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Reido Ryoushi

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Reido Ryoushi

Post by Curiosus Miloscovich on Sun Mar 21, 2010 12:58 pm

Name: Reido Ryoushi

D.O.B: July 18th

Age: 7

Blood Trait: None

Faction: None

Rank: Low Fighter

Classification: Lowish-average/Student

City: Hiroshima

Alignment: Reido Ryoushi is neutral, he tends to wander off into both sides when his personality decides to. However he usually tends to stay in the middle tending to go to the side with more action.

Appearance: Reido is usually seen in a tuxedo, with two leatther belts and gloves that cover his palm, are secretly his weapons. Along with his hat they are all secret weapons under disguise. Moving down to his toroso he wears a white dress shirt with a vest covering it. Down to his pants he wears dress pants made of silk along with a chain hanging fromhis lower belt. However his shoes are customed made just for him. They are comfortable on the inside but twice as hard as steel on the outside. Having steel toes on them made from the finest minerals in the world.

Personality: Reido Ryoushi is known to be one who never likes to waste time. Sometimes it is mistaken for impatience however he is very patient when the time is right, other times he strolls off into different personalities. However he can also be very serious when he decides to, but he is usually known for his goofy impatient self.

History: Ages 3-7
Ever since Reido could walk he was trained by his father in martial arts and ninja skills. For he learned to understand what he was saying by his noverbal movements. However his father didn't have intentions to train him to his full extent, he just wanted him to have a basic idea of what martial arts and ninja skills were about.However Reido always favored martial arts, he felt at that time he can truly express himself when fighting. For he always felt so free and knew the opponents did not expect thing to be coming. However at the same year Reido had the boost to go around fighting off bandits in Hiroshima, for he had seen some of them fight before it was nothing he couldn't handle. On top of that he planned on fighting the ones his age, for they would be the next generation of thugs he would have to beat it out of them. As the months went by he had been doing his thing easily, but then he decided he wanted to go steady with martial arts instead of ninja skills, this would allow him to reach his full potential in martial arts. Taking him a few more months to master his new set of styles, when he came back to fight the young bandits he was amazed, they were working out just as much as he was. However they had a great rate of changing, for now they were just neck to neck with Reido it was amazingg but at the same time Reido enjoyed it for he thought of this one bandit, Fukanin as his friend. For this was his outstanding rival who he just seemed could never surpass, always neck to neck not knowing why. For it was the same for him too.

On his fourth birthday Reido's father gave him a katana made of bamboo, which wasn't very sharp, it wasn't sharp at all. He only had it so he would have an idea of how to wield a sword. He also knew that he would be able to defeat Fukanin with it, however Fukanin had gotten a tanto made of bamboo not sharp. Once again they became neck to neck, however this time they came home with more bruises and such. However this usually holded off their fighting with a little rest and relaxation. This held off a little bit less mischief and more of just plan rivalry, the town had gotten much more peaceful as these two fought. However few worried as these two got stronger that the destruction would be much much worse. However Reido always denied it because he knew one day he would kill Fukanin and end all the conflicts in Hiroshima. However for now he was simply stuck fightng one lof the best young bandits around at the time, which he had no problem doing. However at times it took a major toll on him. He thought it also took a toll on Fukanin but he never knew, because he never showed any kind of pain or fear. Which was something Reido always admired about him, for he thought it was the best way to have willpower. Reido believed this is what truly connected them to each other was when they fought. When they exchanged blows they never felt so alive, after time and time again they always proved themselves to be neck and neck.

At the age of five Reido had not been fighting with Fukanin as much, he was now solo training for speed and such, however Reido always preferred to have a large amount of strength, after all he was the one who specialized in martial arts. Thusfar he had an erge to crush his opponents with every little piece of strength he had left. However he decided it would be best to even out his strength and speed. That way he wouldn't be slow as a slug, in a month in a half his speed increased amazingly, however his strength increased just a bit. Which he didn't understand why exactly but he continued to try, however at the same rate he didn't understand how he was having so much speed instead. However he didn't mind for he realized when he did small errands for fellow friends and elders it helped him and gave him time to do other things in life. However at the same age he found out what the factions were and what they did, at first he didn't know which one he would join for he was unsure what he wanted to fight for and simply fought for the fun of it, however then as he continued to hear about details going into it he was unsure. For he doubted what they said was true, for after all these were only rumours and he had no idea if it was true or not. However when he heard this he began to come into a state of confusion, for he wanted to know the truth and he wouldn't stop until he found out what was the truth.

On his sixth birthday his father had decided he was going to train his son a technique, martial arts of course since he was always interested in it since the day he was exposed to it. So he decided to reward him for all his hard work ever since. Reido was taught a very simple technique, but it required very skillful timing and speed to make it the best it could be. This technique was very simple and called "Rabbit Punch" what he did was send a barrage of blows at the opponent, it did not to alot of damage until fully mastered, however its main objective was to keep an opponent on their toes and surprise them, which was his goal to do. This was ony used to strictly surprise the opponent and then go for an opening. However he knew fully mastering this jutsu would not come easily. For months Reido tried to find tricks or loopholes to it but he just couldn't find one. Then he realized he lacked speed in the technique, so he then went along with training his speed. As usual as he trained his speed his strength grew at the same rate. However this time he was actually happy about it, for as his speed grew for the technique so did the power as he used it again and again. So it was a win win situation for him. However as the months continued he found himself fully mastering the technique with a month before his birthday. Feeling very proud of himself, for he hadn't given up and mastered his first technique Which all and all wasn't so bad for him, however he slowly started to remember Fukanin.

On his seventh birthday Reido was said he would begin to train with a mentor, instead of with his father, where he would be able to surpass anything that stood in his way.

Speciality: Martial Arts

Techniques: Name: Rabbit Punch
Classification: Martial Arts
Description: A quick barrage of blows which doesn't have much power, but keeps the opponent on their toes.

Elements: None

Weapons/items: Reido's gloves are made of the finest minerals into the world. However he has drills on the tips of his right handed gloves and small chainsaws on his left hand, however on his left hand is glove soaked in an unknown substance that eats through metal fast and flesh even faster. However another weapon Reido has in his equipment in a built-in shotgun in his hat. This always gives the opponent a quick surprise when he fires it. Finally his last weapon in his inventory, a katana dripped in poison.

Goals: Reido hasn't fully decided what his goals are yet, he tends to think of what they would be or should be like every now and then.

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Re: Reido Ryoushi

Post by Feb 30th on Sun Mar 21, 2010 1:19 pm

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