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War, In its Finest Hours.

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War, In its Finest Hours.  Empty War, In its Finest Hours.

Post by Prince Utena Tenjou on Sun Mar 19, 2017 4:17 pm

Setting the Scene:Right after a battle on the battlefield, General Soi Fon is injured. She is taken into care and treated for her wounds only to be discovered, by Momo Hinamori, the army's medic, that she is a woman.

Soi Fon: Nngh!

Ichigo: It's gonna be okay, man. Men! See to it that he's brought to the infirmary immediately. He has to see Hinamori, he's injured!

Hitsugaya: But General, won't that cost us the battle? Having our troops bring him into medical care would cost us the frontline and we can't afford that. Unless your plan is to retreat..

Ichigo: I think we'll be fine, Hitsugaya. You and I are moving up to the frontline, no one is retreating. We'll take this battle in the name of our General who has fallen. Quick! Soldiers get him to see Hinamori!

-Soi Fon is taken to the intensive care unit, in an isolated tent with just Hinamori. Hinamori first puts on her gloves to assess the person she is treating, preparing herself to perform her healing duties. She looks down at Soi Fon is who laying on a table before her, as Soi Fon groans once more.

Soi Fon: Nnngh!

Hinamori: Try not to speak if it hurts. It will be okay, General. Where are you hurting exactly, can you point to everything that is hurting you?

-Soi Fon weakly raises her hand to point to her torso, near her ribs where the darkest blood could be seen. But she also points to her leg, feeling that a part of her femur has been broken.-

Hinamori: Forgive me for this General, but in order to treat that first wound, I need to undress you of your shirt.

-Soi Fon nods as she closes her eyes and Hinamori begins to unbuttoned the shirt and shed it off of Soi Fon's body gently. Soi Fon begins to have a bit of trouble breathing and her eyes shoot open again and widen. She seems to be managing the pain, coughing a few times, blood dribbling from her mouth. As Hinamori completely sheds the shirt off and away of her uniform she discovers that there are tightly bound bandages around the General's chest. She thinks this is from a prior injury, and is probably not best to keep on anymore as it could be restrictive to her work and the General's body. She goes to remove the bandages only to blush once they are removed. Her eyes widen when she discovers what she sees is that underneath the bandages is the body of a woman.-

Hinamori: General Soi Fon... you're... a.. girl..

Soi Fon: Nngh, heal me. Are you going to let your General die?

Hinamori: No sir!

-Hinamori begins to work fast, patching up Soi Fon in any fashion she can once she stops the bleeding. Once the bleeding and the panic has stopped, Hinamori goes to close up the wound to prevent it from bleeding out any further. She places some medication on it and then goes to throw the bloody gauzes she used out, as well as to hand Soi Fon back her uniform top. Hinamori takes it away a moment later, thinking it should at least try to be washed first before it is given back to her. Or perhaps a new one will be in order. Hinamori has successfully saved Soi Fon's life. She breathes a sigh of relief and then decides to say something.-

Hinamori: So...

Soi Fon: What..?

Hinamori: Was.. was what I really saw, true..?

-Soi Fon just gives Hinamori a hard look. She's still quite weak.-

Hinamori: Please.. don't be angry. But, I want you to be upfront with me. General Soi Fon... are you really a woman..?

Soi Fon: If you don't believe me, why not do a pelvic exam and see for yourself? I don't know why it's so hard to believe.

-Soi Fon turned her head to the side with an almost scoff and then sighed. She lowered her voice and answered a faint 'yes' to Hinamori's question. But Hinamori was already getting her gloves on anyway to do what Soi suggested anyway. Soi Fon sees this and tries to remain stoic even if a faint blush came upon her face.-

Hinamori: Breasts can mean anything, General. So with all due respect, I'd like to conduct a pelvic exam, to make sure no bones are fractured or broken or there is no internal bleeding. I should be able to tell by just..

Soi Fon: Just do it.

Hinamori: Yes.. ma'am!

-Hinamori conducts the pelvic exam finding it all in one piece, while there she also treats the part of her leg that was fractured by wrapping it in some bandages that will keep the bone straight to her leg.-

Hinamori: It would seem... you really are a woman. General I...

Soi Fon: You what? Going to report me now?

Hinamori: Well no... it's just. The army's bylines state that all women looking to join the service must enter in the medical division. I'm currently assigned to this unit by the head of the medic's unit, Retsu Unohana. It's strictly prohibited in at least the American rebels army that women or otherwise people who are female, fight on the battlefield alongside men. You know this just as well as I do. So.. I just have a question. And depending on your answer, it is my duty to report to my superiors what has happened in here, or to not.

Soi Fon: I see. Then ask.

