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The 5 Souls of Victory; The Final Chapter!

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The 5 Souls of Victory; The Final Chapter!

Post by Prince Utena Tenjou on Mon Aug 13, 2012 2:39 am

And so the map had changed. The cities began to spread apart and yet the life in them seemed to blend together, it was almost a blur in modern society. And yet, I looked out over the balcony attached to my room in the palace, I sighed. It'd been a while since I'd seen any of my friends, been out to explore and see the world despite my getting older and stronger. My thoughts began to grow dim where usually they always had a light; I found myself pondering; Gee I hope they're all still alive. Such a dark thought for me. And yet, I couldn't bring myself to go search for them. I was at a stalemate with my mind and my body. My heart was no longer in the picture.

As I continued to stare out to the empty spaces, watching the wind blow over the grasslands, I found myself also thinking back over the memories we all shared and how fused they have become. The good times and the bad. The beautiful and the ugly, all memories stored in my mind. The adventures we have all went on. The dangers and perils we have encountered. The wild triumphs we have accomplished. It seems that our souls are woven together in a tight quilt with an unbreakable thread. It shall not break, it shall not wither, it will stay strong throughout the ages we live and carry on. A very intricately pieced friendship that has been made by the hands of fate.

My thoughts never were this deep, and to be honest, I never expected them to be ever. But I suppose that's what happens as one gets older. I remember the times I was only a teenager, on all sorts of adventures, becoming stronger along the way. In my final year as a teenager now, I look back on those times and wonder if all my up and coming ventures would be the same, would be as much fun as the others. And my thoughts were back to topical.

I sighed and rested my hand on my chin, leaning on the balcony with my elbow, my chin in my palm. The wind blowed through my hair pleasantly and the old times seemed to come back as quickly as I seemed to be thinking of them. The old darkness of an evil was vastly approaching the areas I kept in my heart. And things felt amiss.

"I have a feeling this adventure's going to be even broader, Chu chu."

OOC: No one post here. You can read it as much as you want, but I have basically started on the epic topic between us 5. I am not taking too much control of it, but I have started on the idea and schemed together the beginning. I leave you all free to do whatever you want with your characters in the time span in between meeting up again. But this is the first part, where we all reunite. Eventually, this topic will be unlocked and we'll be able to post in here. And what I'm planning to have us do is Mel, will be the only one separated still back in her kingdom of light. She is the queen now as she is older and more able to battle, in control more of her curse mark. Bryant and Raijin will meet up somewhere. And Mero and I will meet up somewhere. Remember we haven't seen each other in years and basically, when we'll come together in defeating the giant threat on the kingdom of light. If you have questions or concerns at all, PM me the questions or concerns and I'll handle it and tell you my ideas and plans for the future. But check this out as the beginning to post to our most epic RP yet!

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Re: The 5 Souls of Victory; The Final Chapter!

Post by Prince Utena Tenjou on Sun May 19, 2013 11:14 pm

Announcement: I am pleased to say that the opening to this topic will begin soon. There are a few other topics that are open at the moment, but all concern me, Raijin and Bryant, so it's not that much of a problem. I will count them as side going-ons since the amount of RPing in various topics has significantly decreased enough for me to start this one. And besides, I cannot hold this one off forever.

So without further ado, I'd like to set up a posting order for this topic. The posting order will be:

-Me - Utena (As I've already made the starter beginning post.
-Then Mel
-Then Bryant
-Then Raijin
-Then Mero.
So just to be clear, I will post first. And after I post, Mel will post. And after Mel, Bryant. After Bryant, Raijin. And after Raijin, Mero. Then the cycle repeats and I will post again. I expect everyone to have read the first post and the OCC, since there's some information in that little orange paragraph too. I also expect everyone to RP fairly and justly. Do not post ahead of someone else when it isn't your turn to post yet because someone is addressing a comment at you. I set up a posting order for a reason.

Also - Use your better judgment. If there is something going in a specific direction or someone else or myself is doing something for a reason don't protest or defy it, let it happen. And don't go off and do your own thing in your own separate direction unless the story calls for it. Nothing destroys a plot faster than a person unwilling to cooperate and go along with whatever is happening in the story at that point in time.

And lastly, that I can think of: IF you have an idea that no one else has stumbled upon and you think would be a good thing to do during this RP, since this is my creation, PM me about it and we'll talk. If I deem it worthy of giving it a try and find it as a cool idea, I'll have the others in this topic with me and you vote on it, and if they find it cool and want to give it a try, it's in. But, if I don't find it okay or it just doesn't fit, then we don't do it. Either way come PM me and see me about it somehow so we can talk. Don't just assume you can add in a whole buttload of things without seeing what the others, namely me, in this topic think of it. You don't know what other people are planning, so on that notion be respectful.

