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Book one, Chapter2: As time goes by

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Book one, Chapter2: As time goes by

Post by TigerLily Kingslee on Mon Mar 10, 2014 4:34 pm

The time ticked by as they sat there eating their midnight snacks, though little did they know they were being watched by not only Bruce but by TigerLily’s father who was rather pleased at the way that things were going.  February’s handler on the other hand was not, she knew what was in store for these two young people; they were going to be forced into a relationship and they didn’t even know their meeting was more than coincidental then expected.  It was going all according to Mr.Kingslee’s plan which the woman knew was going to have lots of pain, awkwardness and jealousy. She frowned as the man seated next to her laughed with glee as he watched his daughter look at the boy with determined eyes; he knew that she was going to try her hardest with this boy since it was in her nature. Turning to the woman next to him he smiled and began to speak to her his tone smug each words seeming to drip with cockiness. “Well everything is going according to plan, my little girl will become friends if not more to your boy. Though I’ll take it by the face you’re making you don’t like any of what I am doing so here’s what I’m going to do. I order you to stand down, that means you are to in no way interfere; no messengers, letters, phone calls or anything of that nature. Do I make myself clear? I want to insure that this boy grows attached to my girl and vice versa. Now, if you do try to contact him, I’ll make sure to make it all look like it was your plan, your fault and trust me; I can do just that Miss, now please leave my sights I have to make a few calls and what not.” With that he got out of the chair and went to his desk, the handler did the same and left the man’s large office.

The look in her eyes were masked with false calmness as she walked down the hall to her own office once there she let out anger with a quick hand she grabbed a pillow from her own couch and screamed into it. Tears streamed down her face as she lifted her head to look around her office; she was caught between a rock and a hard place, she wasn’t allowed to talk to her boy, which made her heart ache though the thought of what her boss was doing to his own daughter made her sick. How can a father use his own child as a part of an experiment as dangerous as this one? Then again she understood, if February were to grow to care for this girl he’d, in theory would be easier to control though she hoped that it wasn’t the case. Taking a seat at her desk she sighed, trying to figure out a way to contact him though after some time she smirked, Mr. Kingslee had said not to bother her boy but he had said nothing about his daughter, with a low laugh she began to feel better though she figured to give it time she didn’t want to get caught let alone this early into the experiment. It was best to bide her time she at least figured so; though little did she know that things were going to get bumpy for the two young teens gratefully it wasn’t soon to happen.

The hours turned to days and the two had nothing in common, Tigerlily was normal; went to school had friends did extracurricular activities while February didn’t get that privilege which bothered the girl to a point.  Though she figured to try and make life for him fun, she often offered to take him out to show him what a normal life was though like one would expect the boy was hesitant. Days turn to weeks and the boy grew to trust the girl, though it wasn’t much he figured he didn’t have much else to do other than humor her. With help he seemed to turn out to like the normal life though he hated school; too many rules and not enough action which annoyed him but he preferred it over being at her house alone and bored or out on the streets. Bruce who like any other guardian wasn’t thrilled when Tiger asked him to allow Feb to live with them though she had grown tired of the boy breaking into her room every night and felt as though he deserved a home.  It didn’t take long till he broke; after a few days of the silent treatment and the constant coming in to her room at night and finding the boy in her room asleep on the couch made the poor man break. On the third week the boy had a room next to the girl, it was simple at the beginning a bed, desk, dresser and TV were all that were in the deep blue colored room.  Tiger and Feb within a few days had his room personalized, two different gaming systems, a computer and few other things came into play. Clothes and shoes as well seemed to flood the boy’s closet. It was odd to them both but they for the sake of one another kept their thoughts to themselves both in fear of what the other would have to say.

A month and a half had passed since they had met, Tigerlily was abuzz with school type things though she had noticed Feb was quiet throughout the day, not uttering a single word in class, during lunch; nothing, not even a grunt. She figured he was upset, here he was a “normal” boy on the outside but on the inside he was a fighter, she could feel the pent up aggression and silently cursed that she could do nothing for him. The day was stiff, they hadn’t really spoken which bothered her, with a small clearing of her throat she spoke to him* “I know you’re not happy Feb, I can see it in your eyes, and I can feel the anger that’s bubbling inside of you. I can’t fix anything if you don’t tell me what’s wrong, are you unhappy with what I've given you? Do you hate the life we created for you?” *She asked, her eyes to the floor, she knew the answered were between yes and no; the pain in his eyes made that clear though she smiled and nodded, the silent boy answered all of her questions with our knowing. She sighed and looked at her friend, she wanted to take his pain away, she wanted to see him smile, though how could she? Her mind raced as she thought back to their small history, how she taken him to his first movie, gave him his first video gaming system after spending the day with one of her male friends (he had fallen in love with the whole gaming concept like any other boy.) hell she even recalled the day before; he asked her to help him think of a new name... now she couldn't even think of the possibility that he wanted his old life back for who really wanted to be a normal child?*

