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Time Immemorial: Amicita~ [Bryant and Utena, only].

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Time Immemorial: Amicita~ [Bryant and Utena, only].

Post by Prince Utena Tenjou on Sat May 11, 2013 9:53 pm

First topic message reminder :

'Get her!'

'Seize her!'

'Grab her!'

Those were the screams, the cries, and yells I heard from several citizens arranged in a small group from my hometown. They'd found out about my abilities, and not that they were displeased with them, they just wanted to use them to their advantage. They wanted to place me in some sort of torture chamber called a lab and turn me into a lab rat. Run experiments on me, rearrange my externals and internals, play around with my body as if I were a doll without life; And worst of all, corrupt my precious gifts. Was it my fault I was born like this? And without parents and any family really to run to to protect you, all you can do is run.

And so that's what I did. I ran. I am 12 years old. And my name is Arcadia. And I'm a psychic.

And just in every dramatic movie that has ever been made, whenever the siege to find the prized possession, me here, it would rain. And that's what it was doing. It was raining and thundering and lightning outside. I had to keep running, I didn't care that my feet were weighed down by the mud attached to the bottom of my shoes. I didn't care that my limbs were all rubbery and about to give in. And I didn't care that my lungs, my whole chest was heaving and my respiratory system was about to collapse as well. I couldn't take anymore, but I had to. I kept running. Tripping over my own two feet and the sounds of their chants following straight behind to.

Eventually, a ways away from the town I originally hailed from, I found a small cave. From the storm and the people trying to find and seize me, it'd be a good place to seek refuge. And soon I found myself running into the rocky fortress and sitting on the floor under the darkness that concealed my form. I panted and wheezed a little from all the running. Finally, refuge had come to me. For now.

I looked around. I could only see darkness. What was this cave? I sneezed and it echoed. I must have caught a cold from all that running in the rain and spending days outside running at a time. But, I got to rest now and that's all that mattered. When I was sure I could stand, I did again and began to walk further into the cave as to not be discovered by my hunters. My eyes wandered.

"Maybe caves aren't so bad."

My minuscule voice echoed.

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Re: Time Immemorial: Amicita~ [Bryant and Utena, only].

Post by Brandon Maboroshi on Mon May 20, 2013 1:08 am

before long we came to a ravine. there wwas a metal bridge and in the light of dawn we couldn't see the other end. well... this will take us to the windmill... but... we note there are puddles of blue goo all over... looks like someoe came here withing the last day... meaning the cave is already open... okay we go east from here and by the time the sun is up we will be at the cave. i talk to myself and you at the same time thinking out loud. somehow i knew what this world looked like tho i had never seen a map. hey.. arcadia... did you feel a pulse in your brain when we were talking to zebu?