Hinamori: Why'd you do it? Why disguise yourself as a man, rise through the ranks just to fight on a battlefield knowing you'd get hurt and found out?

Soi Fon: I was doing well of no one finding out until the enemy got a cheap shot in and that's how I wound up here. But my reason is the same as all of you, medics, the rest of this army... why did you decide to become a medic and treat fallen soldiers? To help a cause, to make sure our troops are healthy and back up on their feet so that we all can have freedom. That's what I want. Freedom. A desire for independence, and the same passionate loathing for our mother country that I share with the rest of you. That's what flows through me, and for that cause I'll gladly spill my blood. Some are just more naturally inclined to fighting rather than healing - I am one of those people.

Hinamori: In all your battles you were never injured. I remembered healing many of your troops but in the many battles we've fought and won up until this point, you had never come to see me. I was beginning to look at you as untouchable. You were an expert strategist, an expert fighter, and a devoted soldier, few of the many reasons you were exalted to General so quickly. But then this visit... and the reminder that I guess we're all human. So...

Soi Fon: Tch...

Hinamori: General... I'm both surprised and impressed by you.

Soi Fon: ...

Hinamori: To disguise yourself as a man and to have come this far. It's impressive how it took this long for anyone in the army ranks to find out. And I'm pretty sure I'm the only one who knows. I mean there's no exception that you are by definition a criminal, a high ranking one, evidently, but your fighting for and of a noble cause, it's all very inspiring and some parts respectable.

Soi Fon: And after all of that... finding out, the lies and the deceit, you're still willing to call me your General?

Hinamori: Yes, of course, General. It's not as if you didn't earn the position.

Soi Fon: I fought for it yes, but what's your reasoning? You are not within my unit. What reason do you have to honor my title?

Hinamori: I respect you. As a person.

Soi Fon: Having this secret exposed would strip me of my title and cast anyone's respect of me aside. Why... why do you still hold it for me?

Hinamori: Do you remember that past battle? Rather, that big one and the next few after it? We all had to camp out in the cold. It was weather that would cost anyone's finger or toe to be cut off due to frostbite. We distributed all of our supplies out to the soldiers, do you remember that?

Soi Fon: Only a fool could forget that experience. Go on.

Hinamori: I won't soon be forgetting that. How you led us through that fearlessly, despite not knowing where this would take us. You intelligibly managed our supplies, efficiently making sure we never ran out of energy either. You strategized to make battle plans should we come face to face with the enemy out there in the tundra, at night when it got much colder and it would have been simpler to just lay down and sleep. You spent so much time on battle strategies and formations that winning when we did come to a standoff was easy and efficient. It was simple and fast and effective. And more than that, whenever we won, the medics wouldn't be excluded from the victory party. I don't lose the respect I have for someone just because of what they cannot help or what they may be hiding. We all have secrets, but secrets don't define a person. What they have done and what they will do is what defines a person. And if you can do all of that and hide the fact that you're a woman, I say woman or man, I am going to respect you, General Soi Fon.

Soi Fon: So then, Hinamori, are you going to report me?

Hinamori: No, sir.

-Hinamori winked and saluted Soi Fon.-

Soi Fon: Anyone else would.

Hinamori: I'm not anyone else. It would be the humane thing to do not to report you and to give you more of a chance to fight this war. Because if I take you away from the army, I don't think we stand as much of a chance as if I leave you where you are. I'll keep your secret too, because I think with you on our side, we could win this fight.
Just... don't tell General Kurosaki I said that.

Soi Fon: I won't. And what are you doing to tell him? He's going to want to see me.

Hinamori: That General Soi Fon is extremely injured and cannot be seen for a while. Unfortunately, I am the only person authorized to visit him because I am the medic on his case and I will make sure that this tent for isolated incidents remains as clear as it can be. But just in case someone does come in, take this blanket. I usually use it to put out fires, but you can use it as a cover, for now.

Soi Fon: Understood.

-Hinamori salutes the General one more time, and Soi Fon weakly salutes back, bringing the blanket up to rest over her. She decides it's time to get some sleep and rest as she's had a long day and now she must recover from her injuries. Hinamori leaves her to go and order a new uniform top for General Soi Fon.-

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War, In its Finest Hours.  Empty Re: War, In its Finest Hours.

Post by Prince Utena Tenjou on Sun Mar 19, 2017 4:45 pm

Setting the Scene: Byakuya Kuchiki, a General from the British army, Gin Ichimaru, an advisor from France, Ichigo Kurosaki and Soi Fon, generals from the American army, and Yoruichi Shihoin, a princess and representative of her Native American tribe, are in a closed session meeting room.

