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Grance family Lightning Runes

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Grance family Lightning Runes

Post by Dellapero Grance on Sat Apr 03, 2010 8:03 pm

Rune name:Elektriskie
Rune aura use:50%
Rune look: A black rune with a golden lightning bolt cutting through the center horizontaly.
Rune power: The rune has the ability to enchance the power of the user's lightning spells and lower the drain of using them for a limited time. ( Ex, Lightning Feild having a larger charge to raise the defencive and shocking abilities of the skill and changing the 10% aura per post by user cost into 3% per post.) This rune lasts for 15 minutes (15 posts_ before becoming null and needing to be reactivated)
Rune history: This rune was the first to be created by Dellapero's father, Raienzo Grance in a collection of runes,. It was made to enchance the Grance families lightning manipulation powers to aid in combat with night stalkers. There is only three of this rune in the Grance family. One to Dellapero, another to one of his brothers, and the third was givin to one of his three sisters after the death of Raienzo.

Rune name:Zibens sāpju
Rune aura use: 20%
Rune look: A white rune with black-lightning shaped like a cross in the center
Rune power: This rune is a curse used on enemies and is activated when attached to the opponent's body. The user concentrates some of their aura into the rune then get's close-range to an opponent and slams the side without any markings into their body. The aura in the rune then activates it's power and attachs to the opponent like if it was a magnet. After attaching it self to the enemy, the user jumps back and watchs as the rune takes full effect. The rune slowly steals away the opponent's own energy and aura while using that aura to create powerful shockwaves to painfully electricute the opponent until they are completely drained of energy and aura. The rune only costs a slight amoount of aura to use with such a serious effect because it uses the opponent's absorbed aura to fuel it's power in the most deadly part of the sequence.. After the opponent falls to the ground from lack of energy, the rune falls off and hits the ground. There are two ways to remove the rune once it is attached. First, is it somehow have enough strength to break the magnetic pull of the electric aura. the second is to produce such a high amount of aura that the rune is pushed off from the high amount of power.
Rune history: This rune was made by Raienzo's personal rune-smith who aided in the creation of runes for many of the grance family/ The rune-smith was known for creating deadly and life-threating runes, but was a master at doing so. The smith was always supervised when creating runes so that he wouldn't make any that were too demonic. The smith was skilled in the elements of darkness, lightning, and fire, so some of the runes had some traits of black-magic. This rune was originally so powerful that it stole the very life-force from opponent's. Raienzo had to make some adjustments to the rune so that it's life-threating effect was removed and it only drained energy and aura. The rune is now mainly used as a torture weapon to gain information from captured enemies. It is rare to use it in the actual battle-feild because of it's long preperation time.

Rune name:Paralizēt manu ienaidnieku
Rune aura use: 30%
Rune look: A grey rune with seven lightning bolts coming from different direction and meeting together at the center of the rune
Rune power: This rune has teh ability to give any weapon a paralyzation effect for 10 minutes ( 10 posts) Anything it hits will become instantly parallyzed for 4 minutes ( 4 posts). If the weapon equipted with the rune hits the inside of the body, like a organ or near the heart, it may cause cardiac arrest or other serious health problems.
Rune history: The rune was designed by Dellapero, but made by his father Raienzo in the middle of a lightning-storm. Raienzo used the power of lthe lightning out-side to give the rune it's power and with some adjustments, made it a rune specifically for capture missions or for combat against strong, but slow type fighters.

( adding a fuck load more later, wana finish my character Bio 1st)

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