. I wouldn't listen to this. I wouldn't! He saw this to make me look ahead again as a light showed but someone was sitting on their knees with blades stabbed into the ground.

A light pool of red staining under them but I knew who it was and it made my eyes widen in horror. My husband Utena Tenjou was on her knees but her head was lowered. She seems to have been pierced in different areas on her body, swords coming from different directions. Just like I was from the swords of hate years ago.

"..U...Ut...Utena...Miss Utena.."

"Are you starting to remember now? Remember all the things you done to make her feel this way? She wanted to help you and she did but now look. You wonder if she still feels hurt from it. You both can always try to bury the past but I'll always leave a dark mark in your heart.

"Miss Utena...Miss Utena......"I spoke out to her but I didn't know if she heard me or even was awake. I shook from seeing this that my green eyes started watering wishing to help her that one of my hands reaches out towards her. I wanted to help her, I wanted to say sorry over and over.

Akio shook his head to grip both my wrist that I wince in pain but I felt a even sharper pain within my chest that I could see a sword. The pain was started to grow bigger and bigger now but I look down still crying while Aiko watches me.
I was now crying in real life while turning my head left and right, feeling the effects of my dream that my other hand taps Chu chu on his head to wake him up. He sat up rubbing his sleepy eyes before looking over at me. His eyes noticed my face now wet with tears.

He pokes my cheek slightly to wake me but no luck but he could hear my voice speaking in light tones. Calling out Utena's name because of this terrible nightmare. Slightly showing some panic, Chu chu rushes over to jump on Utena's head to try waking her up now but gets a few mutters from her lips. His cheeks puffer because of it then tries hitting her nose with his tail that made Utena mutter and groan in her sleep but he jumps upon Utena's ear and pulls on her ear.

The slight pain disturbs her sleep and wakes Utena up to sit up and look left and right. "Huh? What the-" she looks down to see Chu chu waving his arms while trying to tell her something. "Chu chu? What are you doing? Don't you know what time it is?" she said yawning a little with eyes shut but Chu chu stated jumping up and down on her lap to point beside her.

Utena didn't understand what her means before looking beside her to see me. She noticed me breathing rather heavily with warm tears running down my cheeks that she looked concerned and turns on the light.

"Anthy? Hey, wake up! Anthy!?"
I felt pain from the sword being inside of my chest but Akio bends down to lift my head from the chin. Was watching me suffer in some pain exciting for him? I tried to speak but I started feeling another sword stab into me. Then another. Then another. Then another. I cried out from the pain but he didn't do a thing but watch.

"You can't escape this Anthy. No matter how deep you bury your memories of the past. I'll always be a part of you. Same with your beloved Utena."

"No...please. I don't...I don't want to.."

"Lose her? How are you sure you will? Things in that world are unfair Anthy. Unless you learn your place then you might be safe. he said seeing more swords stabbing my body that I cried out in pain to fall on my side facing towards the area where Utena was.

It hurts.

My whole body hurts from the blades that stabbed into my body like nothing. However, I tried reaching towards Utena in my weak state while doing so.
Utena was still trying to wake me, fear and worry now seen on her face. She never seen me like this but knew I was having a nightmare. Even in the real world, my hands grip onto the sheets. The pain spreading through my body because of the nightmare I seem to be trapped in. I kept saying sorry over and over to her but all Utena wanted was to wake me up.

"Himemiya! Himemiya, if you can hear me please wake up! Please wake up! Your having a nightmare, Himemiya so just open your eyes.!" she begs to me to hold me close in worry but she heard my mutters and words that reached her ears.

"H-Hurts..everything hurts......."

"Himemiya....Please...please wake up." she said trying not to cry herself to see her wife like this.
Akio just kept seeing me laying on the ground but he walks in front of me to bend down beside me again. His hand was holding my bloody hand now but I didn't say anything to him but still looked over at Utena. I wanted to help her. I wished to help her. Anything!

"I don't know how you do it sister but no worries. I'll be sure you and the rest of this family go through the same feeling as you. Who knows, it might show some entertainment to see just how strong you say you are."He held one of the swords in his hand to aim it at my chest while seeing the ones stabbed into me holding me down while he raised it up and points. I slightly cry a little more feeling that but I kept my eyes on Utena.

