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Rise Eternal dragon.

Post by Brandon Maboroshi on Sun Feb 26, 2012 3:46 am

Several days ago i sent a message to Utena requesting she meet me at the base of a tower in a native camp somewhere in the west continent. i told her to bring everything she may need for an adventure of galactic proportions. i knew this trip could be dangerous but i wanted to show her my past and what my life entailed in the years before we met.

My powersuit was worn a skin tight mesh that was smooth as a wetsuit and simlarly designed. the gauntlets i wore pulsed with my full powers she has never felt until now. in each glove. my boots were the same mesh as my suit but apeared more solid. for the first time my white wings were showing as did my tail but i had green marks of a demonic nature on my hands and my youki aura was suffocating if i let it out.

my eyes were emeralds as i scanned the sphere ship I had. i made several upgrades so that this time Utena could pilot if nessecary however it also gave birth to a computer intelligence that stated facts from time to time.