Other than that, just have fun, and make sure to read over this post and the first post before we can begin RPing. Mel will be making the next post, so until she posts no one post. I now and officially declare the 5 Souls of Victory OPEN FOR POSTING! GOOD LUCK AND HAVE FUN Y'ALL. :]

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Battle Music: "Decisive Battle".
Background/Story Music Theme: "Toki Ni Ai Wa".
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Re: The 5 Souls of Victory; The Final Chapter!

Post by Anthy Himemiya on Mon May 20, 2013 11:17 pm

ooc:We are starting now? yay! Okay brain, time to get ready to think of some good posts

bic:Today seems like a normal yet boring day to me and to be honest, I was really not surprised about it. The hot warm sun was shining upon the kingdom of light as it's rays shine through the windows all around. As for me sadly, I was stuck inside listening to the words of another king that came to visit me and ask for my hand in marriage. Alot of males have came to my kingdom to ask me of that; princes, kings, leaders, you name it. Of course, I was not really listening as my mind was lost to it's own wonders of thoughts. Thinking about the past when I was younger and more happy than I am today. When my mom and dad were still with me and my sister and even me finally understanding the true meanings of love. I thought nothing could change that but I was so wrong. Both my parents leave our home and heads back to their true lands as the king of the shadow demons and the queen of the succubus. As for my beloved prince, I haven't heard from her again but she's not a prince anymore, More like a king if I'm not mistaken. Even for me and Melli, things have changed.

For my sister, Melli was now the head leader of all my royal knights, guards, fighters, protectors, etc. For the kingdom of light with her husband by her side. I already was proud of her and him for their help and they are still the best help I got. As for me, I'm finally the queen of the kingdom of light just like my mother. They even gave me a few of my mother's gowns and some of my own that was made from the finest silk and fabric bought from the far lands. Even though I was queen, I did make a few changes for everyone that lives here even got a change to know more about myself. Working on my powers and magic since I'm a sorceress now. I still wear the same ring I was given to by Utena but I try not to think about it too much. My thoughts were something else, that even was new to me.

"Ummm, Queen Mel? Did you hear what I was saying?" The king in front of my throne was trying to get my attention, my own brown eyes opening slowly to gaze down upon him.

"You were still speaking? My apologies. Please continue." I knew this was going to end the same so I just kept listening to him. "Thank you. Anyway, as I was saying if you marry me, I'll be sure to keep you safe and not let anything happen to you. I am the best fighter in my kingdom! Thinking about that, You will be given anything in the world since I'm also very rich in gold, silver, bronze of all kinds. Marry me my beautiful queen. With you by my side, we shall show we are fair kind rulers."

I remained silent but looking at him, seeing my sister Melli and her husband standing by my throne chair looking at the king. I knew my answer to the king and it was the same plain answer to the others. "So you wish for my hand? Well, King Thoka of the middle kingdom, I would accept that except for one thing.."

"Oh, and what is that, your highness?" He gives me a smile that I also know was a fake. Just looking at his eyes, face, smile, body, etc, everything about this so called king was nothing but a fake to me.

"Well, I'm going to be honest with you to say this....Everything you told me was not of your true words and I don't like dealing with lairs in my kingdom." He looked at me confused but looks up at me as I stand up walking down the small stairs. "I-I don't understand your majesty..."

"Here, let me put it in this way; One, I know your lying because from your voice it's nothing but lies. You are just buttering it up with sweet words that turn bitter. Two, the way your body moves as you are planning on taking over my soul and body, hoping I would be of a fool to be tricked by your touch and rules. Three, I meet with alot more males that came to my kingdom that said the same words of giving me everything I wanted but you nor any of the males can give me what I want. No one knows what I really want and you won't ever know. Finally four, you are no true king from how you look. I can tell you have did alot of things to get where you are now from the filthy thoughts flooding in your mind and I...don'"I can sense him feeling nervous now as I turn away from him, my eyes looking to the window.

"Your maj-"

"This small visit is over now, Your highness. You are to leave my kingdom."

"You can't do this! I'm not lying to you! I want-"

"LEAVE!"I rose my voice while added a hiss of anger into it as he looks at my back, turning to leave my main throne room. I heard his footsteps before the doors opens slowly, groaning then being closed again. My sister looks at me but I sigh, closing my eyes again and turns to take a seat again. "Sis? Are you okay?"

"I'm fine, Melli so don't worry. I just think many royal males think they can get a girl from lying, It's really idiotic but that's what they do. Anyway, how's the barrier around the kingdom?"she looked at me but looks at her husband that was also wearing royal armor like her.

"The barrier magic shield you put up is still strong sis. Nothing has been able to attack or destroy it. Also, all of the guards around it is still on duty."