I reached for her once more, calling out her name in a more weak tone from the loss of blood, energy, and strength. "Till we meet again.....Anthy." The sword came down and pierced my chest to cause me to cry out through the room just like before.
I bolted awake from the nightmare but could see that I was awake now being held. At first, I saw Chu chu looking at me worried as tears run down his cheeks. I slowly look up to see I was held by Utena but she was showing worry, fear, concerned for what she saw.



"M-Miss.....Utena?"I barley could speak from the shock of the nightmare but she just held me tightly against her body, having me look at the sheets again. "Anthy, are you alight?" Was I really okay? That nightmare felt so real. Almost like my brother was here with us but my eyes got shadowed slightly by my purple hair.

All I could do was nod to answer Utena's question. She was a little scared to ask what sort of nightmare I had but she wished to see me calm down. "Do you want to talk about it?....."he mutters to me still holding me gently in her arms while it rained down.

".....I...I saw him. He was in my dream."


".....My brother, Akio."Hearing that name caused Utena to tense. I had a feeling she would do that but she looks down that some of her pink bubblegum hair shadowed her eyes too.

"I was in some dark like room with nothing but curtains all around and on the couch. I thought I was alone in my dream but I felt Akio there. He lead me a door I never seen in my dreams. He was trying to get me to remember all the times of years ago during our school days. The painful days you and I been through. You were even there Miss Utena."


"You were there but stabbed into the ground with swords. I didn't know if you were awake or......dead. He said it was my fault you went through so much. So much pain and struggles because of me. I wanted to help you...but I started getting stabbed by swords. The same swords of hate of humanity. I never wanted you hurt, Miss Utena." I said this in a whisper that I hid my face into her chest as more tears ran down my cheeks into her shirt but she still kept holding me close.


"I'm sorry, Miss Utena. I'm sorry for the pain I caused you. I'm sorry the struggles you went though.  I'm sorry you were hurt.  I'm sorry....I'm just so sorry..."I said this over and over but Utena held me still as I cried, rubbing my back trying to calm me down.

"'s alright Anthy, it was just a nightmare. Just a nightmare, nothing more."She mutters this quietly but just hears the rain pouring down but right now, as a husband, she had to help her wife to calm down. She was just glad that I was awake and slowly calming down.

Now, I'm worried for what Akio means of the rest. Did this mean, he was planning on visiting the others dreams too to bring nightmares? My eyes looked down but I just remained silent to try and let the nightmare pass. After all, it was just a nightmare.


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~*Darkness and light comes in many forms but both are always in all living things. People and others must cherish what they have or else be corupted by the raw energy of these two. Be careful of the side you choose for it will remain with you for the rest of your life. You have been warned*~

~Rose of the noble castle. Power of Dios that sleeps within me. Heed your master and come forth!~ (Anthy Himemiya; rose bride of current dueling champion)
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Disturbed dreams Empty Re: Disturbed dreams

Post by Anthy Himemiya on Sun Mar 19, 2017 12:16 pm

It's been a couple hours since I was awoke from the terrible nightmare last night. I couldn't even go back to sleep from trembling so much. The rain was still coming down from outside and I knew for a fact that I was looking more quiet than I usually would be. Utena came back over to me with a cup of warm tea she made while she had coffee for herself.

Even when it was something so small, Utena wanted me happy and not scared of anything. Being my husband and me being her wife is helping one another out so we know our love will always be strong.

"Anthy, are you sure your going to be okay? You seem more down than usual."she said this while holding one of my hands but I couldn't respond to her. I didn't know how I could. My mind felt like it got filthy because of Akio being in my mind. Honestly, how did he even do that?

"I'm alright, Utena. I'm still slightly shaken from my little....dreams of last night. You shouldn't be too worried about them."

"You say that true but as your husband I have a right to worry about you, Anthy. I just want to be sure your okay."she said back to me but I didn't know what to say nor think of. But it's soothing to know I have Utena by my side as my beloved husband.



"I-I understand dear but the nightmare still feels so real because of it. I don't know if I'm over seeing things or I could be worrying about something that's not to be worried of. Maybe it's because of old feelings from before? When I was....or used to be the Rose bride."

Utena looks more worried about me but gently keeps my hand in her own, hearing the rain coming down even harder that I look up at her. Her blue eyes and my green eyes meeting once more just like years back. To when we first met, to when we felt comfort within each others gaze. When we found each other after being separated and when we became husband and wife.

" trust me, don't you?"

"Of course I do. I trust you with my heart, soul, and life."

