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X's Rants (please read and leave comments?)

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X's Rants (please read and leave comments?)

Post by Guest on Wed Mar 10, 2010 3:33 am

Hey Guys Xavier "El Gato" Hernandez here, but you guys know me better as Renji Genkai, once an Admin, Hater of Canadians *cough* Mero *cough*, the co-resurrecter of the ah-mazing site of MIDNIGHT CROSSING!! and not to mention the Angel of Death.

Well every now and then, there is something that piss me the fuck off. I will be leaving weekly rants about what has pissed me of each week.

This Week is.........Girls on their Periods!
OMFG! This really pisses me off! I love my girlfriend, but during her period all I want to do is sleep and have her sleep with me, but for some reason, she wants to fool around. Now I'm all up for it, but I work a hard ass job lifting shit twice my weight, so I just want her to take a nice nap with me, which she doesn't. Why is it the girls get more horny during their periods than during foreplay? Not onli that, but her mood swings! OMG she will get angry at me just for having to get off the phone. I mean i could tell her I have to go write down the cure for cancer before i forget it and she'll be like "Oh well if you didn't want to talk to me why did you call me?" Its cute sometimes but sometimes I wanna just stick something in her mouth......LIKE CHOCOLATE! Guys a word of advice, during your girls period, buy them chocolate. Its shuts them up and satisfies them so you don't feel like an asshole shutting them up lol. I love my girl but hate the monthly cycle. I do appreciate the fact that when my wifey gets it because it means our fooling around hasn't lead to any "accidents"

Well Thats X's Rants for the week


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Re: X's Rants (please read and leave comments?)

Post by Guest on Fri Mar 12, 2010 2:26 am

Hey X here and i got todays rant. Yes i know i said I'd do these weekly but who gives a shit.

Todays Rant is..........Stereotypes

We've all had our share of saying "Go pick cotton you nigger"....ok bad example that's more toward racist lol. ok i got it "That's not fair he;s smart cause he's Asian" or "Omg he's Indian, he;s gonna bomb us all" and the worst of all " Speak english you mexican"
Sometimes it' funny but can be very hurtful if said at wrong time. Like today. I was studying in my sociology class that White people have ruined lives for many races. Not saying all, but in the past its proven. Latinos tech lived in the United States WAYYYYY before the pilgrims even came in. Not to mention the natives that lived here. But this is what i learned. White people (in the past and not all) have killed natives for their land, enslaved black people, used asians for cheap labor in the past with no credit giving to them, and before all this, raped and kill my Mayan people and the Aztecs living in South America Not to mention that the White man (again in the past n not all) forced religion on people. Personally i think Latinos/Native, Africans, and Asians, would have been better off without religion. Believing that the Earth, water fire and air all were spirits and worshiped and praise them was a great idea. And living with the Earth then destroying it like tha white man did.
I've learned all this and more from sociology. Thats why i feel strongly about this. so next time you feel lik saying all this, make sure the person you make fun of is ok with it, or you might just get ya jaw rocked Very Happy

well that's my rant


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