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Re: Book one, Chapter2: As time goes by

Post by Feb 30th on Mon Mar 10, 2014 11:08 pm

He sat there quietly, eyes closed as he listened in on the rather informational lecture on some subject that was vaguely related to the topic on hand that he actually could not recall ever. Well wasn't he attentive. Raising his head just a little to look around the classroom blearily, he spotted his housemate, and technical benefactor, Tigerlily, giving him the shakedown if you would in terms of what had been going on with him. Well to put it frank, it was none of her got damn business, but he for damn sure wasn't going to tell her that. So he kept quiet, just so Mr. Rightinhall wouldn't have a reason to call upon him, again, because of Tigerlily. He really did hate sitting beside the rather talkative, and hyperactive girl. Seriously it was like this in every class, and he couldn't even exaggerate, because she somehow got him keyed into ALL of her classes. Talk about space eh? But hey if this was the normal life... they could keep it. This shit was for the birds honestly. He missed the cold feel of steel in his hands, hell his hands were becoming softer due to not having trained extensively in so long. He could feel himself growing weaker and less attentive, the first week of 'class' he would have caught everything said in his sleep, now he could barely remember his own damn surroundings, kinda shit was this. Honestly this peaceful life irritated him. He was not used to feeling this way, acting this way, or performing tasks this way. Sure he could easily pass off the motions, any half cocked operative could do that, but to have to do it consistently and actually try and make due in being a normal person? Oh man his trigger arm wont stop twitching now, like the damn things jammed.

Turning his head away from the girl in question who seemed dead set on figuring out what was wrong with them he merely sighed and tried to think positive. At least he wasn't in fifty pieces all over the continent for fraternizing with the owners daughter? Man that was morbid even for him... And yeah he knew. He knew the minute she gave her name, even if she tried to hide the fact her father pretty much decided how his life went from the moment he got picked up by his mother. Sure he was angry about it, for the first few days, but then he realized that being angry over it was like punching at shadows, not like he could hit the dude, and he doubted the man cared if his daughter died so killing her was moot. So he settled honestly, he had nothing better to do and a fuck ton of time to kill really. Though honestly looking back, playing ball had to be the most boring ass, stupid idea he ever went with. He would have rather been hunted down than be submitted to this damn shit. He was a child soldier, they don't sit in class and learn about proxy wars. Who gives a damn about some old fart who did a buncha shit during world war eight or whatever one they were talking about now. Those old bastards couldn't hold a flame to him, ha he made a funny. No but seriously, the shit he had done and been through made those wars look like dick swinging contests. So what millions of fodder died, oh noooo that was so terrible. Sighing the boy shoved his head deeper into the crook of his arms and tried to drown out the monotone, idly hoping that Tigerlily would take a hint and shut the fuck out before she got them bounced out of class, again. Damnit Rightinhall was looking this way wasn't he. He groaned as he listened to the fact it was silent now, almost hoping to god that the man hadn't zero'd him and her out, again. Hearing the man go back to his lecture got the boy to sigh in contentment, he wouldn't have to wake up from his nap now. How was he passing this class again? Oh right he wasn't. Oh well.
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Re: Book one, Chapter2: As time goes by

Post by TigerLily Kingslee on Tue Mar 11, 2014 2:46 am

She did get the hint, rather it hit her in the face; going silent she just sat there. Silently raising her hand every now and again to answer questions, so to make sure Feb wasn’t called on. As the bell rang all she did was lightly shove him, letting him know it was time for their next class; though unlike her usual she left without him, hell she was zoned out speed walking, by the time she got a few feet from the door she stopped. Chris, a friend of hers had stopped, having caught up to her and gently poked the girl’s shoulder, her eyes looked at the boy; though she didn’t really say much to them the reaction was golden. The color in their face drained and their light hand on her shoulder dropped, fear was clear in their eyes as they walked into the classroom and didn’t bother to look back. Tigerlily on the other hand turned on her heels and walked down the hall, heading away from the classroom, she was in no mood to be in the same area let alone the same classroom as her “friend”. Mind in a haze she didn’t even notice when she walked passed him, shoulders lightly brushing though rather than smile her lips tugged down into a frown, eyes growing dark with hostility she sped up and ran down the hall; taking a sharp right she burst through double doors leading out. It felt wonderful to be outside, her mind as she ran down the street began to clear she felt stupid for letting herself get bothered by him. After a while and a few blocks she stopped, with a sigh she looked around to see where she was, not too far from school if she wanted to go back but after taking a moment to think about it she figured it was best to just skip the rest of the day even if she was to get in trouble with both her father and Bruce. At this point it was worth it, she was to prideful to let Feb see her so worked up and upset over his silent treatment.