"Then trust me when I say this: I'll always be here to help you. No matter what your dealing with. I don't know why or how Akio is able to be in your dreams but he won't do anything to cause us to be apart. I'll always be here with and for you." She held my cheek in her hand while I just remained silent. No matter how I felt or how afraid I was, Utena was always there for me.

Even with the scary image of seeing her pierced down by swords in my nightmare. I had to remember, she was okay, she was right here with me. Same with our daughter . I showed a light smile to lean into her hand, reaching up to hold it within my own hand to savor this.

"Thank you, Utena...."I said gently with my eyes closed but I knew Utena was smiling to see me relaxing once more.

"You're welcome, Anthy."she said gently but leans close to place a kiss to my forehead as we just sat there looking quiet a while later that she pulls back to look at me. I opened my eyes once more but was happy she felt okay. However, Utena was a little worried herself.

If Akio was able to get into my dreams, then what's stopping him from getting into hers? Or worse, their daughter's dreams? Her blue eyes looks down at the coffee that sits still in the mug but she shook it off to ignore it. Me and her just enjoyed our cups of tea and coffee together while the rain still kept going down but that's when Utena heard the phone ring.

Who could that be?

"I'll be right back, Anthy." she said standing up to get the phone resting in the hallway as I remained where I was but I look to Chu chu that was yawning a little near my hand and drinking some of his little drink too. One of my fingers rubs the top of his head while he had both eyes shut.

In the living room, Utena gets to the phone as it still rang and picks it up. "Hello, Tenjou residence. May I ask who is calling?"

"Well, Well, well. It's been a very long time since I heard your voice....Utena Tenjou. How have you been after all this time?"Her blue eyes widen slightly hearing the same familiar voice. One that she knew way too well that her hand grips the phone slightly tight.


"What's wrong? Speechless my dear? That's something your never due unless it was something rather shocking." Utena was sure of it now but it was not seriously him...right? No, that same voice and the way he spoke it. That was him alright.

"Who could really forget that tone of voice.....Akio Ohtori." A light laughter came from the other end of the phone but it quiets down after a while.

"Still the smartest young woman I knew many years ago. However, I thought you would sound more happy to hear from me.."

"Not really, Akio. Unless it's me beating your butt for the many things you done to me and to Anthy."

"Of course, Anthy. I also heard that you and her gotten married. Congratulations. I hope you and her have had a wonderful life together even if it shouldn't have happened. Because of that, she's 'free' no longer the same lifeless doll I knew way back-"

"Stop. Anthy is not a doll to you anymore or anyone. I fixed that many years ago so she won't become trapped in something like that ever again. Why are you even calling my house, Akio?" He really had some nerve with calling their home and during this time of morning. She was doing all she can to keep me calm and with Akio calling, it won't do much help.

"As I said; I'm calling to check up on you and your so called wife. I don't know if you both are doing well and even having many new things happening."

"You honestly think I'll tell you anything about My and Anthy's life? You already sound just as worse for a creep..." Akio said nothing but lets out a calm sigh to her hearing him breathing into the phone.

"Utena, you don't mean to tell me you don't miss our old times together in the academy? Of when you and I were-"

"I don't want to remember that. Never again, Akio. Right now, you're wasting my time on the phone so I'm going to go ahead and hang up now because your pissing me off."

"If you wish but one last thing, Utena. I enjoyed my talk with your beloved wife....I hope to see you real soon too."He hangs up the phone as Utena hears a click with a buzzing tone ringing in her ears. She didn't say anything else but lowers the phone from her ear to look down after hanging up the phone.

Anger and the feeling of an upset stomach was starting to come along but she shook her head trying not to remember the past memories of her and Anthy. Right now, focusing on the present was more important, including protecting Anthy and her family. Right now, she was more worried with keeping Anthy safe and Hana who still was a little young 7 year old girl. She should be still sleeping or is waking up real soon but she wasn't sure yet.

However, she won't let Akio hurt her family. No matter what. She took a deep breath and returns to the kitchen to see me giving some breakfast to our daughter that was  eating with a smile on her face. She goes back to take a seat and enjoy this calm moment with her family.

~*Darkness and light comes in many forms but both are always in all living things. People and others must cherish what they have or else be corupted by the raw energy of these two. Be careful of the side you choose for it will remain with you for the rest of your life. You have been warned*~

~Rose of the noble castle. Power of Dios that sleeps within me. Heed your master and come forth!~ (Anthy Himemiya; rose bride of current dueling champion)
Anthy Himemiya
Anthy Himemiya

Number of posts : 1419
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