"Thank you. You and your husband may go and help keep guard too. I'll summon you if I need something else."With a bow, both my sister and her husband heads down and goes outside. Feeling the gentle breeze from a open window, I was wondering if today was going to be different or maybe something a bit more challenging.

'Though my life, I just hope I'm what you wanted mom and dad. Things are still okay and I'll do my best to keep everyone safe. NO matter what.' I slowly sit up straight in the chair while my royal black gown was moving a bit from the breeze, the queen crown on my head shining from the sunlight. I hope for something new today, anything to get me back on my feet.

~*Darkness and light comes in many forms but both are always in all living things. People and others must cherish what they have or else be corupted by the raw energy of these two. Be careful of the side you choose for it will remain with you for the rest of your life. You have been warned*~

~Rose of the noble castle. Power of Dios that sleeps within me. Heed your master and come forth!~ (Anthy Himemiya; rose bride of current dueling champion)
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Re: The 5 Souls of Victory; The Final Chapter!

Post by Brandon Maboroshi on Tue May 21, 2013 12:07 am

deep in the far reaches of space armies of evil gather in the gathering dark. grouping together.they gather for one purpose. the destruction of the rival forces of good gathering in the light. leading it is captain america and Kal el. a massive army poised to take the stage and on this area of space a flat battleground was created. one so ard it would serve at the entire war. i was standing near the front lines. i was smaller than the imposing heroes. my full powers revealed and my black parasite of a suit of armour and my blade fully unleashed rested on my shoulder. the oposing sides waited for a sigh to start. i was getting impatient and started to walk ahead of the leaders. "Listen up everyone." Kal El spoke looking at the gathered forces of light. "we stand at the front line of a war. no one not even myself is guranteed survival together we can win stay where you can benefit the most and we will make it through victorious."

on the side of evil a huge dark figure towered over everying except a single giant robot in the back. "greeting unusual allies today is the final day in which we can conquor our i am your god and victory is assured." the horde of evil cheered and fired their powers as celebration. the flieres hovered above the crowd and the leader the dark man jumped back to watch everything from afar.

i continued walking then i turned. i was not a leader but my experience in wars gave me an opening to speak. i crack a smile and look at my allies. Today... i see that i am not alone and with everyone here we will give everthing we have even our lies to stop this onslaught from reaching the universe. today is a good day to die. but TOMORROW WILL BE THE BEST DAY TO LIVE!!! the light side cheers and it echos to the side of evil louder than their display of power. i turn back to the enemy as the leaders step ahead of me and place their hand on my shoulder.

"im glad you are with us. and your speech however strange to me did inspire us all."

no gurantee to live true. but fighting here not even the time lord could do this.

Day 1: the stage was set all had been said and everyone was moving forward. i fire a blast at the main front line and charge forward as the two sides do the same. we clash. In an endless barrage of energy progectiles and artillary the greatest war yet had begun. flires defended and attacked ground troops melle held a defesnive line and the leaders and myself cut a swath through the weaklings to thin their herds. cannon fodder then the powerhouses. today was a great day for a fight.

Day 5: massive explosions detonated the battle feild as the powerhouses of both sides collide. it was a no man's land where they fought and due to the nature of the ground we walked on there were no craters. the no mans lad was the front line and the side of good was pushing on. the dead or severly wounded lay on the side to make way for those who could stil fight. Healers from both sides worked to repair the wounded and get them ready for the fight a gain. machines churned out ammo and magical forces were losing power on both sides.

Day ten: nearly all had been exuasted and both sides were down to the powerhouses. no rest only battle and i loved it. blood soaked my body and blade i feasted on the blood i could stomach to heal and keep fighting as Kal el and the greater heroes fought harder than ever.

on the side of evil their leader was now stepping up his patience with the army he gathered ran out and he was furious. her servants were killed by his own hand and the few heroes who were fighting and could not withstand his power whithered tto dust before long it was myself Kal and this man . we all eyed eachother and i darted forward to be a distraction becuase even in my full powered for i was no match. for long. i could possibly kill him in an hour but then i would be too weak to do anything but defend. Kal zoomed in behind me using my body to hid as i struck and the kal struck. my blade burned white hot as it wounded the man and Kal pounded the man mercilessly with no holding back until even this great power failed. and fell. panting and releasing my powers to rest i walk away and let the batle finish. i had other matters. and this fistfight between the two would take too long. i opened a portal. a mode of travel i hated and went back to earth. to begin this final adventure with my friends.

i step out of the portal near a kingdom of light and i go to bathe. when i bathe i find my powers are mostly gone. i am reduced to a simple vampired with sayian origins and my sword can only fire path of light for cages cusions and blades or attacks of darkness balls. the burdon of power lifted i don't have to worry about hurting my friends or my enemies coming for they are all destroyed.