Walking down the block; heading to a park her mind was lost in deep thought, thinking over every little detail, removing the filters and really reading over the boy’s expressions. Grateful for her impeccable memory she saw it, the bore in his eyes, even as he laughed, and said he was having fun. It hurt her deeply she didn’t want to let it get to her but it did oh, ooooh how it did. With a whimper she plopped herself down on the swing, eyes on the royal blue rubber substance that was there in place of the sand; with small whimpers she let herself cry. Tears flowing she let herself think, really think of what she was to do; kick him out, tell him to fuck off or let herself think she has a friend when in reality the possibility was he hated her… with a sigh she opted to sit tight, she wasn’t going to be the one that broke their arrangement if he wanted to leave she’d hold open the door but other than that she was going to be his friend.

A deep breathe in and a shaky breath out she stood but when she looked around she wasn’t alone any more, a few older boys had taken note of her from the street and by the look of it she wasn’t really in a good spot.* “Oi oi oi, what have we here fellas? Lost your way there girlie? Aren’t you supposed to be at school?” *The three other boys giggled at the tall semi well-built boy’s words though she was nervous she didn’t let them see it. She stayed quiet, waiting to see just what they wanted to do to her. Though after a moment of looking her over it was clear they saw things worth taking, without another word the boy reached forward and grabbed for her bag. Which in turn made her move back; out of his reach which made him very mad, very fast. With a frown he spoke again, his tone rough, voice dripping with malice* “Give. Me. Your. Bag, money, and anything else worth somethin’ and you won’t get hurt.”

The girl giggled some and shook her head no, the boy perked a brow and lurched forward after a moment of debating. Shoving her after making a grab for her bag; though all he got was a sharp upper cut; she had seen his reaction moments after he thought of them and took her chances. With a smirk she pulled back her arm and took a few steps back, watching the boy stumble back holding his chin before spitting into his hand and noting the blood. With a deadly glare he looked at her, she on the other hand had her over the shoulder bag, behind her. In a stance basic stance she stood her ground, clutching her hands into fists, eyes forward and on the boys she waited; watching them. Her eyes caught their minds working out what they should do though it was clear in the boy she had just hit that this was far from over; with a small grunt she dodged his right hook, moving back and to the left before stepping back in front of him and forward. With her left hand and these quick movements she landed another blow to the boy’s face, making his teeth rattle and even earning her a few “ooooooh’s” from the boy’s friends. This only fueled the boy’s anger and blind attacks, he gave her a quick one two which thanks to his blind state of mind she dodged with ease. Giggling she moved through his attacks and brought her own fist into the boy’s open gut as she faked a punch with one hand and he reacted like most and blocked his face; leaving his stomach open for attacks. By now she was lost in the sheer glee of the fight, her body was just reacting by this point, hands punching and grabbing the poor kid for more blind anger driven assault.  Only stopping after the boy dropped she looked to the other three and smiled, her anger fading for the moment and taking the time to speak to them* “Now are you guys gonna give me a hard time too or can I go?” *She asked as she pulled put a hanky from her uniform’s shirt pocket and wiped her hands clean of the older, bigger boy’s blood. The other three looked at the boy that laid at her feet, bloody and already turning black and blue from the oncoming bruises.  With a shake of their heads they scooped him off the floor and hauled ass out of her sights; leaving a calm Tigerlily.

Turning her bag around she went into it, her phone was ringing and she already knew it was Bruce calling to yell at her. With a sigh and without looking at who exactly was calling she answered and spoke* “I know, I don’t care about what you have to say. Now, fuck off and I’ll be home later” *She didn’t give the person calling a chance to speak though she knew it wasn’t her father since it wasn’t his ringtone that had cut through the silence. With another sigh she tucked her phone into her bag and went on her way, her hand hurt but it was worth it, she was calm now and in the mood for ice-cream which sounded wonderful right then and there. With a small spring to her step she walked to the nearest shop and got herself a double scoop of chocolate chip and pistachio. Taking a seat she watched the sky as she sat at the bench just outside of the parlor that was rather close to her school. Her mind was a near blank as she enjoyed the frozen treat*

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Re: Book one, Chapter2: As time goes by

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