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Dellapero Grance

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Dellapero Grance

Post by Dellapero Grance on Wed Mar 31, 2010 9:21 pm

General Information
( all shit not filled in I'll do 2maro)

Name: Dellapero Grance
Nickname/Title: None
Age/D.O.B.: 18/ 1992, 6/18
Sex: Male

Body Stature

Height: 6.6

Head Dellapero Grance has a basiic human head with black-hair that covers most of his fore-head and is spiked at the back. The spikes on his hair have a slight amount of silver on them as well. His right-eye is of a dark-gold and his left as grey as steel.

Upper Body
Dellapero has 1.5x the normal mussle-mass for the basic human and has a scar positioned on the irght-side of his chest next to his arm. The scar is in the shape of the point of a boar-spear and goes from next to his arm, to where his rib-cage is located.. His skin also is of a dark-tanish color.

Arms Above average mussle-mass, no other out-of-the-ordinary specifications.

Lower Body
1.5x mussle mass, no other specifacations.

Dellapero Grance wears a long-cloak that covers from the top of his feet, to the bottom of his neck. The cloak is of a light-brown, almost tan-color. and has a hood on the top of the cloak that can be removed from it and re-attached.


Personal Information

Personality Traits:

Likes: Sparing, fighting, killing nightwalkers
Dislikes: Having allys or members of his family killed/seriouslyw ounded, having nothing to do.
Sexual Preference: Straight
Family: Grance
Family Members
Whoever the fuck joins.
Elements: Main, Lightning. Sub, Metal

Biography of Your Character:
The start-
Dellapero Grance was born the second son of Raienzo Grance and Kellena Grance in the city of Ezen, 1992. He had one older sibling, his older brother, and several younger siblings later on in his life.
During the main time of his child-hood, Dellapero spent most of his time enchancing the aspects of his phisicle body. This involved spending long-hours shadow-sparring in the famly mansion and spending days at a time without rest fighting against his older brother. Because of all the fighting practice in his child-hood, Dellapero became adept at having a hyper personality and coming to see the fights as more of entertainment then mere training.
At age 15, Dellapero's father, Raienzo became concerned that Dellapero's spirit in battle would interfere with his calm-mind, thus slowly taking away his aura manipulating abiities. Raienzo, having no other choice in the matter, got in a full-on serious fight with his son Dellapero, acting as if it was just for training at first, but getting much more serious at the end and shattering two of Delapero's bones. Un-able to fight, Dellapero had nothing he could do but meditate and study the art of his familie's spells and runes for the next few months. In that time-span his aura level and knowledge of techniques raised greatly. Ever since thenhe has been training at a balanced pace, still enjoying combat, but now able to keep a calm mind out-side of the battle-feild.
Next generation-
By now, Dellapero was 17, his family had just had it's last child, the last son of the Grance blood-line of the second generation. Anther battle between a group of night stalkers and humans had broke out in the city of Ezen. Dellapero, his father, and two of his brothers who had enough talent to praticipate in the battle lead a small group of soldiers out to face the night stalkers. The battle lasted three-days, the blood and corpses of both forces filling the streets. The two main casualties of the battle were the Grance blood-line leader, Raienzo, secondly, was Dellapero and his younger brother's fatal injuries by being impaled in the chest by a boar-spear.. It toke four-months for his brother to recover from his damages, but due to Dellapero's slow cell-regeneration, he had been un-able to fight, train and barely meditate for an entire year During Dellapero's absense, the eldest brother toke control of the Grance blood-line and created several runes of lightning and spells to continue his father's ambitions. Once Dellapero had healed, he toke control of the grance blood-line just as he should have from the beggining. The only reason he had been chosen to begin with sinted of his older brother was because of his enchanced phisicle might and ability to gain aura at a quick pace.
Metalic discovery-
During his time in recovery, Dellapero practiced the art of metal manipulation. He had made up to five spells and five runes based on metal, although he kept it a secret at first. Once becoming leader of the Grance clan, Dellapero revealed his arts of metal manipulation to those members of the family he felt were worthy of using the skills, spells, and runes that involved it.

Strengths of Character:
Strength 1 (Mental) A .High knowledge of lightning and metal element runes?
Strength 2 (Physical) Enchanced durability allowing him to take major damage and act as if he was perfectly fine and slightly enchanced strength.

Weaknesses of Character:
Weakness 1 (Mental) LHas a hard time staying calm n combat
Weakness 2 (Physical)Slow Cell regeneration.

Battle Information



Fire Arms
Fire Arm 1
Fire Arm 2
Fire Arm 3
Fire Arm 4
Fire Arm 5

Bladed Weapons
Blade 1
Lightning Blade
This is originally just a hilt with a small-rune attached to the side of it that has the symbol of the Grance family crest with three bolts of lightning through it, one in the center, one to the left-edge, and one to the right-edge. When the rune is activated, a large amount of electricity shoots out of the hilt and forms a blade of pure electricity. The blade can not cut, but inflicts high amounts of pain to who ever the lightning makes contact with. Secondly, and the main power of the blade has the abiliy to interfere with the opponent’s brain activity. Dellapero swings the sword at the opponent and each time the opponent is hit,, a charge of electricity is sent into their body. Each time the charge blocks a certain part of the brain and disrupts its signals. The First strike sends the initial wave into the opponent setting up for the rest. These charges last about five minute each time affecting a different part.Dellapero must hit as many strikes as he intends to within those five minutes or the effects begin to reverse. Basically it breaks down like this:

First Strike: Set up, nothing noticeable happens.

Second Strike: The brain activity to the opponent’s legs begins to slow cause their reaction time to lessen.

Third Strike The brain activity to the arms begins to slow cutting reaction time.

Fourth Strike: The opponent sense of direct is reversed, meaning his right moves when he tries to move his left, and etc,

Fifth Strike: The brain activity to the lower body is completely cut off

Sixth Strike The brain activity to the upper body is complete cut off.

Seventh Strike: The heart stops, causing cardiac arrest.
Picture: just the sword.
Blade 2
A simple japanese curved sword and sheeth. What makes it different from other weapons is that the sheeth is made of a very powefrul metal material just as the blade allowing it to be used to block with and or trick the enemy into thinking the sheeth it self is the blade while the user sends the real blade at them while the opponent is focused on blocking the sheeth.
Blade 3
Blade 4
Blade 5

Unorthodox Weapons
Weapons you wouldn't generally find in a weapons shop, similar to lead pipes and 2x4's.

Unorthodox 1
Unorthodox 2
Unorthodox 3
Unorthodox 4
Unorthodox 5

Currently Equipped Weapons:
You may only choose weapons that you already have.

Right Hand (Fire Arm)
Left Hand (Fire Arm)
Right Hand (Blade/Unorthodox) Lightning Blade or Raien's blader
Left Hand (Blade/Unorthodox) Raien's sheeth.



    All Grance family lightning spells and his own set of metalic spells ( will post metal spells when this gets approved, you alreday know the lightning set)


  1. Lightning Rune of Torture, paralyzation, enchancement, other lightning runes I will post after this APP is approved,and several metalic runes I will post later.

Role Play Information

Number of Years Role Playing: 7 ( long ass time ppl)
Different Types of Role Plays You've Done: .Basically everything...
Role Play Style: However the hell I feel liek rping
[b]Role Play Sample ... Should I just go copy paste that bleach one again?

Dellapero Grance

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Re: Dellapero Grance

Post by Feb 30th on Tue Apr 06, 2010 9:19 pm

Feb 30th
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