-A meeting takes place. Byakuya is here to meet with the generals of the American army who say they have things they'd like to discuss. The American Army has also become known as "Sons of Liberty" for short.-

Ichigo: Well, beyond those doors is our ticket to negotiating the end of this stupid war. We've won so many battles already. Here's to hoping we can win this too.

Soi Fon: Right.

Byakuya: General Kurosaki, and General Fon, welcome. I'm told we have some things you'd like to discuss. You may oversee this meeting Advisor Ichimaru.

Gin: Thank you. Is it alright that I bring my friend along to sit in as well? She's just outside and has come a long way to hear about what's going on in the war. She's a princess, you know.~

Byakuya: Very well.

-Gin brings in Yoruichi, who remains silent and looks quite intense.-

Ichigo: Let's get down to business right now General Kuchiki. My partner and I want to make some demands.

Byakuya: Is that so?

Ichigo: Yeah, it is. I'm not afraid of you and your threats from Britain either. You know that you've been treating us unfairly and we simply won't stand for it. We want fair treatment.

Byakuya: Don't make me laugh, General. Claiming that I'm treating you unfairly when here you are starting wars with other countries and people who have been nothing but cordial to you. If this is how you treat someone who has tried to be your ally, I have no words. Your demands are denied. But, perhaps if you lower your voice and quiet your temper we can arrange something. There is, contrary to your belief, no reason for your outburst in here or your explosive temper.

Yoruichi: ...

-Gin smirks as Ichigo pauses.-

Ichigo: Damnit!

Byakuya: Watch your tongue as well, General Kurosaki. Vulgar language and crass behavior such as yours should be reprimanded for even existing. It will not be tolerated in this meeting and your display should have terminated this hearing before it even began.

Ichigo: I won't stand for this, Kuchiki. Repeal your unfair laws, end your useless taxes, and pull back your troops out of our lands. We want to be treated fairly and given the freedom we should have been given from the very beginning. If you can return us to our unalienable right of freedom then the tensions will settle and this war will end. I speak from my heart on this matter because my life is all about the heart of this matter.

Byakuya: And... why are you so quiet General Fon? Haven't you anything to say?

Soi Fon: ...

Byakuya: Well...?

Soi Fon: I simply have nothing to say to you... yet.

Byakuya: General Kurosaki cannot contain himself with the outrage he feels, and you are standing there as if this doesn't affect you. Do you mean to tell me you don't have the same feelings are your partner?
If that is the case, why are you standing here before me, presenting the terms of the American rebels? If that is the case, why are you fighting in this war? Why, sir, are you a General taking part in leading a Patriot army? Please, do enlighten me.

Soi Fon: You sicken me.

Byakuya: No objection? Is that a confirmation of your loyalty? If so, I shall make you a General in my army and you may fight for my country, since it is the Mother your country came from. You may fight for our King. You may fight for our cause and be taught to see things from our point of view. And think nothing of your transition from rebel to loyalist, I'll welcome you warmly and see to it that your Red Army uniform is as red as the blood you will spill from those troublesome, rebellious and utterly disappointing, stupid Americans..

Soi Fon: Very well. You want me to say something? Then, listen. I'll say something.

Byakuya: Do you preface everything you say and agree with the enemy? You amuse me, General. You behave like such a woman for a man of your great position and stature.

Soi Fon: I am no woman. You wouldn't know a thing about women and what they have done for our country, and our troops. A group has formed in support of the Sons of Liberty calling themselves the 'Daughters of Liberty', and I am waging that these 'daughters', our counterparts are not unwilling to get their hands dirty if they must. The women are taking a strike against your ways as well, and their cause and fight is just as noble as ours. Do not sully the name of women and disrespect them solely for the fact that they are women. They have strengths like any other man. And speaking of your offer... I shall decline. I don't think there is any room for me in this army filled with beliefs that everyone should be controlled and freedom should be regulated. Any self-respecting person could see that supporting that ideology is wrong and I will not feed into it. Of course this matter affects me as strongly as it goes General Kurosaki, but I will leave my fighting to the battlefield and not in close quarters with you. If you do not wish to honor our demands, that's just fine. You can continue to unfairly oppress the people of our nation as you've always done, but just know that we will continue to fight at no expense spared to gain the freedom you're withholding from us. Just know that for generations this war could rage and we will not stop till we attain that thing we want.

-Soi Fon and Ichigo exit the meeting room. Byakuya is left with nothing to say. Yoruichi has a secret smile on her face as she watches them leave and Gin seems to be surprised all of that came from General Soi Fon. General Kurosaki seems happy that Soi Fon essentially told him off, and feels inspired to fight 100 more battles.-

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