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The Plot~

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The Plot~

Post by Dimitrix Vongola on Mon Mar 29, 2010 12:16 am

"How can you stop what you can't see, sense, smell, hear, feel, or taste?...the answer knowing its there...But what if you don't know its there? Then you better pray that whatever it is, doesn't decide to kill you before you find out what it is. Thats what. ~ Emmanuel A. Charius II

"Settle around children as I tell you the story about the Midnight Cross, the legendary time period long ago that defined our species as people, and not as mythical creatures. We are the night stalkers, and we are as real as any human, beast or fowl. We walk amongst those humans in broad daylight, our flesh just as fair as theirs, our minds just as sharp, our powers just as great. But we, we are the more hardy race. You see children, back millions of years ago, Humans and Night Stalkers were almost the same, if it had not been for evolution, we would be just as those humans are now.

But something changed in us. That made us different, and it wasn't until years later till we knew what it was...
" The elder woman rolled up her sleeve to show a dark dark mark, smoot and unmarked by her fair aged skin. It was shaped into a crescent moon with a black star in the center, the the stars tips touching the insides of the crescent. "It is the mark of our people, the people of the midnight moon stone...Our people grew up along side the humans for a time, the humans seeing as a vaguely similar to them, our skin having various shades like theirs, our bodies having similar shapes as theirs, but we had something different to us, almost an alien like feel. We were...morphed...our bodies were lighter, our senses were better, our eyesight was almost perfect, and our powers. Our powers were surreal. We could use Aura in ways that the Humans had never thought possible. But alas the humans were not so hopeless themselves...

They grew and grew, and developed technologies that we ourselves did not have. Their medicines trumped us, and their minds surpassed us. But then, as always with advancement, comes ... discovery ... Thats right, we were discovered, different from humans as night and day, only similar because we were on the same planet, breathing the same air, and living the same lives. And what they discovered, they took as their own. Mastering Aura just as easily as we had, enhancing their own senses to the point where they were almost Night Stalkers, but they couldn't master it fully. But all the research came to a halt when one ambitious doctor tried to do a complete transformation from a human to a night stalker, that ended with the beings body being torn to shreds from the inside out.

After that incident no one else tried to incorporate humans into night stalkers. But the damage was already done. The 7 great night stalker families knew that to protect their family that they'd have to hide them from view forever. Using an absolutely massive incantation in the center of the Charius forest, the Night Stalker families gathered, and using one sacrifice, hid themselves from view
". The woman stopped for a moment, her head nodding to the side softly before looking up slowly to the small children surrounding her, "The spell worked wonders, keeping the families hidden for over 3 centuries, enough time that by now the humans had all but absorbed the DNA that they had acquired from us. Their own DNA morphing to accept it made them enhanced beings. Their intellect soared, their life spans dwindled, and finally all had come to rest...

But alas it wasn't to be. Countless years passed, and the families grew old, deep friendships and old resentments aged and festered in the peaceful times, all it took was but a spark to pull the families into chaos. A young night stalker child was found dead in the Charius wood one day by a family guardian who quickly alerted the leaders of the family, who in turn called all of the other family leaders together for a meeting. Accusations flew, curses were sworn, and enemies were forged, and before any of them knew it, a civil war was among them. For a time the humans were left out of the war, until a group of night stalkers created a pact with the humans in order to use the humans technology to destroy their enemies
". Her eyes drooped softly as she leaned forward a bit, "After that the humans were once again able to see the night stalkers, but there was something weird about the humans that the family had created a pact with, they seemed to have a secret that no one could figure out, but that my children, is a story for another time...".

The elder woman smiled softly as the children groaned in protest and asked for her to continue, "I will tell you more when you find out on your own...", was all she said before heading to her room and laying down to sleep.

"The trials of time will never test your more than the trials of family" - Emmanuel A. Charius II

Originally done by: Dimitrix Vongola
Rewritten by: Emmanuel A. Charius II

Dimitrix Vongola

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Re: The Plot~

Post by Feb 30th on Mon Mar 29, 2010 4:17 pm

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